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You have seen the advice on romance and lovemaking out there... so many techniques to “attract love” which are actually based on fear, control, and manipulation. These work for some people and then only for some of the time.

Far too often, you end up attracting the same old bums and bad karmic partners. Sadly, you may end up just settling for Mr/Ms Right Now instead of attracting Mr/Ms Right... because you are simply tired of losing at loving.

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You are about to discover the "Secrets of Soulmate Love" that have worked for the 6,000 years of recorded history to make love passionate & exciting.

This ancient wisdom about love and lovemaking helped me to attract my beloved Soulmate time and again in past lives AND to KEEP our love going and growing ever more blissful, kind, trusting, and joyous.

This ancient wisdom - which is boiled down into proven processes based on relationship counseling (since 1996) - has HELPED many clients to either ATTRACT a new love or to IMPROVE an existing relationship.

These "Secrets of Soulmate Love" can be yours - if you really want to get the love you deserve. And I am so sure of this that I guarantee your satisfaction.

Why "Secrets of Soulmate Love" Works!

What is so powerful about these "Secrets of Soulmate Love" is that they combine the best of ancient and modern technology - in an easy to use system - to attract and keep your perfect Soulmate love.

They use modern technology to erase the deeply rooted negative mental and emotional patterns that effectively keep you from getting the love you deserve.

They use ancient technology to replace these patterns with “programming” that powerfully attracts your perfect Soulmate into your reality.

If you have always believed - deep in your heart - that the love of your life is out there -OR- that your current relationship can become even more loving... then what you will discover is the most useful knowledge you could ever get.

You will discover the best of ancient and modern wisdom that have kept Soulmates in love successfully for 6,000 years. AND it can work for you too... right now... today... if you will only try these time tested secrets!

Revealing the "Secrets of Soulmate Love"...

Here are some of what you will discover... packaged in easy-to-read eBooks... Some are from lost parts of the "Kama Sutra" that is until now!).

Soul Book #1: How to Create
Blissful Relationships!

If you are looking for the love of your life...

* Discover the Easy 7 Step "Soulmate Attraction Process" to speed up manifesting your Soulmate... especially when you have failed in the past at romantic relationships. (pages 22-28)

* 7 Ways to Stop being a "Bum Magnet" by knowing how to avoid bad karmic relationship patterns before they can start. (page 11)

* Bring "Sexual Joy" into everyday life through "programming" for pleasure! The more joyful you can become, the quicker and easier you will attract your ideal Soulmate from your dreams into your reality! (page 103)

If you already have a loving partner...

* Take 5 Simple Steps to Unleash "Hidden" Sexual Turn-Ons from past lives to make present day romance and lovemaking even more passionate. (page 68)

* Uncover the 5 "Forgotten Erogenous (Turn-On) Zones which will kick your love life into ecstasy with no drugs or health risks. (page 69)

* Master "Amazing Male & Female Erotic Massages" to create explosive orgasms for each mate each and everytime. (pages 80-81)

Soul Book #2: How to Create
Lasting Relationships!

Create a relationship last a lifetime...

* Can Your Relationship Last? Pinpoint exactly where your relationship will have problems in the long run by answering some simple questions. (pages 6-9)

* Make your Soulmate your "Love Slave" with ancient love technologies like "Body Mapping", "Reflexology", and more. (pages 69-71)

* Find the Lost Parts of the Kama Sutra with all the tantric sex tricks that are guaranteed to turn you both on from head to toe. (pages 72-74)

Make your relationship work in real life...

* Start "Living Happily Ever After" by learning how to improve your communication to prevent arguments and to "fight fair" to resolve the real issues between you in a way that strengthens your relationship. (pages 14-27)

* Side Step 5 "Relationship Landmines" by learning how to resolve differing views on cleanliness, money, work, education, and religion. (pages 44-48)

* Know When It is Time for a Change by recognizing the 5 warning signs that your relationship is in serious trouble, and what to do to rescue it! (page 64)

Soul Book #3: How to Create
Kind Relationships!

Kindness between partners outside the bedroom...

* Sure Fire "Loving Kindness" technique to bring more love energy into ANY relationship... making what is bad good, what is good great, and what is great the best it can possibly be! (page 92)

* De-stress Your Mate Instantly and Ready them for Love with specific techniques for nurturing both male and female energy! (pages 14-15)

* 3 Easy Ways to Keep the Honeymoon Alive feel like newlyweds... even years after being in a relationship! Love can get more passionate! (page 17)

...Results in more passion inside the bedroom!

* Use Breathing to Ramp up Sexual Energy with breath patterns to a) build and sustain sexual arousal, b) prolong and control climax, and c) extend after-glow! These are totally natural techniques... that have worked for 1000s of years without drugs! (pages 68, 75, 82)

* Get in the mood for love with food... discover what foods, drinks, herbs, and aromas (scents) naturally, safely, and inexpensively do (and do not) enhance sexual desire & energy! (pages 72-73)

* 8 Essential Secrets of Great Lovemaking that have kept lovers enthralled and passion at its peak for 1,000s of years! If you both obey these 8 simple rules... you both will feel more adored, cherished, and excited! (page 76)

Soul Book #4: How to Create
Trusting Relationships!

Trust created between partners is what makes the Soulmate relationship last...

