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[nnnn] This number represents the release sequence of the ezine.
    100 is the first 100 days of "Karmic Insights" released
    while the current release is the last 1700 day segment.

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[*600] 100%-Mind: Past lives inside the "unused" part of your brain/DNA.
[1200] 2012-End-o'Days: Truth about the "end of the world" as we know it.
[*900] ABCs-o'Karma: Alphabetical summary of the philosophy of karma.
[*600] Abandonment: Karmic causes and lessons from abandonment.
[*800] Abortion-Karma: Karmic teaching about the ethics of abortion.
[*700] Absolute-Worst: What it means to be the absolute worst in past lives.
[*200] Abundance-Killers: If you are poor, what you are doing/not doing.

[*400] Abuse-Recovery: How to help a loved one recover from abuse.
[*900] Abusive-People: Dealing with others who hurt or neglect you.
[*500] Accelerated-Release: Forcibly surfacing past life talents.
[1100] Accepting-Help: Knowing when it is (is not) best to accept help.
[1200] Accident-Karma: No accidents: only working off past life karma.
[1600] Accidental-Occidental: Bad patterns of personal communication.
[1600] Accidental-Oriental: Bad patterns of personal communication.
[*600] Achieving-Enlightenment: Qualities of the enlightened person.
[1600] Actions-Over-Words: Why you should value actions over words.
[*100] Active-Listening: Showing others you have heard/understood them.
[*400] ADD-Hyperactivity: Cause of inattention, distractibility, impulsivity.

[*100] Addiction: Signs you are addicted to "something" controlling you.
[*700] Addictive-Personality: All about the "Addictive Personality" type.
[*800] AD1: Alcohol-Addiction: Understand/break the grip of alcoholism.
[*400] AD2: Drug-Addiction: Understand why drug addiction worsens.
[*800] AD3: Gambling-Addiction: Understand/break gambling issues.
[*800] AD4: Pornography-Addiction: Understand/break porno issues.
[*800] AD5: Sex-Addiction: Understand/break sexual addictions.
[*800] AD6: Shopping-Addiction: Understand/break shop-aholism.
[*800] AD7: Smoking-Addiction: Understand/break the smoking habit.
[*800] AD8: Sports-Addiction: Understand/break sports-aholism.

[*200] Adoption-Karma: Karma around natural & adoptive children.
[1100] Adrianople-Effect: When a single moment changes everything.
[1100] Adversarial-Karma: Cease to cherish opinions and prejudices.
[*800] Affair-o'Heart: Non-sexual "emotional infidelity" outside a marriage.
[*200] Affirmations-Guidelines: How to create life changing affirmations.
[*600] Affluenza: Children with everything who appreciate nothing.
[*500] After-Life: Endless life on the inner after reincarnation cycles.

[1100] Agape: Highest, purest, non-sexual form of love/caring for another.
[*100] Agreement: You have agreed to all that has, is, and will happen.
[*600] AIDS: Karmic cause/advice to heal this disease of lack of self love.
[*700] Akashic-Records: Publicly accessible records of past life events.
[1400] Akashic-Records-Abuse: Causes for record access being restricted.
[1400] Akashic-Records-Access: Methods for accessing these records.
[1400] Akashic-Records-Details: Definition/background on these records.
[1400] Akashic-Records-Relevance: Proper and valid uses for these records.

[*700] Allergies: Karmic cause/advice for the relief of common allergies.
[1500] Allergies-Food: Why some foods are really personal past life poison.
[*300] Alone-Lonely: Why loneliness is not a function of being alone.
[*600] Always-Late: Real reasons why some people can never be on time.
[*800] Alzheimer's-Disease: Advice to ward off this common dementia.
[*900] Amnesia: Protect the mind from what it cannot bear to remember.
[1500] Ancestral-Inheritance: Why you do not inherit your ancestors' sins.
[1600] Ancient-Mind: Recognizing mental side effects of tough past lives.
[1600] Anchor People: How to know when others are significant in your life.
[*800] Androgen-Insensitivity: Karma of females with all male DNA.

[1200] Angelics: Issues experienced by former angels choosing to incarnate.
[*400] Angel-Role: About how angels can help you out in life.
[1200] Anima-Animus: Intense physical desire for a potential future mate.
[*400] Animal-Communication: How to listen to or talk to the animals.
[1500] Animal-Incarnations: The truth behind past lives in animal bodies.
[*400] Anorexia-Nervosa: Karmic cause of eating disorder from past lives.
[*600] Appear-Younger: Looking younger naturally and best of all for free.
[*800] Argyria-Blue-Silver: Karmic cause/advice avoiding taking colloids.
[1400] Aristocratic-Upbringing: Brought up by servants but not parents.
[*300] Arrogance-Confidence: Line between arrogance and confidence.

[*700] Arthritis: Karmic cause of disease of rigidity-inflexibility.
[1500] Artificial-Closeness: Why proximity does not create true closeness.
[*600] Ask-for-Help: When to ask and when not to ask for help from others.
[*200] Ask-Why!: The Enron lesson: failing to 'Ask Why?' when you should.
[*600] Asperger's-Syndrome: Karma behind display of poor social skills.
[*300] Assertive-Aggressive: The fine line between assertive and aggressive.
[*300] Assumptions: Stop and cut down on much unnecessary karma.
[1300] Atheist-Secular: Why it really is no good to be without God.
[*600] Atherosclerosis: Karmic cause/advice to heal this circulatory disease.

[*400] Attached-Problems: Test: are you attached to your health problems?
[*900] Attitude-Attention: Combination of attitude/attention creates life.
[*400] Attract-Abundance: The two hottest words for creating abundance.
[*400] Aura-Reading: How you can teach yourself to see auras in others.
[*300] Authentic-Living: Walking your talk to turn dreams into reality.
[*400] Autism: Karmic causes/advice about unresponsiveness in children.
[1400] Automatic-Answers: How to get instant answers to everything.
[1500] Avoidant-Personality: Karmic causes of this mental disorder.


[*900] Baby-Belly: Easy ways to reduce belly after effects of giving birth.
[1000] Baby-Karma: How birth is the greatest time for administering karma.
[1300] Baby-Pageants: Why child beauty pageants are just plain bad karma.
[*800] Back-Pain: When stress and past lives are creating your back pain.
[*400] Bad-Behavior: How you may be attracting bad behavior to yourself.
[1200] Bad-Press: Bad karma which keeps the real truth from being known.
[1300] Bag-o'Skin: Karma behind when looks are forcibly taken away.

[*400] Balance: ToDo/ToBe: balance your needs against the needs of others.
[*600] Baseline-Personality: The "I"s that help to create the "me" now.
[1100] Battered-Woman: Why good people are trapped in bad relationships.
[*600] Be-Best: How to become the best at whatever you are doing in life.
[*700] Be-Courageous: How to develop a more courageous outlook on life.
[*900] Be-Silent: When it is karmically best for you to keep silent.
[*200] Be-Yourself: The best relationship advice you could ever get.
[1600] Beauty-Obsession: Looks-ism: the modern looks conscious society.

[1000] Becoming-Whole: 4 ways to help broken body parts heal rapidly.
[*900] Before-They-Go: If a loved one wants to die: what can you do?
[*600] Being-Instrument: Social test: readiness to help distressed stranger.
[*900] BE1: Master-Being: Preference for the role of always being master.
[*900] BE2: Slave-Being: Preference for the role of always being slave.
[*900] BE3: Hero-Being: Preference for the role of always being hero.

[*400] Being-Stuck: Terrified to look forward, horrified to look backward.
[1100] Bench-Strength: Signs you are rich in past life experience.
[*800] Benevolence-Buzz: Good deeds: physical, mental, emotional effect.
[1500] Best-Karma: Intentions, decisions, & actions of the "best" karma.
[*800] Better-Memory: Using the VAK technique to memorize key facts.
[*600] Big-Fish: Sacrificing present needs to support future possibilities.
[*900] Binge-Purge-Eating: Karmic cause of vomitting eating disorder.

[*500] Bi-Polar-Disorder: Karmic cause of need to better manage emotions.
[*900] Birthday-Message: What your birthday is a clue about past lives.
[*300] Birth-Defects: These even the score of past life injustice to others.
[1200] Black-Box: Difficulty explaining past life exploration to family.
[*300] Blind-Obedience: Social test: the Milgram Holocaust experiment.
[1200] Block-Busters: Exercises specifically to break through blocks.
[1500] Blocks-Progress: What keeps an individual from moving forward.

[*100] Blossom: Answers the hard question: "why did I come back here?"
[1600] Body-Confirmation: Body-mind-emotions confirm past life recall.
[*800] Body-Dysmorphic-Disorder: Karmic cause of distorted body image.
[*700] Body-Image: If you must look good to feel good, consider this.
[*200] Body-Integrity-Disorder: Karmic cause of cutting off body parts.
[*500] Body-Wisdom: When it is crucial to pay attention to your body.

[*100] Boldness: The "vision" and "mission" of Past Forward, Fun Life Co.
[*900] Borderline-Personality: Why this is the manifestation of bad karma.
[*900] Born-Angry: Healing of deep patterns of anger present from birth.
[*500] Bottom-Line: Expanding your comfort zone to create a better life.
[*200] Brain-Power: Open your mind to inspired actions to manifest desires.
[1300] Brain-Scan/Defense: Debunking the "broken brain" legal argument.
[*700] Brain-Switch: Turn on your "8 million powerful" brain switch.
[*400] Breaking-Patterns: Breaking bad patterns (Trigger Desensitization).

[*300] Broken-Heart #1: Stress Cardiomyopathy: death from broken heart.
[1300] Broken-Heart #2: Exactly how you can really die of a broken heart.
[1600] Brother/Sister-Marriage: Past life cause of sexless marriages.
[1300] Bullying-Conflict: When adults face bullies in the workplace.
[*400] Bum-Magnet: What you need to do/not to do to stop attracting bums.
[*400] Bum-Warning: How to know if a romantic partner is really a bum.
[1200] Butt-Ugly: Spiritual benefits of incarnating in a very ugly body.
[*400] Buying-Happiness: Happiness is free but priceless & available to all.


[*800] Caged-Heat: Why free people have love relationships with prisoners.
[*600] Cancer: Karmic cause/advice to heal this disease of long conflicts.
[*800] Car-Karma: The greater purpose behind what seem to be accidents.
[1000] Caretaker-Karma: Karmic cause of having to caretake others.
[1200] Casting-Bread: The one thing you can do to make your life better.
[1000] Castle-Builder/Brick-Layer: Creating versus executing life's work.
[*500] Catastrophobia: Deep fear of the unexpected accident or emergency.
[*100] Cause-Effect: Why "your beliefs create your reality" & your karma.
[*900] Celebrity-Support: Putting time-attention-energy on celebrities.
[*600] Centeredness: Six powerful ways for you to become more centered.

[1200] CH1: Chakra-Crown-Choice: Qualities: Crown Chakra healing.
[1200] CH2: Chakra-Brow-Clarity: Qualities: Brow Chakra healing.
[1200] CH3: Chakra-Throat-Candor: Qualities: Throat Chakra healing.
[1200] CH4: Chakra-Heart-Caring: Qualities: Heart Chakra healing.
[1200] CH5: Ch-Stomach-Character: Qualities: Stomach Chakra healing.
[1200] CH6: Chakra-Sacral-Creativity: Qualities: Sacral Chakra healing.
[1200] CH7: Chakra-Root-Courage: Qualities: Root Chakra healing.

[1600] Championship-Effect: Cannot overcome a losing track record.
[*100] Change: Best ways to manage externally imposed transitions.
[*500] Change-Agent: Gentle way to change your interaction with others.
[*200] Change-Assessment: How to assess whether the old or new is better.
[1300] Change-Beliefs: What does it take for someone to really change.
[*500] Change-Curve: Moving from an old-worse state to a new-better state.
[*400] Change-Habits: Some simple steps correct your own "bad" habits.
[*200] Change-Process: What you can do to help someone else to change.
[1200] Changing-Moment: What creates permanent, beneficial change.

[*400] Channeling-Basics: Receiving information outside of the six senses.
[*500] CR1: Chan-v-Regress: Compares Channeling & Regression.
[*500] CR2: Chan-Regress: Why Channeling is far superior to Regression.
[*100] Character: The only thing that travels with you through incarnations.
[1400] Charging-Objects: Truth behind the energy charging claim.
[*100] Charity: Flow must be in both directions: giving and receiving.
[1200] Cheapskates: When you are cheap with others, life is cheap with you.
[*100] Cheerfulness: The rocket fuel helping thoughts take form in action.
[*300] Chemical-Sensitivity: Karmic cause of allergies to modern toxins.

[1000] Child-Attachment: How karma matches up parents and children.
[1500] Child-Awareness: When children revisit their past lives.
[1200] Child-Control: Teaching your children how to control themselves.
[1400] Child-Conversation: How to have meaningful talks with kids.
[*200] Child-Karma: How parents impact their children with their thoughts.
[*900] Child-Patience: Strategies for becoming more tolerant of kids.
[*700] Child-Prodigies: The bumper crop of children talented from birth.
[*900] Child-Sensitives: Helping children to manage energy sensitivity.
[*800] Childlike-v-Childish: Difference between child-ish and child-like.

[1300] Children-Contrary: When good children act in a contrary manner.
[1300] Children-Noisy: The true cause of overly noisy child behavior.
[1300] Children-Powerful: Past lives as source of unusual child abilities.
[1300] Children-Resourceful: Past lives as source of unusual child talents.
[1300] Children-Suffering: Past life karma behind intense child suffering.
[1500] Children-Underperforming: Kids not realizing their capabilities.
[*600] Choice-Payoffs: Choice to do what you have to not what you want.
[1000] Choice-to-Return: What is needed to end your cycle of reincarnation.

[1400] Choose-to-Remember: When others forget what you asked them.
[1200] Choosing-Life: What you choose with every thought, word, and deed.
[*700] Chronic-Fatigue: Karmic causes of endless experience of fatigue.
[*700] Chronic-Pain: Karmic causes of metaphysically motivated pain.
[1500] Circadian-Rhythm: How sleep cycles effect your health and life.
[1000] Circular-Logic: Pattern that ends in the same place that it begins.
[1200] Civilization: Fair guidelines and firm boundaries from society.

