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Rules of the House #25b: Past Life Carry Over Syndromes - Constellations

"A person whose life's vision is limited to this one fleeting life is like the plow horse which views it's life's work as a single furrow. Not able to appreciate how one furrow blends with the many others. Not able to understand why there are rocks in the furrow. Not able to realize why the furrow is so hard to plow." (Bryan Jameison)

When people enter their present life, they have forgotten that they have chosen the difficulties they are facing now to resolve unfinished business from past lives.

Often that business is breaking behavior patterns that are no longer serve them like:

Prince Syndrome
High Power Syndrome
Umbrella Syndrome
Hand Maiden Syndrome
Door Mat Syndrome
Isolation Syndrome

Prince Syndrome

Do you know someone who thinks, acts, and expects as if they were royalty? It's the Prince Syndrome.

If you know a "Prince" (who was one in past lives), you are bound to notice these marks of their royal status:

* Completely Superior: You must understand that just being in the presence of the Prince makes you truly blessed. All the Prince has to do is just be! Others in their lives are expected to do everything else for them. After all, others are just minions and underlings whose purpose and pleasure is to serve the Prince!

* Very Self Centered: Those in the Prince's life are allowed to exist because they serve the monarch. What the Prince and those in the royal's life have in common is that they both truly love the Prince. Once the Prince's minions and underlings dare to offend them, they are banished from the Kingdom, never to return.

* Unconcerned with Contribution: Princes receive but do not give. Petty things like working to earn a living, doing their share of the chores, and helping without being asked are not "for them" at all. All others just exist to serve the Prince by financially supporting them and tending to their bodily needs. Princes ask not how they can help but instead demand all they require. Princes are unconcerned with contributing to anyone but themselves because they feel it is their divine right.

* Demands the Best: Princes demand the best because that is their birthright. They must have the best that life has to offer. They buy fine clothes that they may wear only once. They buy new, bigger, and better even if what they already have is perfectly serviceable. They expect all others to support their princely lifestyle.

* Overthrow: So what do you do if you have a Prince in your life? "Boot them off the throne!" You are not doing them any favors by supporting their princely arrogance. The Princes need to join the rest of the world already in progress!

High Power Syndrome

Do you know someone who acts as if they were in a position of power? It's the High Power Syndrome.

If you know someone who is "high powered" (or if you were in past lives), below is how it effects one's life.

* Princely Relation: The "High Power Syndrome" is closely related to the "Prince Syndrome" in that both are the result of having had one or more past lives of power. The difference is that "Princes" are focused on the perks attached to a powerful position while the "High Powered" are focused on the power itself.

* Dominating Excellence: The "High Powered" person identifies with "the people on top": the "beautiful people", the "popular people", the "powerful people", the "elites", and the "best of the best!" They set high standards for themselves and are always striving for excellence. They want to do and be the best in all aspects of life.

* Chasing Money: They desire and aspire to having the most money, the most opportunity, the most experience, the most knowledge, and the best of everything. They know this will drive them to become fit for the power they crave.

* Task Oriented: The "High Powered" are focused on keeping power by performing tasks that come with the powerful position. Their exclusive focus on tasks causes them to be "extremely cold" with other people when they "get in the way" of the task at hand. Other people are judged by the powerful in relation to their usefulness in completing the task. Compared to the task at hand, other people are viewed as disposable and replaceable. The only indispensable person in this process is, of course, the "High Powered" person themselves.

* Inspires Devotion: Despite their coldness to others, the "High Powered" often inspire devotion and loyalty in other people. Others may even go so far as to say they would "sacrifice" themselves for the powerful person (up to and including "dying for" them). This is because others believe that the "High Powered" person is necessary for their survival or for the group's survival. The reality is we are all "High Powered" people if we choose to be (and it is best if we balance power with love).

Umbrella Syndrome

Do you know someone who is always trying to be an "umbrella" for their mate? It's the Umbrella Syndrome.

If you know someone who always shelters another from the rain, know that they need the rain to grow.

* Soulmate Misconceptions: When it comes to the Soulmate experience, there are several logical and common misconceptions:

1> That they share the same interests and are the same all aspects.
2> That what one mate experiences helps the other mate to grow.
3> That they always grow at the same rate (instead of their own).
* Mates are Individuals: Religion is a highly personal thing and either a person is religious or not. I am very religious while the person I have loved most over time is ANTI-religious. For me, religion is an integral part of my life and a positive good. For my darling, not only has religion been a waste of time, they viewed it as a positive evil. Despite this difference over religion, we have loved each other deeply.

* Umbrella Syndrome: Each mate only grows from their own experience of the universe. If, in past lives, when it has been raining adversity, hardship, and suffering, one mate has held up the umbrella for another to duck under, their experiences of life will differ. The mate who has dealt with the rain will grow quickly (karmically). The mate who has been shielded from the rain will only grow slowly (karmically). For good or ill, we grow the most by taking risks and dealing with life head on... we grow the least by letting others take on the hard stuff for us.

* Growth as Soul: What makes one "old in Soul experience" is handling life's challenges, what keeps one "young and immature" is looking to others to take on that burden or that challenge. Just as you would help a toddler to grow, you have to step back and let the "young, immature Soul" grow by handling more by themselves without you automatically taking it on.

