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CASE HISTORIES: ReBirthing Breath Work
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Short Description: Breathing Out Past Life / Present Life Traumas

Case Summary: Rebirthing breaths and other similar treatments (Water Breaths, etc) are done only when "management" directs us to do so. In such cases, rebirthing breaths are performed "inside" a Past Life or Higher Self Channeling session session in order to release blockages so that the session can progress normally (as in this case). Rebirthing-only sessions are performed infrequently.

Background: Breath is our connection to life: air contains life force that always nourishes us. Three minutes without air and we die. Compare this to death without water being measured in days and death without food being measured in weeks or months. Since air is so necessary to our survival, immediate problems are created in any lifetime once we have fallen out of a "right relationship" to it.

Traumatic deaths in past lives often "short circuit" our connection to breath in our lives now. For example, in the Past Life Healing Case, the client who was gassed in the trenches of World War I had lifelong breathing problems. Breath problems from past lives are usually caused by traumatic deaths from drowning, strangling, suffocation, hanging, gassing, crushing (by cave-ins or executions), and so on.

These past death traumas manifest in the present from minor problems like shallow breathing, constant colds, or chronic congestion to major problems like asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis or pneumonia. Breath problems have a way of "crying out" to be healed in ways that are difficult, if not impossible, to ignore.

Present Life Issue: When you cannot drink in air properly, you cannot drink in life properly. As you restrict your breath, so do you restrict your life. In this case, the client's life was severely restricted by a bad marriage, by lack of education / dead end job, by health issues, and by self esteem issues.

Their self esteem was the root of all their problems. Since they did not value themselves, they attracted a spouse who abused them, parents who did not think them worth educating, and health problems which made it hard to earn a living.

Taking in breaths every moment was a genuine act of heroism for this individual. Their "terrible life" would have "crushed" most people. Yet they soldiered on: one foot in front of the other. It was the weight of sorrow inside them which kept them anchored to this path of thorns. It was this sorrow inside them that needed to be blown out of their body by a ReBirthing Breath Work.

Case Findings: Breath work of any kind offers the promise of making "today, the first day of the rest of your life". The client was determined to leave the sorrows of the past behind them by healing a many lives long problem with breathing. For this client had been drowned, strangled, hung, and gassed along the trail of their past lives. The rapid pattern of the ReBirthing Breath dredged up the fear of fully breathing which lay in the deepest recesses of their stomach (Solar Plexus Chakra).

Most clients experience the release of "energetic baggage" by crying or coughing. This client went a step further and spit up a veritable ocean of phlegm. This was their body's way of releasing garbage from the lowest levels of their cellular memory. Releases of phlegm are particularly powerful because the body is able to release cellular toxins quickly, efficiently, and permanently relative to other methods of release (such as sweating, excreting, throwing up, etc).

Case Learnings: There was an immediate lightening in the client's energy field. By lightening, there were less "trouble spots" in their energy field and their energy chakras were more balanced and spinning in better synch. It was so noticeable that the client described it as if a "weight had been lifted" from their shoulders.

Healing can happen in a "nano-second" for anyone who, like this client, is truly ready to lay their burden down. The truth is that no one outside of you can really heal you because no one outside of you can take responsibility for your problems.

The reality is that healers are merely facilitators and vehicles for your healing. Healers can advise you, counsel you, and prescribe treatments for you but they cannot heal you. Only you can heal the spiritual cause ("as above") of your body-mind problem ("so below"). So it was in this case.

The client walked away from the ReBirthing Breath a changed person. In the days and weeks that followed, the client "felt better" even though nothing in their marriage or their job had changed. Yet the change sparked a "revolution from within". The change in the inner circumstances of their being took time to manifest on the outer… as in better work, a more loving relationship, and improved health.


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