[*700] Clair-Inner-Outer-Senses: Alignment of inner and outer senses.
[*700] Clairaudience: Inner sense of "clear hearing" of voices.
[*700] Claircognizance: Knowing without knowing how you know it.
[*700] Clair-GPS-Sensing: Guided to locations without external aids.
[*700] Clair-Psychometry: Synergy of all outer senses working together.
[*700] Clairsentience: Inner sense of "physical/emotional" guidance.
[*700] Clairvoyance: Inner sense of "clear seeing" of images.
[*700] Clairomni: Ability to switch between all the clair channels.

[*400] Clarity: How to know - for sure - if you are really clear.
[*100] Clean-Instrument: Clean hands, just cause, and pure heart.
[*800] CL1: Clients-Ideal: Atracting the ideal clients for your business.
[*800] CL2: Clients-Timeline: Practices to attract your ideal clients.
[*800] CL3: Clients-Scheduler: Use the universe to direct the flow of work.
[*800] CL4: Clients-Boundaries: Gain clarity about your ideal clients.
[*300] Clutter-Clear: Guidelines for getting rid of what no longer serves.

[1100] Co-dependence: Marriage where each mate fills the gap for the other.
[1500] Coal-Diamond: How karma transforms us into clear, sparkling Souls.
[1600] Cognitive-Dissonance: Social test: As you do changes your beliefs.
[1500] Cold-Reading: Truth behind how these readings really work.
[*600] Collective-Unconscious: "Connected knowingness" binding us all.

[*900] Coma-Experience: What the mind does while body lies dormant.
[1300] Coma-Karma: How to improve the comatose sufferer's experience.
[*100] Commandments: Paradoxical Commandment: "do it anyway!"
[*700] Commitment-People: Easier be open to strangers than loved ones.
[1500] Communication-Benefits: Why it is important for you to be heard.
[1200] Communication-Effective: 9 ways to improve your communication.
[1300] Communication-Rot: Signs that you are not being heard/understood.

[*700] Compact-Karma: Tough life is really a compact paying off of karma.
[*100] Comparison: Why you must stop comparing yourself to all others.
[1200] Compartmentalized: When the "Future Bucket" helps/hurts you.
[*100] Compassion: Karma teaches this highest form of love and kindness.
[1600] Compassion-Practice: 5 ways to practice compassion daily.
[*500] Competence: CModel: going from unknowing to understanding.
[*500] Completion-Karma: The hardest: "Why must I do what I am doing?"

[1000] Complications-Of: When the cure kills instead of the disease.
[1600] Compliment-Unable: Understanding what this really means.
[*600] Composite-Face: Faces composed "bits/pieces" of past life faces.
[*400] Compulsive-Hoarding: Collyer pattern of keeping everything.
[*900] Compulsive-Liar: How to detect/deal with those who always lie.
[*100] Concentration: Exercise to develop powers of concentration.
[*700] Confabulation: How to pass a lie detector test when you have lied.
[*600] Confessor-Effect: Why complete strangers reveal their life stories.

[*100] CR1: Conflict-Resolution: Resolving conflicts to build relationships.
[*100] CR2: Compromise: Why compromise helps to resolve conflicts.
[*100] CR3: Consensus: Why consensus helps to resolve conflicts.
[*100] CR4: Confession: Why confession helps to resolve conflicts.
[*100] CR5: Cooperation: Why cooperation helps to resolve conflicts.
[1300] Confronting-Karma: Confronting karma is better than avoiding it.
[*300] Confusion-Karma: Karmically (ir)responsible uses of confusion.
[*300] Conjoined-Twins: Solution to heal hate between karmic enemies.

[*500] Conscience: Let your conscience be your guide to create great karma.
[*400] Consciousness: Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" as a karmic model.
[1100] Consequences-Karma: "Choose behavior, choose the consequences."
[*300] Consistency: Tennis lessons about what creates enduring excellence.
[1100] Constant-Comment: How comments can save your relationship.
[*200] Constructive-Feedback: This helps make top performers do better.
[*900] Contra-Indications: "Signs" people are NOT what they appear to be.
[1300] Conversational-Skills: Easy ways to improve conversation quality.

[1600] Core-Values: How these are the keys to your success and happiness.
[1100] Corporal-Punishment: Spanking teaches children the wrong lessons.
[1300] Count-Blessings: Healing karma through attitude of gratitude.
[1400] Counter-Culture: When you seem to be from a foreign culture.
[*500] Couple-Compatibility: Assessing a couple's compatibilty.
[*100] Courage: Why courage dissolves karma and is the rocket fuel of life.
[*700] Craving-Reality: Why others always hurt & betray you?
[1600] Crazy-Happenings: Karma upsets the natural order to create justice.
[*200] Creation-Economy: "Do what you love and the money will follow!"
[*900] Creation-Energy: What ends up making it easier for you to create!

[1200] Crippling-Grief: Easy ways to let go of crushing, non-stop mourning.
[1500] Critical-Incident: How present life events work off past life karma.
[1100] Criticism-Karma: Others care enough to send you their very worst.
[1600] Crossover-Signs: How the rare event of Crossover Lives work.
[1400] Crumb-Loaf: When you have to give a crumb to get a loaf.
[1100] Crying=Healing: How crying works to heal by releasing emotions.
[*300] Cryptomnesia-Paramnesia: Arguments against past life recall.
[*800] CT1: Constructive-Criticism: Using this to become even better.
[*800] CT2: Destructive-Criticism: How to avoid this bad commentary.
[1100] Cultivate-Joy: How to develop more and deeper joy and happiness.

[*200] Cure-Breath: Using breathing to heal and enhance your health.
[*200] Cure-Drugs: Are you a client or a customer of medical drugs.
[*800] Cure-Eyesight-Insight: The I Cure: using insight to heal eyes.
[*200] Cure-Food: Using food to heal and enhance your health.
[*800] Cure-Hearing-Listening: The Me Cure: using sound to heal you.
[*200] Cure-Sleep: Using sleep to heal and enhance your health.
[*200] Cure-Water: Using water to heal and enhance your health.
[*400] Cures-Customers: Permanent cures or lifetime customers?
[*600] Curse-Karma: No helpless "victims" of spells and curses.
[1400] Cynicism/Sarcasm: How to put an end to this verbal violence.


[1500] Daily-Discrimination: About suffering from constant prejudice.
[*800] Daily-Gratitude: Heal karma by expressing gratitude for gifts.
[*800] Daily-Hugs: Why hugs are more powerful than any other medicine.
[*800] Daily-Kindness: Heal karma rapidly by random acts of kindness.
[*100] Daily-Miracles: About waking dreams and golden tongued wisdom.
[*700] Dangerous-Liaisons: Often motivated by unresolved past life karma.
[*200] Dare-Dream: How Star Trek changed the world for the better.
[*400] Dark-Night: Feeling the pain of doing hard time on planet Earth.
[1500] Data-Mining: Personal improvement requires discerment of patterns.
[*800] Dating-Exploration: What not to do during dating after divorce.

[1100] DY1: First-School: Advice about life's toughest day: first school.
[1100] DY2: Teenaged: Advice about life's toughest day: teenaged.
[1100] DY3: Graduation: Advice about life's toughest day: graduation.
[1100] DY4: Marriage: Advice about life's toughest day: marriage.
[1100] DY5: Childbirth: Advice about life's toughest day: child birth.
[1100] DY6: Loss: Advice about life's toughest day: suffering loss.
[1100] DY7: Aged: Advice about life's toughest day: feeling aged.

[*400] Death-Tennis: "I kill you in one life, you kill me in the next!"
[*400] Debt-Karma: The real reason why people get into debt trouble.
[1000] Debts-peration: Constantly stressed and distressed about debts.
[*900] Decision-Model#1: Proven model for accurate decision making.
[1400] Decision-Model#2: More wisdom for accurate decision making.
[1100] Deep-Forgiveness: In past lives can you do what is unforgivable?
[*600] Definitive-Life: One past life defining you more than any other.
[*300] Deja-Vu: Amazing case of Helen Pickering-James Archibald Burns.

[*700] Demi-Monde: What it is like in the "less than respectable" world.
[*400] Dependence: When dependence is a necessary part of existence.
[1500] Dependent-Personality: Karmic causes of this mental disorder.
[*400] Depersonalization: Karmic cause of detachment from mental-mind.
[*500] Dermatopathia-DPR: Karmic cause of having no fingerprints.
[1300] Desire-Spiral: How desire can keep us on course in our life.
[*700] Despise-Gift: When you cut off the flow of good coming to you.
[*600] Detect-Lies: Five easy ways to tell if others are lying to you.

[1100] Devil-Role: The surprising truth about the purpose of evil energy.
[*100] Dharma: When karma moves off, loving service to God moves in.
[*200] DI1: Detachment: Learning to let "Thy Will" become "My Will".
[*200] DI2: Discernment: Learning how to live by learning how to love.
[1500] DI3: Discretion: Learning to do what is true, necessary, and kind.
[*200] DI4: Discipline: Learning to do what you must when it is hard.

[*600] Diabetes: Karmic cause/advice to heal this disease of unhappiness.
[*900] Diagnosis-Label: How this can help you find source of problems.
[1200] Digit-Karma: Hands/feet taking a beating during reincarnation.
[*500] Direct-Karma: The basics: "As you have sowed, so shall you reap!"
[*900] Directionless: How to find a direction in life if you lack one.
[*600] Director-Effect: Why strangers single you out to ask for directions.

[1400] Disability-Karma: Karmic classroom in receiving help from others.
[1000] Disappearance-o'Universe: Quad: Observation does not create.
[*600] Disaster-School: How experiencing disasters teaches karmic lessons.
[1600] Discomfort-Karma: Physical discomfort clues you into past lives.
[*900] Discontent-Purpose: "Why Can't Us?" Miracle of the 2008 Phillies.
[*300] Discrimination-Labeling: Social test: "Brown vs Blue Eye" wars.

[*800] Disease-Potential: Why some genetically at risk do not fall ill.
[*500] Disembarkment-MdDs: Off-balance after exposure to motion.
[1600] Disengagement: Good karma way to end a long standing relationship.
[*200] Dispose-Solve: Disposing of problems does not solve them at all.
[*500] Distraction-Dramas: Moving from "should do" to "must do".
[*500] Divided-Consciousness: How suicide bombers and con artists think.
[*600] Divine-Creativity: "Star Trek" lessons about creative solutions.

[1500] Divorce-Causes: Reasons why marital karma comes to an end.
[1700] Divorce-Guilt: How to stop taking the guilt trip while divorcing.
[1700] Divorce-Healing: How to heal from a stressful divorce process.
[*200] Divorce-Karma: Karmic objectives of marriage have been achieved.
[1600] Divorce-Plan: How to create a karma-free divorce process.
[1600] Divorce-Statistics: How karma drives the divorce process.
[*700] Divorce-Tactics: Keeping children out of parents' divorce wars.
[*800] Divorce-Timing: Minimizing harsh impact of divorce on children.

[1700] DNA-History: DNA abnormalities changed the course of history.
[1400] Domestic-Violence: How to recognize and break this vicious cycle.
[*700] Doormat-Syndrome: How to end others treating your like a doormat.
[1000] Drain-People1: Why you must avoid those draining you of living.
[1600] Drain-People2: About those who drain you of time-money-joy.
[1500] Drake Equation: Math about the probability of extraterrestrial life.
[*600] Dread-Hope: The "Fearful-Wishful" viewpoint on life and the future.

[1100] Dream-After-Dying: Transition state between death & inter-life.
[*800] DR1: Clearing-Dreams: Dreams for compact paying off of karma.
[*800] DR2: Prophecy-Dreams: Dreams warning in advance of trouble.
[*800] DR3: Reincarnation-Dreams: Dreams of most relevant past life.
[*800] DR4: Scenario-Dreams: Dreams to preview possible future events.
[*800] DR5: Trauma-Dreams: Dreams of violent deaths in past lives.
[1600] Dream-Agreement: How agreements between souls are created.

[1500] Droit-du-Seigneur: Past life legalized rape and present trauma.
[1100] Drug-Sensitivity: If 'medications' end up sledge-hammering you.
[*900] Drug-Wear-Out: Why symptom handling drugs are a temporary fix.
[*600] Dumbing-Diseases: Diseases resulting from "dumbing down".
[*600] Dumbing-Down: Being/doing less to keep your relationship going.

[*800] DU1: Self-Duty: Duty to yourself in completing your Life Contract.
[*800] DU2: Spouse-Duty: Duty to your spouse when it comes to loving.
[*800] DU3: Parent-Duty: Duty to your parents when it comes to caring.
[*800] DU4: Child-Duty: Duty to your children when it comes to nurturing.
[*800] DU5: Civic-Duty: Duty to your society when it comes to conduct.
[*800] DU6: Partisan-Duty: Duty to the side when it comes to competition.
[1400] Dying-Thoughts: How to know if your life now is effected by these.


[1200] Earth-Promise: Possibility of ending reincarnation in this life.
[*700] Easy-Exercise: The easiest, free, and super low impact exercise.
[*300] Echo-Location: Karmic cause about the ability to see using sounds.
[*500] Ectrodactyly-Syndactyly: Karmic cause of deformities of hands/feet.
[*100] Education: Karma ensures that we all get an great education in life.
[*600] Effortless-Effort: When everything just seems to fall into place.

[*900] Ego-ectomy: Before you toss your ego out the door, consider this.
[1100] Egotistical: Small, selfish personality only creates bad karma.
[*500] Ehlers-Danlos-EDS: Karmic cause of hyperextensible skin/joints.
[1700] Electroconvulsive-Therapy: The karmic view of "modern" ECT.
[*900] Elemental-Energy: Air, Earth, Fire, Water characteristics.
[1000] Elephant-Mind: Future cannot improve due to many past failures.
[1300] Eliminate-Negativity: Eliminate negative thoughts/emotions.

[*100] EM1: Emotional-Psychology: Wisdom about managing emotions.
[*100] EM2: Emotion-Anger: Spiritual advice about managing anger.
[*100] EM3: Emotion-Greed: Spiritual advice about managing greed.
[*100] EM4: Emotion-Lust: Spiritual advice about managing lust.
[*100] EM5: Emotion-Vanity: Spiritual advice about managing vanity.
[*100] EM6: Emotion-Attach: Spiritual advice about managing attachment.

[*900] EPC1: Clock-Cleaning: "Excessive brutality" used to get one's way.
[*900] EPC2: CC-Giver: What motivates a person to "clock clean" others.
[*900] EPC3: CC-Receiver: What it feels like to be "clock cleaned!"
[*900] EPC4: CC-Healing: How to heal a "clock cleaning" pattern.
[*900] EPS1: Sand-Bagging: "Behind the back" used to get one's way.
[*900] EPS2: SB-Giver: What motivates a person to "sand bag" others.
[*900] EPS3: SB-Receiver: What it feels like to be "sand bagged!"
[*900] EPS4: SB-Healing: How to heal a "sand bagging" pattern.

