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Rules #40b: "Beginning All Over Again": Change in Karmic Cycles

Change is the Only Certain Part of Life

In any lifetime, there are karmic cycles that everyone must go through. These are the cycles that always change the course of life (along with advice on how to handle them).

About Sacred Karmic Cycles
Karmic Cycles: Childhood
Karmic Cycles: Youth
Karmic Cycles: Adult Creation
Karmic Cycles: Adult Expansion
Karmic Cycles: Adult Contraction

About Sacred Karmic Cycles

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." (George Santayana)

About Sacred Karmic Cycles: Karma works through sacred cycles that spin us into the events in our lives.

* Karma Chameleons: While on Earth, you are living in the worlds of reincarnation and karma. Believe it or not, karma begins & ends with love. Karma begins to propel you as Soul on a personal journey through the universe. Karma ends when you have perfected yourself in your ability to love.

* So What is Karma? As Soul you are eternal. You have past, present, and future lives. To grow in love, joy, and awareness, you reincarnate into a series of physical bodies to experience different existences. You have been or will be both sexes and all races, religions, and ethnic types throughout many lifetimes.

* Karma Defined: Karma means that "as you sow, so also shall you reap" in this and other lifetimes until you understand the complete consequences of all your actions. Karma is the principle of cause and effect, action and reaction, total cosmic justice and personal responsibility.

There are 4 different types of karma:

* Sanchita Karma: the accumulated result of all your actions from all your past lifetimes. This is your total cosmic debt. Every moment of every day either you are adding to it or you are reducing this cosmic debt.

* Prarabdha Karma: the portion of your "sanchita" karma being worked on in the present life. If you work down your agreed upon debt in this lifetime, then more past debts surface to be worked on.

* Agami Karma: the portion of actions in the present life that add to your "sanchita" karma. If you fail to work off your debt, then more debts are added to "sanchita" karma and are sent to future lives.

* Kriyamana Karma: daily, instant karma created in this life that is worked off immediately. These are debts that are created and worked off - ie. you do wrong, you get caught and you spend time in jail.

* Karma's End: As Soul, you experience a constant cycle of births and deaths into a series of bodies until you have learned all the spiritual lessons. Until you have learned, you will find that "resistance" to the rules of karma is "futile".

Karmic Cycles: Childhood

"Anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him the rest of his days." (Flannery O'Connor)

* Childhood: Karma works by cycles: Age 1-12 is childhood when one learns how to function in the world.

* Karma & Childhood: Karmically speaking, childhood is where the individual fully detaches from their last previous life. In this cycle, the individual connects with experiences designed to help form their character and personality in this lifetime while they are re-learning how to function at a lower level of physical being (walking, talking, socializing, etc). Here they are "wet clay" ready to be re-molded.

* Childhood Purpose: To grow in awareness, the individual will consciously incarnate into situations that will help them to heal unresolved issues and pain from past lives so they can advance in spiritual growth. This individual chooses the stage for their karmic drama by agreeing to co-create experiences where their old patterns of being will no longer serve them. The goal of this incarnation is to help them to grow in love and to gain new learnings about life in the universe.

* Childhood Karma: Although an individual can attach to their past life issues at any point along their journey, they tend to pick up the majority of them in their "young and impressionable" childhood. Since past life issues attach so firmly in childhood, it is there that traces of the individual's existences in past lives most strongly reveal themselves. What the individual has learned or has not learned in past lives becomes rapidly become apparent as they grow up.

* Childhood Lessons: Where they have not truly learned their lessons in past lives, these issues will start to manifest in their body, mind, and emotions. Their personality, their predispositions, their preferences will emerge from past lives and will then start to interact with their present experiences to shape and mold the individual's current life as well as to unwind their past karma.

* Karmic Creation: It is past lives - via cellular memory - that form one's nature. It is past lives - via the choices about reincarnation they make (choosing their parents, life circumstances, romantic partners, and so on) - that form one's nurture. Finally, it is what they bring from past lives - skills and abilities, wisdom and instincts - that help one deal with the challenges propelling them through this life.

Karmic Cycles: Youth

"To grown people, teenagers are children still. To themselves, they are very old and very real." (Margaret Widdemer)

* Youth: Karma works by cycles: Age 13-24 is youth when one gains education to become an adult.

* Karma & Youth: Karmically speaking, youth is where the individual fully enters into their current lifetime. The individual connects with experiences designed to help establish them in the world in this lifetime while they are learning to function at a higher level (how to earn money, be independent, make lifestyle choices, etc).

* Youth Purpose: They start to work through their past life karma through their body, mind, and emotions. Karmically, an individual is considered to be an adult at age 24 (Swaha) regardless of their level of personal development. It is during youth that the individual's true personality and their karmic issues begin to emerge.

* Youth Karma: If the individual was born with birth defects, the results of those defects will become more noticeable. If the individual was born perfectly healthy, they will begin to attach to their health problems by contracting illnesses, incurring injuries, and developing diseases in their youth. Similarly, if the individual had been functioning well mentally and emotionally, they will begin to attach to their issues through unwanted and unsettling thoughts and feelings.

* Youth Lessons: Even when the individual is totally physically, mentally, and emotionally happy, the patterns of the past start to re-emerge in the present. These are most noticeable when they are different those of their family. Usually a person in youth "picks up where they left off" in their last previous life... to start over again.

