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Rules of the House #25i: Past Life Carry Over Fears - Unique

"Habits... form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you." (Rob Gilbert)

When people enter their present life, they have forgotten that they have chosen the difficulties they are facing now to resolve unfinished business from past lives.

Unique Fears: When you fear something unusual, it is specific to your personal past life journey through the universe.
Guilt-Shame: Why fear is the anchor for the twin emotions of guilt and shame.
Fear Karma: Why fear is a double-edged sword: is it false evidence appearing real or feeling excited and ready? You decide!
Overcome Fear: Steps to reducing fear, developing self confidence, taking your life back from fearful thoughts and emotions!
Fearless: What you really need to know!

Unique Fears

"You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith." (Anonymous)

Fears - especially those which make sense to no one but us - are one of the deepest past life impacts.

* Unique Fears: These are fears of objects or events that do not seem fearful to most people. The unique fears arise out of an individual's past life experience.

Healing: They almost always arise from a past life that is crying out for healing in the present. Often, these unique fears will escalate: becoming ever worse until the person looks back into the present… to discover how this fear arose and why it still remains present.
* Fear of Fringe: A very unique fear is to dread fringe on carpet not being straight enough (whatever that is!). That fear becomes less strange when you understand...
Example: The person suffering from this fear was beaten to death in a past life for NOT having kept the fringe straightened out properly. That individual was a servant whose master was insane and beat them to death because the carpet fringe was only slightly out of place. The compulsion to straighten fringe became an obsession which interfered with this person's job and significant personal relationships.
* Fear of Floors: Another unique fear is to dread slippery floors (whatever that is!). That fear becomes less strange when you understand...
Example: The person suffering from it died from slipping and falling on a wet floor. In a past life, this person had worked for a Pope and felt that carrying out his commands - as quickly as possible - was a mission from God. That individual died from slipping on a wet floor and cracking their skull. This compulsion to avoid slippery floors interfered with this person's job and significant personal relationships.
* Fear of Explosions: Another unique fear is to random explosions (whatever that is!). That fear becomes less strange when you understand...
Example: One person suffering from it died from stepping on a landmine in wartime that ripped their body to shreds. Another person suffering from it died when a coworker made a mistake mixing chemicals and blew up their workplace. Yet another suffering from it died when their plane was shot in the gas tank and exploded.
* Healing Unique Fears: If you want to heal your fears, here is where to start:
- If your fear is interfering in your life now but you cannot find a present life origin for it, it is a past life fear.
- Zero in on the specific trigger for the fear: how, when, why, what causes the fear -
there is always a pattern.
- If your fear does not appear on the official list of phobias , then it is certain to be unique to your experience.
- If there is more than one fear, start with the smallest one and then work your way up to the biggest one.
- Confront the source by doing this Unquiet Dead exercise.


Guilt: "Guilt and sin are only a fear of the past... of having done something wrong!" (Charles Curtis)

Shame: "Public reproof hardens shame and fixes it until it becomes your name!" (Anonymous)

Fear lurks behind guilt which says "I did something wrong"...
Fear lurks shame which says "I am something wrong"...

GUILT... comes from FEAR OF PUNISHMENT: that whatever you have done or not done in the past... that "God will get you" for your past sins of commission (what you did) or omission (what you failed to do).

Guilt is energetically draining because you are so fearful of repeating past mistakes that you cannot make proper decisions in the future.

Guilt is deadly to manifestation because you are focusing on what you do not want (repeating your past failures-mistakes) instead of what you do want (creating your future successes-creations).

Guilt serves no purpose: you can learn from your mistakes without needing guilt to motivate you to do better next time.
SHAME... comes from FEAR OF EXISTENCE: that whatever you are doing - past, present, or future - that "God will not allow you to be happy" because there is "something wrong" with you (whether you know what that is or not).
Shame is energetically draining because life is just one fearful and unpleasant experience after another... the past is often mourned, the future is always worried about. The outlook is dismal...

Shame is deadly to manifestation because you are focusing on what you do not want (how things have gone wrong in the past) instead of what you do want (how things can become right in the future).

Shame serves no purpose: it keeps you from learning from your mistakes which could make your life better.
Breaking the cycle of guilt and shame means breaking the cycle of fear and low self esteem. Guilt and shame only exist in a space of low self esteem.

You cannot be guilty if you love yourself enough to forgive yourself for past sins. You cannot live in shame if you love yourself enough to truly believe that you are a divine being who is worthy of God's love simply because you exist as his creation.
So are you ready to free yourself from guilt and shame?

Take the "Guilt-Shame" Test by clicking here and then
Learn "What is Great About You!" by
clicking here.

Fear Karma

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
(Franklin Delano Roosevelt)

Fear is the emotional double edged sword that propels you in resolving your past life karma.

