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Rules #16f: Your Karma Will Run Over Your Dogma: Karmic Lessons

So what are you here to learn from KARMA?

Existence: The fundamental eternal question: "Why am I here?" - Answer: "To learn how to be and become love."
Knowledge: about wide-ranging topics is what you are here to master so you can become a CoWorker with God.
Conscience: is allowing your Higher Self to guide your journey through life following the laws of karma-love.
Agape: is living the selfless (non-sexual) unconditional love of one person for another that is solely spiritual in nature.
Best Karma: is created by the greatest learnings of all when it comes to living a loving and magnificent life.


"It is man's destiny to ponder on the riddle of existence, and as a by-product of his wonderment, to create a life on this Earth." (C. F. Kettering)

Question: "Why am I here?" - Answer: "To learn how to be and become love."

* Eternal Question: At some point in our journey as Soul, we ask ourselves "why am I here?" For those of us who have asked that question many times, it changes into "why did I come back here?" The answers to both questions are the same. "You are here - you came back here - to grow in your ability to love."

What we learn through our wanderings in the universe is this. Life is a choice: learn to choose love in every moment. This is easier said than done.

Think about what it means to choose love in every moment. It means "don't cut that car off in traffic", "don't scream at your kids when you've had a rotten day", "don't gossip about your boss behind their back when they've 'screwed you'", "don't bad-mouth your mate", etc.
* Choosing Love: Love at every moment means greeting the world with a smile when your heart is breaking, forgiving those who trespass against you, and being happy when there is every reason to be sad. Love is the very Heart of God Itself and reincarnation is the journey that takes you through it while karma is the teacher.

* Becoming Love: Love is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end of everything - more than learning to be loving, karma and reincarnation teach us all to become the very essence of love itself. For what is God but love?

* "Forgive, Love, and Live Happily Ever After": This not only creates good karma but great health and happiness because...
Bodies filled with love stay healthier, last longer, and are better able to provide you with quality of life that makes it worth living.
Minds filled with love are able to attract opportunities for work, education, and relationships that bring you joy and contentment.
Emotions filled with love create peace, calmness, and harmony which magnetize kindness, compassion, mercy, and abundance.
Spirits filled with love make the individual and all around them happy. All this and more is what God and the universe intend for you.


"If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." (Benjamin Franklin)

Knowledge... is the only thing that you can take with you on your journey through the universe. What is the best knowledge you can have?

* Surviving Natural Forces: Your most important tool for surviving nature is your knowledge of what to do in any given situation. Would you know what to do if... there was an earthquake, a flood, a hurricane, a tsunami, a tornado, etc? These are worst case survival scenarios (to learn how to survive them, click here).

* Surviving Nature's Predators: Knowledge of how to survive natural predators is also important. Would you know what to do if you were... poisoned by a plant, sinking into quicksand, bitten by an animal, frozen in a snowstorm, fried in the desert, lost in a landscape with no landmarks but full of natural predators, etc?

* Surviving Human Predators: The most important knowledge of predators concerns those of the human kind. Would you know what to do if... you were taken by a criminal, chased by an irate neighbor, shot in a drive-by, scammed by an identity thief, infected by a partner, accosted by a fake police officer, etc?

* Surviving Human Interests: Most people spend much time learning how to survive in a sea of human interests. At work, you learn what to do to satisfy your employer and to balance work against your need to live. At home, you learn how to balance the needs of your spouse, children, parents, etc against your own. In life, you learn how to navigate your way through a sea of human interests which may or may not (and usually do not in whole or in part) support yours.

* Surviving Human Systems: Most people spend the vast majority of their time learning how to survive human systems. They learn how to manage thoughts-emotions, to master a trade, to manage their finances, to create their living space, to nurture their health, to form relationships, to live in a civilized society, and so on.


"The torture of a bad conscience is the hell of the living soul." (John Calvin)

Let your conscience be your guide... it may be old fashioned but following it creates great karma.

* Conscience Defined: It is: your Higher Self, the most perfect form of "you" that exists in the universe. It is always guiding you on your journey through life. All you have to do is ask for and act upon this guidance. When you choose to act as your conscience guides you, you will find the right actions, people, and opportunities.

* Right Actions: Have you ever wanted to do something but were held back because it did not feel right to you even though it seemed right?