[1600] Emotions-Expressing: How to resourcefully express your emotions.
[1600] Emotions-Mechanics: Energy in motion driving past life karma.
[1600] Emotions Purpose: Emotions help you resolve past life karma.
[1600] Emotions+Thoughts: How these create the quality of your life.
[1600] Emotions-Types: The classifications and types of emotions.
[*500] Empathy: What others think and feel from their point of view.

[*300] EL1: Empowered-Believing: Beliefs for empowering living.
[*300] EL2: Empowered-Thinking: Thinking for empowering living.
[*300] EL3: Empowered-Decision: Decisions for empowering living.
[*300] EL4: Empowered-Actions: Actions for empowering living.

[1200] Empty-Nest: Once the children are gone, how to deal with this.
[*400] Endless-Conflict: Stop investing energy, emotion, effort in enemies.
[*900] Energetically-Bonded: How cords of love deeply bond people.
[1000] Energy-Reading: Answer to "How do you get the channeling info?"
[1000] Energy-Sensitives: Specific ways to tell if you are energy sensitive.
[1300] Energy-Stars: Mechanism behind past life recognition.
[*300] Enforcing-Boundaries: Boundaries = body + mind + emotions.
[*100] Enthusiasm: Letting the God within you come out & shine.

[1100] Entitlement-Karma: Earn your life and not rely on entitlement.
[*900] Entrepreneur-Test: Better off working for yourself or others?
[1700] Envisioned-Dysfunction: You can adversely effect your body-mind.
[*500] Equality: Life is a series of lessons about the illusion of inequality.
[1300] Erotomania: Past life influence behind celebrity obsessions.
[*300] Erythropoietic-Porphyria: Karmic cause of being burned by light.
[1600] Ethics: Group imposed codes of conduct for the individual.
[1100] Euthanasia-v'Suicide: Karma in the method of ending lives.

[1200] Evolution: Scientific model used to describe karmic evolution.
[*200] Existence: Q: "Why am I here?" A: "To learn how to become love."
[*700] Exit-Points: How to exit the Earth without committing suicide.
[1300] Examine-Motives: True importance of questioning what you do.
[1500] Exotic-Payoff: Why those with rare diseases can be reluctant to heal.
[*100] Experience: How to access the books of past life wisdom inside you.
[*500] Experience-Karma: The expected: "Do the crime, do the time!"

[*500] Express-Forgiveness: How to really & truly forgive another person.
[*600] Express-Lane-Effect: Why life goes more smoothly for the spiritual.
[*900] Externalities: When you throw something out, where exactly is out?
[1400] Extreme-Introverts: When you have absolutely no extrovert points.
[*400] Extreme-Risk: Karmic advice about the extreme risk taking urge.


[1100] Faceless-Rage: How "Road Rage" creates out of character actions.
[1600] Failing-Up: Learning from past mistakes to improve the future.
[1600] Failure-to-Launch #1: When caretaking creates an immature child.
[1600] Failure-to-Launch #2: Parents contributing to their child's failure.
[1600] Failure-to-Launch #3: Parents launch their child into adulthood.
[1000] Failure=Quitting: Only one way to fail in the physical world.
[1200] Failure-String: When you have failed often, can you succeed?
[*800] Fake-Phony: Feeling like a "Neurotic Impostor" on the inside.
[*300] Fallible-DNA: Documented cases: why DNA is not 100% accurate.
[1200] Fame-Infamy: Why being too well known can block karmic progress.

[*800] Family-Angels: Former family members as your guardian angels.
[1500] Family-Big: Why it is a vehicle for rapid burn-off of karma.
[*300] Family-Conflict: Why discretion is the better part of karma.
[*800] Family-Diplomat: Stuck in the middle of a web of family karma.
[1500] Family-Dynamics: Behind the complex groupings of karmic partners.
[1400] Family-Feelings: When someone who is not family feels like it.
[*400] Family-Karma: Why you have reincarnated into the wrong family.
[1500] Family-Visitation: Guidelines for karma-free family visitations.

[*600] Fantasy-Reality: Seeing life as it is or as you want it to be.
[1600] Fat-Catastrophe: How your body suffers from being overweight.
[1000] Fat-Karma: Past life traumas making it impossible to lose weight.
[*500] Fault-Analysis #1: Profiting from learning from your mistakes.
[*900] Fault-Analysis #2: Steps in performing a formal fault analysis.
[*300] Fault-Case: Acid attack now: a payback for a past Inquisition life.
[*600] Fault-Context: Putting the acid attack case in proper context.
[*700] Favor-Obligation: How to know the difference between these two.

[*300] Fear-Karma: The double edged sword propelling your karma.
[1400] Fear-o'Abandon: Karmic causes of present fear of abandonment.
[1400] Fear-o'Adulthood: Karmic causes of present fear of adulthood.
[1400] Fear-o'Aging: Karmic causes of present fear of aging.
[1000] Fear-o'Animals#1: Behind fears animals will attack, maim, or kill.
[1200] Fear-o'Animals#2: Karmic causes of present fear of animals.

[1600] Fear-o'Authority: Karmic causes of present fear of authority.
[1400] Fear-o'Beating: Karmic causes of present fear of beating.

[1500] Fear-o'Colors: Karmic causes of present fear of numbers.
[1400] Fear-o'Commitment: Karmic causes of present fear of commitment.
[1400] Fear-o'Con-Artists: Karmic causes of present fear of bad ones.
[1100] Fear-o'Confinement#1: Effects of past deaths from live burial.
[1200] Fear-o'Confinement#2: Karmic causes of fear of small spaces.

[1500] Fear-o'Confrontation: Karmic causes of fear of confrontation.
[*400] Fear-o'Crowds#1: Karmic causes of fearing crowds & leaving home.
[1000] Fear-o'Crowds#2: Behind fearing crowds will maim or kill.

[1200] Fear-o'Dark: Karmic causes of present fear of the dark.
[*700] Fear-o'Death: Karmic causes of present fear of dying.
[1600] Fear-o'Exclusion: Karmic causes of present fear of exclusion.
[1400] Fear-o'Failure: Karmic causes of present fear of failure.
[1100] Fear-o'Fire: Karmic causes of present fear of fire.
[1000] Fear-o'Future#1: Anticipatory Anxiety fearing the worst.
[1400] Fear-o'Future#2: Karmic causes of present fear of the future.

[1200] Fear-o'Germs: Karmic causes of present fear of germs.

[1200] Fear-o'Heights: Karmic causes of present fear of heights.
[*700] Fear-o'Life: Karmic causes of present fear of living.
[1500] Fear-o'Maiming: Karmic causes of present fear of dismemberment.
[1400] Fear-o'Numbers: Karmic causes of present fear of numbers.
[1500] Fear-o'Owning: Karmic causes of present fear of ownership.
[1000] Fear-o'Past: Myths creating fears of past life exploration.
[1400] Fear-o'Pregnancy: Karmic causes of present fear of childbirth.
[1400] Fear-o'Public-Speaking: Karmic causes of fear of speaking.

[1400] Fear-o'Rape: Karmic causes of present fear of being raped.
[1000] Fear-o'Refusal: Behind fears of saying "no" to others.
[1400] Fear-o'Ridicule: Karmic causes of present fear of ridicule.
[1000] Fear-o'Separation: Behind fears of separation from loved ones.
[1200] Fear-o'Sickness: Karmic causes of present fear of falling ill.
[1200] Fear-o'Sinning: Karmic causes of present fear of sinning.
[1500] Fear-o'Sleeping: Karmic causes of present fear of sleeping.

[1400] Fear-o'Snakes: Karmic causes of present fear of snakes.
[1400] Fear-o'Spiders: Karmic causes of present fear of spiders.
[1400] Fear-o'Starvation: Karmic causes of present fear of starvation.
[1400] Fear-o'Strangers: Karmic causes of present fear of strangers.
[*100] Fear-o'Success: Deep rooted fears of success blocking achievement.
[1200] Fear-o'Water: Karmic causes of present fear of water.
[1400] Fear-o'Writing: Karmic causes of present fear of writing.
[1700] Fear-Source: Know if your deepest fears come from past lives.
[1500] Fear-Unique: Karmic causes of unique, personal fears.

[1100] Fearless: How to know if fearlessness are controlling/crippling you.
[*100] Feedback: Three part formula for getting others to listen to you.
[1100] Feel-Good-Philosophy: When should make you feel good does not.
[*400] Feeling-Unworthy: Origins of feelings of "not being good enough".
[*800] Female-Organ: Karmic issues in being a woman effecting organs.
[*400] Fibromyalgia: Karmic advice about illness of "Soul weariness".
[1600] Final-Moment: Why we risk past life tragedy lifetime after lifetime.
[*600] Final-Moments: What a karma fan should do for non-believers.

[1200] FI1: Financial-Equilibrium: Your internal money yield set point.
[1200] FI2: Financial-Targets: Quantifying your personal money goals.
[1200] FI3: Financial-Fallout: Consequences of increased abundance.
[1200] FI4: Financial-Mindset: Changing beliefs about your money.
[1200] FI5: Financial-Planning: Planning your way to greater abundance.
[1200] FI6: Financial-Action: Taking action to achieve financial goals.
[1200] FI7: Financial-Revision: Making adjustments based on results.
[*400] Financial-Thermostat: Your default level of financial income.

[1000] Fire-Customers: When the customer is absolutely, positively wrong.
[*500] First-Contact: Events leading one into exploring their past lives.
[*100] Flow: Optimal experience of the highest degree of happiness.
[1000] Flying-Dutchman: When bad patterns repeat over and over again.
[*200] Focused-Resolution: What do you want that you are not getting?
[*200] Focus-Failure: How you may be failing at focusing unknowingly.
[1400] Follow-Through/Up: Why this is the greatest success habit of all!
[1400] Food-Blessing: How to bless your food to raise its energy.
[*500] Food-Vibration: Raise your vibrational level through better eating.

[1600] Foot-in-the-Door: Social test: Turning favors into obligations.
[1500] Foot-Dragging: How to know when others are putting you off.
[1600] Foot-Neuropathy: Natural cure for foot numbness/pain.
[1000] For-Your-Own-Good: Why its the most horrifying phrase in English.
[*200] Foreign-Accent-Syndrome: Karmic cause foreign accent speech.
[1000] Forever-Love: Experiencing the deepest love in countless past lives.
[*200] Forgiveness: The true meaning of sincere and lasting forgiveness.
[1000] Forgiveness-Freedom: 4 steps to the forgiveness that sets you free.
[*700] Free-o'Past: How to heal the past and put it behind you for good.

[*200] Freedom#1: How choice exists even inside the concentration camps.
[1400] Freedom#2: Why freedom is the most important human right of all!
[*500] Frequency-Severity: How these alert you to emerging health issues.
[1500] Friends-False: How karmic resolution works through false friends.
[1000] Friends-Real: Who are your real friends? Answered during hardship.
[1000] Friends-Remain: What it takes to sustain a life long friendship.
[*500] Friends-Winning: How to win friends: an easy, fail-proof system.
[*300] Fulfilling-Work: Creating work for the toughest audience: teenagers.


[1300] Garbage-Collectors: Internal energy mechanisms for skin issues.
[*800] Gay-Karma: Can/should "gayness" be completely healed?
[*700] Gender-Balance: How to balance male/female qualities for harmony.
[*700] Gender-Identification: Past lives = feeling like man/woman inside.
[*300] Genius: The "Genie" (Higher Self) "in" all of "us" ready to serve.
[1500] Germ-Karma: Deepest fear impacts from recent pandemics.
[*600] Germ-Theory: When new theories are (are not) accepted.
[1300] Getting-Clean: If you are an addict, how to get clean/sober.

[*600] Ghosties: What "ghost energy" really is and how it is created.
[*600] Gifts-o'Life-Effect: Why gifts of life are brought to you.
[1500] Gnostic-Gospels: Secret teachings of Christ about karma.
[1600] God-Obsession: Behind the desire to have super-human powers.
[1300] God-Realization: About achieving/sustaining God consciousness.
[*100] Golden-Rule: What you need to know to make this rule work for you.
[*700] Golden-Thread: The core issue off of which many other issues hang.

[1000] Good-Advice: How to know that the advice you receive is good.
[*500] Good-Boundaries: Having very healthy boundaries with others.
[1200] Good-Doing-Sinners: About Michael Jackson's future karma.
[1200] Good-Person-Card: How not to let others play this card against you.
[*900] Gossip-Trap: Creating the worst karma by whispering down the lane.
[*100] Gratitude: Attitude of gratitude dissolves "bad" karma like magic.
[*500] Grave's-Disease: Karmic causes of over-active (hyperthyroidism).
[1100] Graveyard-o'Memories: Where you cannot live: you must move on.

[1600] Grief-Deflecting: What not to say to a griever (Part 1- deflecting).
[1600] Grief-Future: What not to say to a griever (Part 2- future).
[*200] Grief-Loss: What keeps the grief in place until it is stopped.
[1600] Grief-Projecting: What not to say to a griever (Part 3- projecting).
[1600] Grief-Religion: What not to say to a griever (Part 4- religion).
[*400] Grief-Stages: Elizabeth Kubler Ross' the "Five Stages of Grief".

[1200] Grinding-Machine: What it is like to live with daily chronic pain.
[*200] Group-Karma: Group reincarnates to complete a special, hard task.
[*900] Group-Karma-Healer: Taking on deep healing for self/others.
[*900] Group-Think: Social test: pressure to go along with the group.
[*500] Grow-Container: To get more, you must agree to be/do more.
[*200] Guardian-Guides: Guides that surround you in concentric circles.
[*200] Guidance-Coincidences: Synchronicity, placement, and serendipity.

[1600] Guide-Change: Why-how-when your guides are changed.
[1300] Guide-Visitation: What to do if your guides reveal themselves.
[*500] Guided-Discovery: Past life journey guided by an unseen hand.
[*900] Guided-Imagery: Method to help take the stress out of testing.
[*200] Guilt-Shame: Driven by fear of punishment and fear of existence.
[1000] Gun-Knife-Karma: Intention/use of weapons determines karma.
[1200] Guru-Role-Model: Controlling guru versus example of a role model.


