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Rules #38b: "Empiricism": Legal Quality of Past Life Evidence

"If it is a Miracle, any sort of evidence will answer, but if it is a Fact, then proof is necessary." - Mark Twain

"We seem to have here (with reincarnation) one of those problems wherein people readily agree on what it would take to establish something they very much do not want to believe - and then when, contrary to anyone's expectations, the evidence actually emerges strongly supportive of the belief, they return (for no persuasive reason) to add more conditions to what it would take to establish what they very much do not want to accept. And they continue to do so until it is virtually impossible that any such evidence should ever emerge." - Robert Almeder, Department of Philosophy, GSU

Legal Evidence in the Case FOR Reincarnation

When it comes to reincarnation, people can quite stubbornly ignore the growing body of empirical evidence supporting the reality of reincarnation. This raises the question: "How would the case for reincarnation hold up in a court of law given the current standards of legal evidence?" When it comes to past lives, people always want "solid evidence"...What would that be?

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When it comes to evidence, here is what the rule of law says:

* TESTIMONY: In a court of law, testimony consists of statements or declarations of fact (oral or written) obtained from witnesses taking an oath under penalty of perjury. "Eyewitness" testimony comes from those who were involved or actually played a part in the case or incident in question.

Past Life Testimony: Here is proof offered in evidence:

* Gandhi's Endorsement: When Shanti Devi (1926 - 1987) was four years old, she told her parents her real home was in Mathura (and not in Delhi were they lived). She explained that was where her merchant husband, "Kedar Nath", lived. Upon investigation, a "Kedar Nath" was located in Mathura. Just as Shanti had claimed, Nath had lost his wife, Lugdi Devi, nine years earlier, ten days after having given birth to a son. Shanti had used words from the Mathura dialect. More importantly, when Kedar Nath traveled to Delhi, pretending to be his brother, she immediately recognized Nath as being Lugdi Devi's husband and also correctly identified Lugdi Devi's son. She knew intimate details of Kedar Nath's life with his wife. When Shanti Devi traveled to Mathura, she recognized several family members, including the grandfather of Lugdi Devi. She also accurately recounted Lugdi's deathbed scene, including promises Nath had made. All these little known details - corroborated by eyewitnesses - caused Gandhi's official investigative commission to endorse her reincarnation claim.
[From Gandhi's 1936 Commission's Report on Shanti Devi]

* Reincarnated Mom: When the children of Mary Sutton met her reincarnation, Jenny Cockell, one declared "I can see my mother in her eyes!" For many years, Jenny Cockell from Northamptonshire, England, was haunted by the knowledge that she had been Irish Mary Sutton who died 21 years before Jenny was born. When Mary died, she left several very young children in a very unstable home with her abusive alcoholic husband. Her dreams, memories, and love for these "past life" children prompted her to search through maps and local groups in Ireland to find them. When she located the village of Malahide where Mary had lived, Jenny arranged reunions with her now elderly children. Jenny was able to accurately recall many incidents from the childhood of Mary's eldest son which he verified and which no one else could have known about.
[From Jenny Cockell's book, "Yesterday's Children"]

* Wrong Flag: While at Appomattox Court House, Jeffrey Keene correctly identified that the flag in the painting of the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia... was not the right one based on his knowledge as the reincarnation of Confederate General John Brown Gordon. The flag in the picture was the "third National Confederate flag... the official flag at the time of the surrender, but it had not been issued to the troops in the field yet" (which surprised even Keene!).
[From Jeffrey Keene's book, "Someone Else's Yesterday"]

* PHYSICAL: In a court of law, physical evidence consists of physical objects intended to prove a fact at issue. "Real" physical evidence consists of objects that were involved or actually played a part in the case or incident in question. These objects include artifacts recovered from being buried in the earth.

