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Rules #6c: Spiritually Advanced: Effects on the Life of the Spiritual

Here is how the lives of the spiritually advanced can be effected by their own development:

Confessor Effect
Director Effect
Express-Lane Effect
Gifts o'Life Effect
Head-Lining Effect
Movement Effect

Confessor Effect

Do complete strangers often come to you and tell you their whole life story? It is the Confessor Effect.

You can take the clergy out of the church... but the clergy still remains inside.

* Any Reason: Those who were priests, rabbis, ministers, and clergy in past lives tend to continue in those roles - without being official clergy - in the present. This is the "Confessor Effect" from past lives which "haunts" the former clergy.

* Any Thing: When people, especially strangers, tell you things that they are reluctant to tell their nearest and dearest, they are treating you as a confessor. You will know that others are confessing their deepest and darkest secrets to you because they will often label their confidences as such.

* Any Topic: Other clues are when others confess things to you of a sensitive nature like their sex life, their financial worries, their issues with their family (especially their spouse), what they fear, what they desire, and so on. If you feel uncomfortable with others are telling you because it just seems too personal and you feel like you do not know them well enough... this is the "Confessor Effect."

* Any Time: When people, especially strangers, tell you their intimate details... at the worst possible time. Times like too late at night, too early in the morning, when you should really be doing other things, when the presence of children or others makes the confession inappropriate... this is the "Confessor Effect."

* Any Place: When people, especially strangers, tell you their intimate details... at the worst possible places. Places like at work at a busy time, in church during a service, where you should really be involved in other activities, where others feel that the confession is inappropriate... this is the "Confessor Effect."

* Parade of Strangers: "Confessor Effect" keeps on happening time and again, especially when you just do not want to hear such confessions. If you feel like a parade of strangers keep on marching up to you in an endless line... just to confess... this is the "Confessor Effect." The best advice for those experiencing it... is just to do your part... because confession is good for both Souls involved.

Director Effect

Do complete strangers often come to you and ask you for directions? It is the Director Effect.

Those who are seeking directions pass by others and zero in on you like a guided missile.

* Human Target: They go right past others who are physically closer and come to you as if you were wearing a sign that said "I absolutely insist that you ASK ME for directions!" This happens whether you want it to or not, whether you are the best person to ask or not, and whether there is an obvious reason why you should not be asked (like an American being asked for directions abroad).

* Spiritual Safety Mechanism: When someone seeks directions, they are in a vulnerable place. They must put their trust in a stranger and hope that they will receive accurate directions that will get them safely to their next destination. Except for instances where karmic payback must be administered, their Higher Self will guide them to the most trustworthy person nearby. Usually that is the person with the highest level of spiritual development. This spiritual safety mechanism ensures that everyone continues safely along their journey through life.

* Divine Timing & Placement: Everywhere you go, there is always help nearby if you only will look for it. For example, on a trip to London, I wanted to visit a lesser known museum that, unknown to me until I got off the tube, was in a bad neighborhood under renovation. The street on the map was blocked off and I kept on walking confidently away from a drug buy going down. Right in my path was a tough looking girl who was kind enough to escort me personally to the museum I was looking for. Not only that, she showed me a better path from the museum to a new tube station not yet on the map. Divine timing and placement at work.

* Clear Channel If you are lost and are looking for directions, ask for the nearest clear channel to be sent your way and it will be. It is the "Director Effect."

Express-Lane Effect

Do things just seem to flow incredibly smoothly for you? If so, it is the Express-Lane Effect.

Living good karma can turn your life into an express lane wherever you go.

* Frontline-ing: You walk into a store, a restaurant, a government office... and it is empty. Then you go to the head of the line... and then... all kinds of other people appear and line up right behind you. Frontlining means that the universe puts you in the right place at the right time so that you can quickly return to helping others.

* Cancellation-ing: You break a tooth, your car breaks down, you need to see a booked up person urgently... So when you call up... your dentist has a cancellation, your auto mechanic can take you right away, your booked up professional has some unexpected free time in their schedule. Then you happily slide into the cancellation slot and your needs are attended to right away. Cancellations appear like a personal express lane so that you can continue about your business.

* Priority-ing: You are stopped in an airport, held up in a movie ticket line, stuck in a traffic jam, have to find a parking space in a hurry... Suddenly, the airline attendant calls you first (even though your last name is in the middle of the alphabet) to board another flight, a cop redirects traffic so that you are the first to move, a parking space opens up right in front of you. You are in the "Express Lane" zone.

* Freebie-ing: You walk into a store as the 1,000th customer, what you are buying are on an unadvertised sale, you are handed a coupon to get your favorite item for free... You are thrilled when you get a shopping spree, when the bill is much less than you expected, and when you get a valuable freebie out of the blue. When freebies always seem to come your way and when you always find money on the ground, you are being freebie-ed while you are in the "Express Lane!"

* Truth-ing: If all of the above seem like fairytales to you, know I have received each and every one of the above things from the universal "Express Lane" over the course of time. The "Express Lane" will open for you... if you believe!