* Discover the 6 Part "Trust Creation Process" which is bound to help you build unbreakable bonds of trust and love between partners. (pages 13-18)

* The "110 Things You Need to Know About Your Mate" which will help you both know one another better... which can only bring you closer. (pages 92-94)

* The "3 Most Effective Trust Building Exercises" proven to create trust between any two partners who agree to experience them... together. (pages 95)

Build, grow, and deepen trust...

Deepen the Trust between You with love technologies like the "Telltale Heart", "Blind Man's Touch", "Kundalini Circles", and more. (pages 52-54)

* Use "Words of Love" to Build and Grow Trust between you and your mate: as in what it really means to keep a secret, how to really listen to your mate, the best way to give feedback, using "dumb" questions to surface relationship problems, and more. (pages 25-30)

* Learn the 4 Ways to Rebuild "Shattered Trust" between you when there has been infidelity (affairs) and betrayal in the past. (pages 65-68)

Soul Book #5: How to Create
Harmonius Relationships!

Harmony and Joy are really what you desire in a Soulmate relationship...

* Discover the 6 Part "Eliminating Disharmony Process" which can finally free you from fears about romantic partners and relationships. (pages 13-29)

* Discover the 6 Part "Creating Harmony Process" which can help you get the loving relationship that you have always wanted. (pages 30-46)

* Climb the "12 Steps to Nirvana" to attract a new love or to remember all over again why you fell in love with your partner... use it to deepen the harmony and increase the joy between you. (pages 47-73)

Experience even more bliss in the bedroom with a harmonious relationship...

* Create "Sexual Harmony" by transforming your bedroom into a Lover's Paradise... that creates a tantric trance each time you enter it. (pages 105-111)

* Enhance the Harmony between You with ancient love technologies like the "Palmer's Radiant Touch", the "Triple Crown of Sensual Delight", the "Orgasmic Tongue", and more. (pages 102-103, 113)

* Break-through "Sexual Barriers" by the use of hypnosis to dissolve deep seated inhibitions and become wide open to sexual enjoyment. (page 119)

Why "Secrets of Soulmate Love" are for YOU!

For less than the cost of movie tickets and a dinner out, you can learn how to make the love you share with a Soulmate even more joyous and passionate!

Ask yourself... Where else can you find techniques that worked for 6,000 years to create blissful, lasting, kind, trusting, and harmonious relationships?

Ask yourself... How much would simple, practical, easy to use processes (that anyone can follow) to keep priceless Soulmate love be worth to you?

Ask yourself... How much would you pay for just one single, powerful idea that could dramatically improve your relationship or spice up your sex life?

Ask yourself... How can you pass up the same information sold in other self help programs costing $1,000s for $27 (plus $270 of bonuses)?

FREE BONUSES: Yours to keep for trying this "Secrets of Soulmate Love" Series!

So what are these eBooks worth to you?

"Secrets of Soulmate Love" are 5 eBooks (electronic books - PDFs):

"Soul #1: Blissful Soulmate Relationships" (110 pgs)
"Soul #2: Lasting Soulmate Relationships" (100 pgs)
"Soul #3: Bring Kindness to Relationships" (100 pgs)
"Soul #4: Create Trust in Relationships" (100 pgs)
"Soul #5: Feel Harmony in Relationships" (140 pgs)

Before you decide, consider that you will receive these very valuable FREE bonuses... which are yours to keep.

Bonus #1: THE Soulmate Course
Bonus #2: The Principles of Enlightened Partnership
Bonus #3: Tantric Sex Simplified
Bonus #4: Most Romantic Love Letters
Bonus #5: Most Romantic Love Poems
Bonus #6: Most Romantic Love Quotes
Bonus #7: 120 Romantic Ideas
Bonus #8: Polite Sex Vocabulary
Bonus #9: Better Natural Lovemaking
Bonus #10: Heart Centered Love Coupons
Bonus #11: "Rules of the House"
Bonus #12: "Clear Your Karma"

All include "real life" stories about "real life" Soulmates... and what WORKS in "real life". These books are easy and quick to read, but they are action packed.

These eBooks have everything you need to find your Soulmate now. Everything you need to keep on growing into an ever more joyous relationship. Everything you need to attract, nurture, and pleasure your Soulmate.

"NO RISK OFFER" for "Soulmate Love"

Download the "Secrets of Soulmate Love" eBooks. Read them. Try the step-by-step processes to attract and keep your Soulmate. Start making positive changes in your love life. Use the techniques to become happier.

Test everything: do not just take my word that these techniques work powerfully in enhancing Soulmate love. Take time to make them work for you. It is never too late for true love: many have found their soulmate through dating sites: the best one is dating at eHarmony (because of their compatibility analysis).

I will give you two full months, 60 days, to try all this. Then decide. If you like what this time-proven knowledge has done for you, keep the eBooks.

If you decide that you do not like the eBooks for any reason at all, Email me and ask for a refund. You will receive your money back promptly.

Download these eBooks and...
start getting happy now!

You get ALL 5 eBooks in the "Secrets of Soulmate Love" series plus bonuses for just $27 (Remember: ALL the FREE bonuses are yours to keep).

Wishing you all the best, believing you can create all the happiness you so richly deserve, and knowing that life can bring you the Soulmate you desire,

My real address and phone number are at the bottom of this page!

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