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Rules #2c: How Your Emotions Work: How to Get the Best Out of Them

Emotions Mechanics: Emotions are energy in motion driving the resolution of your past life karma.
Emotions Purpose: Emotions are tools meant to help you resolve your past life karma and adapt to the present.
Emotions Types: Knowing the different types of emotions can help you better manage and control them.
Emotions+Thoughts: About your how thoughts and emotions interact to create the quality of your life.
Emotions Expressing: How to resourcefully express your emotions to others in karma-free ways.

Emotions Mechanics

"Do you imagine the universe is agitated? Look at the stars. This should answer the question." (Lao Tzu)

Emotions are energy in motion driving the resolution of past karma and the creation of present karma.

* Three Part System: Emotions are energy in motion in three parts.

- The physical component: how the body responds to the emotion (as in laughter or tears or changes in breathing, heart rate, sweating).
- The
mental component: how the mind reacts to the emotion (as in thoughts, beliefs, memories, choices, alternatives, decisions).
- The
expression component: how body-mind behaves in relation to the emotion (as in taking action or choosing to not to do so or as in staying in or going out of the comfort zone).
* Vibrational Feedback: Your Higher Self - who you really are - is always sending out energy to your lower self - who you know yourself to be. Your Higher Self operates from the energy of pure unconditional love.
If you are fully aligned with that love energy, you feel free, joyful, and secure. The less aligned you are aligned with it, you feel trapped, unhappy, and unsafe. Your Higher Self uses this emotional vibrational feedback system to motivate you to move toward love and away from fear and to get you to resolve your past and present karma.
* Direction and Polarity: Emotions are always in motion and always have a polarity. They are either positive or negative. They travel inward or outward.
For example, when negative emotions travel inward, the result is depression, while when negative emotions travel outward, the result is anger. Similarly, when positive emotions travel inward, the result is peace, while when positive emotions travel outward, the result is love.
* Released and Resolved: Emotions are always in motion and push to be resolved through the resolution of karma (past and present).
For example, when a man meets a woman and knows "she is the one", this is a connection to a past life experience as well a present life urge to move their relationship forward according to their Life Contract. When both individuals act on this, their emotions starting releasing and resolving as they get to know one another better.
* Highest Good: Emotions are sent by your Higher Self for your greater good. They challenge you to master and harness them so that they become the rocket fuel that empowers you to create a better life now.

Emotions Purpose

"The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think." (Horace Walpole)

Emotions are meant to be tools that help you to adapt to your environment and resolve past life karma.

* Like Pain: Emotions are a protective system like pain.

When you touch something hot, your body will pull away from it just as when you are hurt, you will pull away from whoever caused that hurt. Your emotions will tell you when your personal boundaries have been violated just as the pain receptors in your skin tell you when your physical boundaries have been violated. All pain is doing is asking you to do things differently or do different things.
* Like Alarm: Emotions are a warning system like an alarm.
The human face contains 90 muscles of which 30 are for the express purpose of signaling emotions. The human voice has infinite tones and inflections for signaling emotions. From the emotions on our faces and in our voices, others can decide what is best to do about interacting with us. From the emotions on their faces and in their voice, we decide what is best to do in interacting with them.
* Like Benchmarks: Emotions are a measurement system like benchmarks.
They tell us how the actions and inactions of ourselves and others have measured up against our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. They tell us how events, incidents, and situations have measured up to our expectations and our system of values. They help us decide what is "good" and what is "bad" based on who we are and how we have evolved as an individual human being.
* Like Karma: Emotions are a motivation system like karma.
They drive our actions. They signal our mind that a decision must be made. They signal our body about how to prepare to act on those decisions. Our mind outlines the action steps and our body carries them out. This is how energy is set in motion for human beings.
* Like Reincarnation: Emotions are a spiritual system like reincarnation.
They to help us remember who we are and what we are here for. They tell us about others we meet for the first time: if they are a past life lover, friend, or enemy. They tell us about situations we have encountered before and what to do about them. They urge us to take the next step in our personal evolution so that we can become who we wanted to be when we were born into this new life.

Emotions Types

"I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use, enjoy, and dominate them." (Oscar Wilde)

Focusing on the positive emotions and minimizing the negative ones creates great karma.

* Managing Emotions: While emotions - which are sent by your Higher Self - are never truly controlled, they can always be managed. The key is to focus on cultivating positive emotions, especially those which are inwardly focused, and to minimize negative emotions, especially those which are outwardly focused. To do that, you first must know what category the most common emotions fit into.

* Positive Emotions - Outwardly Focused: These are the emotions that karma is trying to help you sustain in your daily life while interacting with others.

These are: Joy-Empowerment, Love-Passion, Happiness-Appreciation, and Enthusiasm-Excitement. The more you can experience them, the healthier, happier, and wealthier you will be.

Joy-Empowerment says you are fulfilling your mission in life.
Love-Passion says you are with the right people/situations.
Happiness-Appreciation says you are truly living your purpose.
Enthusiasm-Excitement says you have made the right choices.
* Positive Emotions- Inwardly Focused: These are the emotions that karma is trying to help you feel inside your body and your mind.
These are: Peace-Centeredness, Contentment-Calm, Hopeful-Expectant, and Freedom-Optimism. The more you focus your attention and attitudes on these, the more you improve your karma.

