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Rules Summary: 100 Quotes on the Philosophy of Karma

"The Soul which is approaching its' liberation, as it looks back over its' past lives... down the vistas of the centuries along which it has slowly been climbing,... is able to see there the way in which the bonds of karma were made, the causes which set it in motion. It is able to see how many of those causes have worked themselves out and... how many causes... are still working themselves out." (Annie Besant)

The 100 Quotes on the Philosophy of Karma:

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1. Soul exists because God/Goddess/AllThatIs loves it.

2. God/Goddess/AllThatIs has sent all Souls on their own personal journey through the universe.

3. Each Soul's journey is unique and designed to help each Soul become a CoWorker with God.

4. To become a CoWorker, each Soul must become fully God realized by cultivating a complete awareness of life and love.

5. To become God realized, each Soul must experience life from all viewpoints by reincarnating into a series of different lifetimes.

6. To learn the laws of the universe, karma is our teacher and our guide as we reincarnate into life after life.

7. Karma means action. It works on the modified Golden Rule: "What you have done/are doing unto others will be done to you in the future."

8. Karma works on the simple principle of "as you sow, so shall you reap" and "what goes around comes around" so that you learn to love.

9. Karma begins and ends in love. When you bring more love into any situation, you transform "bad karma" into "good karma".

10. Your personal karma is this: you get what you agree to deserve through the focus of your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

11. The unresolved issues from your past lives form the pattern of the lessons you must learn and what you agree to deserve in your life now.

12. Your body, your mind, and your emotions guide you through your experience of life and the resolution of your karma.

13. Your body's abilities (and disabilities) create your opportunities for the unfoldment of your karma now.

14. Your mind - your ideals, beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts - is magnetic and attracts what it focuses on with the most intensity.

15. Your emotions - energy in motion - is the rocket fuel that powers the creation that your mind is most consistently focused on.

16. What you focus on with your consistent actions, your dominant thoughts, and your passionate emotions is what you create.

17. Your creations are governed by the laws of the universe. The first is the Law of Neutrality: all laws apply equally to everyone no exceptions.

18. The second is the Law of Agreement: all that happens is by prior agreement based on karmic justice between all the parties involved.

19. The third is the Law of Lessons: we learn from experiencing polar opposites of life until we evolve into divine love, joy, and awareness.

20. The fourth is the Law of Cause & Effect: what you have done to others in the past (cause) weaves the agreement of the future (effect).

21. The fifth is the Law of Balance: Imbalances drive reincarnation. "What you bring hate to, you reincarnate to" until balance is achieved.

22. The sixth is the Law of Attraction: your belief-karma generates your thoughts, guides your actions, and creates your results.

23. The seventh is the Law of Connection: you manifest your desires into reality when you allow, believe, and expect this will happen.

24. The eighth is the Law of Expansion: you expand through chaos, reorganization, and order in an endless cycle of change and growth.

25. The ninth is the Law of Unfoldment: you learn life lessons at your own pace as you journey by reincarnation through time.

26. The tenth is the Law of Empowerment: you take control of karma by accepting responsibility for your life and by acting from love.

27. The eleventh is the Law of All Possibilities: whatever you can dream, you can do, be, or have - this is your divine birthright.

28. The twelveth is the Law of Love: Karma propels your journey through the universe. Karma ends when you have perfected your ability to love.

29. Problems result when you are disharmony with these laws: your body gets ill, your mind gets troubled, your emotions get out of control.

30. The universe is neutral: you have attracted everything in your life and until you accept this fact... your life karma cannot improve.

31. The universe operates by agreement: like attracts like. You become what you consistently place your mental and emotional attention on.

32. The universe sends you lessons: you will face the same problems over and over again until you bring more love into the situation.

33. The universe is based on cause and effect: unloving effects are always the result of unloving causes, mainly your dominant thoughts.

34. The universe seeks balance: what you focus on with thought-feeling - positive or negative - is what you attract into your experience.

35. The universe works on focus: when you focus on what you do not want you will still attract it because you get what you focus on.

36. The universe connects with your thoughts and feelings: what you manifest is always a match to your thoughts and feelings - no exceptions.

37. The universe is always expanding: it always challenges you to create your own universe exactly as you want it to be.

38. The universe is always unfolding: it always is showing you that you are the only one who is in charge of creating your reality.

39. The universe strives to empower you: no one else can think or feel or vibrate for you so it is up to you to claim your own power.

40. The universe responds to your desires: you start with nothing but an idea and from that idea the universe will help you to make it real.

41. The universe responds to love: it wants to give you what you desire because you are loved... it needs you to be clear about your desires.

42. If you are not getting what you desire, you need to change what you are thinking, how you are feeling, and what you are doing.

43. When you are thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting in ways that are not consistent with your deepest desires, you cannot manifest them.

44. To get what you desire, you must think, feel, speak, and act as if you already possess what you desire... act "as if" and it will be so.

45. When you focus on what you do not want, on what you fear, on what you worry about, that is what you attract and create into your reality.

46. When you think, speak, and worry about illness and disease, you are drawing illness and disease into your body, mind, and emotions.

47. When you think, speak, and worry about money, debts, and lack, you are inviting poverty and scarcity into your economic reality.

48. When you think, speak, and worry about people hurting, betraying, and mistreating you, you are inviting karmic partners to hurt you.

49. When you offer the majority of thoughts and emotion to what you are observing (illness, debts, hurts), you cannot change your life-karma.

