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From Soul#3: "Kindness in Relationships"

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Start knowing more joy... right now... for FREE. Below are some hot Sexual Breathing Techniques from Past Forward's "Soul #3: Kindness in Relationships- 77 Plus Secrets of Soulmate Love" that will help you and your Soulmate find more kindness... ENJOY!

Soul #3: Secret #57 of Soulmate Love

Pleasuring Secret: Before Sex
         Sexual Breathing #1- Build and Sustain Arousal

"Sexual Breathing" is as its name suggests... are patterns of breathing designed to open you up sexually. If you are like most people, you are probably - unconsciously - holding your breath during lovemaking. This is a bad idea because lack of breath decreases sexual arousal, the build up to climax, and the climax itself.

So if you want to be MORE aroused, enjoy your pleasure LONGER, and extend your CLIMAX, then it really is worth the investment of time and energy to learn these sexual breathing patterns.

To make them work for you... here is what you need to know about "Sexual Breathing" BEFORE you begin.

+ * Concentration: These breathing patterns are strategies designed to help you train your body to achieve an enhanced sexual experience. You should approach sexual breathing just like pregnant women do. Spend time on mastering breathing patterns so "when the time comes" they are so deeply ingrained in your mind that they will kick in automatically. There is no way that you want to refer to a printout in bed. They only work when you have the patience to concentrate on your breath and to be mindful of its patterns and timing.

+ * Practice, Practice, Practice: Remembering to breathe steadily throughout the entire experience AND to use the right breathing patterns at the proper moment takes practice and time to master... but the rewards of better sex are really worth it. So keep going... you will train your body to breathe as it needs to... to make sex great!

+ * Apply Common Sense: Different people have different capacities for tolerating changes in breathing patterns. So if any of these breathing patterns are causing you or your mate to hyperventilate (by breathing too hard) or pass out (by breathing too little) STOP immediately. As with any technique, you need to apply some common sense in its application... the rule of thumb being that "if it does not feel good, then do not do it!"

Sexual Breathing #1: Build and Sustain Arousal

1> Relax Your Body: Start controlling your breathing by inhaling for a count of 3, holding for a count of 2, and exhaling for a count of 3. Focus your mind on the top of your head (Crown Chakra). Release any tension in your body and feel relaxation rolling through you from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.

2> Belly Breathe: Breathe deeply from your nose all through your lungs (you will know you are doing this when your belly/abdomen expands). Continue this deep breathing at a slow and steady pace. Focus on flowing the air all the way down to the bottom of your lungs (where the blood flow is the greatest and where you will infuse the most air into your blood). Move the focus of your mind downwards from the top of your head (Crown Chakra) slowly moving through each chakra until you reach the genital area (Root Chakra).

3> Stimulate the Sexual Organs: Once the "belly breathing" has moved more oxygen into your body, continue this deep breathing at a slow and steady pace. Now shift the focus on your mind... imagine that with each breath that you take... you are infusing your body with highly charged sexual energy. As you feel your belly filling with air, imagine that breath moving into your genital area. This will increase the sensitivity of both male and female sexual organs... as well as contributing to their arousal. If you are energy sensitive, you should be able to feel the energy travelling in a circle from the head along the spinal cord to sex organs and back again.

4> Sustain the Arousal: When you feel that your sexual organs are close to climaxing, simply hold your breath for a few moments. This temporarily stops the build up to climax... allowing you to extend the pleasures of foreplay. It is great for women who need to counteract the tendency to climax quickly. It is great for men who want to delay and control ejaculation. If you are energy sensitive, you will feel as if you are floating.

5> Increase the Arousal: Before the climax fades resume your breathing. Stop holding your breath and give a quick contraction of your anus to get the energy flowing back in a pleasurable circle from sex organs along the spinal cord to the head and back again. The trick is to master the timing of holding and then circulating breath.

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From Soul #3: "Kindness in Relationships" by Ellen Mogensen

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