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A Better Way Award for noteworthy contribution to the Natural Health Community

FROM A BETTER WAY: "Congratulations! Your "Natural Health" web site at: was nominated, reviewed, and awarded the "A Better Way Award" for noteworthy contribution to the Natural Health Community! Your web site will be added to our permanent searchable database of award-winning sites. You may proudly display our award graphic on your site.
Dr. Duane Weed,"

ABOUT THE A BETTER WAY AWARD: In their own words: "A Better Way Award is presented to web sites that we have personally visited and judged noteworthy for their contribution to the Natural Health Community. Content is our primary consideration. We receive no remuneration from award winners."

ABOUT A BETTER WAY: In their own words: A Better Way to Natural Health is "features a Catalog of 500 Nutritional Products, a Weight Loss Support Center, and Herbal Programs for Common Health Concerns such as Allergies, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Menopause, and more! Listen online to the tape that's revolutionizing the herb industry! Your journey to better health and vitality begins right here!"


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