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From Soul#1: "Blissful Relationships"

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Soul #1: Secret #43 of Soulmate Love

Pleasuring Secret: Physical Touch
         A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss - The 32 Flavors of Kissing

In our era of sexual freedom, people tend to skip kissing and go straight to intercourse. In doing so, they miss out on the pleasures of kissing. When, how, and how often couples kiss are reliable indicators of the health of their relationship. So do you think you know how to kiss? If you do how many of these have you tried?

*** Gentle and Tender Kisses... work best for those getting to know one another or to establish intimacy.

+ Angel Kiss: Ever so lightly kiss your partner on the eyelid or next to the eyes: it is a sweet, comforting kiss.

+ Butterfly Kiss: Open and close your eyelids against your partner's face as you tenderly kiss them.

+ Cheek Kiss: Put your hands on your partner's shoulders, gently brush your lips slowly across their cheek.

+ Eskimo Kiss: Gently rub your noses together: it is guaranteed to make you smile and laugh with happiness.

+ Forehead Kiss: Brush your lips lightly across the crown of your partner's head like a parent or a friend.

+ Hand Kiss: Raise your lover's hand and lightly brush your lips across the top of it to show respect.

+ Mistletoe Kiss: Surprise your partner by stealing a gentle kiss under the mistletoe at holiday time.

+ Talking Kiss: Whisper sweet words into your partner's mouth before giving them a very tender kiss.

+ Virtual Kisses: On letters, use XXXXX to send kisses. On ecards/email, use this symbol: :-* to send kisses.

*** Fun with Tongues and Lips... works best for those who know one another and want to spice up their love life.

+ French Kiss: One or both partners use their tongues to explore each other's mouth. It has been called the "Soul Kiss" because life and soul were thought to pass through the breath in the exchange across tongues/mouths.

+ Freeze/Melt Kiss: Put a small piece of ice in your mouth, then kiss your partner, passing them the ice with your tongue. As the ice melts, it creates an erotic sensation as the temperature changes from cold to warm.

+ Fruit Kiss: Place a juicy fruit (like grapes, pineapple, or mango) between your lips and kiss your partner. Nibble one half of the piece of fruit while they nibble the other until it breaks, allowing juice to run into your mouths.

+ Hot and Cold Kiss: Lick your partner's lips with your tongue until they are warm then gently blow on them. The sudden coolness should send tingles through their body. Giving and taking such kisses can lead to passion.

+ Nip Kiss: While kissing your partner, gently nibble on their lips being careful not to bite or hurt your partner.

+ Reverse Lips Kiss: Standing above your lover and kiss them from over their head. Each takes the more sensitive bottom lip of their lover in their mouths and caresses it by sucking on it being careful not to draw blood.

+ Navel Kiss: Use your lips and tongue, with varying speed and stroking, to gently explore your lover's navel.

+ Sucking Kiss: While kissing open-mouthed, slightly suck in air from your partner's mouth or suck their tongue.

+ Tasty Kiss: Leaving a bit of the taste of a mutually favorite food and drink on your lips, kiss your partner.

+ Wave Kiss: While kissing your partner, slowly roll your tongue up and down like a wave.

*** Kisses for Lovers Only... these should only be used by those who are already in an intimate relationship.

+ Earlobe Kiss: Gently suck on the earlobe being sure to avoid loud sucking noises irritating your lover's ears.

+ Eye Kiss: While your partner has their eyes closed, very gently kiss the spot right below their browbone.

+ Eyelid Kiss: Hold your partner's head still, slowly kiss their face, finish with a tender kiss over their closed eyes.

+ Finger Kiss: While laying together naked, suck on your partner's fingertips to stimulate their nerve endings.

+ Foot Kiss: Gently massage the sole of the foot while sucking the toes and lightly kissing the foot.

+ Hickey Kiss: Press your lips against your partner's flesh and suck on the skin tenderly. Be careful not to harm your partner while doing so. Your goal is to leave a tiny red mark caused by capillaries bursting with joy!

+ Lick Kiss: Just before kissing, gently run your tongue along either or both of you partners lips to arouse them.

+ Neck Kiss: Come from behind, lightly lick the back of your partner's neck, and then kiss it gently a few times.

+ Nibble Kiss: Gently pretend to nibble your partner's neck all over and finish with a gentle kiss on the lips.

+ Shoulder Kiss: Come from behind, embrace your partner, caress their chest, and kiss the top of their shoulder.

+ Stomach Kiss: Gently kiss and nibble on your partner's stomach while caressing their private area.

+ Teaser Kiss: Starting on the forehead, give your partner a short kiss on lips, then keep kissing, moving up and down the arms to their hands and to their face, and kissing lightly until your partner asks for passionate kisses.

+ Vibrating Kiss: Place your mouth against your lover's neck and vibrate your lips and tongue to stimulate them.

From Soul #1: "Blissful Relationships" by Ellen Mogensen

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