Gifts o'Life Effect

If you are open to receiving the gifts of life, they will come your way! It is the Gifts o'Life Effect!

You get gifts: they are free, they are unexpected, they are perfect for you, and they are gifts of life!

* In the Flow: Many times gifts will be flowed onto you by others. They no longer need an item and they feel that you would benefit from it, so they flow it onto you. They do this not because it is a holiday, a birthday, or another anniversary. They do this because the universe flows through them and passes on their gifts of life.

* Empty Auctions: For those of you who are fans of online auctions, the gifts of life can readily flow to you that way. A misspelled listing, a poor photograph, an incorrect identification of an item... all these are ways that you can get amazing bargains on gifts of life... because no one else even bids on them.

* Antique Stores: The most unexpected things make their way into antique stores, estate auctions, and garage/yard sales. Those who know what they are looking for can get amazing things for next to nothing. Especially when you are prompted by inner guidance to stop and look, you are sure to find something truly special.

* Donations: When you give away items for free (like I do), you open yourself up to receiving gifts of life. I have had clients send me amazing things like books, CDs, DVDs, art work, rocks, and so on. These are among the most thoughtful and helpful gifts I have ever received and I am truly grateful for everyone's kindness.

* Karmic Bargains: More than once, when I have asked a seller to show me a pricey item (usually healing tools) they gave me such a deep discount on it... that I could afford it. All the items I received this way I have used to help others... and I am cetain that is why I got these amazing karmic bargains in the first place.

* Amazing Attraction: Fellow collectors of movie soundtracks are amazed by the rare titles that I have attracted over the course of my life. Once I set my mind to it (and given the patience to wait for years), I got every single one I ever went after.

Head-Lining Effect

Do hordes of complete strangers consistently line up after you? If so, it is the Head-Lining Effect.

You go to the head of the line... and then... all kinds of other people appear and line up right behind you.

* Spiritual Magnetism: You walk into a store and, except for the workers, there is no one else there... then several minutes later it starts filling up. Or you go into a restaurant that is fairly empty. By the time you are done eating, the restaurant is magically packed. If this has happened to you, does it happen with mathematical precision and regularity? If it does, this "Head-Lining Effect" at work.

* Helping Professions: If you are in a line of work where you are involved in helping professions that are "time critical" (like fire-fighters, ambulance drivers, search-rescue workers, and so on), the universe will "head-line" you so that you can get to where you are needed as soon as possible. Especially when the people you will be helping are meant to survive... it is essential that you get quickly to where you need to go... and be on time... so the "Head-Lining Effect" kicks in.

* Making Connections: If you are meant to meet another person who will be important to your life path, you will be "head-lined" to make the appointment. For example, a woman made every single traffic light on her way to work, arriving a full twenty minutes early. She was a part timer who worked only in the afternoons. That same day a man who worked only mornings was late in checking out because he could not make a single light on his way back to the office. These individuals arrived at that office at the same time. There was an instant connection between them and they later married... all because "head-lining" brought them together.

* Being a Helpful Channel: If you are meant to serve as a channel for another, you will be "head-lined" to get you to the right place at the right time. For example, a woman, who was a cardiologist, got through all her morning appointments earlier than expected. So she used the "found time" to go shopping. While at the store, she saw a man collapse nearby. She did her best to save him but he had suffered a fatal heart attack. Yet, his family was comforted by the cardiologist's efforts to save his life and to know that all that could have been done for him was done.

Movement Effect

Have objects been moved to serve the greater purposes of karma? If so, it is the Movement Effect.

Have you ever put a physical object away only to find that it is not where you expect it to be?

* It Works: After a hard target search for the lost object, did you either find it elsewhere or mysteriously returned to its original location? If so, you have experienced the "Movement Effect" and there is always a reason for it.

* Protection from Harm: On a day when there was a thick sheet of ice on the roads, I was searching to find my car keys. I looked everywhere, including the obvious places like my purse and coat pocket. After fifteen minutes, my car keys magically reappeared in my coat pocket. I was running late for work. I found out that this delay had saved me from being caught in a five car pile-up at the exact time I normally would have been at that exact spot. This was the ultimate protection because all those involved in that car accident were killed instantly.

* Protection from Theft: I had shown a cashier a wallet (I had gotten as a gift) which had a unique way of storing cards. I showed her how it worked by putting away my debit card. I left the store and walked back to my car without anyone else coming near. I drove to my next destination and parked near a branch of my bank. I was guided to open my wallet and my debit card was GONE! So I immediately went to my bank to cancel it only to find there had just been several suspicious transactions. These were cancelled instantly and I got a new card. This protected me from what would have otherwise been a cycle of identity theft.

* Protection from Loss: Most who have gone through a divorce know how spouses can battle with ferocity over items which have sentimental value for both. There was a particular item which my ex-husband had given to me for my birthday that we both loved. As we were negotiating the divorce settlement, that item went missing. Each thought the other had taken it. Years later, when moving from the house we shared to a new one, I found that item in an unexpected place. This movement had preserved it for me by keeping it lost for awhile. This is how karma creates justice between people where those individuals cannot do it for themselves.

Credits: from channeled information.



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