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Rules #18: Life Goes On and On - Evidence of Life After Death

Is There Life After Death...

"Do we pass from being into nothingness and find there is no exit - or - is there more?" has been asked from the beginning of time.

Many in our electronic age believe that we have moved beyond the need for God and have abandoned the quest for finding Him/ Her and answering this age old question.

And yet, ironically, it is the electronic age which has managed to give us some of the most compelling proof of life after death.

And now the "Case for the After Life"!


Victor Zammit has the best description of this phenomena: Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is "objective communication between those... physically on Earth with those who passed on, those who physically died but are now living in a different dimension. For more than 50 years experimenters all over the world have been tape recording 'paranormal voices'- voices which cannot be heard when a tape recorder is playing but which can be heard when the tape is played back."

"Many of the very short messages claim to be from loved ones who have passed on. They are responsive, use the experimenter's name, and answer questions." I myself did not believe in this phenomena until it happened in a session and a client called me back to ask how "I did it". I thought it was a flaw in the tape at first but was surprised to find it was not (see "Phone Calls from the Dead" by Scott Rogo).


Again Victor Zammit describes this Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) as "contact with people who have died via radio, over telephones, on television, on answering machines and on faxes and computers... This is highly evidential in that the contact is repeatable, is occurring in laboratories throughout the world, and is being subjected to scientific scrutiny."

ITC is the modern equivalent of the better known "automatic writing" phenomena. In automatic writing, an individual serves as the conduit through which the thoughts of others flow. They write words on paper without consciously directing them while in an altered state of consciousness. It is this super conscious state that allows them to contact beings in non-physical planes of existence (see "How to Do Automatic Writing" by Edain McCoy, Llewelyn Publication).


Near Death Experience (NDE) from Victor Zammit: "is a powerful argument for the existence of the afterlife. As medical resuscitation techniques are being improved more and more people are being brought back from the border of clinical death. A number of them recount an intense profoundly meaningful experience in which they seem to be alive and functioning outside their body."

Most Near Death Experiences (NDE) go like something this: "'I had a floating sensation... and I looked back and I could see myself on the bed below. I went through this dark black tunnel at super speed. I saw a light coming toward me. From the moment I heard a voice in the light speaking to me, I felt really good -- secure and loved. I heard the voice telling me what I had to do - go back - and I felt no fear. My NDE opened up a whole new world for me -- I kept thinking, 'There's so much I've got to find out.'"

Dr. Raymond Moody ("Life After Life") studied "more than one hundred people who experienced 'clinical death' and were revived. Their amazing testimonies and surprising descriptions of 'death' and 'beyond' were so strikingly similar, so vivid and so overwhelmingly positive that they have changed the way many view life, death, and the spiritual hereafter." Proof positive that life goes on and on. For the earliest recorded instance of the Near Death Experience (731 AD), click here!


Out of Body Experiences (OBE) from Victor Zammit: "happen when a person's duplicate invisible body" (which are the four inner bodies: Astral, Causal, Mental, and Etheric) "is able to move out of the physical body with full consciousness. A person who experiences an OBE does not have to be ill or near death." They just need to have earned the right to get this kind of experience."

"Those who have had an out of body experience usually accept that they survive physical death. They know that the reason why they return to their physical body is because their invisible duplicate body is still connected to the physical body by a silver cord. When the silver cord is irretrievably severed, the invisible body continues to survive" in the inner worlds.

OBEs are well documented throughout history: by the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Greeks (Plato, Socrates, and Plutarch), the ancient Romans (Pliny and Plotonius), and the ancient Chinese. OBEs are also practiced by tribes in Africa, by North American Indians, by Buddhists and Hindus. The Emperor Napoleon was said to have credited his success on the battlefield by his ability to perform OBEs at will. He would rise above his body, get an overview of the battle, and make on the spot adjustments to his troop movements accordingly.


Discarnate Materialization (DM) from Victor Zammit: "cases involve a person who has recently died appearing to loved ones to announce the fact of their death. In many such cases the death was unexpected and was later confirmed to have occurred immediately before the apparition."

Like "phone calls from the dead", numerous and well documented cases of discarnate materialization exist. A typical case of discarnate materialization is the case of a Mrs. Pacquet reported by Scott Rogo. Her "brother Edmund appeared to her six hours after he had drowned at sea." He "acted out how he had been caught around the legs by a rope and dragged overboard" - later verified to be true. Discarnate materializations, more popularly known as ghosts or apparitions, have been successfully photographed in conjunction with research into long term paranormal activity (haunted homes, etc).