Example: Someone in a food market with lots of luscious fruits and vegetables spread out on a table before them... but they have no money. The seller looks away. What does the hungry person do? Their conscience tells them not to steal because only actions springing from honesty are the right ones. Perhaps the individual chooses to steal the fruit and feed themselves for a day. Perhaps they choose to offer their services to the seller in exchange for fruit and develop a relationship with the seller that can last for a lifetime.
* Right People: Have you ever met someone and they just did not feel right to you like something was wrong that you just could not see?
Example: Someone who wants to partner with another in a business relationship. Although the opportunity may sound right, the partner never feels right somehow. What does the business person do? Their conscience tells them that things usually continue as they have started and that if it is not right at the start, it never will be! Perhaps they partner with that person in haste and repent at leisure. Perhaps they realize it is an abundant universe and a better partner with a better business opportunity will come along.
* Right Opportunities: Have you ever found an opportunity that looked good but it just did not feel right to you even though it seemed right?
Example: Someone finds a marketing opportunity that seems just too good to be true but never feels right? What does the business person do? Their conscience tells them that opportunities that feel wrong at the start can never be right! Perhaps they go along with the opportunity until they can see with perfect clarity what it is all about and drop out of it. Perhaps they realize that both heart and mind must be engaged for that opportunity - which may be perfect for others - to be perfect for them only if their conscience can guide them.


"Agape Love: selfless love of one person for another that is solely spiritual in nature." (Christian definition)

The Greatest Love of All! There are many forms of love in the universe: Agape Love is among the highest and purest type of unconditional love.

* Agreement: Like everything else in the universe, "Agape Love" happens by agreement. The one who loves and the one who is loved enter into this agreement for the highest good of all concerned. The one who loves learns to give without agenda or limit. The one who is loved learns to receive without hesitation or limit. The goal for both is to refine their characters by improving their ability to give and receive pure, unconditional love in a divinely ordained partnership.

* Asexual: The primary connection between those who share "Agape Love" is spiritual. So this means that it also must be non-sexual. In other words, the intense energy of agape is only expressed mentally, emotionally, and spiritual and never physically. Part of taking the agenda out of agape is to never let sex into it.

* Abundance: "Agape Love" is the essence of abundance. The one who loves gives the love because they wish to help, because they can help, because the help is needed, and not because they are seeking to profit. The one who is love receives the love because they need it, because they provide an outlet for the giver, and because they need to balance all they have given with receiving. These partners give and receive for the sake of learning to demonstrate unconditional love more.

* Agenda: What distinguishes "Agape Love" is that it is given and received without agenda. The one who gives just gives and the one who receives just receives. Each person is learning about one half of the circle of energy. For the giving and receiving of love are an energetic pair. Those who cannot learn to give cut off their ability to receive. Those who cannot learn to receive cut off their ability to give. Only by giving and receiving in equal measure over time can life be in balance.

* Absolute: What makes "Agape Love" work is that it is absolutely unconditional on both sides. The giver gives without expectation of receiving while, at the same time, the receiver receives without expectation of giving. While this might seem unbalanced, know that the balance is achieved when roles were reversed over their cycles of reincarnation. Remember that what you are here to learn is how to love in its highest and purest form: which involves never counting the cost.

Best Karma

"Any society… is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members - (who are) the last, the least, and the littlest." (Roger Mahony)

The best karma is created by loving actions.

* When You Do Not Have To: Most people do what they do because they believe they "have to" because it is required by family, friends, or society.

Example: People "have to" get a job to earn money for food, clothes and shelter, they "have to" follow social codes to fit in with others, they "have to" obey the law/government regulations to avoid jail, etc.

When someone does what they do not have to do simply because it will help another to be and feel better and to move forward in their life… this creates the best karma.
* When You Do Not Want To: Most people avoid doing what they do not want to do because they fear losing control, approval, or security.
Example: People avoid conversations where very controversial or sensitive topics are discussed like religion, politics, sex, drugs, etc. They also avoid situations where they may have to risk their lives like rescuing others from fire, theft, or bodily injury, intervening to stop physical or sexual abuse, reporting illegal activities, etc.

When someone does what they do not want to do simply because they are trying to help others who are caught in a difficult situation… this creates the best karma.
* When You Do Not Really Benefit: Most people do only what benefits them. They will help others to the extent that it will benefit them… but tend not to help others if there is nothing in it for them that they want or value.
Example: People usually only give to "personal cause" charities but not otherwise. The constant stream of emails I receive also attests to this (the usual comment is "I cannot believe you are giving away so much quality content for free!"). Good karma for me! :O)

When someone acts simply for the benefit of others without expectation of reward or return… this creates the best karma.
* When No One Else is Watching: Most people act one way when others are watching ("front stage" behavior- how they want to be seen) and another way when others are not ("back stage" behavior- how they really are).
Example: The most common one is the "Road Rage" Syndrome: where people inside their cars speak/act in ways to other motorists that they would not dream of doing outside their cars in public.

When someone acts in a loving way toward another, especially when no one else is present… this creates the best karma.

When someone constantly and consistently acts for the highest as if God is watching…this creates the best possible karma!

Credits: from channeled information.



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