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From Soul#2: "Lasting Relationships"

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Soul #2: Secret #59 of Soulmate Love

Pleasuring Secret: Physical Massage
         Hot Tantric Sex Tricks #1- Preparation and Tricks for the Head

The Philosophy Behind Tantric Sex

The philosophy of Tantra is that "sexual energy is the source of all life." In the Tantric view, every aspect of creation, including sexuality, should be celebrated as sacred. Sexual ecstasy is viewed as one of the most powerful channels for human beings to receive divine energy from the universe. The goal of Tantra is to "extend and expand the peak of sexual ecstasy" to make the act of love "a natural vehicle for exploring altered states" of consciousness as well as "for deepening intimacy between two loving partners".

Lovers who have achieved a "tantric" state of ecstasy describe it as being "those rare moments in love where all boundaries dissolve and we become one with both our beloved and all of existence."

Preparation BEFORE Using Tantric Tricks

+ Warming the Body: Before you use these Tantric techniques, make sure both you and your partner are clean, naked, and relaxed. Taking a lukewarm (but not a hot) shower loosens you both up and warms the skin.

+ Touching Technique: When you and your partner are touching one another, all your touches should be slow, soft, and gentle. Mostly you will use caresses to touch your partner but you can substitute kisses for caresses.

+ Opening the Body: If you find any areas that are cool to the touch on your partner or vice versa, it is most likely a sign that the energy is blocked. So softly stroke the spot until it warms up, this will increase the energy flow to that area which will in turn awaken the body and ready it to experience a deep, satisfying orgasm.

+ Touching the Body: Change the way you touch your partner every 30 to 60 seconds. Alternating your touch - from caressing to kissing, from very light to a little harder touches - builds up the sexual charge.

+ Building the Sexual Charge: Start from the top down. In other words, use all the "Head Tricks" first, then do the "Body Tricks", and LAST of all, do the "Sex Organs" trick. It is extremely important to do the tricks in this order because this builds up and helps to maintain the state of "tantric ecstasy" you both are seeking from sex. It best to work in order from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, bypassing the sexual organs until the end. Resist the temptation to rush the process, especially when you get to the "Sex Organs" tricks.

Hot Tantric Sex Tricks for the Head

+ Eye Trick: Stare steadily into your partner's eyes mentally projecting sexual energy into their pupils. Keep on going even if your partner closes their eyes or looks away. This "Soul Gazing" technique can transmit a huge sexual charge to your partner. Just by gazing at each other, orgasm can be achieved... with enough practice. What makes it work is the intensity of thought and emotion you both are projecting... so concentrate HARD!

+ Nose Trick: Starting at the tip of your partner's nose, lightly caress it in a circular motion with your fingertip. Gradually extend the circular caresses in a straight line down their neck, chest, stomach, genitals, and back up again to their nose. The tip of the nose is on the meridian (energy channel) connecting to the Root Chakra. By running your finger all along this meridian, you are creating a circle of energy that will awaken sexual desire.

+ Mouth Trick: Before you start, find the little bit of connective tissue inside your partner's mouth between their upper lip and their gums. It should be even with the gap between your two front teeth and feels like a tiny flap of flesh. Gently suck your partner's upper lip by taking it between your lips so that your lower lip lightly rubs on the little flap. Energetically this flap is directly linked to a woman's clitoris and to a man's scrotum. By lightly caressing it, you will help bring your partner to orgasm. Be careful with your teeth while doing this mouth trick because this rarely accessed area is highly sensitive to both pleasure and pain.

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From Soul #2: "Lasting Relationships" by Ellen Mogensen

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