* Skills-Talents: What one is naturally good at doing will manifest in how they choose to spend their time.
* Education: If one has learned to do a thing well in past lives, it becomes easy for them to learn when young.
* Habit Patterns: Past life habits around money, eating, sleeping, lifestyle choices, relationships, etc emerge.
* Expression: Facial and body movements, verbal phrases, writing styles, etc from the past resurface in youth.

Karmic Cycles: Adult Creation

"A child becomes an adult when he realizes that he has a right not only to be right but also to be wrong." (Thomas Szaz)

* Adult Creation: Karma works by cycles: Age 25-36 is adult creation when one's karma pattern is done forming.

* Karma & Adult Creation: Karmically speaking, this is where the individual's karma is "set" in their current lifetime. They have taken on the vast majority of the physical karma (health challenges) they will experience in this life. Their mental and emotional patterns (how they think, feel, act, and react) are also set. This is frequently referred to as an individual's personal karmic matrix.

* Adult Creation Purpose: Either during youth or adult creation, most people have taken on enough in their karmic matrix to last them a lifetime in terms of challenges from health, wealth, and relationships. Here is how it happens:

* Have an untreatable physical health problem? If your health problems come from past lives, they cannot be healed as effectively using only present day medical treatments. The individual will search for answers to curing their illness in ways that make them comfortable. Their search will cause them to learn their lessons.

* Burdened by mental or emotional obsessions, compulsions, or bad habits? It is very likely that these are resonances from past lives desperately crying out to be healed. This is how an individual's karma is created in this lifetime. It is their mental and emotional functioning that drives their actions and creates their results.

* Always broke? An individual's fears of money, success, and abundance may be related to a traumatic past death or vows of poverty taken in past lives. How an individual spends-saves money, how they earn-create it, how they use it... is heavily influenced by their personal relationship with money through their past lives.

* Usually end up with the wrong romantic partner? An individual's beliefs (unconscious, from past lives) may consistently block their true happiness and prevent their reunion with their dream partner. Who one attracts as a romantic partner has the most external influence on how their present karma unfolds.

Karmic Cycles: Adult Expansion

"The more I learn, the more I understand how truly ignorant I am." (Albert Einstein)

* Adult Expansion: Karma works by cycles: Age 37-48 is adult expansion when one's karmic pattern is stronger.

* Adult Expansion Purpose: This is where the individual's karma intensifies. By this time in their life, the individual has gained experience and their present life learnings about their past life issues are put to the toughest tests.

* When Successful: If the individual is successful in working through some of their issues, then additional unresolved issues from other past lives may surface for them to handle if there is agreement at the soul level.

* When Unsuccessful: If the individual has not been successful, then their current issues will intensify and they will experience the same things only at more intense levels with a greater urgency to resolve them.

* Resolved your physical health problems? In mid-life, the karma that has created an individual's physical problems will intensify if they have failed to take any actions to resolve it. Physical symptoms will worsen and "break through" any medications, if the individual consistently resists learning the lessons that illness has to teach them. If one has learned from illnesses, then they will be restored to health.

* Transcended your mental and emotional issues? In mid-life, the karma that has created an individual's mental and emotional problems will intensify if they have failed to take any actions to resolve them. As time goes on, mental-emotional patterns tend to deepen by repetition. So the sooner the individual can get free of unwanted and disempowering patterns and habits, the easier it will be for them to achieve internal peace and harmony and to bring out what is within them.

* Worked it out with your relationship partner? In mid-life, the karma that has drawn relationship partners together may come to an end. Events unfold such that the relationship breaks up unexpectedly. Or the relationship may solidify and become even stronger. Whatever happens, karma intensifies and the relationship continues to be put to the test as the cycle of adult expansion continues.

Karmic Cycles: Adult Contraction

"The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the more clearly we should see through it." (Jean Paul)

* Adult Contraction: Karma works by cycles: Age 49-60 is adult contraction when one's karmic pattern is weaker.

* Adult Contraction Purpose: This is where the individual's karma stabilizes. By this time in their life, the individual has come to some accommodation with their issues either by delaying them or by solving them in whole or in part.

* When Successful: If they are successful in working through some of their past life issues, more issues will surface for them to handle. During adult contraction, the individual has the chance to "cash in" on karmic bargains by resolving physical, mental, and emotional issues which seem easier to solve (than earlier in life).

* When Unsuccessful: If they have not been successful, then their current issues will intensify and they will experience the same things only at more intense levels with a greater urgency to resolve them (especially when the end of life is near).

* Karmic Bargain: Here the individual's karma is reset for their current lifetime. Their physical, mental, and emotional issues will be reset and their karmic matrix will be reformed for their next cycles. After 60, the pattern of adult creation-expansion-contraction repeats each 12 years until the individual translates (dies).

* Bottom Line: "Belief in karma ought to make the life pure, strong, serene, and glad. Only our own deeds can hinder us; only our own will can fetter us. Once let us recognize this truth, and our liberation has struck. Nature cannot enslave the Soul that by wisdom has gained power and uses both in love." (Annie Besant)

* Karma's End: Karma drives us to service and co-workership with God - is the ultimate expression of love. Love means service. Once you accept responsibility for your life, you are a Soul in service to it. Once you do, you become a fully realized Co-worker with God. Karma shows us that for any question love is the answer. As Thomas Ashley-Farrand said, "Love is our birthplace, our final refuge, and our reason for being. If we recognize that compassion and love are the ultimate destination of our journey, the heart of the universe responds."

Credits: from channeled information.



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