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Rules Summary: Philosophy of Karma vs "Feel Good" Law of Attraction

The "original" Law of Attraction! It is no secret: it is the Law of Karma!

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* Law of Karmic Attraction: At the core of the "Philosophy of Karma" is this original Law of Attraction: "What you have done unto others in past lives or in this one (cause), weaves the karmic agreement of your present and future (effect). Consciously acting from loving kindness to yourself and others instantly reweaves the present and future karmic agreements into greater pathways of empowerment."

Karma vs "Feel Good" Law of Attraction
About the Interaction between Karma, "Feel Good LOA", and Free Will
About the Failure of "Feel Good LOA" and the Reality of Karma
About the Myths of "Feel Good LOA" and the Reality of Karma
When the "Feel Good LOA" Philosophy Makes You "Feel Bad"

Karma vs "Feel Good" Law of Attraction (which ignores/discounts karma)

* LOA vs Karma: So can you "be or do or have" anything you want? Sure, as long as it is consistent with your karma. That is why some people succeed so spectacularly ("good karma") or fail so miserably ("bad karma") at manifesting their life. If their karmic lessons are experiencing disease, enduring poverty, and suffering with failed relationships, then it will take WORK to heal their past karma so that they can create their desired future of health, wealth, and happiness.

* Operation of Karma: Here is how karma works through the Law of Attraction. Whatever thoughts and emotions you focus on the most - with the most intensity most of the time - intentionally or unintentionally - becomes your belief-karma. The more you invest in your dominant thoughts and passionate feelings with your focus, the stronger they become. Your beliefs generate your thoughts, form your attitudes, guide your actions, generate your emotions, and create your results.

About the Interaction between Karma, "Feel Good LOA", and Free Will

* Nothing But Free Will: At the core of the Law of Attraction is the belief that everything is free will and that free will is unlimited if only you knew how to apply it properly. The problem is that karma like a fenced corral inside the open field of free will. Some people have a big old fence of karma that makes the field of free will seem unlimited. For these people, creating what they want IS just a matter of focusing their thoughts and emotions on their goals. Yet for most people the fence of karma often constrains their free will as to what they can and cannot create.

* Constraints of Karma: Physically, what you lack limits how you can exercise your free will: if you are lacking in sight, hearing, energy, vitality, well functioning organs, and etc, that will limit how you can exercise your free will. Mentally, what you lack limits how you can exercise your free will: if you are lacking in education, training, skills, experience, discipline, and etc, that will limit how you can exercise your free will. Emotionally, what you lack limits how you can exercise your free will: if you are lacking in your ability to control negative feelings (like anger, hurt, fear, frustration, shame, guilt, etc) that will limit how you can exercise your free will.

* Exercise of Free Will: The one thing the LOA gurus are right about is that you create your results by the actions you take or fail to take. For example, two people are diagnosed with cancer. One person ignores the diagnosis. The other person undergoes intensive traditional and alternative treatments, visualizes their body as being healthy, speaks positive affirmations around the clock, and does everything possible to get better. No one is surprised when the person, who ignored their disease, dies while the person, who fought their disease, survives by beating the cancer. Clearly, their different exercise of free will created their differing results.

* Role of Karma vs Free Will: Karma works to develop your ability to handle free will responsibly. Karma operates impersonally, giving you the opportunity at every moment to become open to greater levels of love. The goal is to give you experiences so you evolve into greater levels of awareness and responsibility.

About the Failure of "Feel Good LOA" and the Reality of Karma

* When "Feel Good LOA" Fails: What you are "attracting what is unpleasing to you", the LOA gurus will claim you are doing something wrong. From their point of view, since their "Feel Good Law of Attraction" is infallible, the only way it can fail is if YOU apply it incorrectly. This "blame the victim" approach both ignores the operation of karma and creates bad karma for those who spread such blame:

* Wrong Focus: Although it is quite true that if you focus on the wrong things (especially if you focus on what you do not want), you will get the wrong results. Yet, the LOA gurus will just say "change your focus" without looking any further into why some can focus with ease (a past life talent) and others cannot (a karmic block). Worse, they ignore those who focus on the right thing and get the wrong result (as in really "bad" past life karma limiting their options).

* Wrong Attitude: Although it is quite true that if you have the wrong attitude (especially if you are certain nothing will ever work out for you), you will get the wrong results. Yet, the LOA gurus will just say "change your attitude" without looking any further into why some are so entrenched in their attitudes (the weight of past life experience). Telling someone to "just adjust your attitude" will never blast away their unconscious truths (gained from bitter and painful past life experience).

