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Rules #26d: "You'll Be Back": How Akashic Records Work

Reincarnation & The Akashic Records

"...a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name." (Malachi 3:16)

"...Yet now, if thou wilt forgive their sin--; and if not, blot me, I pray thee, out of thy book which thou hast written. And the LORD said unto Moses, 'Whosoever hath sinned against me, him will I blot out of my book'..." (Exodus 32:32-33)

Facts about the Akashic Records...
Background on the Akashic Records
Control over the Akashic Records
Accessing the Akashic Records
Relevance of the Akashic Records
Abusage of the Akashic Records
Akashic Compared to Soul Records

Background on the Akashic Records

* Definition: "Akasha" is the Sanskrit word for "ether" or the "primary substance" out of which all things are formed and behind which all things leave imprints. These imprints are better known as "Akashic Records" of all the vibrations (thoughts, beliefs, and actions) from every living thing from the beginning of time.

* Public Records: Every thought, every word, every intention, and every action of every person who has ever lived, who is living, and who will live is recorded. These recordings are stored in the inner worlds of God.

* Organization: The records are organized much like a library. To access a specific moment, you must be as clear as you would need to be to look up a book in a library. You are the author. The universal time index organizes your records like a card catalog. You have your own library of "Akashic Records" just for your Soul which is separate from the libraries of other Souls.

* Complete Record: Everyone is included the Akashic Records along with all their vibrations (thoughts, words, deeds, etc). This is a complete record that can only be added to (and can never be subtracted from). The recordings are unbiased (meaning that everyone is recorded in the same way) and accurate (there is never a fault or a flaw in the records). Each time the records are accessed they give the same information and therefore are totally reliable.

* Record Contents: Only your raw experience in the physical world (what you thought, said, and did in life) is contained in the Akashic Records. At any point, only what has been committed to (your past lives and your present life up to the current now moment) is available to you (and any others you authorize) to be viewed. Any experiences outside the physical world, especially inner world conferences, are stored elsewhere in non-public areas inaccessible to most.

Control over the Akashic Records

* Guardian Guides: The records are protected by inner beings who are known as the "Guardians of the Akashic Records". These "Guardian Guides" help you to access your "Akashic Records" while also protecting the information contained inside them. They are also the ones who will decide whether or not an individual should be restricted from access and, if so, for how long the restriction will last.

* Non-Physical Storage: The Akashic Records exist in the inner worlds. This means that wholeness and integrity of the records can never be compromised. This also means that it is completely available in all places at all times with up to the nano-second information that is down to the smallest detail.

* Security: Each person is entitled to access their own Akashic Records. Yet, the records of another person can be opened only with their specific knowledge and permission… and then only with their highest good as the goal.

* World Religions: The concept of "Akasha" is recognized in most religious traditions. It is referred to as "ether" by the Babylonians, the Greeks, and the Tibetans (Bon). It is referred to as the "void" by some Japanese and Chinese philosophies. It is part of the belief system of sects of Buddhists, Hindus, and Jainists. It is in the Bible (Old Testament) as the "Book of Life" (Exodus 32:33) and the "Book of Remembrance" (Malachi 3:16). The Theosophists are credited with coining the phrase "Akashic Records" which is widely in use today.

Accessing the Akashic Records

* Spiritual Authority: The clear truth contained in the "Akashic Records" gives you the freedom to empower your life now. Once you access them, it will be difficult for you to feel separate from God, Goddess, Spirit, or Source. The "Akashic Records" serve to powerfully remind you of your Oneness with the universe. They help you to find your individual power to create whatever it is you desire by connecting you with the greater collective power.

* Accessing Akashic Records: Unless you have access to a channel (like myself), you can access the "Akashic Records" by inducing the necessary state of consciousness. The easiest way to access the "Akashic Records" is to induce alpha brainwaves by doing one or more of the following things.

- Relaxation: is the easiest way to access the records. While you are in the "hypnagogic state" (between waking and sleeping), put gentle attention on a question you have about the past. Allow whatever images you receive to flow into your mind. Do not judge what you receive. Make a mental note: confident you will fully recall each detail when you are fully awake and ready to record your experiences.

Meditation/Prayer: is another easy way to access the records. When you are meditating or praying, you are actually calming your mind and opening yourself to receive information. Hold the question about the past in your mind and - with enough practice and patience - you will receive information about the past from your records.

Out of Body Experience (OBE): is another form of meditation which involves more active techniques (click here for them).

Intuition: also known as flashes of insight, are spontaneous glimpses of the records requiring no active effort.

Waking Impairment: caused by drugs, illness, and weakness through physical incapacity can also result in spontaneous glimpses of the records (but this is NOT a recommended method).

Relevance of the Akashic Records

* Purpose: Exploring the "Akashic Records" must be relevant to the individual's current life path and to the fulfillment of their current Life Contract. Curiosity is not enough: there must be a purpose for delving into the past.

* Public Access: Unlike a public library, which you can access just out of curiosity, you need to have a specific purpose for accessing the "Akashic Records". Underlying that purpose MUST be your need to know about your past in order to make your present better. If there is no need, then no access will be granted.

