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Rules #26b: "You'll Be Back": How Reincarnation Works

Reincarnation is Making a Comeback

While on Earth, you are living in the worlds of karma and reincarnation. Believe it or not, both karma and reincarnation begin and end with love.

"The World Goes 'Round in Circles": As Soul, you experience a constant cycle of births and deaths into a series of bodies (better known as reincarnation) until you have learned all the spiritual lessons that the totality of all experiences have to teach you. Until you have learned all that you need to know, you will find "the wheels of reincarnation" will continue to spin around you.

The Rules of How Reincarnation Works

Busting the Myths: How Reincarnation Does NOT Work


There is a popular misconception that the resolution of past life karma works on a "last in, first out" basis. In other words, that in each life the individual always works on the previous one. Sometimes that is true but more often than not, people choose to work on other past lives BEFORE their last previous life. Often the "wounds" of the last life are too fresh to be faced... and so they wait until future lives to be healed (which does not stop these "wounds" from appearing as birth-marks).


Another popular misconception is that an individual only works on one past life at time. Except in very primitive societies, this is almost never true. Most individuals are deeply effected by three significant past lives. When an individual has worked through enough karma on their primary three past lives, other lives will emerge to be healed. Very few individuals chose to reincarnate with a plan to work on ten or more past lives at once because of the huge difficulty involved.


The most untrue popular misconception is that "reincarnation just happens" in a random and haphazard way. Nothing could be further from the truth. Karma is very precise: it draws individuals together perfectly through what seems like chaos. For example, those on a battle-field rushing headlong at what appears to be strangers are actually finding karmic partners with the precision of guided missiles.


The most unfair popular misconception is that reincarnation is quite "unscientific" (in other words, not acceptable to scientists who are atheists or whose religion is anti-reincarnation). Yet reincarnation operates with "beyond" scientific exactness. For example, all families and most friends are deep karmic partners who are attracted to one another in complex webs of social networks... all of which are formed by past life karma... everywhere at all times all around the world.


The biggest lie is that there is no real evidence of reincarnation. Yet, reincarnation studies use the same standards of investigation and uncover the same kinds of evidence that would hold up in a court of law. These include "independent eyewitness testimony", "physical documents", and "physical artifacts" verifying unpublished details of past life regressions. There is literally a "mountain of evidence" that science chooses to ignore because of reincarnation skepticism.


The most false statement is there is no such thing as an individual Soul. How karma works is that what "ONE sows, ONE reaps". Most people see how "what goes around, comes around" and believe in this cycle of personal sowing and reaping in daily life. The legal system operates on the principle that choices made by an individual have consequences for their life and freedom. Karma is the great law and the immoveable judge while reincarnation is its irresistible enforcer.

Spreading the Truth: How Reincarnation Does Work


The driving force behind reincarnation is karma. Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. When individuals are born into the universe, they must take action to sustain their life. Each action is a choice which is a cause which creates an effect. What you have done to others (cause) then determines what will be done to you (effect). When the effects of one lifetime cannot be settled during its span, this causes future live(s).


A matrix is a group of souls formed by shared past life karma.
The first matrix for each individual is the birth family where parents, children, and the extended family are drawn together by deep, unresolved karma from a series of shared/interconnected past lives.
The second matrix for most individuals is their marital family where a different arrangement of individuals are drawn together by karma.
The third matrix for each individual is past lives impacting their health and wealth which often represents the most intense karma.


The same individual souls are attracted to the same set of karmic matrices over time where they are constantly swapping roles.
In the first matrix (birth family), parents from one life become children in a future one, just as brothers become sisters and vice versa and uncles and aunts can step out and become friends of the family.
In the second matrix (marital family), husbands become wives and vice versa, just as lovers become marital partners and vice versa.
In the third matrix (individual), individuals are richer or poorer, experience sickness and health, and have a wide variety of lifestyles.


The formation of Karmic Matrices work like much like a court docket. The specific matrix of past life karma to be resolved are scheduled well in advance. As the time for manifesting the inner karma into outer bodies draws near, there are extensive negotiations between the Higher Selves of the individuals involved as to how best to create the Karmic Matrix for the resolution of past life karma. These are "finalized" by the creation of Life Contracts which "formalize" the agreements between all the parties involved.


The gathering of souls to form the Karmic Matrix is a complicated scheduling process. Many times a Karmic Matrix is long delayed until all of the individuals required for its formation are available. Once they are all present, then families are formed, whether through biology or adoption, to set the stage for the resolution of karma. Arrangements are made to ensure significant meetings happen. Situations arise where there are many paths open to each individual to exercise their free will by making choices. These choices either resolve karma or add to it.


The purpose of the Karmic Matrix is to bring more love into the situation. Sometimes this is only "mathematically possible" (in other words, the individuals could choose love but, based on their past life track record, it is extremely unlikely). Often it is very realistic because you and your significant others are only given what you all can handle and what is best for you all to help you move forward in love, joy, and awareness. Remember karma is about teaching not punishing.

Credits: from channeled information