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Rules #11b: Top Ten BLOCKS from Past Lives in Ordinary Life

Are You Being Harmed by Past Lives?

In my humble opinion, the best indicator of how deeply you are now being effected by your past lives is found when you get the results of our exclusive "Past Life Profile". Your profile will tell you where and how deeply you are effected by past life problems - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

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Below are the top ten BLOCKS that many have inherited from past lives. If you have more than seven of these blocks, they are adversely effecting your life now. I beg you to seek out past life counseling - if not with us, then with someone in your area.

Are You Being Harmed by Past Lives? You do NOT have to have extraordinary problems to be adversely effected by past life karma in your life now. Karma can be the cause of your quite ordinary problems.

#1: Self Worth      #2: Disease/Pain      #3: Money      #4: Fear/Stress
#5: Sexual Problems      #6: Over-Eating/Obesity      #7: Love/Family
#8: Work/Career      #9: Addiction      #10: Crime

Is Your Life Now Burdened by the Past? Find out by answering the following questions honestly. If you do not life how your life is in each area, you are blocked there. If you are blocked, it is most likely karma.

° You will get the most out of this process by being honest.
° Know that whatever is wrong in your life can be righted/improved.
° The first step is recognizing where your problems are right now.
Where you answer "Yes" to the questions below, you are blocked.

#1: Self Worth: If you cannot love, value, or esteem yourself, it may be your past lives (and not your parents) at work. If you cannot love yourself unconditionally, then your karma is definitely getting in your way.

° Do you hate yourself, having bad thoughts/feelings about yourself?
° Are you your own worst enemy, fearing to be alone with yourself?
° Do you believe that you are worthless, hopeless, and helpless?
° Do you believe that you deserve every bad thing that happens?
° Do you expect to be treated badly and have bad things happen?
° Do you fail to care for your body, making unhealthy choices?
° Do you fail to care for your your mind, using altering substances?
° Do you take good care of your emotions, always being unhappy?
° Do you have unhealthy boundaries with others (being a doormat)?
° Do you routinely fail to speak up or stand up for yourself?
° Do you let others take advantage of you (hurting and cheating you)?
° Do you feel that you deserve to be punished (without real cause)?

#2: Disease/Pain: If you are in constant pain (especially when doctors cannot cure it) or if you have a rare or uncommon disease (where you know more about it than doctors do), this is past life karma in action.

° Were you born with a defect, an impairment, or an incapacity?
° Have you inherited a disease/disorder from a family member?
° Are you in chronic pain (especially with no medical cause)?
° Do you have a rare disease (where you know the most about it)?
° Do you have an uncommon disease (with no "medical" cure)?
° Is your body covered with birth-marks (freckles, moles, scars)?
° Do you have multiple health problems which effect you daily?
° Have doctors said your problem is "just all inside your head"?
° Have doctors said your condition can never/will never be cured?
° Have doctors said you must take drugs for the rest of your life?
° Are you on ten or more prescription medications at one time?
° Do new health problems crop up after old ones have been cured?

#3: Money: In past lives, violent deaths and deep traumas were often the result of disputes over money. Intense suffering experienced by the lack of money and/or anti-money teachings by religion left deep fear imprints.

° Are you always struggling against the constant lack of money?
° Are you burdened by multiple layers of debt/financial obligations?
° When unexpected money comes in, does it immediately flow out?
° Have you ever filed for bankruptcy (especially more than one time)?
° Have you ever had your house foreclosed on or been evicted?
° Have you intentionally mixed up bills (sending to wrong address)?
° Have you ever kited checks (floating through multiple accounts)?
° Do you pay some bills one month, others the next, but not all?
° Do you borrow from loved ones with no intention of repayment?
° Do you have bad credit such that you must always pay in cash?
° Do you gamble or play the lottery hoping to solve money problems?
° Have others called you a deadbeat and cut off all contact with you?

#4: Fear/Stress: Life was uncertain in the past. A bad harvest, a drought, a hurricane, an earthquake, an illness pandemic, or a horde of marauding soldiers could change life for the worse in a heartbeat.

° Do you fear animals (that they will attack and harm you)?
° Do you fear confinement (that you get trapped in a small space)?
° Do you fear darkness (that something bad will happen then)?
° Do you fear death (that somehow it is always around the corner)?
° Do you fear germs (that you will become infected by microbes)?
° Do you fear heights (that you will plummet from a high altitude)?
° Do you fear life (that it will all be too much for you)?
° Do you fear past lives (that were bad/did bad things)?
° Do you fear sickness (that you will fall ill and die horribly)?
° Do you fear sinning (that God will strike you down from on high)?
° Do you fear strangers (that they will attack and harm you)?
° Do you fear water (that you will drown while bathing/swimming)?

#5: Sexual Problems: Sex Part A (how someone feels about the sex act itself) and Sex Part B (how someone feels about a particular romantic partner now) are heavily influenced by their past life experiences.

