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Rules #24b: The Soul's Journey: Hazards of the Old Soul

Near the End of the Road

The "Dark Night of the Soul" is but one of the hazards of the Old Soul.

Here are some other challenges that lie at the end of one's cycle of reincarnation.

* Energy Sensitives: Specific ways to tell if you are energy sensitive.
* Prophet Tears: Those who feel the pain of the world's suffering intensely.
* Not Belonging: When you feel as if you want to be anywhere else but here.
* Life Crucible: Living a new life when recovering from the extraordinary.

Energy Sensitives

"The more he looked inside, the more he found himself in there…" (A. A. Milne)

Are you overly sensitive to the world around you? If you are, you may be an "Energy Sensitive"…

* From the Emailbag: "Why is it that I seem to be so open to everyone and everything around me?" If you have asked this question about yourself, it is because you are probably an Energy Sensitive. Here is how to know if you are:

* Physical Signs: Many energy sensitives find our toxic modern environment hard to take. They often suffer from:

- They have "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity" or are unusually allergic to modern chemical products like cleaners, polishs, sprays, and so on.
- They cannot live in close proximity to high tension, electrical wires.
- They find that large crowds are often jarring and uncomfortable.
- They may have difficulty with other people's children or pets.
- They are prone to getting the latest illness (flus and viruses).
- They tend to eat and drink water in direct proportion to how much energy they are expending without any weight gain/loss.
* Mental Signs: Many energy sensitives find themselves picking up on the thoughts of others around them.
- When others speak or write to them, Energy Sensitives often can read between the lines to discern the "hidden message" underlying the "face value" of their spoken and written words.
- Often they will respond more closely to what they think the "hidden" message from another is rather than to the "face value" of their words.
- While they are not "reading the minds" of others, the information they get may appear that way to others around them.
- Often, energy sensitives are unaware that they are picking up on the thoughts of others and this can create unintended conflicts… which they feel more deeply than any other person involved.
* Emotional Signs: Many energy sensitives find themselves picking up on the feelings of others around them.
- They often are like an emotional vacuum cleaner: sucking in the negative emotions of others, whether they intend to or not.
- This internalization of "other's stuff" makes them cry (women sensitives) or get depressed (men sensitives).
- They often feel like they overwhelmed by fighting to swim through the choppy seas of emotions projected by others.
- They tend to need more alone-me time that others in their circle… but that time is necessary for their health and well being.
- This all can be so stressful that they must periodically withdraw from others in order to recharge their own energy.
IMPORTANT! Click here for the exercise to better manage energy sensitivity.

Prophet Tears

"Intelligence must follow faith, never precede it, and never destroy it." (Thomas a Kempis)

Do you feel the pain of the world's suffering? If so, you are experiencing Tears of the Prophets Syndrome.

* Pit o'Karma: There are many things that are troubling in the world today: global warming, terrorism, genocide, war, poverty, famine, to name just a few. If you believe that you can feel all of this pain in the world, all of its sadness, and all of the suffering who those who live here, you have the "Tears of the Prophets" syndrome.

* Ceaselessly Sad: This syndrome does result in actual tears. People suffering from it "just cry" and say "it feels like I am crying for the whole world."

* It is a Contract: The most terrible truth that anyone will ever learn while they are on Earth is… that they agreed to come here and to experience all that has, is, and will happen to them in this and all other lifetimes.

* It is a School: The only way to stop the "Tears of the Prophets" is to accept that Earth is a school house for karma. Those suffering from it must realize that pain - although regrettable - is part of the learning process here. These troubles are like classrooms that people have signed up for by agreement before they were born.

* It is a Lesson: The universe operates under this simple rule: "all that happens is by prior agreement" for the highest good of all concerned. Since others have agreed to have their experiences to help them grow in love, joy, and awareness, any pain or suffering they undergo... is their choice... and it does have a purpose... that you cannot know. All you ever know is that your experiences are lessons.

* It is a Learning: So whenever I find myself "going into judgment" about something "gone wrong", I get right out of it quickly by remembering two important things. One, that if a situation is allowed to exist, it exists because God allows it and, if God allows it, it is for some good reason that I am either not capable of knowing or am not privileged to know. Two, that is world is a stage of karma, and "what goes around, comes around"... so all is as it should be.

