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Short Description: Full Inner Body Cleansing, Healing, and Balancing

Type: Alternative Healing Modality (similar to Shamanic Soul Extraction)

Performed: Remotely

Background: For long standing, difficult complexes of disempowering physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual problems, Remote Releasement is the best modality. Releasements help to dissolve the after-effects of past lives stored in your cellular memory. Remote Releasement is a powerful process that helps you to clear karma by releasing the internal blocks from past lives or present traumas that are keeping you from being as healthy, wealthy, or happy as you would like to be today.

This is especially helpful for "old" souls who have a large accumulation of negative baggage that they need to unload. This process removes serious and intractable energy blockages and is major surgery for your inner bodies.

Like major surgery on your outer, physical body, the Remote Releasement will involve stress on your system and will require time for recovery and for the changes to flow from your inner bodies to your outer body. You might want to get some minor surgery first and have some Geometric Repatterning done.

BEFORE a Releasement can be performed, you will need to get a Channeling Session first. There are two (2) reasons for why a session is required first:

1> If the problem can be handled in a regular session, this will be much quicker and less expensive for you than a Releasement.
2> To gain clarity from your guides about their assessment of your problem and to gain your agreement on if-how best to proceed.

Helpful Information: Remote Releasement requires TWO HOURS to complete: the 2 hour session is divided into two parts: 60 minutes of Releasement and 60 minutes of Rebalancing.

1> Pre-Work: It works the best when you have an intention for the Releasement session before it begins. Intentions can include things like: getting relief from health problems, removing blocks to financial abundance, clearing obstacles in the way of you walking your life path, removing energy draining cords to negative people all around you, clearing harmful effects of past lives, etc.

If you have a long list of intentions, list them in priority order (with what is most critical first down to what is the least critical). I will work on your list starting with the first item getting in as many as possible during the Releasement portion of this session.

2> Releasement: For the first session, we agree on the time it will be performed (usually late at night for your time zone). It is best if you can sleep through it. At the very least, you need to be in bed, resting, while I work on you remotely. You may or may not feel me working on your inner bodies during the session (however, it is very unlikely that you will feel me working on you unless you are energy sensitive).

The Releasement itself will take exactly 60 minutes from the start and it will involve the co-creative efforts of the inner worlds (your Higher Self, angels, guides, heavenly hosts, etc).

3> Rebalancing: Immediately after the Remote Releasement is completed, a Rebalancing will be performed so that your inner bodies can integrate the changes flowing from the Releasement. This helps your body to more harmoniously adjust to the long term changes this process unleashes.

Remember that your body was used to living with severe internal blockages and now it has to become used to living without them. It is best to have this process done when you can sleep the next day... so a Friday or Saturday night is probably best to have this work done.

AFTER a Releasement is performed, you will need to rest for awhile the next day. There are two (2) reasons for why rest the next day is so essential:

1> The Remote Releasement is a powerful energetic process and the more you can rest immediately afterwards, the sooner and the more harmoniously your body can integrate the changes.
2> The Remote Releasement is a strain on your entire system and immediate/prolonged rest afterwards lessens that strain. You should NOT work the day after the Releasement is performed.

4> Post-Work: This service includes a recording of what went on during the Releasement and the Rebalancing process. If you get a Releasement, you must also get a Rebalancing. Sometimes - not always - spirit will recommend follow up work to help the Releasement be processed more harmoniously. This follow up work is customized to you and will be included -in detail - on the recording.

Side Effects: For those that are severely blocked, it could (possibly) be painful during the session (depending on how much and how heavy the baggage you are carrying is). In rare cases, it could even take a few weeks (always less than a month) to recover from. The only negative side effect of the Releasement is that you will be tired afterwards. The main positive side effect from the Releasement is that you will able to be and do what you could not be and do ever before!

Tips & Cautions: Remote Releasement is not a process to be taken lightly. It acts on you as if you were an old oven that was never cleaned (for centuries!). The first time you are cleaned it will be very intense. Yet, like that oven, your inner bodies will be sparkling clean at the end. Your bodies will feel and function better than they ever have before. This is truly a case of "minor, temporary inconvenience to get major, permanent gain" - and is a great investment in yourself.



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