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Rules #24c: The Soul's Journey: Reincarnation's End

Journey's End

The "Dark Night of the Soul" is but one of the hazards of the Old Soul.

Here are some other challenges that lie at the end of one's cycle of reincarnation.

* Karmic Egress: Exiting the cycles of reincarnation feels like this.
* Karmic End: Why you are beaten up, if you are in your last lifetime.
* Mathematically Possible: Why you have chosen a tough road at the very end.
* Wellspring o'Love: The overall goal of karmic teachings... to become love. Raoul Wallenberg is a classic example.

Karmic Egress

"If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costumes and come back as a new character... Would you slow down? Or speed up? Or would you decide that your part in the play was done and leave the stage for good?" (Chuck Palahniuk)

Feeling tired of life? If so, this may be because you are heading toward the great karmic egress!

* From the Emailbag: "I feel disconnected from life. I am not interested in what most others like. What could cause this?" The answer is: "The inner worlds are calling you away from this life and drawing you back home."

* Health Issues: Those who are on their way out of this lower world of karma and reincarnation usually take on one or more health problems. They want to use their last opportunity to learn from physical karma before they are free of the body - for good. Usually these are tough and rare diseases that take a lifetime to cure.

* Problem Relationships: Those on the way out usually experience an endless series of problematic relationships with others: family, friends, co-workers, etc. This is because the one about to egress is giving each of these individuals one last chance to make peace… before they leave and there are no more chances.

* Wealth Challenges: Those on the way out usually do not want to use money to solve their problems. So they focus on non-monetary solutions to their problem. This is because the one about to egress wants to test their abilities in creativity and resourcefulness when it comes to manifesting what they need and desire.

* Unusual Detachment: Those on the way out usually do not get caught up in the emotional problems of others. This is because they understand that each soul must stand on their own. They give others space and time to find their own answers… rather than trying to impose their judgments and decisions on others.

* Personal Responsibility: Those on the way out need to focus on their conduct. If they are satisfied with their actions, then they need not worry about what others do or fail to do. Those who want to egress should just take responsibility for their thoughts, beliefs, speech, and action… and leave the rest to the justice of karma.

Karmic End

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." (T. S. Eliot)

If you feel like you are a very "old" Soul, you may also feel beaten up in this your final lifetime.

If you want to know if you are in your final lifetime, here are the signs:

* Toxic Parents-Childhood: To accelerate their karmic burnoff, the "old" Soul will intentionally choose to be born into a challenging situation like a household with substance-sexual abuse, psychological-physical- verbal abuse, poverty, etc. Usually their parents, siblings, and other close family members are former karmic enemies that the "old" Soul has had troubled relationships with in numerous past lives. Old patterns quickly resurface and cry out for healing and completion.

* Rare Health Conditions: To accelerate their karmic burnoff, the "old" Soul will intentionally come into agreement with rare diseases involving physical, mental, and emotional problems. These rare health conditions are usually something that the "old" Soul must heal, work around, or learn to live with for their entire life.

* Intense Relationship Karma: To accelerate their karmic burnoff, the "old" Soul will intentionally select sexual-marital partners who will continue to offer them challenging situations. Abuse, infidelity, sexually transmitted diseases, non-stop arguments, physical fights, etc emerge to heal this relationship karma.

* Complex Life Challenges: To accelerate their karmic burnoff, the "old" Soul will intentionally agree to experience complex life challenges. Death of a child, divorce, accident, injury, and all the complications arising from these challenging events that would crush lesser people are the daily experience of the "old" Soul.

* Healing Past Lives: To accelerate their karmic burnoff, the "old" Soul will undertake past life healing. They will want to understand why they have taken on such a difficult and complicated life. Once they understand why chosen their path, they will know that all their struggles had a purpose and were never in vain.

Mathematically Possible

"Definition of mathematically possible… means it is practically impossible." (Anonymous)

Why did you give others another karmic chance? It was mathematically possible to balance the karma.

* Mathematically Possible: This is a term familiar to American baseball fans. It is used near the end of the season when teams start to fall out of contention for the playoffs. When the world weary commentators are asked if a team could pull it out and land a spot in the playoffs, the answer often is: "it is mathematically possible…" This means that the team in question would have to win all of their remaining games and, at the same time, their competitors would have to help out by losing all of the rest of their games. So, while it is possible, it is also unrealistic.

* One Last Chance: When individuals are in their last few lives, they willingly agree to give their karmic enemies one last chance to put right what once went wrong. They do this knowing that while it is "mathematically possible" for they and their enemy to bring more love into the situation… it probably will not happen. Yet this must be played out to see what happens under "real life" conditions.

* Following Form: The present life apple does not fall far from the past life tree. What created conflicts in the past are bound to create conflicts in the present… because each individual is likely to make the same choices. These similar choices then lead to the same conflicts. Just like in baseball when the teams continue to play the same way they have been playing all season, the individuals will continue to behave as they have for 1,000s of years... following their usual form.

* Act of Love: Love powers the universe and drives cycles of reincarnation. Think of what an act of love it is for one person to give another person the chance to bring love into the situation… when they know full well that they are probably going to get hurt in the process no matter how hard each of them tries to get things right.

* Glimmer of Hope: Yet, just like in sports, the underdog can surprise everyone. They can make a different choice and use their free will to think, speak, and act contrary to their usual form. This is why individuals choose to reunite: they want the opportunity to reverse their trend of bad karma… and sometimes they use it.

Wellspring o'Love

In 1945, "the Russians abducted Raoul Wallenberg, who, like 20 million others, disappeared in the Soviet genocide." Before then, he "and a handful of other diplomats and priests saved around 120,000 Jews in Hungary." So "it is our moral duty to recognize, care and help rescuers like Raoul, who proved his pure unconditional love to other people by risking his life." Raoul Wallenberg "and others like him are timeless and universal figures. We need to be inspired by them today for making the world of tomorrow a better place."
(from a speech made by Wallenberg's niece, Louise von Dardel, at the Knesset)

Raoul Wallenberg is one the best examples of what it is to be a Wellspring of Love for others.

* "Beacon in the Darkness": Wallenberg came from a large family who loved him unconditionally. He was so full of love when the Russians abducted him that he was a shining beacon of unconditional love. That light was never put out despite periodic beatings, starvation, torture, and solitary confinement. When the Soviet Union fell, they had to execute Wallenberg because they could not admit what they had done to such an extraordinary individual.

* Living Hope & Faith: We know of Wallenberg's work in the Russian prison system because of the steady stream of those who escaped or were released. All of them spoke about how Wallenberg restored their hope and faith in humanity.

* Wellspring of Love: They told how he was a fountain of hope and faith and how he would spread his love to anyone who was in his presence. They were astonished by how he seemed much more like a man of leisure who had all that he desired from life instead of a prisoner who spent much time in solitary confinement.

* Lightning Rod: Wallenberg inspired other diplomats from all over the world to join him in saving Jews and others. Like him, they too distributed official visas, which made the difference between life and death. They were inspired by how he acted on his convictions and exchanged his freedom to create miracles.

* Obedience to God: Through his example, Wallenberg showed that "resistance to tyranny is obedience to God!" Like all freedom fighters before him, Wallenberg knew that, in the face of evil, it is necessary to break the rules so that the world came become a better place. One of the best ways Wallenberg did that was to have been a living example of a "Wellspring of Love", not only showing the world that it was possible but how it should be done... under the most difficult conditions.

Credits: from channeled information.



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