* Close the Umbrella: As the saying goes, "catch a fish for someone, you feed them for a day, teach someone to fish, you feed them for a lifetime." If you want to help another to grow, close the umbrella, stop catching fish, and start teaching others how to do it themselves (you are helping them karmically).

Hand Maiden Syndrome

Do others treat you like a servant? Are you their "hand maiden"? It's the Hand Maiden Syndrome.

You are a "Hand Maiden" when you allow another (usually a romantic partner) to treat you badly:

* Dominate: When it comes to decision making, you are a hand maiden when your mate is always the one who calls the shots. You are being dominated when your mate is always the one who decides how you spend your time, your money, and other key decisions. They dominate you because, as a hand maiden, your opinions, your desires, and your wishes do not count. If you can never make any decisions, then you are being thoroughly dominated like a hand maiden.

* Demand: When it comes to doing favors, you are a hand maiden when your mate does not ask you for anything but tells you what you must do. You are receiving demands when your mate is always issuing orders and making edicts. They can be demanding because, as a hand maiden, you have no rights only responsibilities. If you are the one who is always doing for your mate (and they are never doing for you), then they are always being completely demanding.

* Dictate: When it comes to personal interactions, you are a hand maiden when your mate acts like a dictator. You are being dictated to when your mate never is open to discussing anything. They can dictate to you because, as a hand maiden, you are treated like a servant and a subject. If your household operates less like a democracy and more like a dictatorship, then you are, in fact if not in name, a servant, a hand maiden, and a subject of your mate, the dictator.

* Disparage: When it comes to personal communications, you are a hand maiden when your mate verbally abuses you. You are being disparaged when your mate calls you names, refers to you in unflattering terms, and treats you with disrespect in front of family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike. If your mate cannot treat you with love, kindness, or respect (especially in public), you are being treated like an inferior hand maiden… instead of like an equal partner.

* Change Now: If you are tired of being a hand maiden, start by NOT accepting this abuse! Stop being a hand maiden - NOW!

Door Mat Syndrome

Are other people always getting the better of you? Do they treat you poorly? It's the Door Mat Syndrome.

You are a "Door Mat" when you allow others (whether family, friend, or coworker) to treat you badly:

* Open to Receive: Learning how to give and to receive is an integral part of learning how to love. Receiving is a lesson we have to learn in childhood as we cannot provide for ourselves in our early years and so we must receive from our parents. Giving is a lesson that karma and reincarnation work hard to teach us. Sometimes we learn the lessons of giving so deeply that we forget to receive. Our "forgetting to receive" is what leaves us open to being treated like a doormat.

* Others Walk Over Us: We are a doormat when others always get to do what they want to do... and we never get to do what we want to do. Others always get their choice and, as a result, we never get our choice. It is like we are in the Army and are the lowest ranking officer: we are always being ordered around by others.

* Others Take Advantage of Us: We are a doormat when others treat what we do for them as a favor as if it was our obligation. We forget that the gift of our friendship is one that we are choosing to give and that we are free - at any time - to stop giving that gift. This allows others to take advantage of us time and time again.

* Others Lie to Us: We are a doormat when others feel free to lie to us, to abuse us, and to do whatever they want to us. When we fail to stand up for ourselves, it is like we are lying down on our stomach, painting the word "Welcome" on our back, and asking them to treat us like the doormat that our actions have made us.

* Ending the Doormat: Our "remembering we are divine" is what stops us from being a doormat. This is how it works:

- We must stand up for ourselves by insisting that others treat us with the respect and kindness we deserve.
- We must walk away from others who choose to lie, walk over, and take advantage of us.
- We must walk toward others who choose to treat us with love, compassion, respect, and kindness.
- We must remember and teach others that we both are divine beings and we both deserve the best.

Isolation Syndrome

Are you always alone when you do not want to be? If so, you are suffering from Isolation Syndrome.

If you know someone who always isolates themselves from others (especially groups), it is past lives at work.

* Imprisonment: In the universe, there are no innocent people in prison. If they are innocent in the context of this life... they were certainly guilty in the context of a past life. When people owe a karmic debt, they can agree to pay it - inside or outside of prison - by undertaking the very difficult life path of isolation.

* Balancing: When isolation in this life is a karmic balancing of actions in past lives, they are quite aware that they are actively participating in their own isolation... even if they do not want it. Why they have agreed to be isolated now is because they have banished others in past lives and are now living the effect of that cause.

* Banishment: It cuts the banished person off from lovers, friends, and family, never to know human companionship again for the rest of their lives. Those who lived under banishment died hating the person who caused it and hoping the perpetrator will suffer as they, the banished, had suffered. Those who caused the banishment come into agreement to experience it now... to balance their karma.

* Ending the Isolation: If you are suffering from isolation, there are things that you can do to make it more bearable:

- Loving Kindness: is an exercise that can help you to bring more love into your life... so that you do not FEEL so lonely, especially when others are not present. For when you are feeling truly loved, even though you are alone, you cannot feel so lonely.

Breaking the Chains: is an exercise that can help you to work off the chains of your imprisonment... helping to end your banishment sooner. For when you truly understand and repent the causes of your past actions, you can become free from their present life effects.

Credits: from channeled information.



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