Past Life Physical Evidence: Here is proof offered in evidence:

* Excavated Artifacts: In 1953, Harry Martindale saw a column of Roman soldiers marching through the basement of York Minister Cathedral. Since what Martindale saw about the soldier's uniforms did not accord with the historical knowledge at the time, his account was dismissed. In the 1960s, excavations confirmed every last detail of Martindale's vision... right down to what the Roman soldiers were wearing that, at first, had seemed directly contrary to historical fact.
[From the history of York Minister Cathedral in England]

* Past Home Located: Australian Gwen McDonald visited Somerset, England and knew her way around perfectly even though she had not been outside of Australia. She located a waterfall and a place where stepping stones had been (locals confirmed the stones were removed 40 years earlier). She pointed out an intersection where there had been five houses (locals confirmed that they had been torn down 30 years earlier). She knew the correct names of villages as they were 200 years ago even though they do not exist on modern maps or their names were changed. She went directly to the house and uncovered under the existing floor a special stone that she had drawn during her regressions while still in Australia.
[From the Peter Ramster documentary on Gwen McDonald]

* Multiple Artifacts: Peter Hulme recalled a life as John Raphael, a soldier serving in Cromwell's Army in 1649. He remembered that a battle had been fought around a castle near the banks of "Lock Martin" which appeared on local maps of the period. An excavation was performed at the historical site... and ruins of the old castle were found. When Hulme led them to a "dried up ravine", multiple artifacts from the English Civil War, including musket balls, were found.
[From the British Central TV documentary on Peter Hulme]

* Buried Treasure: Djebel el Alla recalled a past life in Damascus as a wealthy man. Alla was a Druse, whose culture supports the belief in reincarnation. When Alla arrived in Damascus, he traveled directly to his former home to the astonishment of everyone (because he was only 5 years old). He claimed that the woman who lived there was his former wife, supplying many family details that proved to be true. His most remarkable claim was that his previous self had hidden a precise amount of money in a cellar. When Alla took everyone to the cellar of his former home, he quickly located the money... which, when it was counted, was exactly what he had claimed it would be!
[From Roy Stemman's book, "One Soul, Many Lives"]

* DOCUMENTARY: In a court of law, documents consist of writings on paper (such as contracts, wills, letters, invoices, maps, architectural plans, depositions, excerpts from law books, manuscripts, etc) which corroborate the evidence derived from eyewitness testimony or supported by physical objects.

Past Life Physical Documents: Here is proof offered in evidence:

* Architectural Plans: Australian Helen Pickering visited Aberdeen College of Medicine in Scotland to prove her memories of her recent past life as James Archibald Burns who had been a teacher there. She insisted that - during Burns' lifetime there had been a door where there was now a wall as well as a staircase now missing (but visible on the original architectural plans). Local historian, David Gordon found the staircase in the original plans but he could not find the door given the existing documentation. After her visit, additional plans of the college were located and - sure enough - Pickering (through Burns) had been right about that missing door after all.
[From the Peter Ramster documentary on Helen Pickering]

* Buried Deeds: Under hypnosis, a woman recalled a house where one of the rooms had been made over into a chapel. Based on past life recall, she claimed that the chapel contained a cupboard hidden behind a panel where valuable items were safe-guarded. When the house was located in Hampshire, the panel was opened (following her instructions) and 400 year old deeds to the property were located.
[From Hugh Pincott, "Society for Psychical Research"]

* Multiple Documents: English psychiatrist, Arthur Guirdham, was a confirmed skeptic on reincarnation when he took on "Mrs Smith" as a patient. She had a recurring nightmare of being burnt alive. Although she had no previous knowledge of French medieval history, her dreams of life in Toulouse among the Cathars, a heretical Christian sect, proved to "remarkably accurate" after years of painstaking research. Her description of a church in which religious prisoners were held was confirmed by period documents. In 1944, "Mrs Smith" recorded word for word songs which only were discovered in the Languedoc archives in 1967. She produced correct drawings of period French coins, dress, jewelery and layout of buildings. She also documented precise details of Cathar rituals as well as family and social relationships later confirmed by records kept by the Inquisition.
[From Arthur Guirdham's book, "Cathars & Reincarnation"]

If this evidence was presented, in my opinion, it would hold up in a court of law. Yet, the most important court of all, is what you think. What do you think?

Credits: from channeled information.



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