AWARD FOR: Past Forward, Fun Life Company

AWARD FROM: Cypress Online: Achievement Award
AWARD FROM: Cypress Online: Writer's Award

Achievement Award Writer's Award

FROM CYPRESS ONLINE: "Hi Ellen, I very much enjoyed my visit to your site. You site most assuredly deserves both the Cypress Achievement Award as well as the Cypress Writer's Award. Congratulations! Dale Mann, Cypress Online"

ABOUT THE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: "This award is issued to selected non-business sites based upon content, originality, look and feel, and overall interest or enjoyment. Content is not limited to any particular subject. Persons who receive this award may, if they wish, not only display the award on their pages, they may also link the award to Cypress Online, but this is not a requirement."

ABOUT THE WRITERS AWARD: "This award available to selected authors who have New Age, spiritually uplifting, articles or poems displayed on the Internet. Here the published non-commercial material is reviewed rather than the web site itself." (Special Thanks! Healing content is the heart of this site. -EM)

ABOUT CYPRESS ONLINE: In their own words: Cypress Online is a place where "together we will build a city, a place outside of time where anyone who wishes may reside" for "consciousness is like a flower with many petals." (Seth) This site is dedicated to "each of you who affirm the joy and validity of your own existence." Be sure to check out the wondrous inspirational articles and poems!


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