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Rules #24d: The Soul's Journey: The Terrible Truth About Suicide

Abnormal Journey's End: Suicide

Suicide can result from the "Dark Night of the Soul". This can happen even to Old Souls who are at the end of their cycle of reincarnation. It happens to us all.

* Suicide Healing: How you can help a loved one heal their suicide.
* Suicide Impact: What really happens when someone committs suicide.
* Suicide Recovery: About reincarnating after committing suicide.
* Suicide Threat: What to do if someone threatens to kill themselves.

Suicide Healing

From a patient of Brian Weiss MD: "'I'm going to shoot myself and end this misery! I've shot myself in the mouth, and now I can see my body. I'm still so sad. I'm so tired. But I can't rest. Someone is here for me. He has something to tell me. I should not have ended my life!' And so Brian Weiss reflects on his patient's story: 'Themes of separation and loss plagued his lifetime. This time they had led him to suicide. He had been warned about not ending a life prematurely. But losses were occurring anew, and grief had returned. Would he remember or would hopeless despair overtake him once again?'"
(Brian Weiss "Only Love is Real")

If you have a loved one who has committed suicide, you can help them to heal... now! Here is what you can do to help them.

* From the Emailbag: "Would a loved one who had committed suicide remember in their next life and make another choice? Or would hopeless despair overtake them once again and cause them to repeat their mistake?" The answer is "That depends... and there is something you can do to help to ease their pain and to accelerate their healing."

* Forgive: If you have not already forgiven your loved one for committing suicide, do so now. If you have forgiven them already, do it again... this time forgive them for how you have suffered in the aftermath of their suicide. Let them know that you understand that they were unable to handle the extreme pressures of their life. Let them know how much love and joy they had brought to your life.

* Love: If you are in the habit of mourning your loved one every day, change that habit into one of sending them unconditional love every day. Know that each and every moment of unconditional love you send them helps them to heal and rebuild their energy field and brings them one step closer to a shot at another life.

* Be Happy: Know that every time you are joyful, you are also sending your loved one some of your energy and this helps them recover from their suicide. Your happiness is literally like energy food that helps your loved one to move forward into their next life. It helps them to set up more favorable circumstances in their future life which can help them beat the suicidal charge forever.

Suicide Impact

"As much as the suicidal personality feels able to escape the world by getting rid of the body, reincarnation's revolving door ensures that all hope (of escape) is short lived. Those who learn that they have killed themselves in past lives are quickly brought to the realization that suicide, far from being an answer to life's problems is (instead) the violent breaking of the lifeline. If the (suicide) could only realize the resulting intensification of difficulty which must enter the life to come, (suicide) would never be (attempted)." (Joel Fisher)

Suicide: "Going from being into nothingness and finding there is no exit."

When it comes to suicide, here is the karmic viewpoint on its impact:

* Required Course: Suicide is an experience that everyone must go through in the cycle of reincarnation. It is like that hard class in college that you would like to avoid but you have to take in order to graduate. As much as you would like to help another pass that course, they must take the exam alone... without any help.

* Inborn Charge: Once suicide is experienced, it is a charge that remains in their body for several lifetimes until it is worked out. It is worked out when the individual no longer feels the compulsion toward suicide as a means of solving problems.

* Tragic Isolation: When someone decides to take their own life, it does not matter how much others love them, how nice their life is on the outside, and how much they have to live for... they are locked into their own private world of pain. Unless you have been through it yourself, it is hard to understand the pain of this tragic isolation. Even if you could "turn back time" to prevent a loved one's suicide, it is likely that you could only have delayed it... you could not have stopped it.

* Aftermath: Part of how those who have passed on suffer... is by watching how their suicide has adversely impacted those they have left behind. So if you are suffering from a loved one's departure... they have also experienced that suffering as if they were you. It is worse for them because they caused your suffering.

Suicide Recovery:

Suicides reincarnate into a broken body-mind in their next life depending upon how they left their last one.

Post suicide reincarnations prove the ultimate connection between cause and effect. The birth defects inherited by the returning suicide match the suicide method used... precisely:

Suicide Method Chakra  Reincarnation Birth Defect
Shot/Stab to the Head Crown Down's Syndrome - Anencephaly
Shot/Stab to the Chest Heart Congenital Heart Defects
Shot/Stab to the Stomach Stomach Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Hanging by the Neck Throat Oesophageal Atresia
Electrocution All Cerebral Palsy
Drowning - Suffocation Throat Chronic Pneumonia
Gas - Strangulation Heart Chronic Bronchitis
Poisoning - Opening Veins All Leukemia - Sickle Cell
Death by Alcohol Poisoning All Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Jumping from a Height
  Shattering Bones
All Spina Bifida - Fibrodysplasia Ossificans
Osteogenesis Imperfecta

* Chakra Effect: The chakra - nearest to the wound inflicted during the suicide - will be very weak when the new body for the next life is formed. If the suicide effects the whole body, then all the chakras will be weakened.