° Do you have negative attitudes toward sex (it is dirty/disgusting)?
° Do you "get through" sex rather than truly taking pleasure from it?
° Do you just want sex only to conceive a child but otherwise not?
° Do you have trouble asking your mate for what you want sexually?
° Do you make excuses to beg out of sex when it was agreed to?
° Does your mate physically repel you because the passion is gone?
° Do you fear your mate has a sexually transmitted disease?
° Do you believe that your mate is cheating on you with another?
° Does your issues with your mate outside the bedroom effect sex?
° Do you feel your mate takes more pleasure in sex than they give?
° Does your religion badly influence your attitudes toward sex?
° Does your upbringing badly influence your attitudes toward sex?

#6: Over-Eating/Obesity: Food was scarce in past lives. Most did not eat every day, let alone several times a day. Past subconscious memories of starvation plus present food abundance equals over-eating and obesity.

° Have you been classified as morbidly obese (100 lbs over-weight)?
° Do you have a diagnosed eating disorder (anorexia/bulimia)?
° Do you eat continually (multiple times - every hour - every day)?
° Do you always feel hungry no matter how much you have eaten?
° Do you avoid eating food because you always fear getting fat?
° Is your body image inaccurate (you=uc-fat but others=cu-thin)?
° Do you wake up because you are hungry & must eat to fall asleep?
° Do you have trouble with your joints because you are too fat?
° Do you feel weak, cold, or exhausted because you are too thin?
° Do you have to have refrigerators/cabinets over-stuffed with food?
° Do you let food go bad rather than stop buying too much food?
° Do you have to buy an extra ticket on a plane since you are too fat?

#7: Love/Family Relationships: One's closest karmic partners come from their birth family (parents/siblings) and their marital (spouse/children) family. This is all to balance problematic past life relationship karma.

° Did one or both of your parents negatively impact you?
° Did one or more of your brothers/sisters negatively impact you?
° Did someone in your extended family negatively impact you?
° Did one or more of your boy/girlfriends negatively impact you?
° Did one or more of your husbands/wives negatively impact you?
° Did one or more of your friends negatively impact you?
° Did one or more of your bosses negatively impact you?
° Did one or more of your co-workers negatively impact you?
° Did one or more of your dates negatively impact you?
° Did one or more of your acquaintances negatively impact you?
° Do you fear meeting new people (that they will hurt you)?
° Have you had strong feelings of dislike for someone you just met?

#8: Work/Career: Most individuals' natural skills, abilities, and talents are carryovers from past lives. So are the group of co-workers (better known as karmic partners) associated with that job/career.

° Do you feel disrespected, harrassed, and humiliated at work?
° Does your initial enthusiasm for a job quickly turn to dislike?
° Do you feel uninterested and bored with the job you are doing?
° Do you feel that your job is stupid, worthless, and pointless?
° Do you look forward to time off from work (sick days/vacations)?
° Do you actively dislike your boss (tuning them out when possible)?
° Do you actively dislike your co-workers (steering clear of them)?
° Do you actively dislike your work place (it is just a karma pit)?
° Do you avoid work sponsored social activities like the plague?
° Do you feel your job is a waste of your precious life energy?
° If you changed jobs, are they all the same: all bad or worse?
° Do you slow down because you are always overloaded with work?

#9: Addiction: Whether the addiction is minor (shopping or sports) or major (alcohol or porn), the fact that you are addicted means you are balancing past life karma. Major addictions take many lifetimes to cure.

° Unable stop doing "it": what others say you are addicted to?
° Does the thought of your stopping "it" cause you physical pain?
° Does the thought of your stopping "it" cause you mental anguish?
° Does the thought of your stopping "it" cause you emotional anxiety?
° Does your stopping doing "it" cause you to be "less yourself"?
° Have you tried and failed to stop doing "it" in the past?
° Does doing "it" cause problems in your life (family, friends)?
° Does doing "it" cause problems in society (work, police, court)?
° Have you lost key relationships because you keep on doing "it"?
° Have you or are you putting your life at risk by doing "it"?
° Deep down inside, do you really want to keep on doing "it"?
° Does "addiction" control you or do you control "it"?

#10: Crime: Courtrooms, police stations, and other government offices are intense stages for the working through of past life karma. Unless you work there (and even if you do), know that the law of karma rules there.

° Have you or a loved one been a victim of violent crime?
° Are you involved in a legal action against someone else?
° Have you been in a accident resulting in permanent injury?
° Have you ever been sexually molested or sexually harassed?
° Have you ever been mugged or had items stolen off you?
° Has your house ever been broken into and/or burglarized?
° Has your car ever been stolen and/or vandalized/bashed?
° Have you ever been in a car accident with injury/damage?
° Have you ever been in a fight, a brawl, or hand-to-hand combat?
° Were you ever maimed, disfigured, or incapacitated by another?
° Were you ever hospitalized because the recklessness of another?
° Have you ever lost a loved one due to accident or injury?

Are You Willing to Know More? If your life is not as healthy, wealthy, or happy as you would like it to be, your past life karma may be derailing your present and draining your future. Are you ready to heal your life?

Credits: compiled over the course of years of Past Life Channeling Sessions.



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