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Rules #35e: "You Asked For It, You Got It": Life Contracts - Changes

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you." (Jesus, Thomas 70)

Karma & Life Contract

This system of action and reaction, cause and effect, known as karma, ensures that perfect justice is the law of the universe. The administration of karma is "governed" by one's individual "Life Contract".

This "Life Contract" ensures you do what it is you came here to do. It is unbreakable as long as the reasons for its existence remain valid (if unaltered by present experience).

Here is more on how "Life Contracts" work when it comes to changing your life:

Change Curve                Wounds = Gifts
Step Up - Slide Back     Karmic Termination

Change Curve

The Change Curve reveals the process of moving from an old, worse state to a new, better state. Our Life Contract is all about change and it moves us along in a predictable way. How this works is illustrated by the example of changing from an old system to a new one.

* Old State (Zero on the Change Scale): The old system is the yard-stick by which change to the new system is measured. The old system existed for a reason. If people do not like it, at least they are used to it. No doubt, they have long since worked around its problems... and it operates well enough. No matter how good the old system is, they are sure to complain about something. The old system will soon get better press once it is gone and it is compared to the new one.

* Conversion-Implementation (Negative on the Change Scale): When the old system is removed, there will be time when it is being converted to the new system. Those who use the old system will notice a bit of inconvenience as it being converted (data transferred) and implemented (installed at the user site). Until the new system goes live, people will view it as a minor inconvenience (and will not take it too seriously). Although the change is coming, they do not believe it is real.

* Learning (Double Negative on the Change Scale): When the new system comes online, the hardware and the software are in place... but the people-ware is not. People must learn how to do the old things on the new system. This learning curve will cause them to be less efficient on the new system than they were on the old one. Until they are up to speed, people will feel that new system is at least twice as worse the old one. Now the change is all too real... and all too scary.

* New State (Positive on the Change Scale): The whole point of the new system is to make life better than it had been under the old system. It is a positive change when things are done more easily and quickly (because the new system is designed better) and with less chance for error (because of built-in controls). You will know that the new system (or new change) was worthwhile when you have forgotten all about the Change Curve and are glad that change has bettered things.

Wounds = Gifts

Our wounds become our gifts. The need to heal our wounds is what drives us torward the completion of our Life Contract... and is part of its intelligent design. When we experience a personal tragedy, there is usually a larger purpose behind it which is for the greater good.

* A Hard Knock Life: If you have had a hard life, you might think it was all a pointless tragedy. Not so, there is always a point to whatever you experience. Everything in the universe happens by agreement. Most often, when you receive wounds, you are meant to develop gifts during the process of healing them. Once your wounds are healed, you can become a gift to help others heal their wounds.

* Tragedy for You: The news is full of stories of individuals who suffered a personal tragedy and then became an outspoken advocate for those who endured the same kind of tragedy. A famous case is that of Marilyn Van Derbur, former Miss America, who was sexually molested by her father from age 5 to 18. Van Debur is now an international spokesperson for incest abuse survivors.

* Tragedy for Loved Ones: The news is full of stories of individuals who lost a loved one and then made it their personal cause to prevent similar tragedies. A famous case is that of John Walsh who formed the "America's Most Wanted" organization after his own son, Adam Walsh, was kidnapped and killed. John Walsh has raised awareness about danger to children and saved many lives.

* Difficult Health Problems: The world is full of people who were presented with difficult health problems that modern science could not heal and then found their own cure. A famous case is that of the Odones who developed an oil to alleviate the symptoms of Adrenoleukodystrophy, a disease of the myelin sheath, that their son, Lorenzo, had contracted (as in the movie, "Lorenzo's Oil").

* Difficult Life Problems: The world is full of people whose difficult life drives them down dark paths so that they can bring more light into the world. A famous case is that of Frank Abagnale Jr who discovered how to commit check fraud. When he turned from criminal to consultant, Abagnale used his experience to help prevent financial fraud on a larger scale (as in the movie, "Catch Me If You Can").