Do you live in fear or with fear? Before you decide, consider these "double edged" definitions of fear and how it drives karma:

Negative Side of Fear: Facts Evidence Appearing Real... If you are the type that loves to know facts and always looks for evidence, you are living in fear when you let facts and evidence control your life.

* If you cannot fly a plane or ride a train or drive a car because you have seen one too many plane, train, and car wrecks on the news, you are living in fear that you are not protected by God's love.

* If you are leery of getting married because divorce rates are 60% for first marriages and 80% for later marriages, you are living in fear that other people - deep down - just cannot really be trusted.

* If you think that public places are full of germs, bacteria, and diseases and you rarely go out, you are living in fear that the universe is a hostile place that is out to get you... and it is a matter of time.
Positive Side of Fear: Feeling Excited And Ready... If you are the type that loves a challenge, you are living with fear (but not in fear). This fear can motivate you to become and to do more of what you love.
* If you are willing to try something new and do something different, you are living with the fear that you will fail at mastering what is new and different... but you are not letting it stop you.

* If you are willing to risk appearing vulnerable, ridiculous, or unworthy when you take a chance, you are living with the fear of appearing foolish and unwise... but you are not letting it stop you.

* If you are willing to leave your comfort zone behind and be or do something your heart is calling you to do, you are living with the fear that others will not understand... but you are not letting them stop you.
So are you ready to keep facts and evidence in their place? Or are you feeling excited and ready now? When it comes to fear, the choice is yours.

Overcome Fear

"Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom." (Bertrand Russell)

Fear is meant to warn us that we are off course and we need to take action to get back on track.

* Take Action: The phrase "paralyzed by fear" gives one key to overcoming it: take action! Get up and do something. Ask yourself: "what task can I complete (that I must do anyway) that gets me doing something?" Action really is the enemy of thought. When you are doing something, you are not worrying about things.

* Take Precautions: Be prepared. If you know you are traveling in a high risk area, only go by day with a friend with others present. If you are traveling by car, take a cell phone and be protected by a road service. If there is something you can do in advance to drain the fear right out of a situation for you - do it!

* Take Advice: Ask for help. Seek advice from others who have faced your fear and have overcome it. They may have strategies or resources that can help you to overcome your fear. What you are looking for is a hand-up (how you can help yourself) rather than a hand-out (how others can help you out temporarily).

* Take Stock: Scale the problem. Are you making a mountain out of a mole-hill? Assess the alternatives. What are the different, potential solutions to drain the fear out of the situation? Think through each alternative. What outcome can be expected from each solution? Track the actual against the expected results. The more you have a track record of good decisions, the less you need to fear.

* Take Care: Take breaks. Stop fearing the future and start living in the present. When you feel fearful, take a deep breath to calm yourself down. Leave your fears outside your bedroom and get a good night's sleep. Take regular breaks to enjoy life. These all keep fear from being a constant companion and grinding you down.

* Take Control: Master your mind and emotions. Fear is a decision made by your mind (reasons why a situation is fearful) and a reaction made by your emotions (feelings flowing from the reaction of fear). Only you can control your thinking and your feelings... and act to take control of your fears.


"He was the epitome of a man: a fearless, blameless knight." (French Proverb)

Does fear limit and control what you do? Or are you absolutely and utterly fearless? Want to find out?

* Physical Fears? Are you worried about your physical safety, very fearful that someone will do you harm? Are you worried about catching an illness, contracting a disease, or being injured in an accident? Do you constantly fear for the safety of those you love? Are you fearful of nature: freak weather, animals, pandemics, etc? Are you fearful of humans: that they will hurt, cheat, or betray you in ways that will physically impair you permanently? If not, you are physically fearless when you know that you are equal to any physically threatening situation.

* Mental Fears? Is your mind full of dark thoughts that are your companions? Are you constantly worrying about where your next money is coming from? Are you concerned that your health might give out and you will become unemployed or unemployable? Do you fear that your spouse might just up and leave you? Do worry that your children will flunk out of school? Are you consumed by visions of the worst case scenarios coming true? If not, you are mentally fearless when you know that you are equal to any mentally challenging situation.

* Emotional Fears? Are you always living on the choppy seas of your emotions? During any given day, can you feel the highest highs and the lowest lows that are not driven by events? Do you constantly feel negative emotions like anger, hurt, and frustration in addition to fear? Are you constantly stressed by internal triggers and external threats? Do you worry that your emotions can get you to do something that you would not choose to do? If not, you are emotionally fearless when you know that you are equal to any emotionally straining situation.

* Being Fearless? The upside of being fearless is that it saves energy wasted by fear. The fearless know they are physically secure because they can take care of themselves and this creates peace of mind and serene emotions. The downside of being fearless is that it removes protections that are created by fear. Those who are fearless tend to take (what others view) as unnecessary risks.

Yet, in my humble opinion, it is better to be fearless and take sensible and calculated risks to manifest your dreams than to be locked away by chains of safety, a virtual prisoner of fear.

Credits: from channeled information.



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