* Wrong Timing: Although it is quite true that if you expect everything to always happen instantly (especially if you believe things will just come to you somehow), you will get the wrong results. Yet, the LOA gurus will just say "be patient" because good fortune is just around the corner. To those who say that they have taken "massive, inspired actions" with little or no result more patience is advised (when it is likely that really "bad" past life karma is limiting their options).

* Wrong Energy: Although it is quite true that if you do not invest energy into achieving your goals, they cannot materialize and you will get the wrong results. Yet, the LOA gurus will just say "just allow it" and "let it flow" to you because that is the way the universe works. They will say "you can only get what you agree to deserve!" Here they are right here because "you can only get what you agree to deserve" (which is a definition of karma!) when you believe it you will see it.

About the Myths of "Feel Good LOA" and the Reality of Karma

* Disregarding Failure: Even when history has already proven them wrong, the LOA gurus will say they are right. Here are a few key examples:

* Genius Creators: LOA gurus claim that because children are so completely in tune with their desires that they are "genius creators" who should be given free reign. Whether it was in the early 1800s with the Transcendentalists or in the late 1900s with the Alternative Schools, those schools where the child "inmates ran the asylum" failed. If children were genius creators, they would not have needed to reincarnate into the karmic schoolhouse of Earth to learn lessons about love.

* Emotional Guidance System: LOA gurus claim that, if only we will follow our "emotional guidance" system, then our lives will be perfectly guided. When we are HAPPY, this is our guidance confirming that we are going in the RIGHT direction. While when we are UNHAPPY, this is our guidance confirming that we are going in the WRONG direction. Yet what happens when our emotional guidance system is happy when we are doing the wrong thing, like serial killing. Serial killers report being happy when they are murdering. Yet, in their case, the so called "perfect" emotional guidance system definitely is flawed by the wrong programming.

* Only by Thought: LOA gurus claim that, the "only things that can come into our life is what we have invited by thought"… in only this lifetime. Yet if parents give birth to children with rare diseases (see the "Karmic Dictionary") that they never ever heard of, how could they have "invited that" in? Worse, what loving parent would even do so? At best, this is insulting. At worst, this is devastating if the parents believe the LOA gurus and start blaming themselves unnecessarily!

* Karma Flowing into Your Reality: "The essence of all that your karma means to teach you is constantly flowing into your reality." If you have had surgery, injury, illness, accident, lawsuits, or problems in your marriage, with your children, other family, friends, and so on, then the karma is flowing thick and fast in your life... and no amount of "Feel Good Philosophy" can make these karmic lessons feel good.

When the "Feel Good LOA" Philosophy Makes You "Feel Bad"

Remember: "There is nothing wrong with feeling good. The problem is when any philosophy makes you feel bad and gives you no way to understand your situation or to heal it… and instead chooses to 'blame the victim' for not 'doing things right' etc" like the traditional LOA philosophy. Here is how they do it:

* Doing It Wrong: The "Law of Attraction" philosophers claim that everyone has an equal chance to do, be, or have anything they want. The problem is when an individual runs smack into the walls of karma that are preventing them from manifesting their desires… the LOA gurus will insist that these individuals are doing something wrong now in this lifetime. If their problem is driven by past life karma, LOA advice keeps people (pointed away from past life healing) feeling bad.

* Invited by Thought: The "Law of Attraction" philosophers claim that the only way an experience can enter your life is that you have invited it by thought first. Say what? Who really thinks: let me get into a car accident, let me be a victim of crime, let me need life saving surgery, let my child contract an exotic disease I never heard of before, and so on? In these situations, LOA advice keeps people feeling bad by preventing them from understanding the karmic purpose underlying them.

* Feeling Good is All: The "Law of Attraction" philosophers claim that "feeling good" is the star that should guide everyone's actions. What they never address is that if you have to make someone else feel bad so that you can feel good, how can that be for the highest good of all concerned? For "feeling good" to be the rule, everyone should feel good. Again, LOA advice makes people feel bad if, unlike karma, they do not explain why their personal "bad" has unfolded.

* Just Do It Better: The "Law of Attraction" philosophers claim that, those who keep smacking into the walls of karma, just need to "allow more", to "envision better", to "manage thoughts", to "take inspired action", and someday LOA will kick in. Although all these are great things to do, if karma is standing in your way, just taking these actions alone will not heal it. The best way to feel good is to heal your karma so that you can, be, do, and have all that you want.

Credits: from channeled information.



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