50. To change your life and karma, you need to change where you are investing the majority of your thoughts and emotions.

51. What you have thought in the past has created your present. To change your future, you must invest in different thoughts and emotions.

52. Only you can change your reality: no one else can think, feel, speak, and act for you... only you can change your reality.

53. Think, feel, speak, and act as if you have vibrant health and it will be so: you cannot manifest your desires without good health.

54. Treat your body as the temple of your spirit: worship it with good nourishment, laughter, fresh air, refreshing sleep, exercise, etc.

55. Think, feel, speak, and act as if you have abundant wealth and it will be so: you cannot manifest your desires without resources.

56. Thank the universe for the flow your abundance. Joyfully send money out into the world, knowing that even more will come back to you.

57. Think, feel, speak, and act as if you have great relationships and it will be so: you cannot manifest your desires without helpful people.

58. Love yourself, become who you wish to attract, treat yourself the way you wish to be treated by others... and you will be loved.

59. Transform your karma now by... first by getting in the habit of consciously choosing your thoughts, emotions, speech, and actions.

60. Then decide what you want, believe you deserve it, know that you can have it, and be certain that your dreams are possible for you.

61. Since karma is what you agree to deserve, to transcend karma you need to agree to deserve more by resolving your life issues.

62. Then bring more positive emotion to your speech and actions: the more excited you feel, the quicker the universe responds.

63. You can change your emotions to positive ones by thinking of happy experiences, by smiling, by laughing, by doing what makes you joyful.

64. Then bring more gratitude into your situation: the more you show appreciation for what you have received, the more you will receive.

65. To express gratitude, start thinking, feeling, and speaking "I am so happy now because I am grateful for [whatever you got]..."

66. Then bring actions to bear toward achieving your goals: the more quickly and more massively you respond, the more the universe helps you.

67. To act, expect to succeed. If you fail, decide to learn from it and do better the next time. The only way you really fail is to quit.

68. Then be open to the "inspired" thoughts, feelings, or actions the universe sends you to help you move towards what you desire faster.

69. Do things now! Just before you act, set yourself up for success by generating positive feelings through imagining having it all... now!

70. Then bring patience into your creations: thoughts and feelings take time and consistency to manifest into your reality... now!

71. Pay attention to what comes your way. Take advantage of all the opportunities before you. Harvest the gifts hidden inside problems.

72. What you think of, what you are thankful for, what you focus on... must come to you as long as you hold your vision and act daily on it!

73. Remember that good thoughts and good feelings are a sign from your guides that you are pursuing the right course of action.

74. If you are having bad thoughts and bad feelings, this is a sign from your guides that you are on the wrong track of action.

75. This is why "the better it gets, the better it gets" and why "the worse it gets, the worse it gets" - so focus on feeling good!

76. The more aligned you are with positive thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions, the quicker inner desires manifest into outer realities.

77. Your creations are only limited by your imagination and your belief systems. The universe is abundant: you can create whatever you desire.

78. You will attract everything you require - money, opportunities, people - to manifest your desires as long as you stay focused on them.

79. Your job is to have committment to and belief in "what" you desire. The universe's job to help you with "how" to manifest your desires.

80. Love and joy are the most powerful emotions of attraction. They will override fear and depression, the most powerful emotions of karma.

81. Create your future by visualizing pictures of it, by speaking affirmations about it, and by feeling that it is and must be true.

82. In your mind, envision your body as healthy and functioning... and in your emotions, send your body the love and encouragement it needs.

83. In your mind, change the balance on your bank statement to whatever you want it to be... and in your emotions, feel as if you have it now.

84. In your mind, picture exactly what you want to attract... and in your emotions, get into the feelings of already having received it.

85. If you cannot visualize or feel your way to your desires, this is your karma getting in the way. You must get karma out of your way.

86. Whatever you are thinking-feeling about is a reflection of your karma. Change your karma by changing your dominant thought-feelings.

87. To get karma on your side, seek out the lessons you must learn and come into agreement with learning and healing from them.

88. Dissolve bad karma by taking your attention away from what you do not want and putting your attention on what you desire to experience.

89. Cultivate good karma through pro-noia. Expect the universe to bring you good in the quickest, easiest, and most harmonious way.

90. Others around you are a mirror of your karma. So focus on others' positive aspects but learn and grow from their negative aspects.

91. Focus on maintaining a high vibrational state: do what makes you happy, keep yourself joyful, pursue your bliss, smile, laugh, sing!

92. Your life is meant to be joyful and abundant in health, wealth, and relationships. Karma acts to move you into that fully abundant life.

93. Everything, karma included, is energy. Energy is a fluid creation which can be changed... for those who work with (not against) it.

94. It is never too late to heal your life: one positive thought backed by powerful emotions erases 1,000 previous negative thoughts.

95. Always keep your mind and heart focused on the "end result" - your picture of the ideal outcome-manifestation - let the universe help you.

96. Be open to doing different things: because when you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.

97. Manifestation techniques only serve to focus you: what is important is your focus (not the technique). You are the magic of manifestation.

98. You will have realized your peak potential when you will not want to ask others to be different or respond if they want you to change.

99. What is the difference between those who succeed at creating their life? They act on doing the above (and so healing karma) every day.

100. NOW is the time to heal your karma and to change your life. Begin right away. Only YOU can control your focus and transcend your karma.

Credits: from channeled information.



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