Peace-Centeredness says your life is based on your values.
Contentment-Calm says that your life is on the right track.
Hopeful-Expectant says that a better future awaits you.
Freedom-Optimism says that you are walking the right path.
* Negative Emotions - Outwardly Focused: These are some emotions that have been carried forward from the past to form challenges for the future.
These are: Hatred-Rage, Anger-Impatience, Revenge-Jealousy, Frustration-Irritation, and Overwhelmed-Stressed. These outwardly focused negative emotions are those that create the worst karma. These lead to violent crimes like murder, rape, beatings, etc which rapidly add to bad karma in the future.

Hatred-Rage asks you to let go of your unloving thoughts.
Anger-Impatience asks you to protect your personal boundaries.
Revenge-Jealousy asks you to stop having any adversaries.
Frustration-Irritation asks you to pursue another course of action.
Overwhelmed-Stressed asks you to consider taking a break.
* Negative Emotions - Inwardly Focused: These are some emotions that have been carried forward from the past to form challenges for the future.
These are: Fear-Anxiety-Worry, Grief-Despair, Guilt-Blame, Shame-Unworthiness, Disappointment-Discouragement, Insecurity-Doubt, Pessimism-Sadness, Depression-Powerlessness, and Apathy-Boredom. These inwardly focused negative emotions are those that destroy an individual's health, wealth, and happiness. This is why everyone agrees: "you cannot afford the luxury of negative emotions!"

Fear-Anxiety-Worry signals danger so you can fight or retreat.
Grief-Despair helps you to realize the value of what you have lost.
Guilt-Blame helps you to become accountable for your mistakes.
Shame-Unworthiness is pushing you to love yourself even more.
Disappointment-Discouragement asks you to consider change.
Insecurity-Doubt is challenging you to question your decisions.
Pessimism-Sadness tells you to grieve and then move forward.
Depression-Powerlessness asks you to reclaim your own power.
Apathy-Boredom asks you to bring more creativity into the situation.


"The degree of one's emotion varies inversely with one's knowledge of the facts: the less you know the hotter you get." (Bertrand Russell)

Thoughts and emotions may seem separate but they are inextricably intertwined with one another.

* Feedback Loop: Thoughts drive emotions and emotions drive thoughts. They operate in an interactive, feedback loop with thoughts effecting emotions and emotions effecting thoughts. Those who are emotional use their feelings to justify their thoughts. Those who are logical use their thoughts to justify their feelings. That we humans define thoughts and emotions as separate things makes us forget the deep and unbreakable connection that exists between them.

* Being State: Someone can only experience (through thinking, speaking, and/or acting) one being state (of thoughts and emotions) at a time. If you do not believe this is true, try smiling when you are crying. Either the smile will brighten your mind or the tears will depress your emotions… such is the power of their connection.

* Always Flowing: Your mind is always thinking… that is its job. Your emotions are constantly flowing… that is their job. Your experience is made easier or harder by how the constant flow of the emotions interacts with the non-stop thinking of the mind. The constant ebb and flow of mind and emotions creates your internal sense of self. How well you control this interaction creates the quality of your life.

* Handling Emotions: Coping with emotions is a three part skill.

- You must be able to correctly identify the feelings you are experiencing (what they really are).
- You must be able to accept that you are experiencing them (without others trying to tell you what they are).
- You must use effective ways to express those feelings.
* Handling Thoughts: Coping with thoughts is a three part skill.
- You must be able to discern if your thoughts are resourceful (creating the results you desire).
- You must take ownership of them (that they are yours and not imposed on you from others).
- You must use constructive ways to express those thoughts.
* Behaviors and Results: Your thoughts and your emotions create your beliefs, mold your attitudes, fuel your speech, and drive your actions, behaviors, and results. When you can master your emotions you can take control of your thoughts and create whatever you desire. All success begins inside by harnessing emotions!

Emotions Expressing:

"If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh?" (William Shakespeare)

Emotions are energy in motion and they are constantly seeking expression through words and actions.

* Like Water: Emotions are much like water. They work the best when they are flowing freely. They exert pressure and, if they are not flowing, this pressure builds up inside. When they are not allowed to flow freely, then we feel this pressure inside to express them. Where emotions are constantly and consistently blocked, this results in unpleasant feelings like depression, anxiety, rage, sadness, and other negative emotional states. When emotions are blocked too long, this results in health consequences like heart attack, stroke, or cancer.

* Correct Classification: Expressing emotions appropriately begins with accurately identifying what emotions you are feeling. Are you angry? Are you fearful? Are you happy? Are you hopeful? Once you know what you are feeling, the next step is to determine why you are feeling these emotions. Did someone go wrong at home? Were there problems at work? Are you just not feeling appreciated? Be specific as possible about this. Here is the list.

* Venting Internally: Before you express your feelings to others, sort them out first inside yourself. There are many ways to do this. Write them down. Draw or create or take a picture about them. Make a collage about them. Speak them into a voice recorder. Exercise them out by walking or punching a bag or shouting them into an empty car. Of these, writing is the best because you can review what you have written later to gain clarity about your personal situation (here is how).

* Venting Externally: Emotions are usually inspired by our interactions with others. Before you express your feelings to others, give it some thought by asking yourself these questions. Are you over-reacting to this situation? Will a positive result be created by speaking out or acting? Can you speak or act on your feelings in a way that is true, kind, and necessary? Is there someone else you can discuss your feelings with before you take action... to ensure you are doing what is right?

* Expressing Emotions: Emotions only become fully expressed when we choose to express our feelings with others. While it is always best to express emotions in person, the next best way is over the phone, then text, then email, and finally by letter. Better to express yourself and face rejection then to risk your life and health.

Credits: from channeled information.



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