[1300] Habits-o'Success: How your habits create success or failure.
[*600] Hall-o'Mirrors: Past lives causes-effects entend infinitely over time.
[1600] Halo-Effect: Social test: effect of superior attributes on others.
[1000] HandMaiden-Syndrome: Why others treat you like a servant.
[1600] Hanging-On: How hanging-on can finally create the results you want.
[1600] Happiness-Study: How past life genetics influences present joy.
[*200] Hard-Luck: 4 most common reasons why you experience bad luck.
[*700] Headaches: Karmic cause/advice of pain induced by hard life events.
[*600] Head-Lining-Effect: Why strangers flock to line up after you.

[1300] Healer-Journey: Ways healers can accelerate their abilities.
[1500] Healer-Keys#1: Why healers do not succeed with their practice.
[1500] Healer-Keys#2: How healers get more work flowing to them.
[1500] Healer-Keys#3: Why healers do succeed with their practice.
[1500] Healer-Keys#4: How healers build a lasting healing practice.
[1500] Healer-Keys#5: How healers build a prosperous healing practice.

[*100] Healing: Only definitive action towards healing heals all wounds.
[1500] Healing-Conduit: Why it is better to be a conduit not a sponge.
[*900] Healing-Junkie: Why desperation to heal actually derails the process.
[1600] Healing-Integrating: at the physical-mental-emotional levels.
[1600] Healing-Integration: Physical need to process your healing.
[*400] Healing-Past: Steps towards the healing your past lives.
[1600] Healing-Processing: How best to process metaphysical healing.
[1300] Healing-Trauma: Strategies for recovering from intense tragedy.
[*600] Healing-Yourself: Exercises to help you feel better... instantly.
[*200] Health-Sabotage: Unconscious sabotaging of your vibrant health.

[*600] Heart-Disease: Karmic cause/advice to heal heart related problems.
[*700] Heart-Head-Balance: How to achieve a MsHeart-MrHead balance.
[*500] Heaven: Karmic viewpoint on the "Heaven" in the inner worlds.
[*500] Hell: Karmic viewpoint on the "Hell" in the inner worlds.
[*300] Hereditary-Cancer: Karmic cause of family riddled with cancer.

[1300] Hidden-Messages: Daily wisdom safely hidden in plain sight.
[*700] High-Blood-Pressure: Karmic cause of extreme overwhelm.
[*400] High-Power-Syndrome: Those addicted to power from past lives.
[*400] Higher-Self-Advice: Role of advice from Higher Self in your life.
[1600] Historical-Diet: What people in past lives really and routinely ate.
[*200] Historical-Personalities: "What if you were famous in the past?"
[1700] Historiography: Why and how historical accounts can go wrong.
[1500] Histrionic-Personality: Karmic causes of this mental disorder.
[1100] Hold-Hurt-Person: Either hold past hurts or a new relationship.

[1600] Holocaust-Karma: Karma behind why the Holocaust had to happen.
[*100] Holocaust-Story: A true tale of Holocaust love and sacrifice.
[*900] Holocaust-Survivor: How to heal a traumatic past life in Holocaust.
[*600] Holocaust-Witness: I am a witness: the Nazi Holocaust did happen.
[*700] Holographic-Recall: How past life healing works through time.
[1300] Holy-Ground: Improving personal karma by healing the Earth.
[1200] Home-Schooling: How this stunts a child's karmic growth.
[*100] Hope: The "positive outpicturing of future events" held in the mind.

[*300] HSAN-CIPA: Karmic cause/advice about the inability to feel pain.
[*500] HSDD-IDS: Karmic cause of frigidity or lack of any sexual desire.
[1300] HU-Healing: Using the most powerful mantra to heal your body.
[1400] Huge-Balancing: Karma behind doing great service to the world.
[1300] Human-Relations #1: Karmic view of Internet "Short Course".
[1300] Human-Relations #2: Karmic view of Confucian wisdom.
[1300] Human-Relations #3: Karmic view of Customer Service wisdom.
[1300] Human-Relations #4: Karmic view of Neuro-Linguistic wisdom.
[1600] Huna-n-Karma: What Hawaiian Huna reveals about karma.

[*300] Hyperhidrosis: Karmic cause/advice about excessive sweating.
[*900] Hypertension: How to lessen the effects of high blood pressure.
[*300] Hypertrichosis: Karmic cause/advice about excessive hair growth.
[1400] Hypervigilant-Hypochondria: Created by past life experience.
[1100] Hypnagogic-Release: Releasing past lives while falling asleep.
[*300] Hypnosis-Limits: What hypnosis claims to do but cannot do.
[*300] Hypnosis-Myths: The uncensored truth about the hypnotic process.


[1100] IBM-Effect: Choosing what is safe rather than the best choice.
[1000] Idea-Source: Three main sources for development of new ideas.
[*600] Ideal-Weight: Look and feel better through natural weight loss.
[*700] Ignorance-Disease: Diseases run their course unless you stop them.
[*100] Illness: How body, mind, emotions are always speaking our spirit.
[1100] Illness-Karma: Mirroring the "What Cancer Cannot Do" quote.
[*700] Illness-Learning: How illness can help you learn about yourself.
[1500] Illness-Return: How to prevent illness from returning - for good!

[*800] Imaginary-Friends: Discarnate spirits are kid's pretend friends.
[*100] Imagination: Can only heal karma when we imagine that we can.
[*200] Imbalanced-Life: Balance comes by serving yourself and others.
[*300] Implanted-Memory: Arguments against the validity of PL recall.
[1600] In-Love-Defined: How to know if you are in love romantically.
[1300] Incest-Karma: Cause/advice about rape within a family unit.

[1100] Incompetence-Karma: 8 signs of a badly managed, karmic life.
[*800] Indigo-People: Known by the dark electric blue streak in their aura.

[*500] Indirect-Karma: The student: "Learning for the sake of learning."
[1400] Inferiority-Complex: How to know if you are effected by this.
[*600] Infertility: Karmic cause of inability to conceive a child naturally.
[1500] Infidelity-Healing: Healing a marriage when one mate has strayed.
[*500] Infidelity-Warning: The warning signs your spouse is cheating.
[*500] Influence-People: The easiest system to influence others.
[1600] Initiations: What separates good ceremonies-rituals from bad ones.

[*100] Inner-Child: Helps you to become a loving parent to yourself.
[*900] Inner-Critic: How to stop letting your inner critic beat you up!
[*200] Inner-Outer-Balance: Best way to balance inner and outer efforts.
[1600] Inner-Outer-Violence: Social test: media violence becomes actual.
[1100] Inner-Persona: Formed by the total of your past life experiences.
[*500] Inner-Prosperity: How to stop being poor and to start being rich.
[*900] Inner-Realities: Safely balancing/managing inner and outer realities.

[*100] Insight-Eyesight: Why you need to heal your insight to heal eyesight.
[1300] Insomnia-Both: Advice about "can't fall or stay asleep".
[1300] Insomnia-Fall: Advice about "can't fall asleep" pattern.
[1300] Insomnia-Stay: Advice about "can't stay asleep" pattern.
[*200] Integration-Past: Why you need to integrate not overcome your past.

[*100] Intelligence: Learning "to choose between" what is (is not) like love.
[1100] IQ1: Emotional-Intelligence: Behind tests of emotional control.
[1100] IQ2: Mental-Intelligence: Behind tests of mental capabilities.
[1100] IQ3: Social-Intelligence: Behind tests of social/interpersonal.
[1100] Intelligent-sia: Leopold-Loeb case: the unloving intelligent.

[*500] Inter-Life: Karmic view of the "life between lives" in inner worlds.
[1300] Intergenerational-Karma: Reincarnating energetic anomalies.
[1000] Interior-Dimension: Warning signs of someone at risk for suicide.
[*300] Interior-View: What someone experiences inside can lead to suicide.
[1400] Interpretation-Paradox: How your mind fills in the missing blanks.

[*900] Irritable-Bowel-IBS: Karmic causes driven by intense torture.
[*400] Isolation-Syndrome: Always alone when you do not want to be?
[*600] Issue-Reincarnation: Unsolved issues always end up returning!
[*900] Issue-Timeout: Why ignoring issues makes them come back - worse.


[1000] Jail-Karma: 100s of years of sentences get carried out karmically.
[*700] Job-Clarity: Being unclear about what you want = you cannot get it.
[*200] Job-Karma: Bless the job you have so you can move to a better one.
[1300] Johari-Window: Why past lives lurk inside the hidden window.
[1000] Joined-at-Hip: If married, should you spend all your time together?

[*100] Joy: Getting mega-doses of Vitamins J (Joy) & L (Love) now.
[1100] Jump-to-Conclusions: Putting an end to this better habit.
[1000] Junk-DNA: Past life resonances populate your "unused" DNA.
[*300] Justice: Justice administered over many lifetimes is perfect & precise.


[1300] Kabbalah-Reincarnation: Kabbalah's teaching about reincarnation.
[*800] Karma-Classroom: 9 essential lessons to be mastered on Earth.
[*700] Karma-o'Completion: Compelled to do past life unfinished business.
[1500] Karma-Default-Fated: Karma always challenges us to do better.
[*500] Karma-Diva: Answer to "What do you want me to do, Karma?"
[1300] Karma-Fan: Why I am an even greater fan of karma now.
[1600] Karma-Hole: When inevitable past life karma just cannot be avoided.
[*700] Karma-Hypochondriac: When your disease stems from past karma.
[*900] Karma-Pit: Hospital, police, courtroom, government office - oh my!

[*400] Karmic-Acceleration: What happens when you speed up your karma.
[1200] Karmic-Allies: A new family member creates unexpected allies.
[*400] Karmic-Circle: Walking the full circle: light to dark and back again.
[1300] Karmic-Closeness: Signs relationships are effected by the past.
[1400] Karmic-Counseling: When you are off track in your Life Contract.
[*500] Karmic-Crazies: Being pressured by karma by get married/have kids.

[*300] KC1: Sacred-Karmic-Cycles: Sacred karmic cycles defined.
[*300] KC2: Karmic-Cycle-Childhood: 12 year cycle of childhood.
[*300] KC3: Karmic-Cycle-Youth: 12 year cycle of youth.
[*300] KC4: Karmic-Cycle-Adult-Creation: 12 year creation cycle.
[*300] KC5: Karmic-Cycle-Adult-Expansion: 12 year expansion cycle.
[*300] KC6: Karmic-Cycle-Adult-Contract: 12 year contraction cycle.

[*500] Karmic-Dance: Learning lessons from the "Dance of Anger".
[1200] Karmic-Detection: When others know we are talking about them.
[1300] Karmic-Doom: Why/how past lives contribute to a hopeless outlook.
[1300] Karmic-Egress: Exiting the cycles of reincarnation feels like this.
[*500] Karmic-End: Why you are beaten up, if you are in your last lifetime.
[*100] Karmic-Fatalism #1: Belief: forces of karma cannot be overcome.
[1100] Karmic-Fatalism #2: Overcoming fears of death-despair-darkness.

[*500] Karmic-Genetics: Present disorders motivating healing of past lives.
[1100] Karmic-Gravity: Why karma is like gravity: works without belief.
[1200] Karmic-Hooks: Harm comes while balancing your past life karma.
[1500] Karmic-Judgment: How karma judges your actions and inactions.
[*100] Karmic-Justice: Principle of cosmic justice and total responsibility.
[*100] Karmic-Law: Our experiences teach us the wisdom of universal laws.
[1400] Karmic-Layers: When "Karmic Onion" is peeled back for healing.

[*300] Karmic-Matrix: We reincarnate with the same group of people.
[1400] Karmic-Matrix-Cycle: Predictable cycle of karmic change over time.
[1400] Karmic-Matrix-Formation: Planned reunions to work off karma.
[1400] Karmic-Matrix-Groups: Where/how karmic matrices are formed.
[*600] Karmic-Obesity: Karma behind the present epidemic of obesity.
[*400] Karmic-Onion: You can only heal the layer you are ready to release.
[*400] Karmic-Participant: Walking in light/dark & edging the opposite.
[1200] Karmic-Partners: Everyone who you spend significant time with.
[1300] Karmic-Poison: Why/how past lives say you are a danger to others.

[1300] Karmic-Rape: Scenarios initiating the cycles of rape karma.
[*800] Karmic-Reparenting: Heal yourself from your parental damage.
[*600] Karmic-Repartnering: Choosing love over karma but leaving.
[1600] Karmic-Reset: Picking up now where you left off from past lives.
[*500] Karmic-Splint: Healing by mimicking the experience of a celebrity.
[1400] Karmic-Termination: What it takes to separate karmic partners.
[1500] Karmic-Topics: How karma is organized and worked through.
[1500] Karmic-Webs: The webs of life that bind us firmly to our karma.

[*900] Kid-Aches: How stress manifests in kids and how to help them.
[*600] Kidney-Disease: Karmic advice to heal kidney related problems.
[*700] Killer-Resume: Is your resume a killer or is it killing you?
[*100] Kindness: Heal your past life karma by showing kindness to others.
[1600] Kindness-Practice: Seven ways to practice kindness on a daily basis.
[1400] Kinesiology-Testing: Gateway between you and your Higher Self.
[1600] Kirlian-Photography: Pictures of energy field aura aid healing.

[*200] Kleine-Levin-Syndrome: Karmic advice about excessive sleeping.
[*500] Knowledge: The only thing you can take with you on your journey.
[*300] KP1: Blank-Slate: Heredity (nature) or environment (nurture).
[*800] KP2: Tabula-Rasa: Past life evidence to debunk the "Blank Slate".
[*800] KP3: Wet-Clay: Past lives create clay to be molded by the present.


[1000] Laboratory-Reality: Too much faith put into laboratory recreations.
[*100] Laughter-Medicine: Why laughter really is the very best medicine.

[*200] Law-Agreement: Karma Law: all happens by prior agreement.
[*200] Law-All-Possibilities: Karma Law: we can be, do, or have all.
[*200] Law-Attraction: Karma Law: thoughts-feelings create our life.
[*200] Law-Balance: Karma Law: what we hate, we will reincarnate into.
[*200] Law-Cause-Effect: Karma Law: we all reap what we sow in life.
[*200] Law-Connection: Karma Law: we allow and believe to receive.
[*200] Law-Empowerment: Karma Law: we take responsibility for our life.
[*200] Law-Expansion: Karma Law: we all will change and grow forever.
[*200] Law-Lessons: Karma Law: we must experience life from all views.
[*200] Law-Love: Karma Law: love is the central truth of our universe.
[*200] Law-Neutrality: Karma Law: God loves us all equally as Soul.
[*200] Law-Unfoldment: Karma Law: we learn in the best way for us.

