AWARD FOR: Past Forward, Fun Life Company

AWARD FROM: Amorology Net: Divinity in Action Award

Amorology Net Divinity in Action

FROM AMOROLOGY: "Congratulations! We have visited your site and, most importantly, paid careful attention to your message and the work you are doing. Indeed, you have taken an active role in anchoring spiritual awareness and assisting humanity in its efforts to consciously evolve. Your love and compassion for all is deeply felt, and we are proud to offer you our Divinity in Action Award."

ABOUT AMOROLOGY: "Amorology means the science of love. Love is the answer to all problems. If Love is the answer, Amorology is the way. Our purpose at Amorology, Inc. is to create a venue for people to help people, for people to help the planet and for each individual voice to be heard and counted. Every person, every race, every age all belief systems honored equally." Personally, I cannot imagine a study more worthy than the study of love. Amorology is a very interesting site... you owe it to yourself to check it out!


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