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YOU can get LUCKY IF ONLY... you are WILLING to take a chance and learn what rich people know about manifesting money... Sadly, many people will not do this. Even when the skills ARE simple to learn and easy to apply as they are in "Secrets of Creating Good Luck".

YOU can get LUCKY IF ONLY... you will BELIEVE that you are in control of your life... Sadly, many people live out their lives in prisons of bad luck because they cannot pick up the keys to a better more prosperous life. Even when they are all conveniently in one eBook.

YOU can get LUCKY IF ONLY... you will DECIDE to take charge of your KARMA and change it for the better... Sadly, many people do not believe they can transcend their poverty karma and get rich. Even when an eBook can point the way past it.

Discover the Secrets of Creating Luck!

You are about to discover the "Secrets of Creating Good Luck" that have worked for the 6,000 years of recorded history to attract money and abundance.

This ancient wisdom about money enabled me to turn my life around... after a bitter divorce left me physically, emotionally, and - worst of all - financially broken.

These "Secrets of Creating Good Luck" can be yours - if you really want - to get the money, wealth, and abundance you deserve. And I am so sure of this that I guarantee your satisfaction.

Why "Secrets of Good Luck" Works!

What is so powerful about these "Secrets of Creating Good Luck" is that they combine the best of ancient and modern technology - in an easy to use system - to attract and keep luck, money, and abundance.

They use modern technology to erase the deeply rooted negative mental and emotional patterns that silently and effectively keep you from becoming financially abundant.

They use ancient technology to replace these patterns with “programming” that unleashes your internal power to attract money and wealth into your reality.

If you have always believed - deep in your heart - that money and abundance are your divine birthright... then what you will discover is the most important and useful knowledge you could ever get to turn your inner dreams into outer reality.

You will discover the best of ancient and modern wisdom that have made people's lives lucky, rich, and abundant. AND it can work for you too... right now...
Here are some of the secrets you will discover... packaged in easy-to-read eBooks...

Techniques for "Real Life" Success!

Follow Self Made Millionaires to Become Rich

  • Discover the "Master Secret" to Creating Good Luck makes it possible for ANYONE, including you, to create more luck whenever they want to. (pg 4)

  • Learn the "Manifesting at the Speed of Light" Technique: Get what you want more QUICKLY & EASILY than ever before. (pg 22)

  • Discover the sure fire "Imprinting" Technique: used by Jim Carrey (revealed in an interview) to propel himself to MEGA-MILLION stardom. (pg 27)

  • "Think Like the Rich" to Become Rich

  • Learn how to THINK like Rich people do: the 6 ways you must start thinking like the wealthy - thinking with a "Millionaire Mind" - or you will be destined to stay poor forever. (pp 9-12)

  • Become RICH from the Inside Out: MOVE from the bad luck of "Scare-City" (scarcity) to the good luck of "Magnified-Sense" (magnificence) and have SUCCESS come easily. (pp 66-69)

  • The Rich MASTER change and thrive, the poor are its slaves and barely survive: Learning how to put "change" to work for you. Make it your best friend instead of your worst enemy. (pp 113-114)
  • Magnetize Money, Wealth, and Abundance!

    Become "Magnetic" to Money & Luck

  • The most powerful FORCE (SYNERGY): in preparing your body, mind, and emotions to attract good luck to you automatically. (pg 8)

  • Learn simple, high impact techniques for "Super Charging": your body (pp 106-108), mind (pg 112) and emotions (pg 115) to receive more power and luck.

  • Consistently influence the random events of life to "lean in YOUR Favor": creating good luck rather than "going against you" causing bad luck. (pg 115)

  • Become a "Walking Good Luck Charm": Get riches of every kind flowing to you. (pg 126)

  • Master the "Inner Game" of Money & Luck

  • Powerfully SIGNAL universe that YOU are ready for good luck: fail to send it out and you cannot succeed at creating good luck. (pg 60)

  • Discover the REAL GOAL lurking behind your stated goals: the real goal that powers the fulfillment of your dreams and desires. (pg 103)

  • Avoid disaster by becoming prepared in ADVANCE: by getting your mind and emotions to WARN you before tragedy strikes. (pg 85)

  • Where to START in creating luck: that will bring you maximum returns for the minimum effort. (pp 14-18)
  • Accelerate Your Manifestation of Money!