[1600] Leg-Neuropathy: Natural cure for leg numbness/cramping.
[1000] LOA-Free-Will: About the "Law of Attraction" and free will.
[1000] LOA-Karma: Karma: the original "Law of Attraction" - its no secret.
[1000] LOA-Limitations: When the "Law of Attraction" has failed you.
[1000] LOA-Myths: Where the "Law of Attraction" has failed in the past.
[1300] Laws-o'Success: Karmic view of 'Metaphysical Laws of Success'.
[*400] Leadership: Seven key attributes shared by all successful leaders.
[*800] LV1: Level-Setting-1: Proper scope setting for decision making.
[*800] LV2: Level-Setting-2: Improper scope setting for decision making.
[*100] Lies: Dealing with the 3 categories of lies, falsehoods, and untruths.

[1000] Life-Church: Living your life as if God was always watching you.
[*400] Life-Contract: Three part inventory of what you came here to do.
[1000] Life-Creation: Creating your life exactly as you wish it to be now.
[*700] Life-Crucible: New life while recovering from the extraordinary.
[1300] Life-Learnings: Summary of what I have learned in this lifetime.
[*100] Life-Lessons: are meant for our highest good - our greatest growth.
[*100] Life-Mastery: Vibrant health, abundant health, and soulmate love.
[*600] Life-Path: Where you can look to find the best life path for you.

[*700] Life-Potentialities: Contradictory concepts of karma and free will.
[*500] LP1: Life-Purpose-Loving: Love is why you are here/what you do.
[*500] LP2: Life-Purpose-Creating: Action today to create now/future.
[*500] LP3: Life-Purpose-Learning: Becoming who you always wanted to.
[*500] LP4: Life-Purpose-Growing: Evolve into love, joy, awareness.
[*800] LF1: Life-in-Womb: Karmic experience of the living in the womb.
[*800] LF2a: Crossover-Lives: Beginning one life before ending another.
[1600] LF2b: Crossover-Signs: About the rare event of Crossover Lives.
[*800] LF3: Parallel-Lives: Living two separate lives in one time period.
[*800] LF4: Serial-Lives: Living one life after another serially.

[1400] Life-Review: The final exam: an unsparing review of your life.
[*500] Life-Shift #1: Advanced Soul gets an "upgrade" for their mission.
[1000] Life-Shift #2: Reasons why "upgrades" are needed for some Souls.

[*600] Life's-Work: Know if you are doing what you came here to do.
[1200] LIFO-Karma: Why you may not be working on your last life.
[1200] LM1: Advancement: Technology advances do not create spirituality.
[1200] LM2: Limits: How limits challenge us karmically to do/be more!
[1200] LM3: Limitations: How limitations are probably holding you back.

[*600] Litigation-Support: What you can do to make a lawsuit go smoothly.
[*600] Liver-Cirrhosis: Karmic cause/advice to heal this emotional disease.
[*400] Living-Adversity: How to stop the primary causes of your adversity.
[1600] Location-Karma: Why we are meant to live in a particular place.
[*500] Locked-In-Syndrome: Karmic cause of total muscular paralysis.

[*900] Long-Change-Process: What you should expect in long healing.
[*900] Long-Time-Companion: When you have been everything to another.
[*500] Loss-Lessons: What you can learn from the loss of a loved one.
[*500] Lost-Angels: Karma of babies who die right before or after birth.
[1400] Lost-in-Past: When you relate to past/future more than present.
[1400] Lottery-Karma: Why lottery winning is all karmically driven.

[*400] Love-Better: Learning from failed relationships to do better.
[*200] Love-Coupons: Free but truly priceless gifts of your romantic love.
[*500] Love-Different: Removing the shadow of another you loved first.
[*400] Love-First-Sight: Instant attraction has deep roots in past lives.
[*100] Love-Languages: The five main ways we can show love to others.
[*200] Love-Letters: Easy way to compose a love letter from the heart.
[1000] Love-Not-Like: Why it is easier to love another than to like them.
[*400] Love-Spoken: Saying "I love you" in many languages in the world.
[*400] Love-Unspoken: About being blocked over saying "I love you!"

[1400] Lover-Friendship: Why being friends is the best marriage cure.
[1600] Lover-to-Friend: How former lovers can choose to be friends.
[*100] Loving-Kindness: Heal your life now by showing kindness to others.
[*500] Low-Boundaries: When you have unhealthy boundaries with others.
[*900] Low-Libido: Surprising causes of lack of desire for a marital partner.
[*300] Loyalty: Why loyalty is at the root of better karmic living for all.
[*100] Lucid-Dreaming: Better remember your dreams upon waking.
[*600] Lung-Disease: Karmic cause/advice to heal lung related problems.
[1400] Lupus: Karmic causes, mainly burnout as a past life soldier.


[1100] Magic-Pill-Wand: Why there is no such thing as a magic pill-wand.
[*800] Male-Organ-Issues: Karmic issues in being a man effecting organs.
[*300] Manage-Lust: Knowing how to manage lust is a relationship saver.
[*900] Manifest-Desires: How desire helps you conceive-believe-achieve.
[1300] Manifestation-Blocks: Improving your manifestation process.
[1100] Manners: 6 sets of manners to heal your karma & relationships.
[*600] Many-Paths: Following many paths widely instead of one deeply.
[1300] Marijuana-Question: When the questions asked dictate the answer.

[1300] Marriage-Builders: How to rebuild and heal a failing marriage.
[*400] Marriage-Interference: Why extra-marital affairs are a mistake.
[*300] Marriage-Karma: Why/how you married a hard karmic partner.
[*600] Marriage-Purpose: Why multiple marriages end up failing.
[*400] Marriage-Reason: Reasons why people get and stay married.
[1300] Marriage-Rot: Signs that your marriage is in serious trouble.
[*600] Marriage-Sentence: When marriage feels like/is a prison.
[1600] Mathematically Possible: Why you may have chosen a tough road.
[1100] Maya-Illusion: How your illusions and stories create karma.
[*500] Mean-People: How to heal beliefs about those who are "mean".

[*900] Medical-Blunders: Modern medical blunders costing money & lives.
[1100] Medical-Deterioration: Age-ing does not mean failing as drs claim.
[1000] Medical-Karma: Karma with medication, surgery, hospitals issues.
[*900] Medical-Metrics #1: Medical measures that can cost you your life.
[1100] Medical-Metrics #2: Medical measures that can cost you your life
[1300] Medical-Metrics #3: Medical measures that can cost you your life.
[1100] Medical-Miracles: Improving on imperfect natural creations.
[*900] Medical-Myopia: Problems the medical profession refuses to reform.
[1100] Medical-Scare-Tactics: Do not be intimated by scary bulletins.
[1200] Medicine-Karma: When past lives prevent you from taking meds.
[1700] Medicine-v-Drugs: The difference between medicine and drugs.

[1600] Meditate-Cleaning: Ways to meditate while doing cleaning tasks.
[*700] Meditate-Quickly: Easy-quick ways to slip meditation into your day.
[*100] Meditation-Benefits: How it effects you mentally-emotionally.
[*900] Meditation-Blocks: How to clear past life blocks to meditation.
[*100] Meditation-Effects: How it effects you (beneficially) physically.
[1300] Meditation-Focus: Getting more with less effort out of meditation.

[1400] Meeting-itis: How to make any meeting much more productive.
[*100] Memorial: Make your life a memorial for light karma when you die.
[1300] Memory-Booster: Learn from students and Alzheimer's patients.
[1300] Memory-Purge: How to remember safely what you need to forget.
[*300] Mercy: The giving and receiving of mercy cuts right through karma.
[1500] Metaphysical Healing: How this differs from physical healing.
[1200] Metaphysical-Pain: When your doctor cannot find the cause of pain.

[*100] Metrics: Measure in helping others to survive, thrive, and come alive.
[1600] Midst-o'Death: Moving closer to others after experiencing tragedy.
[*800] Military-Karma: Why the wounds of war are still with you now.
[*300] Mind-Chatter: Information about how your mind does (not) work.
[1500] Mind-Divisions: Understanding how your divided mind works.
[1200] Mind-Thrashing: Breaking the overwhelm of a mind on overload.
[1600] Minority-Report: Social test: one person making the difference.
[1100] Mirror-o'Self: What you see in others is what you see in yourself.
[*700] Mission-Task-Oriented: Your doing more vital than you being?

[*100] Mistakes: Why forgiveness of mistakes is the "greatest" karma.
[*300] MH1: Mistake-Healing-Change-v-Denial: Really in denial?
[*300] MH2: Mistake-Healing-Choice-v-Caught: Only because caught?
[*300] MH3: Mistake-Healing-Group-v-Person: From group pressure?
[*300] MH4: Mistake-Healing-Insight-v-Oversight: No real insight?
[*300] MH5: Mistake-Healing-Isolated-v-Pattern: Really a pattern?
[*300] MH6: Mistake-Healing-Owning-v-Excuses: Just an excuse?
[1000] Mistake-Response: How to respond in correcting mistakes.
[*300] Mistrust-Karma: Know if you have a problem with mistrusting.

[1400] Moderation: How to achieve a life in balance through moderation.
[*800] Molestation-Karma: When adult takes sexual advantage of a child.
[*400] MB1: Money-Lonely: Busting the lie that money creates loneliness.
[*400] MB2: Money-Loser: Busting the lie that the rich always lose money.
[*400] MB3: Money-Slavery: Busting the lie that it is too hard to get rich.
[*400] MB4: Money-Twisted: Busting the lie that the rich are sick/twisted.
[*400] ME1: Money-Emptying: When money comes & goes quickly.
[*400] ME2: Money-Emotions: Emotions blocking manifestation.

[*900] MN1: Cheap-Frugal: The fine line between cheap and frugal.
[*900] MN2: Lavish-Abundant: The fine line between lavish and abundant.
[*700] MS1: Overspending: Why spend money like there is no tomorrow?
[*700] MS2: Oversaving: Why never enough money can ever be saved?
[1000] Money-Disinformation: Bad money attitudes ingrained by religions.
[*500] Money-Grubbers: Working for money without really liking it.
[*100] Money-Habits: if it is not in your pocket, blame past lives.
[*100] Money-Magnetism: The means for magnified purposeful living.

[*100] Money-Miracles: Start thinking of money as God's love for you.
[*900] Money-Patterns: Think about being rich or worry about being poor?
[1200] Money-Razor: When big money happens to bad people as a test.
[*800] Monkey-Mind: Ending the non-stop unproductive mind chatter.
[1600] Monkey-PayPerView: Social Test: hard-wired to admire celebrities.
[*100] Morality: Begin to reshape the landscape with a single flower.
[*700] Moral-Relativism: How this sheds new light on past life exploration.
[1100] Morals: 5 sets of morals to heal your karma & relationships.
[*500] Morbid-Obesity: When you are 100 lbs+ over your body weight.

[*700] More-Clarity: Experience more clarity in your thoughts/mind.
[1100] More-Creativity: Time honored methods to spark creativity.
[*700] More-Energy: Experience more energy in your physical body.
[*700] More-Flow: Experience more calm flow in your feelings/emotions.
[*700] More-Spirituality: Experience more spirituality in your life.
[*300] Morgellons-Fibers: Karmic cause of this "harsh hair" disease.
[1600] MO1: Adult-Motivations: What forces drive an adult's behavior.
[1600] MO2: Child-Motivations: What forces drive a child's behavior.
[*200] Motivation-Inspiration: Actions that are driven by fear or joy.

[1400] Mountain-o'Evidence: When scientific facts just pile up on a topic.
[1500] Mourning-Process: Common words of comfort reveal insights.
[*900] Moved-On: Dealing with being forced out of a job you already hated.
[1200] Movement-Effect: Interference with normal progress of events.
[*500] Moving-On: How to be sure that moving on is the right thing to do.
[*200] Moving-Toward-Away: Go to dreams: move away from karma.
[*600] Multi-Level-Existence: Physical-emotional-karmic-mental-spiritual.
[*700] Multi-Lingual: Being able to think in and speak many languages.

[1400] Multiple-Channels: Why there are always many hands to help you.
[1500] Multiple-Incomes: The only five ways you can earn money - period.
[*400] Multiple-Personality: Karmic advice about unsubmerged past lives.
[*700] Munchausen-Hero-Homicide: "Heroes" who often endanger others.
[*700] Munchausen-Mom-Syndrome: Moms who endanger kids.
[1200] Must-Win: Succeeding when failure just cannot be an option.
[1200] My-Baby: Why treating kids like babies stunts their karmic growth.
[1100] Myopia-Karma: Short sightedness about life causes all to fail.


[*200] Name-Energy: Clues to the karmic task you came here to perform.
[*200] Name-Gift: Special gift of love customized for your mate.
[1300] Narcissist-Freedom: How to get free from a narcissist forever.
[1300] Narcissist-Test: How to know if someone is completely selfish.
[1500] Narcissistic-Personality: Karmic causes of this mental disorder.
[*400] Narcolepsy: Karmic cause of sleep disorder common to old Souls.

[*200] Natural-Cures: Your heart will guide you to the best medicine.
[1200] Natural-Miracle: Cures the medical professional have suppressed.
[*600] Natural-Talent: Talent without training comes from past lives.
[*200] Near-Death-Experiences: How to help loved ones to cope with NDE.
[1500] Need-Nurturing: Why this need increases as an individual ages.

[*300] Negativity-Diet#1: Highly toxic brain food you must do without.
[1400] Negativity-Diet#2: Draining it out of your thoughts, words, deeds.
[1400] Negativity-Effect: The physical, mental, & emotional effects.
[1400] Negativity-Reframing: Transforming negative thoughts positively.
[1400] Negative-Self-Talk: Transforming negative self talk positively.
[1400] Negativity-Zapper: About this controversial mind-training tool.
[*600] Neurofibromatosis: Karmic cause of distinctive brown spots/cysts.

[1200] New-Healer-Sickness: Overcoming effects of New Healer Syndrome.
[1000] New-Healer-Syndrome: Just started healing and sick as a dog.
[*200] Nightmares-Recurring: Proven cure for recurring nightmares.
[1500] No-Answer: About blocking communication through stone-walling.
[*400] No-Choice: Why there are always many responses to any situation.
[1100] No-Contact: Why/when there is no further contact between you.
[1700] No-Reason: Why past lives are often the reason behind your life now.
[*800] No-Time-for-Karma: Karma is everywhere you are - like it or not.

