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The Truth About Vaccines: From Historical Sources

History Uncovers the Truth About Sanitation Creating Better Health

Vaccine History - Causes: History shows that deadly diseases from the past (like measles, mumps, polio, etc) were reduced and prevented by improved living through cleaner water, cleaner air, sanitation of waste, and hygenic practices. These had reduced death rate by 90% before mass vaccination.
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Vaccine History - Studies: Historians from Harvard, Columbia, Syracuse, and Iowa State Universities as well as from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Journal of the American Medical Association, and Journal of Nutrition agree that improved living through sanitation measures has created better health... vaccination is not noted as a cause in any of these studies.
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History Uncovers the Truth About Origins + Theory of Vaccines

Vaccine History - Origins: The Father of Vaccination, Edward Jenner, was not a medical doctor. He likely damaged his eldest son by vaccination. He paid off his first patient to be an example of successful vaccination. He and his work was not very well regarded by many of his contemporaries.
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Vaccine Theory: The "anti-body" theory of vaccines has fundamental flaws which raise questions about both their safety and effectiveness, especially when it comes to the need for adjuvants and preservatives.
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History Proves the Lack of Vaccine Safety + Effectiveness

Vaccine Safety - General: Vaccines kill and injure people which means that vaccines are not 100% safe as popular opinion claims. Vaccines create conditions that are "unavoidably unsafe." You need to be aware of general vaccine safety concerns as well as how you can and should protect yourself.
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Vaccine Safety - Specific: Different vaccines are have different risks and effects. Here - on a vaccine by vaccine basis - are news stories about actual adverse effects of vaccines so that you can understand the associated risks.
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Vaccine Effectiveness: Vaccines have failed to prevent what are known as "vaccine-preventable diseases" since these diseases have continued to happen in highly vaccinated populations ever since the introduction of vaccines.
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History of Harmful Vaccine Ingredients and Side Effects

Vaccine Ingredients: Vaccine ingredients sound like science fiction (aborted human fetal tissue, African Green Monkey, mercury, aluminum, etc) but they are science fact. Know what is inside a vaccine before you vaccinate.
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Vaccine Side Effects: The "package inserts" for each vaccine warn of "potential adverse side effects" which range from as little as a rash to as much as death. The side effects of the most popular vaccines are listed here.
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History Tested Techniques of Propaganda Used by the Vaccine Industry

Vaccine Propaganda: See how history was twisted and abused by the vaccine industry to get that needle into the arms of anybody and everybody. Why must vaccines be mandated for those who do not want them if they actually protect those who receive them? Is forced vaccination un-American?
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How Vaccine History is Repeating Itself: See how this almost forgotten masterpiece from 1913 about the American experience with vaccination is as relevant today as it was in the last century. You will discover how history is repeating itself in a terrifying manner as in "no school if no vaccination".
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Vaccines + Nuremberg Codes: How the codes developed to defend the world against Nazi medical experiments can help you to assert your rights to informed consent and to opt-out of the vaccination medical experiment.
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The information contained on these pages are for educational and informational purposes only. These pages are NOT to be construed as medical advice. These pages contain links to online sources as well as my opinions and are not endorsed by any government or medical organization.

My motive in creating these pages on vaccines was to pass on my experience of and my insights about vaccines before I am killed by a forced vaccination. All three of the vaccines I was given (small-pox, measles, and flu) almost killed me each time. At my age, I cannot survive another bout with vaccines... it is just that simple. Hopefully these pages can save my life as well as the lives of others. Let us stop the history of vaccination from repeating itself.

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