    Take Advantage of Success Technology

  • Unleash your every TALENT, ABILITY, and POSSIBILITY: what you can dream and imagine, you can be, do, or have. (pp 77-79)

  • Take a guided tour of the LEADING EDGE technologies: that have POWERED others to from abject failure to stunning success... they are ALL right here and you do not have to buy anything else to make them work! (pp 35, 42, 49)

  • Learn meditation and self hypnosis techniques: targeted for mastering your mind and emotions to power your creation of good luck. (pp 28, 112)

  • Get THE MOST from Good Luck: the critical skills you will need to achieve success and then to make the most of your money and abundance. (pg 92)

  • Get the "Insider" Success Edge

  • Master communications skills: that will quickly, and without manipulation, win another person's agreement and their loyalty by creating instant rapport. (pp 46-48)

  • Learn the Ultimate "SURVIVOR" strategy: that kept a few death camp inmates alive and determined to survive when others all around them were giving up and dying. It will help you OVERCOME any adversity. (pg 92)

  • Get EXACTLY what you imagine: Practice the same process - used by Edmund Hilary, the first man ever to reach the peak of Mt Everest - to get to the top of your world. Use it to achieve your dreams. (pg 14)

  • Create EXACTLY what you ask for: Discover the same process used by Scott Adams to create the multi-million Dilbert Empire. (pg 19)
  • Make the Most of Your Life Experience!

    Learn to Seize Lucky Opportunities

  • Learn to RECOGNIZE Good Luck: Failure to recognize genuine opportunities means you will throw away most of the good things coming your way... until you learn to stop doing it. (pg 96)

  • Get the "REAL SECRET": to drawing in "lucky breaks", happiness, and success into your life - reliably... FOREVER! (pg 80)

  • Find MONEY (like I do every week): just lying around on the ground, just WAITING for you to PICK IT UP. (I found $100+ to date) (pg 95)

  • Convert Problems into Opportunities

  • Transform "problems" into "opportunities": This will instantly eliminate 90% of the problems you face and guide you to greater success. (pp 81-82)

  • Use the "CLUB FOOT" Technique: to simply walk around any problem and solve it quickly and effectively each and every time. (pp 96-98)

  • Adopt the "INTENSE FOCUS" of Guided Missiles: which are off course 90% of the time but always end up hitting the target every time. (pg 92)
  • Stop Anyone from Derailing Your Success!

    Stop Sabotaging & Criticizing Yourself

  • RELEASE BAD LUCK from your body, mind, and emotions forever: with simple, powerful F~R~E~E processes. (pp 12-13)

  • Quickly FREE yourself from any type of experience: (childhood, adulthood, past lives) now limiting your success by FREEING yourself from NEGATIVE EMOTIONS that keep you miserable and unlucky. (pp 49-53)

  • How you may be SABOTAGING your visions: of what you want to get from life and how this STOPS you from getting the good luck you can imagine. (pg 79)

  • Stop Others From Blocking Your Success

  • Recognize people that will "DRAIN" you of energy: (pg 70) and avoid getting SUCKED into their problems/dramas. (pg 93)

  • Learn the REAL REASON why others who object to your success: and how you can break free of their limiting influence. (pg 93)

  • Discover the easiest way to "Reclaim Your Power From Others": who are seeking to control and/or limit your life in a gentle, respectful way. (pg 93)

  • Break Through Inner Barriers

  • Powerful exercise proven to BEAT CANCER: that you can use to HARMONIZE yourself for creating good luck and manifesting your dreams into reality. (pg 118)

  • OPEN yourself to RECEIVE: all the money, happiness, and success you want & ATTRACT waves of unending prosperity. (pg 22)

  • Remove NEGATIVE Internal Programming: keeping you mired in bad luck and attracting more misery & misfortune. (pp 38-41)

  • Anchor POSITIVE Internal Programming: creating good luck in your life and attracting more money & abundance. (pp 44-46)
  • Gain Unstoppable Motivation for Manifestation!