* It is a Life: Given that, the "Tears of the Prophets" are not needed so put yourself in God's hands and let God do His work of carrying the pain of the world. The purpose of life is learning... and the end result of learning is love. Although compassion for the path of others is great, only they can walk their path... just as you must walk your path alone. Better to walk in joy than in tears.

Not Belonging

"Sometimes I wanna quit, nothing ever seems to fit. Hanging around, nothing to do but frown. Nothing is really wrong, just feeling like I don't belong." ("Rainy Days and Mondays", Carpenter's lyrics)

Have you ever felt like you "do not just belong" in your life? If so, there may be a karmic reason for it... that has to do with reincarnation.

* First Wave: I will never forget the first time in the cycle of my lives, when I first felt the wave of "not belonging here" wash over me. It was three lifetimes ago on a lovely afternoon, sun shining, birds singing, warm but comfortable. I was sitting on the porch with a man I was recently introduced to by my wife. One among the multitudes of her cousins was getting married and she was much in demand. So she had to leave me alone and took great care to find someone to keep me company. He was very charming and we instantly hit it off. We both were religious and soon got into a fascinating discussion about theology. I could not have been happier.

* The Wave Hits: Then the wave struck me. "What was I doing here? Why had I come to the miserable, dark Earth again? How was it that I knew I just did not belong here?" It was a very disorienting feeling that lasted until my wife came out to check on me and give me a kiss. Then I was fine... until the next time that wave rolled over me again in the following life. These "Waves of Not Belonging" were calling me home... and they just may be calling you.

* Ready to Go?: The simple truth is that we do not reincarnate forever. We reach a point where we are done with Earth. Here are the signs that the "Wave of Not Belonging" just might be calling you back home... to the inner worlds:

* Do you often think, feel, and believe that you just do not belong here... on Earth? (As in "Send me home!")
* Are you out of step with what most people like now? (Not a fan of Harry Potter, Survivor, American Idol?)
* Do you feel like other people do not really understand you? (When they ask, "Why are you so honest?")
* Do you lose patience with repetitive physical things? (As in "I paid those bills! Now they are due again?")
* Are you frustrated when others just do not get the basics? (As in "gossiping only bites you in the butt!")
If the answers to all of these questions are "Yes", then this is life calling you back home to the inner worlds... This is the "Wave of Not Belonging" coming in.

Life Crucible

"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world is immortal." (Albert Pine)

Have you been through the fire of life? Does life after the crucible often seem like less? It is hard to be ordinary after the extraordinary has happened.

* Life's Crucible: Have you ever been imprisoned? Have you ever been tortured? Have you ever been on a Death March or in a concentration camp? Have you ever been a castaway far from civilization? Have you survived an earthquake, a blizzard, a hurricane, a tsunami, a volcanic explosion, a life-and-death illness? Have you gone through something simply extraordinary?

* Burned in the Crucible: If you have experienced any of these events, you have been burned in the crucible of life. What you may not have realized... is that your life can never be the same afterwards. Here is what you can expect... after you have survived the dreadful fire of being burned inside life's crucible.

* Bored with Ordinary Life: What engages most people about ordinary life bores those who have emerged from life's crucible. In the crucible, the individual had to constantly be on the alert against nature, other people, and their own inattention. For a moment of hesitation or a single lapse in judgment could spell the difference between life and death. Since every moment was alive with danger, the person gets used to that aliveness. Once it is gone and life returns to ordinary, the comparative dullness often makes the person bored with life.

* Loss of Patience: Those who have been burned in the fire of life's crucible have very little patience for the petty details of ordinary life. They do not patience for wasting time and energy, for meaningless squabbles, or for what they consider trivial. This boredom and loss of patience with ordinary life can cause the person to become depressed or anxious... and, worse, it often leads them to commit suicide.

* Reason for Living: There is only one thing that can save those emerging from life's crucible: a compelling reason for living. For example, those who survived the Nazi and Russian Holocausts and thrived for the rest of their life did so because they connected with their passion. For some, it was giving true witness about what they had seen, heard, and knew to be true from direct personal experience. For others, it was creating places safe from tyranny and oppression. For still others, it was working to ensure that such tragedies can never happen again. What the people, who have survived life's crucible, do "for others and the world is immortal!"

Credits: from channeled information.



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