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Rules #35: "You Asked For It, You Got It": The Rules of Life Contracts

Life's Most Terrible Truth

The most terrible truth that anyone will ever learn while they are on Earth is… that they agreed to come here and to experience all that has, is, and will happen to them. The universe operates under this simple rule: "all that happens is by prior agreement".

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

So if your life is not as you would wish it to be, you will want to know just who it was that agreed and why "they did it".

The "who it was" that entered into this agreement - your life contract - was you in the "between life" state before your entered into this lifetime. As to "why" you did it, the answer is always the same… to promote your spiritual advancement.

About Your Life Contract: Your Life Sentence to "School House Earth"

Sometimes these "life sentences" are decided upon by the Lords of Karma… and you have no choice but to agree with them. More often, you - the you in the "between life" state - is the one who selected the adventure known as your life.

Before you conclude that you may have done a lousy job there and want a change, consider that the view from the "inside" (the inner God worlds) is vastly different than the "outside" view (the Earth "reality"). On the inside, you were more concerned with settling karmic debts, with getting certain spiritual lessons right, and with growing closer to God. Once you arrive on the outside, the nature of your perspective always shifts and you become more concerned with living each day.

In the Perfectly Unfolding Universe…

The good news is that "you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing, and contributing to the perfection of the universe." At times, that knowledge alone can make a difficult life easier to bear.

The bad news is that "you are probably firmly tied to the train tracks of karma, are likely to stay there for the rest of your natural life, and should just stay the course to avoid getting a worse ride next life."

Yet there is a shining ray of hope: for if you learn your lessons, if you accomplish your spiritual objectives, and if you settle your debts, the train tracks of karma can be switched to give you a more pleasant ride. It is a compassionate universe: no one wants to punish you, they only want to see you learn.

How Agreement Works in the Universe. Here is how it unfolds:


Whenever I find myself "going into judgment" about something, I get right out of it by remembering two things. One, that if it is allowed to exist, it exists because God allows it and, if God allows it, it is for some good reason that I am either not capable of knowing or am not privileged to know. Two, that is world is a stage of karma, and that, eventually, "what goes around, comes around".

The beauty of past life work is the constant reaffirmation that it is a just universe. For someone might succeed in delaying the hand of justice, but, given enough time, they never succeed in denying it. So, if there is something in your life that has "happened to you", remember that God has allowed it and that the reason for it will be revealed to you at some point on your journey through the universe.


For universal justice to be perfect and absolute, then everything must happen by prior agreement. Even experiences that are imposed by the Lords of Karma upon any given individual always contain an element of negotiation which implies a measure of consent.

So when we come into the adventure of our lives, we are much like actors who are handed a series of roles. Unlike actors, we are free to change the script within the confines of the role we are assigned to play. For those of us that transcend our parts by playing them to perfection, we move onto better, more challenging roles. And the others we were originally signed to play against are assigned to other actors. So when it comes to organizing and administering all the agreements, it becomes apparent that God really is in the details.


It frequently surprises clients when I tell them that I outrank them on the Sin-o-Meter (as in "I was a way worse sinner that you were in past lives!"). The truth is that not many have had past lives that were and still are labeled as "Anti-Christ" like I have had.

Yet if I could go back in time and undo those "evil" lives, I would not, because I had gained too much from them. My resourcefulness, courage, resilience, toughness, and so on came from my so-called "evil" lifetimes. Now I have certainly paid karmically for all the harm I inflicted during them, and I have no desire to pursue the "dark path" any longer, but I have lost my "moralizing judgment" of it.

Even I accept what is called "the universal viewpoint". That there is no good and no evil, no reward and no punishment, no high and no low. All there is are experiences designed to help you grow as Soul in love, joy, and awareness. You learn as Soul what works and what does not. In the end you find that for any question, love is the answer.


Since we live in the world of duality - day and night, winter and summer, man and woman - we learn to look at the world "from both sides now". We discover that one is not better than another, only different. And so it is with the paths of darkness and light: to understand one path, we must have experienced the other.

And the more we wish to experience one path, the more we must embrace the other. For we can only reach the "heights of light" by experiencing the "depths of darkness". So the "higher" we wish to go into the "light" means the "lower" we must journey in the "darkness". What we come to is a true understanding of the ancient Chinese symbol of "Yin and Yang". For there is not darkness in which there is no light, and no light in which there is not darkness.


