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Short Description: Energy Breathwork to Heal and Rebuild Your Body-Mind

Case Summary: Metamorphic Breath Work (TM) is a powerful modality which goes beyond the normal breathing out of unwanted traumas and beliefs. It assists you with breathing in the joy, the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that you want. When we assist you with this, it will rapidly accelerate your spiritual development so it requires the "special permission of management" (God/Goddess/AllThatIs).

Background: Breath is our connection to life. Air contains life force that always nourishes us. Three minutes without air and we die. Compare this to death without water being measured in days and death without food being measured in weeks or months. Since air is so necessary to our survival, immediate problems are created in any lifetime once we have fallen out of a "right relationship" to it.

Breath problems are often inherited from past lives. They can be as minor as shallow breathing, constant colds, or chronic congestion or as major as asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis or pneumonia. Breath problems have a way of "crying out" to be healed in ways that are difficult, if not impossible, to ignore.

Present Life Issue: When you cannot drink in air properly, you cannot drink in life properly. As you restrict your breath, so do you restrict your life. Since this Metamorphic Breath Work (TM) falls into the category of a sacred healing, I cannot present details of a typical case. There are just some things that are meant to be "secret" and imparted only to those called to this healing.

Yet, it helps in the understanding of Metamorphic Breath Work (TM) to know how one comes to the place where it is appropriate to have it performed.

Case Findings: When one steps of the path of pursuing "meta-physical" solutions to "medical" problems, it can save much pain and aggravation if one goes about it in the proper sequence. Here is a sequence that is "tried and true":

1> Past Life Healing - is almost always the first step. Most people are Earth are neither clear or complete with their past lives. In fact, most are running right along on the "train tracks" of karma and are usually not enjoying the ride. It is this pain that often propels them on a personal voyage of discovery. A critical mass of this pain must be healed and integrated before it is advisable to proceed further.

2> Geometric Repatterning - is normally the next logical step in the healing process. There are usually a few, significant and troublesome blocks in the way that are best dealt with individually before moving on.

3> Remote Releasement - usually follows a few Repatternings which have laid the ground work for the Releasement to be performed. The Releasement is a full inner body cleansing which opens the individual to make rapid and substantial changes in their life that they were previously "blocked" from making.

4> ReBirthing Breath Work - usually blows out whatever minor "residue" is left over from the Releasement. Although some prefer to get multiple ReBirthing Breaths done in place of a Releasement because it is a much longer process and allows their body to heal and integrate changes at a slower pace.

5> Higher Self Channeling - most likely has been going on throughout all these processes. As one seeks to unfold spiritually, their Higher Self is usually ready, willing, and able to assist the process.

6> Reiki and Vibrational Healing - most likely have been going on throughout all these processes. They are excellent supplementary treatments to assist whatever other healing process is being used.

Case Learnings: So once an individual is "clean" energetically speaking, it becomes appropriate to pursue Metamorphic Breath Work (TM). Healing is very much a journey that never really ends. For one travels from "pain" to "not feeling bad" to "feeling OK" to "feeling good" to "feeling great". Beyond "feeling great" is the stage of enhancement that Metamorphic Breath Work is designed to facilitate.

Enhancement means taking your life "always one more step beyond where it is now". Enhancement is as varied as the people seeking it. For example, the enhancement I am always seeking through my healing is to become a better healer than I already am: to explore new healing modalities, to seek out new ways to hone and refine my skills... to boldly go where few healers have gone before.

The question for Metamorphic Breath Work (TM) then becomes: "where do you want to go today?" (and I do not mean MicroSoft!).


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