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Rules of the House #34: Hallmarks of the Spiritually Lazy

A wise person once said "the world is actually 80% full of people who are basically decent and honest… otherwise, it could not function properly."

So the challenge of relationships becomes NOT to discern the 20% who are obvious problems (such as robbers, rapists, rip off artists, etc) but TO discern problem behavior patterns among the decent 80%. Most of these patterns stem from the central problem of human existence: spiritual laziness.

What? ME? LAZY? NAH!!!!!!!!!!

Human laziness has both spiritual and biological causes.

The spiritual cause is the distant memory of when we all were one in the blissful, unmanifested mass consciousness of the universe. This was before we all were dumped into the worlds of karma - which forced us to take action - and reincarnation - which forces us to come back until we can act with total responsibility from the place of unconditional love.

The biological cause is the tendency to seize upon opportunities for rest whenever they present themselves. For most of human history, this was absolutely necessary for survival because the universe was a stressful, hostile place.

So What Is In It For ME Anyway?

Now that the universe is a bit friendlier, the line between necessary rest and "unnecessary" laziness has gotten finer. Nevertheless, it is useful to understand how laziness manifests. Here's how it helps:

LAZINESS IN OTHERS: For if you recognize such patterns of spiritual laziness in others, you can save time by speeding up the decision to discontinue relationships that no longer serve you.

LAZINESS IN YOURSELF: And if you recognize such patterns of spiritual laziness in yourself, you can decide to change them and move into much more empowering ways of life.

ULTIMATE LAZINESS: Or if you are bored, stop reading now because your life is what you have made it... and it will not change.

"So What is Spiritual Laziness All About Anyway?"


How a person spends their time always reveals the most about their character. Those who are in lazy mode have infinite time to spend on themselves and none to spend on others. Of course, they will tell you "we'll get together but I don't when but we'll have a good time then…" Just like they will set a time to do something for you and, at the last minute, something always comes up.

Or they will be honest and actually tell you that "something better has come along, it's really important, I just can't pass it up… I will make it up to you" next week, next year, sometime, never. The gift of attention is the most precious gift that anyone can give and that anyone can receive. When someone is not consistently honoring the gift of your attention, it is up to you to decide to stop giving it.


How a person spends their money is closely related to how a person spends their time. Those who are in lazy mode invariably "want something for nothing" and often end up wondering why it is that they have manifested "lack" instead of "abundance" in their life. If I had a dime for every time someone has told me, "well, I would love to get a healing from you but I don't have the money", I would be a rich woman.

Like many other healers, I am willing to work with those who are serious about their healing regardless of their ability to pay. Unlike others, I insist that the person honor the energy I am giving them by giving me something in return. Invariably, this involves the investment of time on their part. The lazy ones - even those who are on disability and have infinite time to surf the Web and write volumes about their problems - are the first who cannot spare a moment to help me by signing my guestbook, providing content for the site, or sharing their feedback. It's their loss.


The simple truth is that money is never a barrier to getting what one wants. Often, the real problem is the willingness of those who are lazy to "put their money where their mouth is". Like those who always complain about their terrible problems.

They say "if only you could tell me in one sentence or less what my problems are and what I need to do". And when I reply, "I will be happy to do so for $5 or $10", the lazy complain it is too much. To those who spend as much on skin care, I say "what is more important: a pretty face or a soul at peace?" It's all a matter of one's priorities. Only they can decide how badly they need the help.


Chief among a person's priorities is how they act about giving and taking. People always know who are the "givers" and who are the "takers". The lazy tend to be in the "taker" category and to go to the most extraordinary lengths to keep from having to give. They are the first to have their hand outstretched when anything is offered and are very energetic about why they should receive it first.

Not that it is bad to take: indeed, the universe is a circle of energy. And one cannot give unless one receives. To receive one must be willing to take. However, when a person is always taking and always promising to return the favor and it rarely if every happens, this is the sign of spiritual laziness.

This is why welfare is so insidious because it promotes and encourages spiritual laziness. For it makes people believe that it is "their right" to take and helps them to forget that it is an honor and a privilege they enjoy as a member of civilized society. For those who are not in true need due to illness or handicaps, there is no reason they should not work… except laziness.


Shakespeare said it best: "the smallest act of kindness is worthy of thanks" (Taming of the Shrew). Not being able to say thank you is the calling card of the spiritually lazy. Similarly, when the words "Thank you" are spoken mechanically with no real sincerity, it is another sign of the laziness at work. It is truly amazing how those two little words open up the doors to the universe. All it costs is a bit of thought… but for the lazy, everything that does not serve their purposes is "too much effort".

So we invite you to take the "Laziness Challenge" right now. If you have read this far, prove to yourself that you are NOT among the legions of the lazy by taking a few moments to sign our guestbook. The rest of the information on spiritual laziness will be waiting for you upon your return.