[1700] Noble-Cause-Corruption: The motivations behind planted evidence.
[1700] Nose-Blind: Why you cannot smell certain familiar environment.
[*500] Not-Belonging: When you feel as if you want to be elsewhere.
[1100] Not-Invented-Here: Limit success by not considering outside ideas.
[*600] Now-What?: Changes required by encountering life's turning points.


[1100] Obfuscation: Sum of semantics, sophistry, and spin doctoring.
[1100] OB1: Semantics: Intentional use of misleading wording to deceive.
[1100] OB2: Sophistry: Intentional misinterpretation of past events.
[1100] OB3: Spin-Doctoring: Intentional undeserved favorable slant.

[*400] Obsessive-Compulsive: Karmic cause/advice about bad OCD habits.
[1300] OCD-Lessons: Lessons from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
[1300] OCD-Purpose: Purpose of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
[1700] OCD-Traps: Origins Obsessive Compulsive Disorder traps.
[1300] OCD-Triggers: Diffusing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder triggers.

[*100] Obstacles?: Strength which comes from climbing over obstacles.
[*700] Obstacles-Knowledge: Four things which block truth & knowledge.
[1100] Offense-Karma: Why you need to follow your heart, not the crowd.
[*900] Offhand-Remark: Past lives clues from out of context statements.
[*400] Old-Souls: Signs that you are old in Soul awareness/experience.
[1600] On-Break: Why we must take breaks from those we love the most.
[*600] One-Life-to-Live: NOW - the present - is the point of all power.
[*800] One-Upsmanship: Bad karmic tactics to win at whatever the cost.

[*500] Open-Door: Make others comfortable in reconnecting with you.
[*500] Open-Hand: Keeping an open hand creates better relationships.
[1500] Open-Handed: Difference between advising & imposing on others.
[*900] Open-Hearted: Have a kind heart in all situations at all times.
[*600] Open-Mind: Avoiding patterns of those who are close-minded.
[*900] Open-Minded: Have an open mind in all situations at all times.
[*700] Open-to-Love: Opening up to love after you have been deeply hurt.

[*700] Opening-Image: Crucial past life moment that presents itself first.
[*400] Openness: The many levels of the "I Already Knew That" Syndrome.
[*600] Optimistic-Pessimistic: The "Half Empty-Half Full" viewpoint.
[*300] Opus-Dei: How religious orders unlovingly constrict individuals.
[1600] Organized-Cheating: The ethics behind extra-marital cheating.
[1100] Orphan-Karma: Why the child must be the parent of the adult.
[*300] Ossificans-Progressiva: Karmic cause of muscle turning into bone.

[1500] OtherWorldy-Music: Inner sounds heard by the spiritually aware.
[*400] Out-Body-Experience: Four ways to leave your body with safety.
[*900] Outgrowing-Apart: One mate outgrows/moves away from another.
[*400] Outing-Shouting: Breaking the pattern of yelling & shouting.
[*700] Outspoken: When is being outspoken a positive duty to you/God?
[1200] Overcome-Fear: Using fear to get back on track with life's plan.
[1200] Overcome-Remorse: Stop past remorse from poisoning the future.
[*700] Over-Under-Funct: Your over-funct supports their under-funct.


[1700] Pace-o'Change: How change cascades through body, mind, emotions.
[1200] Paging-Memories: When a life review happens while still alive.
[1200] Pain-Payoff: A: "If you are not your pain, then who are you?"
[*600] Painful-Memories: Only active steps to heal repairs all wounds.
[1200] Pandemic-Karma: More lessons from living during a great illness.
[*600] Pandemic-School: How experiencing diseases teaches lessons.
[*800] Panic-Attack: What karma teaches about the purpose of panic.
[*900] Paralyzed-Possessed: Ending external control of your internals.
[*900] Paranoid-Personality: Why this is the manifestation of bad karma.

[*700] Parent-Child-Vision: How parents can create this positive vision.
[*700] Parent-Jobs: The three most vital jobs you must do as a parent.
[*200] Parent-Karma: Why people attract toxic parents to themselves.
[1500] Parent-v-Spouse: When a parent's help interferes in the marriage.
[1100] Parenting-Compromise: How parents can/must act as a united front.
[1500] Parenting-Differences: How such conflicts undermine marriages.
[1100] Parenting-Programming: How parents teach kids to ignore them.
[1100] Parenting-Rewards: Rewarding kids works better than punishing.

[*300] Pareto-Focus: Using the "The 80/20 Rule" to achieve greater success.
[*600] Parkinson's-Disease: Karmic cause of degenerative nervous disorder.
[*500] Passion-Test: If you are ready to work at and live in your passion.

[1000] Past-Life-Abusage: The "bad" reasons for past life exploration.
[*300] Past-Life-Alarm-Clock: What causes it to go off during our lifetime.
[1500] Past-Life-Apparition: A spontaneous vision of a past life self.
[1600] PL-Confabulation: How past life truths create present life lies.
[1400] PL-Conveyor-Belt: Behind the intense exploration of your past lives
[1400] Past-Life-Denial: When knowledge of the past seems wrong.
[*400] Past-Life-Dreams: Know when you have had a past life dream.
[1300] Past-Life-Evidence: How evidence of past lives holds up in court.
[1500] Past-Life-Explanation: Why past life explanations are sought.

[*400] Past-Life-Fantasy: Present sexual fantasies have roots in past lives.
[1400] PL-Heart-Punch: How powerful emotions force past life healing.
[1500] PL-Illness-Allowance: How/why allowances must be made here.
[1500] PL-Instant-Flashback: past life cause "pops" into your mind.
[1400] Past-Life-Load: How many past lives you are working on now.
[1500] Past-Life-Object: Past life recall triggered by common objects.
[1400] Past-Life-Overview: How the past is still present in your life now.
[1600] Past-Life-Overwhelm: of present karma blocking past life recall.

[1000] PL-Research: Why healing the past is better than researching it.
[1400] PL-Research-Vortex: How powerful thoughts force past life healing.
[1500] Past-Life-Return: Why individuals choose to return to the physical.
[1500] Past-Life-Skew: How the past alters the present "unexpectedly".
[1500] PL-Under-Current: Why-when weighted with deep past life history.
[1400] PL-Wound-Imprint: How past life wounds become imprinted.
[1400] PL-Wound-Manifest: How past wounds causes present problems.
[*800] PLP-Reconciliation: How to quiet the past life unquiet dead - now!

[*600] Past-Quagmire: Being stuck in the past keeping you from living.
[*400] Past-Trap: Suffer from problems/benefit from talents not yours.
[*100] Patience: The key to creating a lasting, blissful love relationship.
[*500] Paycheck-Clues: Clues to past lives sprinkled throughout our present.
[*700] Peasant-Effect: When things get better then suddenly get worse.

[*500] People-Paranoia: How to heal constant fears of people hurting you.
[*900] People-Patience: Strategies for becoming more tolerant of others.
[*900] People-Persuasion: How to persuade others to do what you want.
[*600] Perfect-Work: Know if you are doing the work perfect for you.
[*100] Perfection-Excellence: Stop being perfect: strive to be excellent.
[*400] Performance-Anxiety: Focus on avoiding a bad result creates it.
[*100] Persistence: Why persistence is the key to getting greater awareness.
[*300] Persistent-Sexual: Karmic cause/advice about uncontrollable arousal.

[*900] Personal-Standards: Importance of having your own morals-ethics.
[1300] Personal-Vision: Who you are and where you are going in life.
[*600] Phantom-Pain: Pain doctors cannot explain: from past lives.
[*900] Phobias: Advice about taking your life back from (past life) fears.
[*600] Photographic-Memory: Exercises to improve clarity of memory.
[1300] Physical-Problem: No excuses: anything can be cured/improved.
[*800] Physical-Structures: Are you more than the sum of your genetics?
[*500] Pioneer: What it takes to be the bleeding edge of unfoldment of truth.

[*600] Pneumonia: Karmic cause/advice to heal this disease of overwhelm.
[1000] Point-o'Light: Those who inspire us to be and do better in our life.
[1100] Point-o'No-Return: Why failed relationships can never be saved.
[1200] Poison-Karma: Karmic balancing of poisoning and being poisoned.
[1000] Politeness: Why this "oil of life" cuts through karma like magic.
[1000] Polling-Pressure: Why always checking in makes others check out.
[1100] Positioning: Presenting a false, sculpted public face to the world.
[*600] Positive-Thinking: Eight ways to bring more positivity to your mind.

[*100] Possibilities: For everyone who says that something cannot be done.
[1100] Pouring: Temporary overwhelm from too much past life awareness.
[*600] Poverty-Buddies: To be rich, stop crying poor with buddies.
[*300] Poverty-View: "John List" case reveals the trap of poverty view.

[*100] PW1: Choice-Power: Power from your choices in any situation.
[*100] PW2: Possibility-Power: Power from activitation possibilities.
[*100] PW3: Reclaiming-Power: Power back from "energy vampires".
[*100] PW4: Will-Power: Power from a strong will-determination.
[1700] Power-o'Inspiration: Historical figures interest each new generation.
[*300] Powerful-Ideas: "Six Great Ideas" which lead to much better karma.
[1200] Powerful-Powerless: The 5 karmic dynamics to test use of power.

[*400] Prayer-Basics: The power of prayer in manifesting desires.
[*400] Prayer-Effectiveness: Proofs of prayer power in living daily life.
[*400] Prayer-Fasting: Problems resulting from putting prayer over safety.
[*400] Prayer-Paradoxes: Answers to skeptics about the power of prayer.
[*400] Prayer-Power: Benefits flowing from regular practice of prayer.
[*500] Prayerful-Life: How to make time to fit prayer into your busy life.
[*200] Pre-cognition: With greater knowledge comes greater responsibility.
[*300] Preemptive-Strike: Getting back at others to stop them striking you.
[1300] Premature-Birth: Past life causes of being born premature.

[*500] Primordial-Dwarfism: Karmic cause of persons born very short.
[*400] Prince-Syndrome: Those who think-act as if they were royalty.
[*300] Priority-Paralysis: What to do if you are frozen by total overwhelm.
[1600] Prison-Experiment: Social test: guards vs prisoners simulation.
[*100] Procrastination: Stop beating yourself up for your (in)actions.
[*200] Productivity-Activity: Difference between productivity and activity.
[*300] Progeria: Karmic cause of children who age very rapidly.
[*600] Project-Beauty: How to feel beautiful to project a look of beauty.
[*100] Promises: Agreements with others which are witnessed by God.

[*600] Pronoia: Belief that the universe loves you: antidote to paranoia.
[1100] Prophecy-Paradox: How prophecies about the future shape it.
[*400] Prophet-Tears: Those who feel the pain of the world's suffering.
[*300] Prosopagnosia: Karmic cause of inability to do facial recognition.
[1700] Prosperity-Mantra: This powerful mantra opens you to abundance.
[1400] Prostitution-Karma: Karmic causes and effects of living "the life".
[1300] Proximity-Detector: Heightened danger detection from past lives.
[*300] Pseudo-Suicide: Karmic advice about dangerous sleep-walking.

[1700] Psychiatric-Drugs: Bad science, bad medicine for the "mentally ill."
[*400] Psychic-Attack: How to defend yourself against psychic attacks.
[*200] Psychic-Creation: Create your destiny: do not give it to psychics.
[*600] Psychic-Curse: Why psychics want you to believe in curses.
[*200] Psychic-Scams: What some psychics demand from their clients.
[*400] Psychic-Shield: Exercise to help you manage energy sensitivity.
[*900] Psychic-Shock: Receiving psychic gifts only to shut them down.
[*200] Psychic-Spells: Run fast, run far from practicing spells/curses!

[1400] Public-Speaking-After: Analyze a speech for future improvement.
[1400] Public-Speaking-Before: Prepare for a successful speech.
[1400] Public-Speaking-During: During a speech how to make it work.
[*500] Purgatory: Karmic view on the "Purgatory" in the inner worlds.
[*400] Purpose: "Do what you love and the money will follow".
[*900] Pursuit-o'Happiness: Only you can know what makes you happy.


[*300] Quality-Time: What it really takes to spend quality time with others.
[*100] Questions: Asking questions helps to avoid making mistakes.
[1100] Questions=Statements: When questions are really statements.
[*300] Quick-Match: Basic questions to ask about a couple's compatibilty.
[*800] Quick-Thinking: How to develop the ability to think quickly.


[*900] Raise-Vibration: 4 steps to greatly accelerate your karmic vibration.
[*900] Random-Convergence: Greater plan/purpose behind random events.
[1000] Rape-Karma: Karmic cause of pairing up of rapist & rape victim.
[*300] Rasmussen's-Encephalitis: Only half of the brain is normal.
[1100] Rational-Lies: 8 lies we tell ourselves that create bad karma.
[1600] Ready-to-Change: Karmic test of new ways versus old habits.

[1000] Real-Beauty: What creates the perception of beauty to all others?
[1600] Real-Reactions: of those learning about their historical personalities.
[*600] Reasonless-Crying: Ocean of tears caused by past lives.
[*900] Reasonless-Fears: Knots of fears caused by past lives.
[1700] Rebound-Effect: About withdrawing from prescription medicine.
[1000] Receiving-Block: Difficulty in receiving help, gifts, compliments.

[*100] Recovery: 12 steps to address the spiritual cause of your illness.
[1500] Recovery - Emotional: What to do to recover emotionally.
[1500] Recovery - Mental: What to do to recover mentally.
[1500] Recovery - Physical: What to do to recover physically.
[1500] Recovery - Spiritual: What to do to recover spiritually.

[1400] Red-Shoes: When you cannot stop working on what you love.
[1100] Redirection-Karma: Pushed away from "nothing left to learn".
[*500] Regression-Process: Not the only way to effect a past life healing.
[1000] Regression-Truth: How regressionists interfere with past life truth.
[*500] Regret-Free: How to live a life in a way that is free of regret.
[*800] Regrow-Hair: "Tibetan Rite Hair Regrowth" and baldness cures.

[*100] Reincarnation: The principle that you can only learn what you live.
[*500] RE1: After-Image: Seeing Marie Antoinette on the day of her death.
[*500] RE2: Before-Image: Predicting the "Titanic" disaster years before.
[1700] Rein-2Close- Impacts: What happens if reincarnation is too quick.
[1700] Rein-2Close- Reasons: Why someone chooses to return quickly.
[*200] Reincarnation-Adrenaline: If you have gone "above & beyond".
[*200] Reincarnation-Biology: Accurate road map to past life wounds.
[1300] Reincarnation-dectomy: Why/how karma was cut from the Bible.
[*500] Reincarnation-Detail: Seemed wrong at first but later proved right.
[1100] Reincarnation-Junkie: Keep coming back way too quickly.
[1400] Reincarnation-Love: Why reincarnation is pure unconditional love.

