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"There is no such thing as a dumb question. Answers may be dumb but questions never are..."

Many times clients are strongly drawn to have a session with me... but they are not always quite sure what to ask during their session. So one of my clients suggested that I prepare a list of the questions most commonly asked in sessions. So here they are... presented to you as a source for inspiration. They will also give you an idea of how you can benefit from our services...

This list is a starting point... as food for thought before our session...

What is the primary purpose that I came into this life to accomplish?
What are my greatest untapped strengths or talents that I developed in past lives?
What do I most need to work on in this life so that I can advance spirituality?
What is the one thing that I could stop/start doing now that would help me most?
What do I most need to know about my contract (what I agreed to do in this life)?

Why do I have so many unexplainable physical illnesses (like fatigue, allergies, etc)?
Why am I always so mentally unclear (as in depression, and disorientation, etc)?
Why am I always so emotionally unbalanced (as in anger, anxiety, crying, etc)?

When did my love or hate for (spouse, parent, child, etc) begin?
Why is the conflict between (spouse, parent, child, etc) and me never ending?
Why am I not able to get along with my (spouse, parent, child, etc)?
Why do I have problems with some members of my family and not others?
Why do I have so much trouble with relationships (in and out of love, etc)?
Why do I fall in love with the wrong person or why can I not find the right person?

Why do I have such overwhelming compulsions (bad habits, obsessions, etc)?
Why am I addicted to (sex, money, food, drugs, tobacco, risk, gambling, etc)?
Why am I so fearful (afraid of heights, darkness, small spaces, leaving home, etc)?
Why do I harbor such deep resentments (unable to forgive, trust, commit, etc)?
Why do people keep take advantage, making fun, mistreat, or abuse me?

When did my interest in (person, place, job, a hobby, etc) begin?
Why do my interests or behavior keep changing (unable finish things, etc)?
Why do I keep changing jobs, careers, friends, places to live?
Why am I unable to have children, hold a job, keep a steady relationship, etc?

Why do I feel out of place, belonging nowhere, like no one who really wants me?
Why is my personality so different from the rest of my family and/or my peers?
Why has my life been filled with so much adversity, conflict, suffering, hardship?
Why did I have to go through (a divorce, a car accident, a rape or assault, etc)?
What was the purpose of my child, spouse, parent dying suddenly, suffering, etc?

Why do I have so many financial problems (in debt, over spending, hoarding)?
Why am I attracted to or disgusted by money and power (control freak, etc)?
Why am I unable to manifest the abundance I need to live the life I want?

Why am I sexually attracted to others outside my own race, religion, ethnic group?
Why am I uncomfortable with my current gender, race, religion, ethnic group?
Why do I feel that I was born the wrong sex, race, religion, ethnic group?
Why am I unable to take pleasure in sex? Why do I take risks to feel turned on?
Why did I incarnate into a body with a certain sexual orientation?

Have I always been the same sex, race, religion, national origin, ethnic group, etc?
Have I have I been with (parent, spouse, child, family, coworkers) in past lives?
Do I have an angelic background? If so, does anyone else have one?

Am I a walk-in? If so, am I the only walk-in in my family?
If I am a walk-in, what did I come down to Earth to accomplish?
If I am a walk-in, what tasks must I complete for the walk out?


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