I think you will agree that not many websites offer the wealth of information that this one does. If it has helped you at all, we would like to know it. Show that you care. Everyone likes to be thanked for their help. And we are no different than anyone else in that respect… so we thank YOU for your courtesy!


Even when the lazy "truly want something", it is often "way too hard" to put serious thought into manifesting their desires. Of course, they have infinite energy to talk in vague terms about "what they could do", "what they should do", and "what they will do someday". Yet they seldom speak of "what they can do today", "what they will do tomorrow" or "how in six months from now their plan of action will pay off".

Everyone who truly listens can discerns the "holes" in this lazy thinking. Of course, the worst thing one can do is to point out the flaws to the lazy. For they will take that as an invitation for you to take the actions you recommend. While the truth that the lazy do not want to hear is "ask not what others can do for you… ask what you can do for yourself". "Wishing and hoping" will only get anyone so far. So manifest your dreams or half bake schemes: it's your choice!


Of course, not all laziness is created equally. There are those among the lazy who put the most deep and careful thought into manifesting their dreams. In fact, their thought is so deep and so careful that it just goes on forever and never ends.

Although nothing can happen without thought, in the physical world, nothing can manifest into reality without action. Often those who do the best are those who just jump into the deep end of the ocean of action and either sink or swim. Many times these people are just running with the carefully laid plans conceived by the lazy.

I cannot count the number of times I have heard: "Well, I had that idea X years ago. I knew it would work. If only person Y had not screwed me out it… I was really ripped off… I should sue those no good !@#$" While the simple truth is the lazy have no one but themselves to blame. The universe waits for no one and will always find others not lazy who will do it's work. So if you are not willing to do the work, then stop "ragging on" those who do and, above all, get out of their way!


Common wisdom says the "road to hell is paved with good intentions" and it's true. Promises made but never kept are the bricks of good intentions that pave the road. It is a principle of energy that every word you speak is a command to the universe. Those who have difficulty in manifesting their desires are those who routinely send the energy of empty promises out into the universe.

In other words, those who are unable to keep the sacred promises they make to others drain the power of the universe to help them. This is because lazy promisers fill the space around them with the "negative energy" of karmic reactions instead of with the "positive energy" of manifestation and creation. The lazy must learn to honor the sacredness of their word from which all good things must flow.


The Latin word "excuse" when translated means "I am not at cause". Well if the lazy in fact have had a plan and have failed to take action on it, who is at cause but themselves? It never fails to amaze me that how much energy the lazy will invest into making excuses for themselves. It is either "this person screwed me" or "if only that person kept their promise" and so on.

If only the lazy put their creative genius in manifesting their desires than in excusing the failure to do so, they might get what it is that they want from life. Again, excuses, like empty promises fill the space around the lazy with the energy of karmic reactions instead of with the energy of manifestation and creation.


The lazy survive through their ability to push everyone else around them to the limit. For what others are willing to do for the lazy becomes what the lazy no longer have to do for themselves. Notice the lazy almost never push those around them too far because that would be jeopardizing those who are essential in supporting them in their lifestyle of laziness. So the lazy push others to their limit but never beyond it.

And this then becomes the means of turning the tide back against the lazy. Do less and that will force the lazy either to do more or to suffer the consequences of being lazy. If you resent the lazy "for making you do… whatever", the person you should resent is really yourself. For no one makes you do anything: take responsibility for whatever you do or do not do. Let the lazy take care of themselves for a change.


If you hate your name, change it to something you can love and feel proud of. If you do not like the identity you have established in the world, then throw it out and start over. If you like who you were in past lives better than you like yourself now, strive to reconnect with your own earlier wisdom.

For these are all traps that the spiritually lazy fall into. For the lazy like "to go by" a "grand name" that conveys their wisdom without their having to put forth the effort necessary to acquire any. For the lazy love "to beat themselves up" (as in "look at me, I'm so poor, I'm so wounded, I'm so… fill in the blank) because it keeps them firmly attached to the problems that justify their laziness. And the lazy love to tell you "who they were" so you do not have to be impressed with "who they are now".


"Living the double standard" is the true litmus test of the lazy (if you do not know what this means, prove to yourself you are not lazy by looking it up). If even you suspect that someone else is lazy, ask yourself these questions.

"Would they be willing to do (fill in the blank) for me especially if I have already done the same for them?" "If they expect me to do (fill in the blank) for them, would they do (fill in the blank) for me if positions were reversed?"

If the answers to both questions are "No", then you have correctly identified the lazy. For the lazy are never willing to "do unto others" the same things that they demand that others "do for them". Once you have identified the symptoms of laziness in yourself and/or others, it becomes your choice to put up with it or change it… for good. Unless, of course, you are too lazy!

Credits: adapted from channeled information.


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