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Cure #14: The "Me" Cure: Listen to the Right Music/Your Voice HEAL!

The "Me" Cure: The "Me" is sound: as in "do, re, me, me, me!" (Remember the scales you always hated in music class!)

Everything in the universe is energy. You may appear to be "solid" matter but looks are deceiving. If you magnify your cells down to your atoms, you would see that you are made up of subtle energy fields and not matter. As those in the realm of physics are just discovering, the basic building blocks of energy are light (the I Cure) and sound.

Sound energizes and harmonizes all life. That is why "sound healing" has become such a widely used supplement to traditional and alternative medical treatments. That is why "cures" employing "light" and "sound" technologies are gaining such popularity today - not to mention the grudging respect of the scientific community.

The "Sound Cure"- Using Alternative Healing to Heal "What Ails You": Steve Halpern said it best: "studies have shown music (and sound) can reduce stress, enhance immune system function, slow down and balance brain wave activity, reduce muscle tension, increase endorphin levels, and evoke feelings of love and inner peace." For it is "unrelieved stress" that underlies "a wide range of diseases such as hypertension, heart attack, stroke, ulcers, migraine, irritability, inability to concentrate or sleep, and sexual dysfunction".

1> About Relaxation: In "a state of deep relaxation or meditation, the electromagnetic field surrounding (one's) head literally… attunes to the basic electromagnetic field of the Earth itself." For the "Earth's harmonic resonance has been measured at… 8 Hertz (Hz)." This is the also "the frequency range of the electrical activity of the brain that we access in states of deep relaxation."
.......... So whenever we connect with the Earth ("in a forest, in the mountains, or by the ocean"), we naturally relax and become rejuvenated.

2> About Music: "One of the easiest ways to restore balance is by listening to music - but only certain music. Most music is composed for entertainment, dancing, or emotional release - and makes your nervous system more nervous!" All "music affects us physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually."
.......... Specially designed relaxation music "affects the human energy field by helping it reorganize and shift into a higher order of functioning which most music does not do. Ancient sound technologies, such as Tibetan singing bowls, mantras and chants, are based on this right-brained, holistic approach."

3> About Mantras: Mantras are " chakra based sounds." The "letters in the Sanskrit alphabet correspond to the lotus petals" that are traditionally used to depict the shape of the energy chakras.
.......... When a
Sanskrit mantra is uttered, the related chakra vibrates in harmonic resonance, energizing the inner and outer bodies accordingly. Universal energy flows more freely and at a greater rate into the chakra, energizing and attuning the inner and outer bodies of the person who chants them.
.......... This in turn helps the person to feel stronger in body, clearer in mind, more uplifted in spirit, and experience the relaxation response.
.......... For a "cheat sheet" of the most powerful mantras,
click here!

How to Do the "Sound Cure": Specialized relaxation music and energy based mantras heal "by assisting the body(-mind/emotions) to come into its natural state of balance and harmony". This works because your body was created to be "a self healing instrument" (see the Rules for Healing, Illness, and Recovery).
.......... The "body heals itself most effectively in a state of deep relaxation." Sound - specialized relaxation music and energy based mantras - is what builds the "relaxation-healing connection" to restore balance and harmony.

1> Sound and Light are Energy Sources: In healing, it is the combination of light and sound which always produces the most profound healing effect.

.....a> Light and Sound are Everywhere All the Time: Think about nature. Bees are always buzzing, birds are always chirping, day and night - rarely is nature ever completely quiet. And even the darkest forest, the deepest cave, the most bottomless ocean are not completely devoid of light.

......b> Sound Healing: "When we pronounce a particular mantra while visualizing an internal organ bathed in light, the power of the (sound) and the (light) become concentrated in that organ with beneficial effect."

2> Energy Based Sounds Heal: Mantras that you chant and music that heals you both use energy based sounds.

.....a> Energetic Healing Power: Healing music and mantras derive their power from the energy effect the sounds produce.

.....b> Harmony Heals: All physical sounds heal only if they have the vibrations that produce harmonious energetic effects on the outer physical and the inner energy bodies. That is... sound only heals if it is based in energetic harmony.

3> Clear Intention Focuses and Increases the Effectiveness of Sound Healing: The intention that we hold in our heart and mind as we chant the mantra or use the healing music increases it's effectiveness.

.....a> Power of Intention: Your intention - WHY you are using these sounds - powers their energy as you chant the mantras and as you allow the healing vibrations of the music to suffuse your being.

.....b> Clearing Cellular Memory: Sound Healing harmonizes the body, quiets the mind, and centers the individual on spirit. A natural result of this process is the release of toxins from your cellular memory as you move from negative to increasingly more positive levels of vibration.

4> "Be Still And Know": "It is in the stillness that we align and attune to the deeper spiritual dimensions of life. It is in the stillness that true healing occurs, as we connect to Source." When chanting mantras or listening to healing music "there is no need to 'do' anything; all you need is to 'be' with the music."

......a> "Energy follows Thought": "If you are paying attention to something outside of you, less energy will be available for internal healing purposes." So let your "mind shut down, so you are free to be in the 'hear and now' with the music."

.....b> It Must Work for You: "The most important consideration is whether a given piece of music works for you! One size does not fit all!" Music works the best "when it has are no 'hard edges'. This is because the tones must be "easily accepted into the body". For my list of the best, click here.

5> Sound Connects You More Directly to the Source: Sound connects us more directly to the Source because it moves us past the lower vibrations of languages. Here is how it works:

.....a> Paradox of Sound: The paradox of sound is that the language which makes communication possible is also the construct which prevent us from having a pure experience with the Source.

.....b> About Languages: Language serves as an intermediary between the pure "bubble" of information that floats down to us from the source and the finite minds at various levels of consciousness which struggle to interpret and comprehend that information. In fact, there is a direct correlation between the degree of structure in the language and the degree of structure in the society which speaks it.

.....c> About "Pure" "Sound: Pure sound is what liberates one from the construct of language so that a purer contact with the source can be made. "The true nature of the mantra is the experience (of the Source) that it ultimately creates in the individual who chants it." We have a "cheat sheet" of the most effective tones for healing your chakras and your inner energy bodies.

6> Healing Sounds Produce Spiritual Energy of Great Intensity: Sound healing energy is a lot like fire: "the same fire can cook your lunch or burn down the forest." So treat mantras and sound healing as you would fire: with the greatest respect, being careful not to be burned.

.....a> Caution: If you feel uncomfortable with how the sounds are making you feel, this is your body's way of telling you to slow down or even to stop. When you use mantras, you connect with the "wisdom of the body" and once you begin to pay attention to it, your health will improve dramatically.

.....b> If You Want to Speed Up: "Intense mantra activity can be disconcerting. Imagine trying to clean a swimming pool with several inches of mud accumulated on the bottom. The very act of putting a suction hose on the bottom of the pool and turning on the motor will cause the muck to swirl up into the clear water above. Clarity will be temporarily obstructed as the water appears to become dirtier than it was before. This is similar to some effects produced by the intense use of mantra."

Before using any of these techniques, click here for a "Word of Caution."

Credits: from "Sound Healing" by Steven Halpern and from "Mantra: Sacred Words of Power" by Thomas Ashley-Farrand.



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