After Life Interventions (AI) are interventions in the physical world caused by beings existing in the non-physical realms. Usually these interventions are termed 'poltergeists' which comes "from German and literally means 'noisy spirit'".

"Thousands of poltergeist incidents" have been "recorded around the world". They include such physical interventions as "clothing (being) set on fire, human voices being heard from unknown sources, solid objects (being sent) flying through the air, vases being and smashed on the floor or walls." These after life interventions can be as graphic and as threatening as "matches being lit in the eyes of witnesses, stones being thrown (at them), and other material things being moved" despite pleas of those present to stop the activity.

After life interventions from Victor Zammit "are usually related to some serious unfinished business. Sometimes serious crimes such as murder, rape, torture and some other form injustice motivates the (discarnate spirit) to seek revenge... If a person is extremely disturbed at the time of death, there is a likelihood that the person will continue to be disturbed in the next world" for "some time to come."

The manifestation of this disturbed energy will continue to be played out until the cause that set it in motion is addressed by "some resolution" to the cause. Often discarnates intervene in the physical world with the purpose of motivating someone else to discover their remains. Often when the bodies are unearthed, it initiates a sequence of events leading to the arrest of the murderer. More often, discarnates simply wish to put an end to the suffering of loved ones who miss them.


Pre-Death Crossovers (PDC) is from Victor Zammit: the phenomena of those close to dying having "visions tak(ing) the form of apparitional visits of loved ones, glimpses of the next world... (The) dying would tell of visions of God and of seeing those who had died before them." This is a form of discarnate materialization. It happens because the dying person is in the process of becoming ready - vibrationally - for their entry into the next non-physical plane of existence.


Discarnate Channeling (DC), better known as "mediumship", is the ability of a person to channel information directly from "dead people". From Victor Zammit, when famous American medium, George Anderson gave New York TV host and paranormal debunker, Joel Martin a short reading, Martin was "shocked."

"'George had been accurate about everything. He had not generalized, there was no ambiguity. He knew things - names, details, events, opinions, even gestures - that no one else could have known... I relived the reading time and again, searching my memory for evidence of tricks. George had worked in a fully lighted room, did not go into a trance state and seemed so matter-of-fact about it all... I had to admit that there was something going on. It flew in the face of everything I'd learned to believe about science and religion, the nature of life itself.'"


Brain Pattern Overlays (BPLO) from "non-physical" entities onto the physical medium are what allow the transmission of "inner information" to the medium to occur. From Victor Zammit: "American Professor Charles Hapgood... tested the electroencephalograph (EEG) of the medium Elwood Babbitt... while three different intelligences were allegedly in control of the medium."

"The EEGs of each of the three were found to be completely different from each other and from the EEG of Babbitt (while) not in trance. An EEG expert, Dr Bridge, noticed that the EEGs were characteristic of people of different physical ages and could not belong to the one person."


Voice Pattern Overlays (VPSO) from "non-physical" entities onto the physical medium also allow transmission of "inner information" to occur. From Victor Zammit: "Voices of three intelligences which regularly manifest through... medium, Shirley Bray... were tape recorded. These taped voices were then put through a very high tech voice machine... (which) can measure variables such as pace, rhythm, accents etc. The machine showed that all taped voices from the medium Shirley Bray were those of totally different individuals... (Since) the machine registers... breathing pattern(s) while speaking it would not have been possible for one person to produce the three voices on the tape. This is because the voice pattern vibration for each individual is... different from person to person".


Merging Of Multiple Consciousness (MMC) is essentially what allows the mediumship to function. From Victor Zammit, a word association test was given to a medium "Mrs Garrett... when NOT in trance and to give her control, Urvani, a word association test when Mrs Garrett WAS in trance."

"Professional psychologists and psychiatrists attest that the subject cannot maintain fraud for any length of time using a word association test of 100 words where the response time to a word is measured in tenths of a second. Any inconsistency and hesitation is noticed immediately."

"The results showed conclusively that the word associations of Mrs Garrett... and of Urvani... were all radically different and that it was not possible for the information transmitted to have come from one person, from one mind. These results correspond with the argument that we survive physical death and that our personality, our mind, our character survive (along) with us."

Credits: based on Victor Zammit's "A Lawyer Argues the Case for the AfterLife: Irrefutable Objective Evidence", Raymond Moody's "Life After Life", and channeled information.



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