AWARD FOR: Past Forward, Fun Life Company

AWARD FROM: Rajuna's Refuge: Rajuna's Reserve Award

Rajuna's Reserve Award

FROM RAJUNA'S REFUGE: "Hello Ellen, I am writing to inform you that your website has won the Rajuna's Refuge Rajuna's Reserve Award. Your site, Past Forward has a mystically aesthetic feel to it. Navigation, download time, use of space, are well done. Your content is extremely interesting and valuable to the cyber community! Your site earned a score of: 9.4 out of 10 on the award criteria. Your site is listed on the winners page. All the Best, June Kaminski, Rajuna's Refuge & Visions Galleries

ABOUT RAJUNA'S REFUGE: In Rajuna's own words: "I use my abilities to tune in to a client's primary guides and Higher Self in order to ascertain his or her overall life purpose and current position within that framework. Through the tools of runes, tarot cards, astrological analysis, numerology, scrying with a crystal ball, and etheric and physical energy readings, I develop a big picture of my client's current life situation and life pattern, and bring through guidance on how they can best move forward and fulfill their destinies. I try to weave all aspects of a client's life together: spiritual development, relationships, career, finances, and future opportunities are all interrelated!"


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