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From Soul#5: "Harmony in Relationships"

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Start feeling more harmony... right now... for FREE. Below is a hot tip - the "Orgasmic Tongue" - from Past Forward's "Soul #5: Harmony in Relationships- 77 Final Secrets of Soulmate Love" that will help you and your Soulmate create more sexual harmony... ENJOY!

Soul #5: Secret #58 of Soulmate Love

Pleasuring Secret: Before Sex
         Body Building the Orgasmic Tongue

Whether in kissing or caressing, it is important to "give good tongue" to make your partner happy before sex. For those that "need a licking to just get ticking" here is the best way to "body build" your tongue for stamina and endurance. Like an athlete, use this same body building exercise to "warm up" your tongue before sex:

1> Stick your tongue out of your mouth and stretch it as far out as possible. (For those who can curl their tongues, also take a moment to stretch out that curl for a bit of extra exercise).

2> Move your tongue up: try to reach up and touch your nose with it
(most people cannot get to the nose).

3> Move your tongue down: try to reach down and touch your chin with it
(most people can get to the chin).

4> Move your tongue to the left: try to touch your cheekbone
(be careful not to pull too hard).

5> Move your tongue to the right: try to touch your cheekbone
(be careful not to pull too hard).

6> Move your tongue (still sticking out) around your mouth clockwise for 30 seconds (watch your teeth).

7> Move your tongue (still sticking out) around your mouth counterclockwise for 30 seconds (watch your teeth).

8> Move your tongue (still sticking out) up and down for 30 seconds.

9> Move your tongue (still sticking out) side to side for 30 seconds.

When you are "warming up", you need only do this once. When you are "body building" do this 6 times in a row. Like in "body building", you will want to build up to it slowly... do it once until you feel comfortable with doing it twice. Doing it the full six times the first time out is bound to make you sore! So be patient!

One of the sweetest things about my darling has always been his desire to constantly become better at whatever he was doing. In the Norman lifetime, were I to have filled out a survey about my personal sexual satisfaction, my husband would have never received anything but the highest score. Very rarely, was he not able to perform at his peak... only if he were ill, nervous, or stressed. The year that the scholar courted our daughter he was at a sexual low point... but I understood and I knew that all would be well once she was wed.

I was surprised when things started improving before then. The scholar had given my husband a book at New Years. It was all very secretive: neither the scholar nor my husband would say what it was. My daughter and I teased them about it... but their bond of secrecy would not be broken. Time passed and we forgot about this "secret" book.

What was worrying is that my husband started spending lots of time at my dressing table in front of my mirror. He was always one to be careful of his personal appearance... but now he seemed to be obsessed by it. Yet each time I came near enough to see what he was doing... he would abruptly stop, rise, and give me a kiss. I liked the kisses but I could not help but wonder at this strange behavior. Finally, my curiosity got the better of me and I asked him why he had developed a new habit of lingering at my dressing table. All he ever said was, "You'll see!"

The day of her wedding he simply broke down and wept again... at my dressing table... when I still was not dressed! Yet I managed to pull us both together and the wedding went off... flawlessly. Before we knew it, day had turned to night and we were alone in our bedchamber. He sat on the bed, half undressed, staring at the floor. I knew what he was thinking and wishing to comfort him I said, "I am fairly certain, my dearest, that neither of them waited until tonight to consummate their love..." His jaw dropped open. "How do you know that, wife?"

I stood next to him, ran my fingers through his hair, and said, "A mother knows..." He turned, reached around me, and started to unlace my skirt. "I knew I would need to take my mind off... things... tonight... so I have something planned... Don't move..." He stripped off my skirts and thrust his head under my long undergarment. It was then I felt how muscular and powerful his "body built" tongue had become.

He thrust it across my clitoris savagely bringing me to a quick and explosive climax... which knocked my legs out from under me. Luckily, I fell back on the bed in an orgasmic heap. Yet his tongue went quickly back to work... bringing me to orgasm three more times... before my darling husband took his pleasure. Something new was great after twenty plus years of marriage! Practice makes the orgasmic tongue perfect!

From Soul #5: "Harmony in Relationships" by Ellen Mogensen

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