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Rules #28d: Who is The I That is Me? - Truth About Famous Past Lives #2

"Hold the cross high so I may see it through the flames!" (Joan of Arc)

Want to Be Famous? Or Were You?

When it comes to past lives, most people want to know the same thing. "Was I ever famous?" they will ask... and then some will answer with a name well known in history ("historical personalities").

Even today, many believe that they are the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. Immediately after her death, many took her name and tried to take her place. Some even fooled themselves into believing they WERE Joan because they wanted to keep her inspiring legend and memory alive.

"So Who Really Is The ' I ' That is ' Me '?"

When we come into greater awareness of our past lives, we understand that we are more than our current personality. We see that we are infinite beings and we connect with the truth about the totality of our existence. We ask ourselves "who really is the I that is me?" From time to time, the answer to this question leads us to a famous past life (what I like to call "historical personalities").

With so many people now believing that they were the same famous person, this has led many to believe that reincarnation is pure
bunk! Just like those in the Reformation stopped believing in relics because there were enough pieces of the "True Cross" throughout Europe to build a fleet of ships, people in our time disbelieve reincarnation because there are too many people claiming to be too few past historical personalities. Yet can all those claims be true? Absolutely NOT!

"Let's Start with Getting the Facts Straight About Historical Figures"

Only One: Just as there are "one and only" celebrities now who are separate individuals leading different lives, there were only one of each famous individual in past lives (one Caesar, one Cleopatra, etc). Karma attaches to each person according to their acts.

Wannabes: Just as there are celebrities now, there are also those who either "want-to-be" that person or who believe they really are that person - now. Many who believe they are the reincarnation of famous historical figures are just "wannabes" for past life celebrities.

Love Web: The "wannabes" love that historical figure so much and identify with them so closely that this intense love is "proof positive" that they MUST have been this person in a past life. More likely, the "wannabe" is caught in a "love web" spun by this past figure.

"Good" Ones: The more saintly/heroic the famous past life, the more claimants there will be. Yet saint/hero are value judgments made by history (not always true). Only the "real" reincarnated famous person knows how they did not live up to the legend.

"Evil" Ones: When an individual claims a famous personality that others would judge as "evil", the heavy burden of their karma is clear. These people are to be congratulated for their honesty. Ironically, they are more easily believed (who wants "evil" ones?).

Trust Me Story: The surest sign that someone has NOT been the past life historical personality they claim to be... is when they "name drop" to get another to give them money, do them favors, or have sex because of who they were in the past (and not now).

"What Do People Really Think About Their Historical Personalities?"

Real Reaction: Although they are very few, I have read individuals with famous past lives. Far from being thrilled by this knowledge, most recognize such famous lives as the source of their issues now. They understand better than most how they came by their karma.

Heavy Karma: What those with famous past life personalities know - for sure - how high a price they have paid - karmically - for their unloving actions while famous. They come to understand how their fame has magnified/complicated the resolution of their karma.

Research Vortex: Those who were famous in past lives spent most of their time focused on creating their lives in their present and seldom focused on their past existences. Only those who really need to heal the past should spend time researching it... otherwise, not!

Points of Comparison: Let me shorten your learning curve. What I learned from a close study of my most recent historical personality was the astonishing degree to which we bring our past selves into our present one (there were 100 points of similarity between us!).

Distraction Dramas: It took me a full year to figure out those 100 points of comparison. Since I was studying to become a past life practitioner, that was time well spent. If you are not pursuing that career path, then such study would distract you from your life now.

"Saint Factory": Bitter experience has stopped me for telling individuals about famous past lives. There is always an "unfamous" past life with the same unhealed issues that can take its place. Being a "saint factory" is inconsistent with my mission of healing past lives.

"So How Would Someone Recognize a Famous Past life Personality?"

Facial Architecture: Similarity between the facial structures of the past and present life is strong evidence of reincarnation as a famous past personality. Yet, most often, individuals reincarnate with with "composite" faces (made up from several past life persons).

Birth Marks-Body Wounds: Where documented past life wounds from a famous personality are replicated in the present body, this is strong evidence of reincarnation (especially when there are multiple birthmarks that directly correspond to the past).

Birth Date-Anniversaries: The day that one chooses to enter this life always has something important to say. Those with a famous past life full of intense karma often choose to reincarnate on a date of significance (ex. their birthday or important anniversary).

Habits-Mannerisms: When the present person displays all of the same peculiar habits (like lifestyle, decision making, career) and mannerisms (like posture, walking, facial expressions) of a famous past life person, this is strong evidence of reincarnation.

Written/Verbal Expression: When the present person (whether in verbal or in written form) communicates in exactly the same manner as a famous past life personality (as determined by a scientific "linguistic analysis test"), this is strong evidence of reincarnation.

Inside Information: When the present person knows a key detail about a famous person that is not public (and especially when that is backed up by an historical artifact), that is very strong evidence of reincarnation. For an example of a reincarnation detail, click here.

"So Why Do So Many Focus on So Few Historical Figures?"

Karmic Splint: Those who have broken bones know that a splint is a temporary means of keeping them in place allowing them to heal. Karmic splints work the same: those deeply inspired by a past historical figure model their present life on them to grow as soul.

Karmic Match: Those who put their attention on the famous are attracted to those individuals because they have similar issues and lessons to learn. That is why a particular individual is attracted to a specific past life historical figure because they are karmically similar.

Career Similarities: People often choose historical figures with the same career to help them bring their own work to the next level. Learning from a famous past life personality can help the person now to create their work/life in a more empowering way.

Health Patterns: People may choose historical figures with the same health challenges as they have now. Illness is the primary means of administering karma and of motivating the past life healing process. Suffering along with a celebrity makes it easier to bear.

Life Events: People usually choose historical figures with a similar pattern of life events. Struggling against poverty, overcoming drug addiction, transcending the suicidal urge, healing from sexual abuse, etc. They gain strength from the historical figure they admire.

Personal Style: People often choose historical figures with a style they greatly admire and choose to imitate. It can be things like the way that famous person dressed, wrote, spoke, sang, danced, and so on. Imitating a celebrity's style helps them to feel like their idol.

"Why is this Focus on Historical Figures SO Compelling?"

Emotional Challenges: Those who feel compelled to study a particular historical figure know "we are never strangers... we share a common heart." It is this close personal connection which makes the "wannabes" believe they were the famous person they admire.

Motivation: Those who feel compelled to study a particular historical figure and consciously imitate their traits, mannerisms, habits, and beliefs, do so to gain motivation. Striving to become their "historical idol" allows them to grow karmically.

Parallel Life Events: Those who feel compelled to study a particular historical figure draw wisdom and strength from how that individual met and mastered life events similar their own struggles. Following what their "idol" did in the past helps them in the present.

Unfinished Business: Those who feel compelled to study a particular historical figure help to dissipate the unhealed energy of the related historical events by visiting sites where those they admire once lived, worked, or fought, by re-enacting battles, and so on.

Life Support: Those who feel compelled to study a particular historical figure are also doing that individual a personal service. They supply positive energy to help balance the flow of so many others who may be putting negative attention on that individual.

Personal Advancement: Those who feel compelled to study a particular historical figure usually become inspired to take charge of their life. Karma is all about people learning the lessons of life. When someone learns from the past to master life's challenges now, that is all that matters (& not who they might have been in the past).

Credits: from channeled information.



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