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How History is Repeating Itself: From J. M. Pebbles

These comments below come from Pebbles' book "Vaccination a curse and a menace to personal liberty". They are as relevant now as they were a century ago (1900-1913). Check them out for yourself:

About Putting Profits Over People

"The rich harvest of money accruing from the practice [vaccination]... became a powerful motive in the defence and perpetuation of the system, precisely as vaccination today, enforced by legislators and boards of health, gives lucrative employment to a class whose self interest prompts them to every specie [type] of subterfuge and special pleading to perpetuate the compulsory clause in vaccination legislation." (p. 16)

About State Mandated Vaccination

"...the fee-hunting doctors are incessantly hounding the legislatures for more stringent compulsory enactments, by which they will be enabled to inflict and repeat this degrading rite [vaccination] upon the defenceless natives for the enhancement of their revenues." (p. 6) "...the state stands behind the commercialized, fee-hunting doctor, to enforce his vaccination fraud against the lives and health of millions." (p. 9)

About the Loss of Medical Choice

"The vaccination practice, pushed to the front on all occasions by the medical profession, and through political connivance made compulsory by the state, has not only become the chief menace and gravest danger to the health of the rising generation, but likewise the crowning outrage upon the personal liberty of the American citizen." (p. 5)

About the Dogma of Science

"Once committed to an error, it is amazing with what conservative persistence public bodies will continue to defend it. To repeal a measure once adopted would seem to be a tacit confession of fallibility, and fallibility is a human defect which legislative bodies [and medical doctors] are slow to admit." (p. 13)

About the Dogma of Vaccination

"...vaccination came so near being converted into a religious rite, that christening and vaccination of children were performed on the same day." (p. 25) [Christening normally happened when the newborn child was six months old.]

About the Targeting of Children

We should " longer submit the bodies of our defenceless children to the assaults of salaried, place-hunting doctors, nor longer tolerate the flagrant usurpations of... legislatures over our personal liberties and the sacredness of the family circle." (p. 24)

About Vaccination or Denial of Education

"...when the "Health Board" closes the door of the schoolroom you are taxed to support, requiring your children to present a certificate of vaccination; requiring that their bodies be submitted to the dangers and degradation of vaccine corruption! May your souls rise up in indignant protest against the sacrilegious invasion of the home which the American constitution has sanctified to liberty." (p. 23)

About Sanitation Over Vaccination

"[Vaccination] aggravates the disease as there are two poisons now in the system instead of one for nature to contend against. It is sanitation, diet, pure air, calmness of mind, confidence, and cleanliness that modify the small-pox; all of which modifiers are infinitely cheaper, safer, and in every way preferable to cow-pox poison, which, if it does not kill, often marks, maims, and sows the seeds of future eczema, tumors, ulcers, carbuncles, cancers, and leprosy." (p. 8)

About Vaccines Spreading Other Diseases

"A large percentage of vaccination practice [of the cowpox vaccine to "protect against" small-pox] has inoculated whole communities with the thrice accursed syphilitic taint, according to the brand or stock of vaccine used; for be it known, that vaccine corruption has now become an ordinary article of commerce." [Yes, this means vaccines spread other diseases: Syphilis in the past and Shingles from Chicken Pox vaccines today.] (p. 24)

About Vaccine Ineffectiveness

"We have at our command testimonies — scores of testimonies — proving beyond any possible doubt that men unvaccinated have nursed small-pox patients in hospitals at different times, for years, and never took the disease, while on the other hand we have, with the dates and figures, the most positive proof that those who had been vaccinated — vaccinated two and three times — took the disease when exposed, and died therefrom. These facts are undeniable." (p. 8)

About Temporary Immunity

"Dr. Jenner's experiments with the cow-pox [and] his idea of the origin of the virus appears to be quite indemonstrable [not proved by clinical evidence based trials], and the facts which I have collected [show] that the cow-pox does not give complete immunity from the natural infection of small-pox. Moreover, the cow-pox matter produces foul ulcers, and in that respect is a worse disease than the mildly inoculated small-pox." [Yes, this means that vaccinations were temporary at best.] (p. 26)

About the True Origins of Vaccines

"...inoculation was derived, not from scientific experimentation, but from a superstition practiced by the common people in India since the sixth century. The fad having once become the fashion, the doctors adopted and bowed to it as a fetish which must not be questioned; and after the people had thoroughly learned by sad experience that it was a public curse and not a blessing, rose in revolt against it, still the doctors—who were now reaping a fat revenue from the practice— continued in the vigorous defence of the superstition, and in the persecution and misrepresentation of the reformers who had arisen to overthrow it." (p. 14)

"He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past." (George Orwell, 1984)

Credits: "Vaccination a curse and a menace to personal liberty: with statistics showing its dangers and criminality" by James Martin Peebles (1822-1922).



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