Step Up - Slide Back

One of the greatest karmic challenges is to step up to new heights by risking sliding back to new lows. If success is realized, that soul takes a big karmic step forward and accelerates their growth. Yet, failure comes at a heavy price that can set them back for lifetimes.

* Huge Karmic Risk: The news is littered with stories of those who managed to step up to the heights of fame and glory only to slide back into the depths of misery and despair. This happens because, in the inner worlds, the individual has begged and pleaded for the chance to "step up" to challenging opportunities... and their request has been granted... with a warning that failure is an equal possibility.

* Spectacular Success: For those who succeed in "stepping up" to karmic challenges, their lives unfold beyond their wildest dreams. For example, there is the amazing story of Chris Gardner (as in the movie, "The Pursuit of Happyness"). He had been a homeless man who lived in the dirty and unsafe bathrooms of a mass transit facility. He was not alone: his son, who he rescued from his drug addicted ex-wife, shared his life. During the day, the son went to school while the father interned (on commission alone) with a stock broker. Both stayed focused on their goals. The son graduated from high school, winning a scholarship to college. The father went on to found his own brokerage firm and to become a multi-millionaire.

* Catastrophic Failure: For those who fail in "stepping up" to karmic challenges, the weight of their failure can crush them to death. For example, take the cast of the TV shows of "Family Affair" and "Different Strokes". Suicide, drug abuse, crime, poverty, and suffering was how these once famous TV stars "slid back" later in life. Their fame and fortune did not make them set for life. The former stars, knowing they would probably never have in the future what they had in the past, found it hard to bear... and so they "slid back" into lives that were worse than anything they had ever known or could have believed possible when they were successful.

* Open to All: So if you are wishing that you could somehow "step up" to great heights, remember that if you cannot hold on that big step you will have far to fall. This is why most people take smaller steps during the course of the lives because slowly stepping up makes their karmic learning easier to bear. So be careful what you wish for, because in the universe of all possibilities you are very likely to get it.

Karmic Termination

Even "unbreakable" Life Contracts can be terminated if there is sufficient cause for them to be broken. The point of such contracts is both to incent and to measure the choices an individual makes by their free will... not to punish them. Here are reasons for karmic termination:

* Unequal Evolution: Karma is like a dance: if one partner has learned the steps to perfection (how to love, trust, and forgive) but the other has not (still choosing hate, mistrust, and unforgiveness)… they will be broken apart. The whole point of resolving karma is to learn love… when one has learned but the other has not… the bonds of agreement between them are broken. The one who loves will be matched to more loving karmic partners. The one who hates will be matched to another partner in hate. The old partners will never see each other again.

* Prevent Intrusion: Karma is like a guardian: those who are not meant to suffer harm from others will be parted from them. When bad things happen to people (like murder, rape, robbery, and other violent crime), this was part of their Life Contract for the balancing of karma. When it is not contractual, then crime can and will not happen. Events will be arranged to prevent any unauthorized intrusions.

* No Learning Left: Karma is like a teacher: those who have mastered their lessons get transferred from one school to another where their learning can continue uninterrupted. When the student has accelerated into advanced studies, their Life Contract must be rewritten to support their continued growth and expansion. This is more a renegotiation of the contract rather than a breaking of it.

* Spirit of the Law: Karma is like a judge: when the terms of the Life Contract are interfering with the spirit of what it seeks to achieve, it can and should be put aside. Karma is never about punishing: it is about teaching with mercy, compassion, and reason. If the contract must be broken to achieve this goal, it will be set aside.

* Equal Justice: Karma is like a social worker: if the Life Contract has somehow become unfair relative to others in similar circumstances, it can be modified in the interests of justice so that fairness and right will prevail equally for all.

* Character Counts: Karma is like a loving parent. Karma knows you inside and out and it sees deep inside your mind and heart. It knows what you are thinking and feeling. It judges you with the understanding and compassion of a kind parent. It will act in your best interests and put contract terms aside which are unfair.

Credits: from channeled information.



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