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Rules #8b: "As Above So Below": Inner Guidance & Inner Senses

Means of Receiving Guidance

There are various ways to sense and receive inner guidance. One is not inherently better than the other. They are just different channels of wisdom.

Each inner sense has an outer one corresponding to it. Both inner and outer senses help to guide an individual on their journey through life.

Inner & Outer Senses - these senses parallel one another and work together.

Clairvoyance ("clear seeing"): seeing images, still or moving, in your mind's eye.
Sight: how your eyes process light to perceive the physical world.

Clairaudience ("clear hearing"): hearing voices, you/others, in your mind's ear.
Hearing: how your ears process sound to perceive the physical world.

Clairsentience ("clear feeling"): feeling guided by emotional/physical sensations.
Touch: how your skin processes touch to perceive the physical world.

Clairalient [GPS-Sensing] ("clear direction"): guided to a location without instrumentation.
Smell: how your nose processes odors to perceive the physical world.

Claircognizance ("clear knowing"): knowing without knowing how you know.
Taste: how your tongue processes tastes to perceive the physical world.

Clairomni ("clear channel"): moving between all of the above channels.
Psychometry: the synergy of five senses to perceive the physical world.

About Inner/Outer-Senses

"As above, so below. As within, so without. The outer follows the inner. The universe is all about developing awareness which requires ever greater wisdom and discernment. The goal here is for everyone to become better Coworkers with God." (New Age Mantra)

* Guidance Purpose: One of the main objectives of developing inner senses is to make you feel good about the contact with the inner worlds. As you grow to trust your inner senses, you will become more comfortable with inner guidance.

* Track Record: The best way for Spirit to build trust with you is to establish a "track record" of success which flows from good guidance."God writes straight with crooked lines." It is when you follow those crooked lines over time and see that they were for the best - that is when you truly learn to trust in the hand of Spirit guiding you. Your outer senses will eventually expand to help you to receive increasingly detailed and actionable guidance from the inner worlds.

Clairvoyance ("clear seeing")
The inner extension of the sense of sight.
Manifests as images seen by the mind's eye.

Those who possess the skill of Clairvoyance can tell you this is how it manifests in their life:

* Images of the Past: Those who are clairvoyant are usually aware of their own past lives. They can receive this information whether dreaming or waking. Many clairvoyants (myself included) can pick up on images from the past (in the present life) or from past lives. What they see are either still images (like photos) or moving images (like videos) unfolding in their mind's eye as clearly as if they "saw" them.

* Visions of the Future: Most seek the counsel of clairvoyants to get images of the future. What they pick up on - most of the time - is what will unfold if the person makes no changes in their present thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Yet the individual always can choose to think differently by being more positive, to believe differently by expecting more/better, and to act differently by shifting from passive to massive actions. Remember only you have the power to create your life.

* Prophetic Warnings: The work clairvoyant is closely associated with prophecy. It is the nature of prophecy to serve as a roadmap, predicting which actions will result in what consequences. The whole point of prophecy is to avoid those actions and consequences which do not serve or please us. For example, World War III was supposed to happen in the 1990s (according to Nostradamus)... but enough people took proper action to avoid it so that it did not manifest.

* Incomplete Glimpses: Especially when it comes to the future, clairvoyants only receive incomplete glimpses of the future which has yet to be created at any point in time. Like trailers for a movie, the clips are shown out of order, leaving room for misinterpretation. Think back on how often the movies when seen full length were unlike/unrepresentative of the trailers advertising them. So when it comes to clairvoyance, those who practice it and those who rely on it must be careful to be clear on how "as above" translates in to "so below" when they process the images.

Clairaudience ("clear hearing")
The inner extension of the sense of hearing.
Manifests as sounds hear by the mind's ear.

Those who possess the skill of Clairaudience can tell you this is how it manifests in their life:

* Direct Guidance: Generally speaking, those who are clairaudient (myself included) possess this talent because they need to receive clear and direct guidance and because they need to give clear and direct guidance to others. The clearest guidance comes in the form of language: the clairaudient can converse with inner beings in the same way that humans speak with one another... only without any misunderstanding or unclarity (inherent in non-verbal communication).

* Echoes of the Past: If you want an answer to any question, especially when it comes to book knowledge or to what exactly went on in the past, the best way to get those answers is via clairaudience. Those clairaudients (like me), who specialize in exploring the past, can ask questions about it and receive answers through this channel. Many times the answers from the channel come as specific words in response to specific questions so that the answers are clear and accurate.