* Suicidal Charge: The individual will feel the urge to take their own life periodically during their next life. The more times in a row they kill themselves, the more intense and challenging their problems become. Only when they gets through an entire lifetime without killing themselves is the suicidal charge released.

Suicide Threat:

"It is altogether unlawful to kill oneself... Wherefore suicide is contrary to the inclination of nature, and to charity whereby every man should love himself... Life is God's gift to man, and is subject to His power, Who kills and makes to live. Hence whoever takes his own life, sins against God... for it belongs to God alone to pronounce sentence of death and life."(Thomas Aquinas "Summa Theologica")

If someone has have threatened to kill themselves in an effort to control you, consider this.

Has someone threatened to commit suicide unless you did and/or did not do something? Did you feel panic stricken... like you were holding their life in your hands? Were you at a loss about knowing what to do?

Here is a karma free way to handle a suicide threat... in a way that serves you and the person threatening suicide.

* Get Help: Those who are really serious about committing suicide take care to be alone and do what it takes to end their life. Most times those who threaten suicide are usually not serious. Yet you can never be sure of that. Committing suicide is an extremely serious matter, karmically and reincarnationally. So if you are confronted by someone who has made a threat, always take it seriously. Call the nearest suicide hotline and ask for help in counseling the suicidal individual. If there is no hotline, call a friend or a neighbor. Get help - NOW!

* Recognize Control: Those who threaten suicide usually do so as a tactic to get someone else to do or not to do something are not really serious. In other words, if the suicidal individual is really leaving the Earth then they will not be around to get the benefit of whatever it is that they want the other person to do or not do. What threatening suicide does is deflect attention from the real issues between the people and put the attention on the immature person who makes the threat. It stops any real communication and resolution inside the relationship dead in its tracks.

* Resist Manipulation: Threatening suicide is a "strong arm" tactic to manipulate another by playing on their compassion. So if the compassionate person "fails" to take action on it, then they are the "bad guy" for not caring. The real "bad guy" is the person who cannot be real about handling their own emotions and so resorts to threatening suicide. Those who commit suicide suffer terrible karmic consequences making both threatening and committing suicide an extremely offensive act.

Credits: from channeled information.

Clarifying Comments from the Community:

Q: Why is suicide illegal?
A: Suicide is illegal because that is an outer reflection of the inner workings of the laws of karma. Life is a gift and destroying it is a choice that has consequences like any other choice. The consequences of suicide is that problems a soul has sought to avoid in one life become intensified in the next.

Q: Does suicide result in different outcomes for different people?
A: No. Suicides are treated the same under karmic law, no exceptions. Suicides reincarnate relatively quickly which - unfortunately - compounds their difficulties. Yes, they do suffer 'bad' karma as a result of taking their own life which primarily results in the physical/mental problems noted above.

Q: Why do you say that karma is a law?
A: Karma is an independent natural 'law' which operates like the laws of physics. While karma is created by our beliefs, like human law, when it is broken, that choice creates consequences for the person, regardless of their personal beliefs about karma. Everyone is treated the same by karma, no exceptions. Suicides will reap in the future, what they have sown in the past.

Q: Can suicide ever be the "best option" for to end suffering?
A: No. There is a common misperception that a suicide is just a "necessary break from reality" where the individual can get coaching/support from their guides and just start over. Although souls do get coaching/support from their guides, they have to start - by karmic law - from where they left off. Only it is harder because they return with impaired bodies and minds broken by their own former hands. They will have to tackle their issues again... and hopefully they will make better choices in the face of more difficult circumstances. The best choice is not to commit suicide.

Q: Do you believe that you are helping people with this page -or- are you judging those who attempt or commit suicide?
A: I do believe that I am helping people by giving them accurate information (since I committed suicide in past lives). I cannot judge anyone negatively because I have been there and done that myself. I have great compassion for those whose life challenges have brought them to this page. My advice: suicide solves nothing... it only makes things worse in the long run. JUST SAY NO TO SUICIDE!



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