[*200] Reincarnation-Measure: The Presidential vs the average life.
[1100] Reincarnation-Myths#1: Arguments against past lives do not work.
[1400] Reincarnation-Myths#2: Arguments against past lives do not work.

[*200] Reincarnation-Overthinking: Scholasticism: mind on over-drive.
[*200] Reincarnation-Resurgence: Return from Mystic, MA massacre.
[*100] Reincarnation-Roles: All genders, races, creeds, and nationalities.
[*800] Reincarnation-Same-Family: Signs the deceased has returned.
[*300] Reincarnation-Skepticism: Why is karmic evidence not accepted?

[1500] Reinventing-Life: What it takes to change one's life from the inside.
[1300] Rekindle-Romance: How to bring romance back to marriage.
[1000] Relationship-Anchor: The "on-again" "off-gain" relationship.
[*200] Relationship-Assessing: Know what stage your relationship is in.
[1600] Relationship-Better: How to deserve better in your relationships.
[*200] Relationship-Booster: A "Self Esteem" recording for a loved one.
[*200] Relationship-Commitments: Lasting love is built on these.
[*600] Relationship-Fortress: A solid relationship is a mighty fortress.
[1500] Relationship-Head: When the relationship is just inside your head.
[1500] Relationship-Hero: How to "step up" to preserve a relationship.

[*200] Relationship-Leaving: How to know if the relationship is really over.
[*200] Relationship-Measure: When, how, how often couples kiss.
[*900] Relationship-Metrics: 6 part test about the quality of relationships.
[*500] Relationship-Mourn: Mourn the old or risk contaminating the new.
[*700] Relationship-Mourning: How to fully let go of an old relationship.
[1500] Relationship-Ready: Signs another is ready to form a relationship.
[1500] Relationship-Real: 5 part test about the solidness of relationships.

[1500] Relationship-Reasons: The most solid foundations for lasting ones.
[*100] Relationship-Renegotiation: When and how to do this healing.
[1600] Relationship-Reunion: What it takes to create a successful reunion.
[1400] Relationship-Settling: How to know if you have totally settled!
[1500] Relationship-Stress: How to drain the stress from significant others.
[1500] Relationship-Unavailable: Why some prefer unavailable individuals.
[*200] Relationship-Wishes: Asking questions to stimulate more romance.

[*300] RL1: Hasty-Hearts: Bad tactic- "You are the One: Now Marry Me!"
[*300] RL2: Hostage-Takers: Bad tactic- "You and Nobody Else But You!"
[*300] RL3: Players: Bad tactic- "Just Play Some Mind Games!"
[*300] RL4: Sculptors: Bad tactic- "You're Perfect, Now Change!"
[*300] RL5: Taskmasters: Bad tactic- "Just Take a Few Simple Tests!"
[1100] RL6: Lord-o'Ring: Bad tactic- "All I Want is that Gold Ring!"
[1100] RL7: Master-o'Game: Bad tactic- "All I Want is Just Sex - Now!"

[*900] Release-Effects: What to expect after you have released much karma.
[*500] Release-Process: Profound, perceivable, and permanent changes.

[1000] Religion-o'Science: Why today's most popular religion is science.
[*500] Religion-Paradox: Makes life easy to live by having difficult rituals.
[1200] Religious-Type: When religion is your center and your real self.
[1500] Relocation-for-Love: How to know if this is a good move or not.
[1000] Relocation-Karma: Inner urge leading you to your next best place.

[1600] Remarriage-Reasons: The reasons behind when ex-spouses remarry.
[1600] Remarriage-Restoration: What is takes for remarriage to work.
[1200] Remember-When: Those not together remembering past loves.
[1300] Repeating-Patterns: Why these keep you stuck/how to get unstuck.
[1200] Repetitive-Strain: Overuse of body in ways it was not designed for.
[*800] RM1: Repressed-Memories: Present effect of repressed memories.
[*800] RM1: Unleash-Repressed: Exercise to surface repressed memories.
[1400] Resentment-Karma: A very hard cycle of karmic burn-off.

[*100] Resonance: Effects that your past lives have on your life today.
[*400] RE1: Event-Attraction: Past life clues from historical events.
[*400] RE2: People-Attraction: Past life clues from people you know.
[*400] RE3: Place-Attraction: Past life clues from places on Earth.
[*400] RE4: Object-Attraction: Past life clues from common objects.
[*400] RE5: Time-Attraction: Past life clues from historical periods.
[*800] RP1: Attraction-Resonances: More about people, place, time.
[*800] RP2: Illness-Resonances: Past life karma in present diseases.

[*800] RP3: Name-Resonances: Past life clues lurking inside your name.
[1400] RP4: Place-Resonance: Past life clues about different locations.
[*800] RP5: Poison-Resonances: Present effects of past life poisoning.
[*800] RP6: Religion-Resonances: Past life clues about religion choice.
[*800] RP7: Starvation-Resonances Past life clues about food choice.

[*800] RP8: Terror-Resonances: Past life clues about deep fears.
[*800] RP9: Touch-Resonances: Past life clues about fears of touch.
[1400] RP10: Work-Resonances: Past life clues about work and career.
[*700] Resonance-Test: Test for you to discover your own past lives.

[*200] Respect: Signs of lack of respect which clarifies true respect.
[1000] Responsive-to-Change: This is the key to surviving long term.
[1500] Rest-from-Healing: Why you must take rest breaks while healing.
[*500] Restless-Legs: Karmic cause of uncontrollable urge to move legs.
[1200] Retribution-Desire: When pedophiles like O'Grady inspire this.
[*600] Reunion-Karma: Why we reincarnate with the same group of people.
[*200] Revenge-Karma: How the pursuit of revenge harms all involved.
[*800] Reversal-o'Roles: Always trading places with significant others.
[1000] Reverse-It: Consider if you like the reverse of thoughts/actions.

[*100] Risk-Taking: Karma offers us endless chances to take risks.
[*500] Rock-Bottom: What it means to really hit bottom to change.
[*300] Rolling-Karma: Like a bank account, karma is always updating.
[1000] Romantic-Chemistry: How sexual attraction is created in a couple.
[*200] Romantic-Ideas: Ideas to make every married day a honeymoon day.
[*200] Romantic-Jealousy: One cause and three cures for jealousy.
[1600] Root Cause: Past life core issue driving unwanted present results.
[*500] Rushed-Intimacy: Bring lovemaking into the relationship - later!


[1200] Sabotage-Karma: Why your most powerful enemy lies within you.
[*800] Safe-Healer-Space: How to know if a healer deserves your trust.
[*100] Safety: Know when your "Past Life Alert" makes you feel unsafe.
[*600] Saying-Goodbye: Putting an energetic end to a failed relationship.
[1600] Scare-Tactics: What having a brush with death really communicates.
[*600] Scars-Origin: Why your body is a road map to your past lives.
[1200] Scars-Purpose: Skin reminders of struggles/triumphs in past lives.
[*700] Scale-o'Evil: How to understand the various levels of evil conduct.

[*500] Scene-Crime#1: Visiting where you died violently in past lives.
[1400] Scene-Crime#2: Effects you physically, mentally, emotionally.
[*400] Schizophrenia: Karmic emergence of baseline PL personality.
[*800] Science-o'Reincarnation: About the validity of reincarnation.
[1000] Scientific-Evidence: Science ignores valid evidence of past lives.
[1500] Scorpion-Lesson: Why some habits are a part of a person's nature.
[*200] Scrupulosity-OCD: Karmic cause of extreme focus on religion.

[1300] Seasonal-Affective: Karmic advice for winter-summer depression.
[*600] Secret-Private: Different reasons for the withholding information.
[*600] Seeking: "That which you are seeking is causing you to seek."
[*800] Selective-Mutism: Karmic cause of children who are silent in school.

[*500] Self-Abandonment: Get over helplessness, hopelessness, hatefulness.
[1000] Self-Blocking: Causes and cures for common self sabotage patterns.
[1600] Self-Compassion: Why kindness-charity must begin at home.
[1000] Self-Confidence: Strategies to develop greater self confidence.
[1700] Self-Conscious: What you are really avoiding by being this way.
[*100] Self-Criticism: Stop beating yourself up: cancel self-criticism.
[1600] Self-Deception: How others can deceive by lying to themselves.
[*700] Self-Doubt: The important functions that self doubt performs.
[*100] Self-Hatred: Stop beating yourself up: invest in more self-love.

[*600] Self-Love: Powerful exercises to increase your ability for self love.
[*200] Self-Mutilation-Syndrome: Karmic cause/advice about self-cutting.
[*900] Self-Punishment: Answer to "are you done punishing yourself?"
[1300] Self-Realization: About achieving/sustaining Christ consciousness.
[*400] Self-Sabotage: How/why we set ourselves up for failure in life.
[*200] Self-Surrender: If you must stop being you to be loved by another.
[*700] Self-Trust: How to develop-cultivate more and deeper self trust.

[*100] Sense-Memory: How the body carries its past life memories.
[*800] Sensory-Activation: Past life recall allow blind to see/deaf to hear.
[1500] Sensory-Impairment: If you are blind/deaf, how to use the exercises.
[*400] Sensory-Lessons: Other senses grow when being deprived of one.
[*500] Sensory-Trigger: Common triggers stimulating past life recall.
[1600] Sentence-Completion: A technique for surfacing your true beliefs.
[*600] Separation-Karma: Karmic anxiety at being parted from loved ones.
[*600] Serenity: Eight powerful ways for you to achieve "Serenity Now!"
[1000] Seriousness-Karma: Karmic cause/advice about grim and humorless.
[1600] Seven-Habits: Karma behind 7 habits of highly effective people.

[*300] Sex-Somnia: Karmic cause/advice about uncontrollable sex in sleep.
[1500] Sex-v-Religion: Reasons why some religions have attitudes about sex.
[1500] Sex-v-Spirituality: Religion and spirituality are compatible with sex.
[1000] Sexual-Energetics: Why women are more deeply effected by sex.
[1200] Sexual-Formation: How sexual preferences are formed by past lives.
[1300] Sexual-Healing: About Sex Part 1 & 2 and how to heal these issues.
[1300] Sexual-Rebellion: Karmic cause of dysfunctional M/F sexual organs.
[*700] Sexually-Transmitted-Diseases: Karmic causes of getting these.

[*100] Shadow-Sides: Karmic imbalances desperately seeking deep healing.
[*300] Shared-Consciousness: Arguments against the validity of PL recall.
[1400] Shifting-Pain: When/why others attack you for no valid reason.
[*500] Should-Karma: The job of karma: "What should I be doing?"
[1200] Should-Meaning: "Do you do what you think you should?"
[1100] Shut-Down: Why others disrespect you by ignoring you all the time.
[*600] Shy-Anxiety: When shyness is a reaction to a string of bad past lives.

[*400] Sick-Care: Real drug problem: addiction to prescription medications.
[1100] Silent-Partner: One who saw the abuse but refused to help end it.
[*400] Simplicity: Wisdom about holistic living from the "Hua Hu Ch'ing.
[*500] Situs-Inversus: Karmic cause of mirror imaged internal organs.
[1500] Sleep-Apnea: The causes and cures for this non-stop awakening.
[1100] Sleep-Deprivation: Your life at risk by a doctor who is too tired.
[*700] Small-Makers: Are those around you trying to cut you down to size?
[*500] Snow-Blindness: Why/how we are blinded to the reality of past lives.

[*500] Social-Anxiety: Karmic cause of fears resulting in Social Phobia.
[*200] Social-Awareness: Living as if others in the world really matter.
[1100] Social-Consciousness: Unspoken code of conduct in a social group.
[*700] SD1: Anti-Social-Personality: Disease of the unevolved as an adult.
[*700] SD2: Conduct-Disorder: Disease of the unevolved as a child.
[*700] SD3: Intermittent-Explosive: Out of character explosive outbursts.
[*700] SD4: Oppositional-Defiant: Defiance as a common child pattern.

[1200] Society-Karma: Treatment of weakest members defines a society.
[1400] Solitary-Existence: For those who do not want marriage/kids.
[*100] Solitude: What loving partners can do to ease their mutual solitude.
[1400] Somatization-Disorder: Symptoms with no identifiable origin.
[*400] Soul-Healing: Find a champion, cheer-leader, and coach to help.
[*100] Soul-Love: Love is what drives our karma and reincarnation.

[*700] SL1: Being-Civil: Soul love means "being civil to all" people.
[*700] SL2: Being-Familiar: Soul love means "being familiar with few".
[*700] SL3: Being-Sociable: Soul love means "being sociable to many".
[*700] SL4: True-Friends: Soul love means "being friend to one" or two.
[*700] SL5: No-Enemies: Soul love means "being enemy to none".

[1400] Soul-Group-Karmic: Those you are drawn to by past life karma.
[1400] Soul-Group-Primary: Those you most frequently reincarnate with.
[1400] Soul-Group-Purposes: Living many lives with the same group.
[1400] Soul-Group-Secondary: Those you often-regularly reincarnate with.
[1400] Soul-Group-Tertiary: Those you sometimes reincarnate with.

[1400] Soul-Levels: Beginner, intermediate, advanced soul awareness.
[*200] Soul-Loving: To accelerate the resolution of past life karma.
[*700] Soul-Records: Only privately accessible records of past life events.
[1400] Soul-Retrieval: How and why this is a very misleading term.
[1200] Soul-Synchronicity: When those meant to be together are parted.
[1600] Soul-Weariness: Why and how someone fails to engage with life.

[*900] Soulmate-Dreams: Dreams which pave the way to a relationship.
[*900] Soulmate-Recognition: About instant sense of mutual recognition.
[*400] Soulmate-Reunion: What to expect when reunited with your mate.
[*700] Soulmate-Right-One: Know you have found the right life mate.
[1300] Soulmate-Separation: Disentagle from a hopeless love situation.
[*900] Soulmates-Bonded: Acting appropriately now to a past life love.
[*200] Soulmates-Crossing: When the right one comes at the wrong time.
[1100] Soulmates-Twin-Flames: Bashert(a): two halves of the same person.

[*100] Spiritedness: Sum of energy, determination, enthusiasm, & courage.
[1600] Spiritual-v-Human: Why do bad things happen to good people.
[1600] Spiritual-Signup: Why bad things happen to good people.
[1500] Sports-Imagery: Social test: Three part formula for sports success.
[*400] Spouse-Karma: Karma behind your choice of spouse in this lifetime.
[1000] Stalker-Karma: Strategies/actions to end another stalking you.
[1400] Stammering: Karmic result from speaking the truth in past lives.