* Voices of the Future: Most seek the counsel of clairaudients to get answers about the future. The thing to remember about these answers is that they can only be given in a way that supports the individual's karma. In other words, if it is their karma to suffer an accident which is essential to their life path and to the unfoldment of their soul, then they will not be told about it in advance to prevent it happening.

* Discerning Agendas: While clairaudience is a wonderful thing, it is also the most problematic channel for receiving inner guidance. Like on a phone, others can break into the conversation without your permission or your approval. It is very important for you to know whether what you are hearing comes from God-spirit, your own ego, or evil-entities. Remember that God-spirit always acts from love, joy, and the highest good for all concerned given the karmic situation.

Clairsentience ("clear feeling")
The inner extension of the sense of touch.
Manifests as sensations in the physical body.

Those who possess the skill of Clairsentience can tell you this is how it manifests in their life:

* Goosebumps: Most people are naturally clairsentient. This is the "lowest" form of inner guidance and it is hard wired into the human physical body. "Goosebumps" happen when the hairs on your skin rise up so much that visible bumps appear. Clairsentient "goosebumps" happen when you have reached the "right" conclusion to your current situation... and your Higher Self wants to show you that it wholeheartedly agrees that you are going in the right direction.

* Tingles: "Tingles" are the sensation of "pins and needles" racing through your body. While "goosebumps" usually arise in response to a single decision, racing "tingles" usually happen over a period of time. "Tingles" are meant to guide you through a series of decisions during a critical period... most often a time of crisis when you are in physical danger. This is either your Higher Self trying to keep you alive until you can get to safety or keeping up the pressure until you decide.

* Back Arch: Most experienced soldiers end up developing this ability. Their back arches once they have walked into a dangerous situation alerting them to their imminent peril. This instinctive reaction of tensing up the muscles makes the body less vulnerable to injury. This "proximity detector" is another way that your Higher Self can act to help keep you alive when events could easily work to end your life.

* Eureka Lightning Bolt: "Eureka, I've found it!" is the most famous example of the clairsentient "Lightning Bolt" at work. This lightning bolt of clairsentience is what went through Archimedes when he discovered the principle of buoyancy in his bath and ran onto the streets naked to tell others about it. Others have felt this lightning bolt at moments of intense inspiration (but, not to worry, hardly anyone else runs around naked). Even I was struck by the bolt... and how I got the image of the home page of from which the rest of the site flowed.

Clairalient [GPS-Sensing] ("clear direction")
The inner extension of the sense of smell.
Manifests as exceptional navigation of the physical world.

Those who possess the skill of GPS Sensing can tell you this is how it manifests in their life:

* Global Positioning System (GPS): Many cars come equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS). The GPS receives a data feed from a satellite which helps the driver to navigate through the roads. Yet there are some people who can navigate their way through physical space without the aid of maps, instruments, and landmarks reaching their destination with the same precision of a GPS.

* Power of GPS Abilities: The most famous and dramatic example of GPS abilities is commemorated each year by the Alaskan Iditarod race. The course was the one blazed by the dogs Balto and Togo who, in January 1925, transported diphtheria serum nearly 1,000 miles in Alaska (from Anchorage to Nome) through blinding snowstorms. A modern guided missile could not outperform the course the dogs took using their own internal Global Positioning System.

* Fluctuating Energy Fields: Those with GPS abilities are usually able to sense the energetic differences at various locations on Earth. Each location has a unique energy signature. Those with GPS abilities can feel the energetic landscape changing as they travel from place to place. This is very noticeable when traveling by a train or airplane but it is less noticeable when traveling by bus or car.

* Home Energy Advantage: Most of those with GPS abilities are supported and sustained by the energy in their home base. They will become uncomfortable when away from their home base. This can manifest as increased irritability, insomnia, or exhaustion. If those with GPS abilities move, it will take them weeks or months to adjust to their new environment. Yet when securely grounded in their home base, those with advanced GPS abilities are the master of their environment and are able to navigate it with exceptional ease and accuracy.

Claircognizance ("clear knowing")
The inner extension of the sense of taste.
Manifests as exceptional intuitive knowing.

Those who possess the skill of Claircognizance can tell you this is how it manifests in their life:

* From A Direct to Z: Most often most people complete tasks, make decisions, and go about their life in a stepwise manner. They finish Step A, move onto Step B, and so on. Those who are claircognizant do not do things stepwise: they go from Step A directly to Step Z bypassing all the steps inbetween to get the final result. This allows them to complete tasks and to make decisions very quickly.