    Get Motivated to Create Good Luck

  • Discover what REALLY motivates you to seek more money and abundance: Become FREE of unconscious influences blocking you. Tap into the SOURCE of your true inspiration to become all you can be. (pp 101-102)

  • Learn what does and does not MOTIVATE you: so that you can focus on what moves you forward (and not waste any time or effort on what does not). (pg 18)

  • Keep yourself MOTIVATED: even on "slow days" when you find it hard to get started or to keep on going (pg 105) and to do whatever it takes to turn your dreams into reality. (pg 59)

    Endless Source of Luck & Happiness

  • Learn how to LOWER THE PRICE: you pay for success so that you can get what you have always dreamed about being, having, doing, achieving, or becoming. (pg 94)

  • Discover the REAL SOURCE of luck and abundance: the REAL SECRET to succeeding in any business venture. (pg 86)

  • If you are TRYING TOO HARD: what this really means and how to stop it... Creating Good Luck is MEANT TO BE EASY! (pg 62)

  • Turn your NEGATIVE THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS: into your most powerful POSITIVE ALLIES in manifesting all the good luck, money, and abundance you want. (pp 14, 20)

  • Become open to NEW POSSIBILITIES: that good luck will bring into your life. (pg 12)
  • Why is "Secrets of Creating Luck" such a deal?

    For less than the cost of a week's worth of lottery tickets, you can learn how to create good luck! That by itself is like winning the lottery!!

    Ask yourself... Where else can you find techniques that worked successfully for 6,000 years to create luck, money, and abundance all around the world?

    Ask yourself... How much would simple, practical, easy to use processes (that anyone can follow) to create good luck, money, and abundance be worth to you?

    Ask yourself... How much would you pay for just one single powerful idea that could dramatically improve your finances and quality of life?

    Ask yourself... How can you pass up the same information sold in other self help programs costing $1,000s for $25 (plus $250 of bonuses)?

    FREE BONUSES: Yours to keep for trying the "Secrets of Creating Good Luck!"

    So what are these eBooks worth to you?

    This includes the "Secrets of Creating Good Luck" eBook (electronic book - PDF).

    Before you decide, consider that you will receive these very valuable FREE bonuses... which are yours to keep.

    Bonus #1: The Master Key System
    Bonus #2: The Science of Being Great
    Bonus #3: The Science of Being Rich
    Bonus #4: The Science of Being Well
    Bonus #5: Think & Grow Rich
    Bonus #6: Thought Vibration
    Bonus #7: Inside the Minds of Winners
    Bonus #8: The Secret of Success
    Bonus #9: As a Man Thinketh
    Bonus #10: The Magic Story
    Bonus #11: "Rules of the House"
    Bonus #12: "Clear Your Karma"

    This "Secrets of Creating Good Luck" eBook (electronic book) in portable document format (PDF). You can download it and be reading within just a few minutes.

    This powerful eBook contains 130 pages - 91,000 words, so it is very quick to read. This book may be a easy to read, but it is action packed. It has everything you need to change your life now.

    This "Secrets of Creating Good Luck" contains everything you will need to keep on going and growing into an ever more rich, joyous, and abundant life in the future.

    This powerful eBook contains everything you will need - in one place - to create the good luck necessary to make your dreams real no matter what they are. If you can imagine it, this eBook will guide you into turning your dreams into reality.

    "NO RISK OFFER" of "Secrets of Creating Good Luck"!

    Download the "Secrets of Creating Good Luck" eBook. Read it. Try the techniques and step-by-step processes to create good luck. Start making positive changes in your finances.

    Test everything: do not just take my word that these techniques and processes work powerfully for increasing luck and abundance. Take some time to make them work for you.

    In fact, I will give you two full months, 60 days to put this to use in your own life. Then decide. If you like what these techniques and processes have done for you, keep the eBooks.

    If you decide that the eBooks do not work for you, if you do not like them for any reason at all, Email me and ask for a refund. You will receive your money back promptly.

    Download these eBooks and start getting lucky now!

    You get the "Secrets of Creating Good Luck" ebook plus bonuses for just $25 (Remember: ALL the FREE bonuses are yours to keep in this risk free offer).

    Wishing you all the best, believing you can create all the abundance you so richly deserve, and knowing that life can bring all the money and luck you desire,

    My real address and phone number are at the bottom of this page!

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    What Others are Saying...