[1000] Star-Crossed-Lovers: Pattern of tragic separation in past lives.
[1500] Starvation-Diet: How diet-starving yourself actually keeps you fat.
[*800] Statistical-Reality: Getting paroled from doctors' death sentences.
[*300] StepUp-SlideBack: Failing to reach new heights causes a great fall.
[*700] Stepwise-Healing: Why healing is often a long journey of discovery.

[*700] Stockholm-Syndrome: Influenced by others to act against your will.
[*500] Stop-Hating: How to set yourself free from the bad karma of hating.
[*500] Stop-Worrying: How to free your mind from the poison of worrying.
[*100] Stress: Understanding stress is what helps you to manage/reduce it.
[1300] Stress-Threshold: Handling exhaustion, overwhelm, and overload.
[*600] Stroke: Karmic cause/advice to heal this disease of pushing too hard.
[*200] Struggle: Sign from inner guidance you are going the wrong way.
[*900] Stuttering: Karmic result from speaking the truth in many past lives.

[*600] Substantial-Compliance: How to put an end to reincarnating.
[*900] Sub-Text: What you are saying reveals what you are not saying.
[*300] Success-Focus: Ancient success wisdom from the "Magic Story".
[1200] Sudden-Death: What happens when a loved one dies suddenly.
[*300] Sudden-Infant-Death: Karmic advice about babies who leave early.
[1000] Sugar-Daddy-Cougar: The truth about May-December relationships.

[*200] Suicide-Healing: How you can help a loved one heal their suicide.
[*200] Suicide-Impact: What happens when someone committs suicide.
[1500] Suicide-Recovery: About reincarnating after committing suicide.
[*400] Suicide-Threat: What to do if someone threatens to kill themselves.
[*800] Sumptuary-Law-Effect: Laws against natural cures will not succeed.
[*400] SuperStar-Meltdowns: Why those who have it all risk losing it all.
[*400] Surgical-Recovery: How to make surgical recovery quicker/easier!

[1200] Survivor-Guilt: When all around you die while you end up living.
[1500] Swaddling-Karma: Why this baby handling practice is bad karma.
[1500] Sweat-Test: How to detect past life causes of excessive sweating.
[*300] Swedenborg-Arguments: Arguments against past life recall.
[*700] Swiss-Cheese-Syndrome: Problems accepting compliments.
[*300] Synchronicity: "Meaningful coincidences" beyond mere chance.
[*300] Synesthesia: Karmic advice about crosswired or blended senses.


[*600] Taking-It-Personally: How to know if you over-react to insults.
[*100] Tantra-Passion: How to live your life with true tantric passion.
[*400] Tantra-Pleasure: The philosophy of Tantra: "Pleasure Now!"
[1600] Tatemae-Honne: The necessary balance between the real and ideal.
[*800] Temporarily-Taller: How you can increase your height for one day!

[1300] Tennis-Karma: A cautionary tale of direct karma in action.
[1300] TL1: Inspiration: What Billie Jean King taught through tennis.
[1300] TL2: Toughness: What Rafael Nadal taught through tennis.
[1300] TL3: Economy: What Roger Federer taught through tennis.
[1300] TL4: Fairness: What Andy Roddick taught through tennis.
[1300] TL5: Perfectibility: What Elena Dementieva taught through tennis.
[1300] TL6: Tenacity: What Maria Sharapova taught through tennis.

[1300] TL7: Resurgence: What Clijsters/Henin taught through tennis.
[1300] TL8: Longevity: What Chris/Martina taught through tennis.
[1300] TL9: Graciousness: What Borg/Ashe taught through tennis.
[1300] TL10: Humor: What Novak Djokovic taught through tennis.
[1300] TL11: Pioneer: What Chinese pioneers taught through tennis.
[1300] TL12: Transformation: What John McEnroe taught through tennis.
[1300] TL13: Vision: The origin of the "Stop War, Start Tennis" motto.
[1000] TL14: Vs-Odds: Succeed with what's missing, contrary, sideways.

[1100] TerraForming-Karma: Sculpting your life one choice at a time.
[1200] Test-o'Faith: If faith depends upon not asking the right question.
[1000] Thanks-Meaning: Busting the fear that thanks will cost you.
[1600] The-Wave: Social test: how autocracy can corrupt democracy.
[*300] Thick-Skin: Know if/when you are taking things too personally.
[*900] Third-Party-Interference: Two talk indirectly through a third party.
[*900] Thyroid: Over (hyperthyroidism) & under (hypothyroidism).
[*900] Tie-Break: How to break a tie between equal alternative decisions.

[*200] Time: Value of each segment of time to those experiencing it.
[1300] Time-Bleedthrough: When the past can be viewed in the present.
[*900] Time-Management: Strategies to get more out of less time invested.
[*800] TM1: Divine-Timing: Knowing when things require divine timing.
[*800] TM2: Waiting-v-Creating: Know when to stop waiting to create.
[*700] Time-Works: How past, present, future flow to impact one another.
[1200] Timing-Karma: Past lives getting your attention through time.
[1200] Tithing-Truth: How tithing communicates you are truly abundant.

[*200] Tolerance: Stepping stone toward having unconditional love for life.
[1300] Too-Busy: What it means when someone is always too busy for you.
[*800] Tooth-Karma #1: Reminders of vows you have taken in past lives.
[1600] Tooth-Karma #2: Reminders of scars you have gotten in past lives.
[*300] Topics-Issues: Why arguments should be about issues not topics.
[*600] Torn-between-Lovers: When one is in love with two at same time.
[*300] Touch-Back: Why you may (not) want to regain past life talents now.
[*600] Touched-by-Angel: Angels are very active in your life now.
[1200] Tough-Economy: Why/how millionaires get created in tough times.

[*200] Tough-Love #1: How parents can empower their children to succeed.
[1000] Tough-Love #2: Doing the highest and best for another you love.
[*300] Tourette-Syndrome: Karmic cause of involuntary speech/movement.
[1200] Toxic-Relatives: Strategies for insultating yourself from relatives.
[*500] Toxicity-Diet: Avoid what your body was just not designed to handle.
[*900] Transpersonal-Experiences: Get all your questions answered.
[1300] Transportation-Karma: Cause of fears of ships, planes, trains, etc.
[1200] Trauma-Imprint: Past life karma attaches to us via imprinted fear.

[1000] Travel-Karma: Karmic cause of undue fears of traveling from home.
[*800] Tree-Man-Syndrome: Karmic cause of massive warts on the body.
[*300] Trichotillomania: Karmic cause of uncontrollable hair pulling.
[*300] Trimethyla-Minuria: Karmic cause of smelling just like dead fish.
[*400] True-Abundance: "You are the source of your own abundance!"
[*300] True-Change: Defending? Advocating? Or ready to change now?
[*900] True-Parenthood: Difference between a parent and a gene donor.

[*700] Trust-Metrics: The official measurement of trustworthiness in others.
[1000] TR1: Earth-Cradle: Know more trust by connection with Earth.
[1000] TR2: Trust-Walking: Know more trust by taking a blind walk.
[1000] TR3: Blind-Trust: Know more trust by releasing fears of the dark.
[1000] TR4: Empathy-Trust: Know more trust through a Buddhist rite.
[1000] TR5: 3Positions-Body: Know more trust via physical sense memory.
[1000] TR6: 1Position-Mind: Know more trust through a Japanese ritual.

[1000] TR7: Back-to-Back: Know more trust via aligning "energy stars".
[1000] TR8: Front-to-Front: Know more trust through intensive touching.
[1000] TR9: Eye-Contact: Know more trust through intensive eye contact.
[1000] TR10: Hand-Contact: Know more trust through the Palm Chakras.
[1000] TR11: Proximity-Detector: Know more trust through closeness.
[1000] TR12: Fall-Back: Know more trust through falling backwards.

[*200] Trust-Yourself: Quick, easy method for building up your self trust.
[*200] Truth: Model for attributes of quality/integrity of information.
[1500] Turn-Offs-Female: Turn offs: a woman to a relationship with a man.
[1500] Turn-Offs-Male: Turns offs: a man to a relationship with a woman.
[1500] Twins-Karma: Why souls reincarnate as identical or conjoined twins.


[*400] Umbrella-Syndrome: The strong who always protect the weak ones.
[*500] Uncase-Past: What happens to those who publicly reveal past lives.
[*300] Unclarity-Cost: How unclarity costs you and your relationships.
[1600] Uncleanliness-Karma: Karma drives an person's uncleanliness.
[1400] Under-Funct-Mate: Karmic dynamic behind the "lazy" spouse.
[*100] Understanding: Begins by loving and accepting yourself first.
[*600] Unfaithful: The real reasons that committed partners will stray.

[*700] Unfoldment #1: Why the wise know they do not know everything.
[1100] Unfoldment #2: From undeveloped Soul to the evolved Higher Self.

[1200] Unforgiven: A: "Is someone so evil they must remain unforgiven?"
[*800] Unknown-Dread: Dealing with constant fears of the unknown future.
[1400] Unquiet-Dead: How to know if you are being effected by them.
[1600] Unquiet-Rest: How to deal with Restless Spirits, Ghosts, Poltergeists.

[*600] Unrequited-Love: Purpose/lessons from a love that is not returned.
[1600] Unrequited-Return: Risks of admitting your unrequited love.
[1100] Unsteady-Work: Why working at a variety of jobs is the new norm.
[1200] Unwanted-Pregnancies: The real start of a lifetime of bad karma.


[1100] Vaccinations: Why vaccinations can be potentially life ending.
[1200] Vaginal-Yeast: Natural cures for Candida driven yeast infection.
[1300] Values-Hierarchy: How your personal values determine your karma.
[1600] Vanity-v-Happiness: Why vanity cannot create happiness.
[*700] VN1: Masochistic-Vanity: False meekness is as bad as false pride.
[*700] VN2: Narcissistic-Vanity: False pride is as bad as false meekness.

[1000] Viewpoint-o'Reality: How experience and perception alters reality.
[1500] Virtuoso-Performance: Why some people get all the breaks.

[*100] Vow-Celibacy: Breaking past life vows not to have sex.
[*100] Vow-Chastity: Breaking past life vows not to have a family.
[*100] Vow-Obedience: Breaking past life vows to put duty first.
[*100] Vow-Poverty: Breaking past life vows not to manifest money.
[*100] Vow-Sacrifice: Breaking past life vows to put yourself last.
[*100] Vow-Silence: Breaking past life vows restricting your speech.
[*100] Vow-Suffering: Breaking past life vows about hating life.


[1600] Walking&Intimacy: Social test: what walking patterns mean.
[*800] Waking-Visions: About "grace from above" and "second sight".
[*500] WalkIn: Soul-Braiding: Two souls coexist inside the same body.
[*500] WalkIn: Soul-Exchange: One soul leaves & another one enters.
[*500] WalkIn: Soul-Switching: Old one creates a new childhood matrix.
[1500] Walk-in-Strategy: The first steps a recent walk-in should take.

[*600] Wall-o'Words: Why those who speak endlessly just cannot stop.
[1500] War-Karma: Purpose and ethics involved on the battlefield.
[1300] Weather-Karma: Cause of fears of heat, cold, hurricanes, etc.
[1300] Weighted-Down: Cause/advice of why karma can ruin your posture.
[1500] Weird-Thought: Past life clues from out of context thoughts.
[1100] Wellspring-o'Love: The shining example of Raoul Wallenberg.
[1600] What-if-Scenario: Living life to prepare for what might happen.
[*600] What-Is-Normal: Some guidelines for a definition of normality.

[1400] When-Dreams-Die: Why a lack of life purpose/passion can be fatal.
[1600] Why-Cursing: Why kids curse and how to break their nasty habit.
[1000] Wicking-Pain: Loving another deeply to take away their pain.
[*300] Win-Win: Co-opition! Partners! Joint Ventures! Master Minds!
[1100] Wind-Shear: Universal force to push your life another direction.
[1600] Winking-Twitching: Karmic causes of unwanted eye movement.

[*600] Winner-Loser: Why competition has no place in relationships.
[*300] Winning-Love: "Science of Winning Love" by W. Wattles.
[1100] Wisdom-o'Words: Hidden wisdom lurking inside your own words.
[*900] Witchcraft: What you should know about life's original terrorists.
[*700] Wonderland-Syndrome: Karmic cause of distortions of perception.

[1100] Work: Why karma put/keeps you in a job that you absolutely hate.
[*800] WK1: Woman-in-Man's-World: Woman in male dominated work.
[*800] WK2: Man-in-Woman's-World: Man in female dominated work.
[1200] WK3: Glass-Ceiling: Bad karma from men blocking women.
[1200] WK4: Pink-Door: Bad karma from women blocking men.
[1500] WK5: Worthy-Work: What is "worthy work" that enriches others?

[*600] Work-aholism: Defined as living to work (not working to live).
[1500] Work-Deja-Vu: When work patterns-places seem all too familiar.
[1100] Work-Smart: 7 proven ways to work smarter (and not harder).
[*100] Worry: The "negative outpicturing of future events" held in the mind.
[*200] Worry-Transformation: How to transform worries into your dreams.

[1700] Wound-Cluster: Wounds connected by traumatic past lives.
[1100] Wound-Constellation: Wounds connected by a traumatic past life.
[1000] Wound-ology: Trading miseries only makes you miserable.
[*800] Wounded-Healer: When past lives create fears of pursuing healing.
[*700] Wounds-Gifts: How our wounds transform into our greatest gifts.

[*500] Wrong-Family: If you reincarnated into the wrong family.
[1300] Wrong-Herd: How your inner circles effect your karma/success.
[*700] Wrong-Order: "Andersonville Trial" and the ethics of wrong orders.
[*700] Wrong-Program: When the right thing is unloving and wrong.


[1100] Xenu-Aliens: What reincarnation reveals about Scientology's Xenu.

[*600] Yelling-Screaming: What happens during non-stop yelling times.
[*900] Yin-Yang: All you ever wanted to know about these opposing forces.
[*700] Yo-Yo-Syndrome: Moving toward or away from the same person.
[*200] Yoda-Syndrome: Break free from the "Box of Can'ts" for good.

[*500] Zero-Sum-Game: Belief for you to get more others have to get less.
[1300] Zero-Tolerance: Why modern law has turned back to ancient ways.

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