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Rules #16b: Your Karma Will Run Over Your Dogma: Karma's Mission

You're Dancin' With the Reaper

"Sin makes its own hell, and goodness its own heaven." (Mary Baker Eddy)

So what is the mission of karma?

Karma Classroom: What are we here to learn while doing time on Earth?
Karma Crazies: How are we driven to learn by the experiences of life?
Karma Pit: Where do we go to learn deep and intense karmic lessons?
Karma Diva: When have we learned, what will we really know about life?

Karma Classroom

Life's most terrible truth is that we are all stuck in the karma's classroom right here on Earth. The most terrible truth that anyone will ever learn is… that they agreed to come here and to experience all that has, is, and will happen to them... according to their Life Contract.

* Karma's Rule: The universe operates under this simple rule: "all that happens is by prior agreement". So if your life is not as you would wish it to be, you will want to know just who it was that agreed and why "they did it". The "who it was" that entered into this agreement - your Life Contract - was you in the "between life" state before your entered into this lifetime. As to "why" you did it, the answer is always the same… to promote your spiritual advancement.

* 9 Lessons to Master on Earth: While we are here, we will all experience...

* Sensory Deprivation... The total loss of one our senses: blindness, deafness, numbness of touch, taste, smell.
* Natural Disaster... The experience of nature's fury: earthquake, flood, tsunami, fire, hurricane, tornado.
* Deadly Disease... The fragility of the human body: pandemic, plague, disease, illness, incapacity, old age.
* Mental Consciousness... The dysfunction of the human mind: retardation, distorted perception, incapacity.
* Emotional States... The span of all human emotions: anger, hurt, fear, frustration, peace, harmony, joy, bliss.
* Relationship Stages... The range of relationships: family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, enemies.
* Resourcefulness... The ways and means of surviving: manifesting desires and overcoming obstacles.
* Knowledge... The wisdom of the universe: book smarts, street smarts, intellectual and social savvy.
* Unconditional Love... The goal of karma: the continuous expanding in love, joy, and awareness.
* Inside Out: Before you conclude that you may have done a lousy job there and want a change, consider that the view from the "inside" (the inner God worlds) is vastly different than the "outside" view (the Earth "reality").
On the inside, you were more concerned with settling karmic debts, with getting spiritual lessons right, and with growing closer to God.

Once you arrive on the outside, the nature of your perspective always shifts and you become more concerned with living each day.
* Remember: you agreed to everything... so just do the best you can to bring more love into the situation and your agreements will become easier to bear.

Karma Crazies

Do you feel "under pressure" to create a certain life event? When you feel "under pressure" to move forward in your life, you are experiencing the karmic crazies! This is how karma (which is the Sanskrit word for action) gets you to take action in the present to resolve your past life karma.

* Itching to Get Married?: Those who feel - that their biological clock is ticking, that time is passing, that they need to "settle down and get a life" - are definitely living the Karmic Crazies. Their internal ease gets disrupted and it becomes as if they are literally "itching" to get married. They feel as if they cannot get comfortable again unless they "seal the deal" by getting married to the "person they have been dreaming of" for awhile... so that their life can get back to normal.

* Gotta Have a Baby?: The most recognizable form of the Karmic Crazies is when one or both parents go "nuts" until they conceive a child. Once they do, the pressure is off... until the next child (who they have agreed to let into their family) must come down. Then the pressure builds again until another child is conceived. Those who "gotta have a baby" are living the most intense Karmic Crazies.

* Dying for a Career?: Those who "driven" to get that job so they can make that money so that they can build that home are dying for a career. Usually once an individual has achieved their job objectives, the career Karmic Crazies will ease up. The individual will be able to switch their focus from what they have to do (job-money-home) to what they want to do (whatever that may be!).

* Compelled to Complete a Task?: The news is full of people who "have to" live their purpose. They have to make a movie. They have to sail around the world. They have to write a book. They have to compose music. They have to right an injustice. They have to solve a mystery. The list is endless but what remains the same is that the Karmic Crazies cause the individual to do what the universe wants them to do: is a product of the Karmic Crazies.

Karma Pit

If you feel like you are being roasted in the pit of life, past life karma is why you end up well done. You live a happy life when you never see the inside of a police station, a hospital, a courtroom, or government office. For these are the main pits where heavy karma is administered.

* Defined: Karma pits are where your past life karma catches up with you in the present in a big time way. Even if you have done everything right, the balancing of karma will make it seem to you like... you are really getting the wrong result now.

* Hospital: Those who spend significant amounts of time in/visiting hospitals always have past life karma to work off. Contrary to popular opinion, accident-disease-illnesses are not random. These are highly targeted to the person who has contracted them. All these are designed to help individuals learned needed lessons. The vast majority of the lessons delivered by body-mind-emotions now come from various past lives where they were not mastered by the persons concerned.

* Police: Those who have routine dealings with the police always have past life karma to work off. This is true whether you are seeking help from them as a victim -or- whether they believe you are a perpetrator. Prisons are full of people who are innocent in the context of their present life but who have jail sentences from past lives to be worked off. From the standpoint of reincarnation, only guilty people wind up in jail and all are serving just sentences decreed by karma.

* Courtroom: Those who attend courtrooms as defendants or plaintiffs are working off past life karma. The wrong you received from someone in this life is payback for the wrong you did this same someone in past lives. Although it looks like there is only the chance for human justice in a courtroom, karmic justice is always the result. If you feel screwed in this life by the court, it is because you screwed another in court in a past life... and this is a balancing of karma.

* Government Office: Those who are delayed, downplayed, deflected, or denied in a government office are usually getting back what they gave when they were government officials in past lives. Government offices are really the places where, even if you have done everything right, you can get a hideously wrong result.

Karma Diva

The Divine Question: If you have ever asked the question, "Ok, karma what do you want me to do?" If you want to be the best person you can be and do the best you can do, that is what karma wants from you... it wants you to be a diva (disciplined, informed, visible, active).

* Disciplined: Life on Earth is one big exercise in discipline. Take a bath. Brush your teeth. Eat your meals. Go to work. Pay your bills and taxes. Get some sleep. Go shopping to get what you need. Complete task after task. Make a decision and live with the consequences. Get through your day, one step at a time. Until you are disciplined, you will find life on Earth to be harder than it has to be. Unless you are disciplined, you will find it harder to achieve what you came to Earth to do.

* Informed: If you are on the path of achievement, you will need to be informed. Your education will need to be an ongoing process well after you are out of school. Unlike school, your education should be fun because you will be learning more what you are passionate about... do what you love and the money will follow. Until you are informed, you will find it hard to give back in a meaningful way. Unless you are informed, you will make mistakes you could have easily avoided.

* Visible: If you are on the path of achievement, you will need to be visible. The point of being informed is to turn around and help to inform others. Informing others requires you to be visible enough to get your message across and positive enough for that message to be inspiring. Until you are visible, your learning will not benefit anyone other than yourself. Unless you are visible, your learning will stall because you will need stimulation from others to keep your learning fresh.

* Active: If you are on the path of achievement, you will need to be active. Being active is necessary to be visible and communicate your passion to others. Until you are active, you cannot achieve your life purposes - what you came here to do. Unless you are active, you light will remain buried under the bushel where no one can see it. Divas let their light shine to bring warmth and enlightenment to the world.

Credits: from channeled information.



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