    Gain a Happy Life...

    Thank you, dear Ellen, for the 'Luck' book. Life is hard like a rock on me. I am honest man and I need(ed) this book. You are very kind and full of love. May God Bless you. I (will) gain my happy life again with your help!

    Nic B. G. - NJ, US

    Secrets of Creating Good Luck

    Service to Humanity...

    "Dear Ellen, I downloaded your eBook 'Secrets to Creating Good Luck'. It's absolutely amazing!! It's written in so simple way as anybody can understand (it) without (having a) problem. That's GREAT WORK Ellen, GREAT SERVICE to Humanity!! May the Blessings be with you!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    Sunethra, NZ

    Secrets of Creating Good Luck

    Become a Believer...

    "Hey Ellen, You have done me a huge favor already, by writing this book. The last few years I thought of writing a 'scientific' book regarding luck, and now you have saved me the 'challenge' and you have written a beautiful one.

    Yours is a masterpiece. Truly inspiring. It's great! And your rapid and helpful response, is just one more solid proof that you are a caring, helpful, deserving and enlightened individual.

    Your book is pretty long, but well worth it. As Tony Robbins says, 'sometimes it's when you hear an idea again, it finally takes root.' There is a lot that Tony would like about your book.

    You cover all the bases. I'm excited to read your book. Many channels are open for me now. Wide open... In your book, I've been looking for some new ideas and understandings, to add to my actions. And I've found some.

    Your book is the absolute, most comprehensive... very best I've ever read in my entire life on this subject. Everyone should read it!

    I feel completely comfortable in recommending your book to everyone I know. These days I feel like I HAVE THE VERY BEST LUCK as I wish it for you and people everywhere. There is more than enough to go around.

    Let me quote Tony (Robbins) again: 'the Universe is a very rich place.' So, this seems a good place to finish my 'thank you' to you. I hope it's given you a little bit of pleasure, for you have already given me a great deal.

    Thank you again, from one, with the very best luck, to another."

    Ben Z, US

    Secrets of Creating Good Luck

    Angel of Good Fortune...

    "Dear Ellen, Thanks a million for writing the 'Luck Book'. I could hardly put it down / close it right after downloading.

    I'm from Metro Manila and we have a fairly large Chinese community over here. Now I understand their practice of putting up in their homes/offices/shops red posters or plaques with Chinese characters of 'good fortune', 'long life', 'good health' (and so forth).

    I used to think that they were heavily superstitious until I heard an old grocer say, 'It doesn't go against any religion really. These signs remind me to think good thoughts, just like the picture of my family reminding me that I love my family and that they love and care for me, too.'

    I used to feel so depressed. Now I realize that I missed looking around and being reminded that the universe loves me too. Again, thanks so much for being an 'angel of good fortune'. THANK YOU!"

    Mia B, Philippines

    Secrets of Creating Good Luck

    Allowing Abundant Attraction...

    "I just finished reading your 'Secrets to Good Luck' and I am feeling better already. It is my desire to become very lucky, very quickly so I can stop my down-ward spiral and get on with life.

    It is my intention to allow myself to find my plus-entity [Higher Self] and have him inhabit my being. I allow myself to attract unlimited wealth and abundance in the form of money (used for only good)."

    Rusty W, USA

    Secrets of Creating Good Luck

    Inspirational Book...

    "Hi Ellen, Love your book ["Secrets of Creating Good Luck"]. I truly believe all beauty and knowledge is within us and inspirational books like yours provide people with certain keys to unlock the beauty and wealth already within. Thank you for all the keys you gave me!!!"

    Johnine, South Africa

    Secrets of Creating Good Luck

    Applying the Principles...

    "Hello Ellen, Thank you for your incredibly helpful session and your wonderful email as well. I am reading your ["Secrets of Creating Good Luck"] ebook and trying to apply the principles in my own life. You have made a great difference for me. I truly thank you for that."

    Suchitra S, India

    FREE Bonuses:
          YOURS to Keep!
                A $250 MONEY Pack

    Bonus #1: (Value $30)
    The Master Key System!

    Bill Gates was inspired by the "Master Key System" to create the multi-billion MicroSoft empire. It contains proven powerful resources designed to you discover what it means to be an wealthy person... and manifest the money you desire!

