AWARD FOR: Past Forward, Fun Life Company

AWARD FROM: Central Sun: Love and Light Award

Love and Light Award

FROM CENTRAL SUN: "Warm greetings, Ellen... I am proud to award you Central Sun's Love and Light Award! Your site is an example of what the World Wide Web should be. The information contained at Heal Past Lives gives meaning to the lives of so many souls. Also, a link to Heal Past Lives has been set on our own Links page, as well as on our new listing of award winners. Thanks to you for the good work! Paul S. Masters,"

ABOUT THE CENTRAL SUN AWARD: In their own words: "The Central Sun Love and Light Award is presented to websites which meets our criteria. We will review the site and present the award if it is spiritually or metaphysically oriented, pleasing to the eye, easily navigated, family-oriented (of course, no nudity, hatred, or intolerance of other points of view), and spelling counts!!"

ABOUT CENTRAL SUN: In their own words: At Central Sun, "we hope to answer some basic questions about Life, The Universe, and Everything, and some deeper spiritual questions too, such as the nature of reality and "God". The Truth is within each of us, and each are on the path to discover that Truth for ourselves. Most new students to Metaphysics are quite startled to learn where ALL of the answers to our most profound spiritual questions actually lie. The truth is that "The Kingdom of Heaven lies within you."


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