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Rules #37d: "Walking Minefield": Past Clues in Present - Intermediate

Past Lives in Everyday Life

The past is still present... Most first discover their past lives through basic techniques. For those who have earned the right to go even further... they will get even better clues. These are the intermediate methods:

Past Life Alarm Clock goes off in your life now to get you to resolve past life karma.
Pouring is when you are overwhelmed by past lives to help you better handle karma.
Paging is when you relive events in your life now to help you better handle karma.
Craving Reality is how choosing the most intense present life burns off past life karma.

Past Life Alarm Clock

If - all of a sudden - you "have to" resolve your past, your Past Life Alarm Clock has gone off! Those who experience it are never in doubt that it has happened. The alarm does not go off at random... there are specific causes triggering it. Here are some of the most common causes:

* Birthdays: When a person reaches the same age now as they were when they experienced problems in a past life, the alarm can go off. Before that particular birthday, the individual may have had no interest in past lives. After that birthday, they suddenly finds themselves driven to seek answers that lead to karma healing.

* Events: When a person participates in an event now that "looks and feels" to the mind like a similar traumatic event in a past life, the alarm can go off. Typical events that trigger the alarm are: learning to drive, getting married, giving birth, contracting illness, losing a loved one, getting fired, etc. These events raise our unsolved issues from past lives so that we get another chance to heal them in the present.

* People: When a person meets someone else - with whom they have heavy past life karma - it can trigger unwanted thoughts and feelings. This sets the tone for the relationships which are to follow between this set of karmic partners. Each starts out either liking or hating the person (this "instant feeling" is usually how the pair left off in the last past life when they were together). Then they take it from there.

* Enemies: If the karmic partners truly hated each other in past lives, they may feel an instant attraction which is necessary to get them together (otherwise their hate would keep them apart). Then the instant attraction quickly goes away as the issues between them surface. Now present life issues between the people keeps their relationship going... along the same train tracks of karma as before.

* Advice: First, recognize the past life alarm has gone off. Second, ask yourself if what you are thinking and feeling about the situation is characteristic of the "real" you. Third, take control and CHOOSE your actions based on who you are not what karma will have you do. Fourth, bring more love into the situation this time.


If you feel like you are drowning in past life awareness but this is the first time it has happened to you, this is temporary. This is known as "Pouring": the opening of an individual to detailed knowledge of their past lives. This "Pouring" is part of their Life Contract and was agreed to before birth.

* Opening the Floodgates: For those who are really ready to receive past life awareness, it may feel like they are trapped in a downpour with each drop of being a different past life. This experience of "Pouring" is simply overwhelming. When it happened to me, all I could do is eat, sleep, and work for one solid month. My "Pouring" was so intense that I forgot to pay my bills that month (I caught up!).

* Pouring - Physically: Going through a cycle of "Pouring" is the most strenuous workout you could get. You end up feeling like you have been on that walking treadmill all day. As past lives pour out of you, assuming that you are open to the lessons they have to teach you, your cellular memory will rapidly transform. This huge strain on your body will feel like exercise but, instead of energizing you, it is likely to make you very tired… so be sure to take it easy and sleep more!

* Pouring - Mentally: "Pouring" strains your brain right along with your body. Memories of past existences and issues will compete for attention with present day concerns. This might cause you to daydream more than usual. It might cause you to stop and stare for a few minutes as your brain goes through an intense cycle of processing. This huge strain on your mind which will also tend to make you physically tired… so just take it easy, be patient, and sleep more!

* Pouring - Emotionally: The hardest part of "Pouring" is the intense emotional overwhelm. It feels like you have been caught by a wave in the ocean. You are tumbled around by the currents and dragged along helplessly until the wave finally releases you. Do not be surprised if you cry a river while you are caught in the wave. That really is the best thing you can do while your past lives are "pouring" out of you: cry and surrender to the wave. So take it easy, be patient, and sleep more!

* Closing the Floodgates: The best part of "Pouring" is that it comes to an end relatively quickly. Mine lasted for a month but, for most people, it usually lasts two weeks. When "Pouring" is over, life will return to normal, only you will feel cleaner and lighter for having had the experience… and you will realize "it is all good!"


Your life review can come during your lifetime through a rapid-fire paging of present life memories. All your memories - from birth to the present will go through your mind - like pages in a book being turned very quickly. "Paging" often changes the future course of your life.

* Experience of Paging: "Paging" normally happens when you are awake. More often than not, you can be woken from a sound sleep. Almost always, it happens when you are alone. While the "Paging" goes on, you can feel paralyzed in your body as your mind goes wild. In a very compressed time frame, you will be taken on a journey through past events in your life now. You will briefly relive key moments in your life (especially the emotions). You will see both your actions and inactions from a higher point of view: the same point of view as a Life Review.

* Purpose of Paging: The purpose of "Paging" is to help the person to consolidate the gains in awareness they have made to date. The goal is to prepare them for a greater role in the future. Perhaps this is because the individual will experience rapid career advancement. Or they will take on greater health or relationship challenges. Or they may need to facilitate such changes for others. "Paging" helps the person meet and master whatever life experiences karma has in store for them.

* Handling Paging: "Paging" is a rare experience that very few receive. Those who do receive it will handle it without difficulty. The truth is "Paging" sounds worse than it is. "Paging" cannot harm the person receiving it. The whole point of "Paging" is to prepare the individual for a life full of greater karmic responsibilities. So the best way to handle "Paging" is to just let it happen and to trust in the process.

* Results of Paging: After the "Paging" is completed, you should notice a change. You will start by noticing that problematic events from the past no longer upset you. You will find that what used to stress you out no longer does. You will feel more at peace with others who have caused problems in your life. You will attract greater challenges in your life and discover you are better able to handle them.

Craving Reality

The drive to transcend oneself (and their past life karma) manifests as craving the reality (in the present) to make it happen. This is why people choose to incarnate into unpleasant realities... why they crave their reality (like bad families) enough to agree to their Life Contract.

* Craving Diamonds: We all are like pieces of coal that crave their greater reality of becoming a diamond. Over time and with the pressure of life experience driven by karma, we learn to be and do more. Like that piece of coal, our character is progressively refined, developed, and perfected until it sparkles like a diamond.

* Toxic Parents: There are nothing like toxic parents to install "bad" programs inside our minds. Their broken records of "you are not good enough", their treatment of you like "a second class citizen", their actions backing up their words (neglect, abuse, etc) erode your self esteem. Those who "crave the reality" of toxic parents are learning how to be the wellspring of their own love so their self esteem is not dependent on another's approval (and is only dependent on themselves).

* Rotten Romances: There are nothing like rotten relationship partners to wreck what little bits of self esteem remain after years of toxic parents and false friends. Those who are "not good enough" are bound to attract rotten romances. Those who "crave the reality" of rotten romantic partners are learning how to define their own personal space and boundaries in a way that empowers them to love, honor, and cherish themselves at the deepest level in each and every situation.

* False Friends: There are nothing like false friends to take advantage of us and crush out any other bits of self esteem we have left. Whether they are time, money, or energy vampires, false friends are always hurtful. Those who "crave the reality" of false friends are learning how to treat themselves with greater loving kindness.

* Deadly Diseases: There is nothing like a body, a mind, or emotions that are "broken" to get you to appreciate what a well functioning body, mind, or emotions can do. Those who "crave the reality" of experiencing deadly diseases are learning how to love, honor, and respect their body, mind, and emotions even more.

Credits: from channeled information.



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