Most people are incapable of believing that they are the source of their own problems. It is so much easier to "blame it" on bad luck, misfortune, and random circumstances than to accept total and complete karmic responsibility for their lives.

And yet before we incarnate we agree to take on all our problems for the lessons they bring us. Simply put, our wounds become our gifts, and the greater the wounds, the greater the gifts.

I have yet to meet a great healer that did not go through their own cycle of serious problems before connecting with their gifts. The truth is that you cannot heal someone unless you can first understand their pain. And you cannot understand their pain without having gone through it yourself. For experience is the best and the only teacher.


So "who" was it that agreed to your life contract anyway? The "you" who is down here on Earth is not the one who agreed to it, you are just the one who lives with it (as in example: being a "crack whore").

The "you" who is up there in the inner worlds of God is the one who has agreed to your life contract "on behalf" of the "you" down here. This "you on high", your Higher Self, is the Soul part of you that is behind everything that happens to you and everything you do. So, literally, you only have yourself to blame for "your problems".


Before you start beating yourself up for making your life too hard, keep in mind that the "you on high" is only following the rules that are laid out by "management": God/Goddess/All That Is. There are many rules governing agreements that everyone is expected to follow, most of them boil down to this one simple rule.

That what you have done to others will be done to you in life after life until you learn to value and love all life unconditionally so that you can become an "independent" CoWorker with God… independent in the sense that you can be trusted to lead others wisely. And where you lead them is along their own path to total love, joy, and awareness.


In the between life state, when people choose parents and bodies for their next Earth life, that choice always involves genetics. The genetics driving an individual's birth condition(s) is a choice made consciously by the Soul and/or the Lords of Karma before the Soul reincarnates.

So severe physical birth "defects" - such as Down's Syndrome, improperly functioning/deformed body parts, learning disabilities, etc - ensure that the "life sentence" imposed by these conditions will be carried out. That is how a human body functions like a "prison without walls" - it traps the individual inside a prison of flesh that largely determines what they can and cannot do in any given lifetime.


In the between life state, when people choose parents and bodies for their next life, that choice always involves mental preconditioning. This mental preconditioning consists of embedding "internal triggers" in an individual's consciousness that will be activated when they encounter the "pre-planned" events called for in their life contract.

Dr. Morris Netherton best explained how this process begins: "The unborn child, awaiting their new life, is profoundly affected by prenatal awareness. With no conscious mind to discern or interpret, the unconscious plays back any past life incidents triggered by events in the mother's life. These incidents shape the behavior patterns of the child. At birth, the infant will begin a life of trying to resolve those past life events without ever knowing what they are."

As a person continues through the "minefield" of their life, they continue to stumble across the "unexploded bombs" of these triggers which then continue to compel them to take the action that is necessary to resolve the past life karma.


The word "emotion" means "energy in motion" and is energy that must be resolved as a person's life unfolds. Emotion, when linked to both physical birth conditions and mental preconditioning, is an especially powerful force in the unfoldment of karma.

Take the case of transsexuals. When born, they receive the brain structure of one gender, but have the flesh of the opposite gender, which sets up an extremely compelling karmic conflict. Literally, their biology drives their emotional reality - like it or not - and practically forces them to experience the alternative lifestyle.

In other words, body, mind, and emotions are so tightly aligned that there is no backing out of the alternative lifestyle simply because parents do not approve of it, friends cannot accept it, strangers hate and hurt them, etc. So if you "feel" that you are being driven by your emotions, then very likely you are exactly right!


Despite the mighty forces of body, mind, and spirit arrayed against them, some individuals still manage to "beat the system" by powerfully imposing their will and their manifesting intentions upon the universe. Since we are here to learn to become the creators of our lives, we are expected to manifest our desires and to transcend our circumstances.

If this is inconsistent with our karma and our life path, the universe will step in to "redress the balance". So an "accident" will "happen" to transform either the circumstances the present life or a future one.


Life contracts are not "set in stone". In an ever evolving universe of "infinite possibilities" and under the watchful eye of a compassionate God, those who have earned the right by their actions in this life can change their life contract. Such changes are rare but can be made. Often they are not made because the individual, for most of their lifetimes, is on the path of karma to advance their spiritual growth.

In the last life that the person has physically, they are taken - in the inner worlds - to the Cave of Purification where the karmic residue is burned from their energy field. If this did not happen, people would spin around on the "Wheel of 84" and reincarnate forever.

Credits: adapted from channeled information and inspired by Madeleine.


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