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Rules #28b: Who is The I That is Me? - All About Definitive Past Lives

"Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be." (Karen Ravn)

"Within one's defining moment, everything that person is, shines its brightest." (Anonymous)

"We live in deeds, not years; In thoughts, not breaths; in feelings, not figures on a dial." (Julia Jackson Christian)

Who Really Made You Who You are Today?

When it comes to past lives, most people want to know how and which past lives shaped their present. Those who can accept that their life now is just the tip of a huge iceberg want to know more about what lies beneath. They want to know about defining moments.

"So Who Really Is The ' I ' That is ' Me '?"

When we come into greater awareness of our past lives, we understand that we are more than our current personality. We see that we are infinite beings and we connect with the truth about the totality of our existence. We ask ourselves "who really is the I that is me?" From time to time, the answer to this question leads us to definitive past lives: lives the shaped and molded us more than anything else.

"So What Experiences Define Us in any Lifetime?"

* Definitive Lifetimes: We now are the sum of all our experiences: all that has gone before and all that is dreamed to come after. Each person has had one past life which defines them more than any other. This is not to say we cannot redefine ourselves: because we do so with every new incarnation. Yet "definitive lifetimes" from the past effect us - ever after - more than any others.

* Monumental Moments: Definitive lifetimes are full of "monumental moments": the experiences which have molded and changed who we are, how we choose to define ourselves, and what we believe about ourselves at the deepest level. By the end of that definitive life, we have experienced so many of these "monumental moments" that we are radically transformed from where we started. We have gone through an intense fire and we have emerged stronger, better, and more developed as our Higher Self and closer to being Self Realized than ever before.

* Crucial Choices: Definitive lifetimes full of "monumental moments" force us to make "crucial choices." We learn as much about ourselves from our positive as from our negative choices. These "crucial choices" reveal our character at its deepest levels. We cannot help but redefine ourselves based upon how we judge the success or failure of our "crucial choices." Our successes can lift us to new levels of strength and empowerment. Our failures can help us to heal deep seated problems and issues by pushing us to do much better the next time around.

* Inspirational Individuals: Definitive lifetimes full of "monumental moments" and "crucial choices" often attract "inspirational individuals" into our life. They can serve as mentors, advising and guiding us through our moments and choices. They can serve as models, showing us by their example to be and do our best. They can serve as motivators, pushing us beyond our own limitations and to be all we can be.

* Defining Moments: When "the you" you were "before" the definitive lifetime and "the you" you who you were "after" are truly different, you have found it.

"So How Do Past Lives Come to Define Us?"

Virtuoso Performance: When you have lived a life where you became, achieved, and performed all that you wanted and more, that is a life which defines you. All the lives that come after this virtuoso performance are profoundly influenced by it.

Endless Love: When you have shared a life with someone you have loved deeply and experienced great trust, kindness, and harmony with them, that is a life which defines you. The love you have shared opens your heart which longs to feel that love again.

Open Hearted: When you have learned to love unconditionally, giving from your heart without counting the cost, that is a life which defines you. The love you have given others expands who you are and how you can reincarnate from that time forward.

Open Minded: When you have learned to master your mind and keep your eye on the bigger picture, that is a life which defines you. You become more compassionate, tolerant, and forgiving. You balance your mind and your heart... and along with it your karma.

Conquered Difficulty: When you have triumphed over a difficult physical obstacle, especially when others could not do so, that is a life which defines you. The thrill of achievement is something you long to do under ever more challenging circumstances.

New Frontiers: When you have explored a particular topic, making a breakthrough discovery about that advances knowledge, that is a life which defines you. Your fascination for that topic keeps you coming back time and again to learn more about it.

Spectacular Success: When you have lived a life where, for even the briefest time, you achieved a spectacular success beyond your wildest dreams, that is a life which defines you. That one special moment will stick in your Soul memory forever and empower you.

Redeemed Failure: When you have lived a life where, for even the briefest time, you righted a wrong or redeemed a failure, that is a life which defines you. Reincarnation ensures that failure is never permanent and there are infinite chances to right wrongs.

Role Model: When you met an individual who you greatly admire and who helps to expand your beingness, this is a life which defines you. For me, it was William Penn who taught me "not to defer" helping others because I "would not pass their way" again.

Way of Life: When you have lived a life with a group of people, that made you feel truly secure, sustained, and supported, that is a life which defines you. Your affinity to a certain way of life and to a particular group of people keeps drawing you back together.

Life Crucible: When you have been burned in the crucible of life by an extraordinary event, like the Holocaust, this is a life which defines you. Like the pressure which turns coal into diamonds, you become strong in ways that can never be taken from you.

Divine Miracle: When you have directly experienced God for yourself in a unforgettable way, this is a life which defines you. Unless and until it happens to you, you may disbelieve that such a thing is possible. Yet, such divine miracles have altered me forever.

Credits: from channeled information.



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