    Bonus #2: (Value $30)
    Science of Being Great!

    Becoming great is open to anyone who is willing to practice the principles of greatness... and to accept the challenge it brings.

    Bonus #3: (Value $25)
    Science of Getting Rich!

    Getting rich is literally a science. If you know this method to creating wealth, you too will have the knowledge needed to follow in the footsteps of millionaires!

    Bonus #4: (Value $25)
    Science of Being Well!

    If you have your health, you can enjoy your money and your abundance. Get back to basics and experience a wealth of vibrant health through natural principles!

    Bonus #5: (Value $25)
    Think & Grow Rich!

    The original prosperity classic used by multitudes of millionaires to develop their minds to attract increasing levels of wealth!

    Bonus #6: (Value $25)
    Thought Vibration!

    This is the original work on the "Law of Attraction" or what it really takes to manifest your inner desires into the "real world" just through the power of thought.

    Bonus #7: (Value $25)
    Inside the Minds of Winners!

    Successful people really are luckier. Winners manage their minds differently. Go inside the minds of 9 winners to learn the secrets of their success.

    Bonus #8: (Value $15)
    The Secret of Success!

    How do your thoughts create your reality? What can you do to change your thoughts & your reality so that you achieve success in life? This book answers these questions.

    Bonus #9: (Value $15)
    As a Man Thinketh!

    The power of thought is what creates money and abudance. This classic book is can help anyone to have more empowering thoughts to create a more abundant reality!

    Bonus #10: (Value $5)
    The Magic Story!

    The original wealth classic, first published in 1900 in "Success Magazine", of time tested and proven abundance principles which created many millionaires!

    Bonus #11: (Value $12)
    "Rules of the House"

    If you want to attract more money then discover how to become more attractive to it with the rules for living a karma free life! Get more money by becoming more love!

    Bonus #12: (Value $18)
    "Clear Your Karma"

    Get off the path of karma so you can attract more money! When you are tangled in ropes of karma, you are more likely to repel money and abundance than to attract it!

    "Creating Good Luck" will help you to prosper...


    You Already Know "Lucky" People Are Different...

    In life... the unlucky person has the complaining spouse, the leaky house, and the broken down car while the lucky person has the loving spouse, the beautiful house, and the ultra-safe car.

    At work... the unlucky worker works hard all the time, never seeming to get a break while the lucky worker simply falls into easy ways of sailing through their work with no apparent effort.

    In business... the unlucky company attracts the toughest, impossible to please customers, while the lucky firm gets customers who are easy to please and almost never return items.

    "Creating Good Luck" will help you to manifest more...

    G - Good luck is calling you to a place of greater joy, more fulfillment, and higher purpose...

    O - Only what is ethical, moral, and legal is what will create lasting "lucky" results in your life...

    O - Only your belief and your actions toward your dreams is what creates lucky opportunities...

    D - Dreams: good luck transforms them from inner desires into outer realities...

    L - Learning to find money, abundance, and opportunity around every corner is the point...

    U - Unlucky... is a temporary state that can be reversed if you clear the blocks to good luck...

    C - Creating good luck all depends on you: on inner influences on your outer actions...

    K - Karma - negative financial karma - can be transcended by anyone who desires it enough!

    "Creating Good Luck" will help you to change your luck...

    What is Changing Luck Worth?

    How much is your knowing how to increase your income worth to you? You do the math and decide what it means and is worth.

    How much is the peace of mind that comes with having "more than enough money" worth to you? Only you can value your peace.

    How much is getting all that you have ever wanted out of life worth to you? You alone can decide the worth of your dreams.

    How much is that wonderful feeling of solving long standing money problems worth to you? You must decide how much making life simple is worth!

    "Creating Good Luck" will help you to change your luck...

    How Long Will You Wait to Change Your Luck?

    What is the deadline you have set for yourself to change your luck and your life for the better?

    While you were reading this, were you imagining all the wonderful ways that more money and abundance could change your life?

    So how long do you want to wait before improving your luck and your life? One more week? One more day? Not another minute?

    If you cannot wait, you can read the "Secrets of Creating Good Luck" moments after buying it.

    All you have to lose is bad financial karma. What you can gain is the life of your dreams!

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