* Intuitiveness: Most who are claircognizant are called intuitive. When asked how they know what they know, they may not be able to put their finger on it. They say things like "it came to me" or "I had a gut feeling about it" or "I just knew I was right about that" and so on. They are quite aware that they are skipping straight to Step Z but they are less concerned about whatever it is that makes this possible.

* Accelerated Path: The point of claircognizance is to speed the individual along their life path. Since they have already mastered moving stepwise through tasks, decisions, and goals in past lives, they do not need to repeat these lessons. Claircognizance accelerates their progress along their path so that they can do more, be more, have more, experience more... so that they can take their learning to the next level and accelerate the resolution of their past life karma.

* Platform for Others: Those who possess claircognizance are most often accelerated because they are meant to provide a platform for others. In other words, they will provide a product or a service that is a springboard for helping others to provide their own products and services. The claircognizant are like the root of a mighty tree that supports it and allows other branches to grow and to flourish. Just like trees, it is the claircognizants of the world who encourage, support, and nurture others in an endless chain that stretches around the world.

Psychometry ("clear synergy")
The extension of outer senses working together.
Manifests as exceptional abilities to read energy.

Those who possess the skill of Psychometry can tell you this is how it manifests in their life:

* Psychometry & Touch: Most people know Psychometry in the context of psychic detection. The psychic will touch an object belonging to an individual and pick up impressions about them. What they are doing is reading their energy field through the object. Just like the oil in fingers produces prints on objects, the individual's energy field leaves an imprint on objects they have frequently handled. This energy imprint can be read with more precision than fingerprints because it contains actionable information about the individual. These are things like the state of their health, the significant people and events in their life, their likes and dislikes, their hopes and dreams, and almost anything that is in their mind and heart.

* Psychometry & Sight: Photographs, letters, emails, and any other images formed by light also contain energetic imprints. These imprints can be read either by looking at or by touching the images. These images contain as much information about the individual from the energy field as any object does. Those with abilities in psychometry through sight are on their way to developing abilities in clairvoyance.

* Psychometry & Hearing: Voices whether recorded, through the phone, in person, and any other sounds also contain energetic imprints. These imprints are read simply by hearing the sounds. These sounds contain as much information about the individual from the energy field as any object does. Those with abilities in psychometry through sound are on their way to developing abilities in clairaudience.

* Psychometry & Smell-Taste: Smells and tastes also contain energetic imprints. These are the weakest of all: the energetic imprints are harder to access (smells dissipate quickly and tastes have a short shelf life). Those with psychometry through smell-taste are on their way to developing abilities in GPS-claircognizance.

Clairomni ("clear channel")
The extension of inner senses working together.
Manifests as exceptional abilities to channel inner wisdom.

Those who possess the skill of Clairomni can tell you this is how it manifests in their life:

* Synesthesia: Synesthesia is where the individual has "crosswired or blended senses" where input from one sensory channel (sight, hearing, taste, smell, or touch) is perceived by the brain as if it was being processed by another sensory channel. Examples are where sounds evoke the perception of color, where tastes feel like shapes, where images are perceived as music, where ideas can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and touched, etc. The blending of the senses via Synesthesia is the first step in the evolution of those who achieve the skill of being clairomni.

* Changing Channels: The main attribute of those who are clairomni is that they are naturally able to move through each of the other channels of awareness. They can be seeing clear images one moment (clairvoyant) and be hearing clear voices the next (clairaudient). Feeling signs of guidance in their body (clairsentience) and being highly intuitive (claircognizance) is second nature to those who are clairomni.

* Seamless Awareness: The clairomni do not have to consciously change channels. Rather they have a "seamless awareness" where the channel that is most needed or most useful to them at any given time is just naturally used. Just as you can use all your outer senses at the same time, the clairomni can use all their inner senses at the same time. This "seamless awareness" is second nature to the clairomni, as simple as breathing and as automatic as thinking.

* Being Instrument: The clairomni are "being instruments" in life. They will be constantly put into situations where they know they can help and God knows that they will decide to help. The clairomni will be used as an instrument of God to bring more of whatever they have that is needed at that time and place to resolve events and situations for the highest karmic good. The clairomni are literally what is meant by the biblical saying (Luke 12:48): "To whom more is given (like accurate inner awareness), more will be expected" (like effective outer actions).

Credits: from channeled information.



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