* Intention/Need: If your need is genuine, your purpose is worthy, and your intention is pure, your request to access the Akashic Records will be granted.

* Contact Higher Self: Accessing the "Akashic Records" can be a "spiritual support" by helping you to have a more conscious relationship with your own Soul, your Higher Self. This relationship can only help you to accelerate the resolution of your past life karma as well as to grow more rapidly in love, joy, and awareness.

* Discover Soul's Nature: Accessing the "Akashic Records" can help you to discover who you really are as Soul. You can find out the unchanging "blue-print" of your Soul's creation. You can gain insight into how you were "built" (your inborn strengths and your karmic weaknesses). What is the divine core essence of your Soul? How and what was it designed to express? Why? What is its main purpose and mission? Where does its greatest potential lie?

* Reveals Soul's Journey: Accessing the "Akashic Records" can help you to learn about the dynamic story of your journey through time. You can gain more insights into your own personal, conscious evolution. You can see where you made mistakes in the past so that you can avoid them in the future. You can become clearer as to why you chose your current life experience, especially as it relates to your challenges. Did you follow one path deeply or many paths widely? Did you choose to walk the Karmic Circle or to be a Karmic Participant?

* Past Inspiration: Looking back upon the achievements of your past can inspire you to greater achievements in the future. Knowing how you overcame obstacles in past lives can inspire you to feel and be more self reliant now. It can help you to shift into greater knowledge of and reliance on your own divinity, your Higher Self. Knowing why you chose your life experiences now can help you embrace your reality and take more joy in living. Knowing this also can inspire you to manifest your current life purpose even more magnificently.

* Past Life Healing: Past life healing is the most worthy goal behind accessing the "Akashic Records". These goals include: 1) gaining greater insight to heal your problematic personal issues and/or relationships, 2) gaining information needed about the past so that your present life path can unfold properly, and 3) "unsticking" you from past life patterns that are stalling your present life growth.

Abusage of the Akashic Records

* Reasons for Restrictions: Although the "Akashic Records" are available to all who seek them, access can be withdrawn in cases of abuse. Here are some reasons why an individual may (temporarily for lifetime(s)) lose access to them:

* Harm: The primary use of the "Akashic Records" is to help yourself or another to heal. They should never, ever be used to harm another or to set back their healing progress. Harm results when information from the "Akashic Records" is misquoted, misinterpreted, or misused. If harm does result, the individual can lose access to the records for thousands of years (this rarely happens).

* Manipulation: When someone is granted permission to access the records of another and uses that information to manipulate them, their access to the records is instantly cut off. This kind of "fortune telling for fun and profit" is a serious violation and can cause offending individuals to lose access to the records for lifetimes.

* Trivialized: The "Akashic Records" are meant to be used by individuals to heal the deep issues they have agreed to work on in this lifetime. The information is meant to be private and confidential. If individuals chose to trade records like playing cards, to entertain others with fascinating tales about past lives, or to engage in a contest of "who is more spiritually evolved", then this trivializes them... and so access to the records will be immediately cut off.

* Substitute for Living: Individuals who are constantly delving into the "Akashic Records" (even practitioners) cannot make this exploration a substitute for living, a replacement for human relationships, or an escape from ordinary life. While people are in life, they are meant to live it fully in the present and not be stuck in the past.

* Religious Balancing: If in one life an individual causes others to believe that they should not or could not access their own "Akashic Records", in a future life that person will be barred from accessing their own records. Religious affiliation should not and does not effect a person's right to access their own records.

Akashic Compared to Soul Records

* Private Records: Every thought, every word, every intention, and every action of every person who has ever lived, who is living, and who will live is recorded in "libraries" in the inner worlds. The public portion of this library is known as the "Akashic Records" and is accessible by you and those you authorize. The private portion of this library is known as the "Soul Records" and is not accessible by you or others you authorize. It is only accessible by the "Guardians" themselves.

* Record Contents: The Akashic Records are like the main content on a DVD: the actual episodes of your life. The Soul Records are like bonus materials on a DVD: alternate scenes (what you could have done instead), deleted scenes (what opportunities you missed), director's commentary (what your intentions were in relation to your actions), the "making of" section (what went into your life contract), anatomy of a character (what aspects of your personality you chose to work on), and the critic's commentary (what you guides thought of you).

* Accessing Soul Records: Unless you have access to a channel (like myself) or are one yourself, it is not likely that you will be permitted to access your own Soul records. To get any information on them you have to ask a channel to ask the Guardians of the Soul records to get information. Unlike a reference librarian who asks you to sign out a reference volume, the keeper of Soul records never leave them unattended. Often they will read the Soul records and give your channel (or you if you are a channel) the relevant information from them.

* Purpose of Access: Unlike a reference library, which you can access with written permission, you need to have a specific purpose for accessing the Soul records. Underlying that purpose MUST be your need to know about your past in order to make your present better -AND- you must have exhaustively searched the Akashic Records FIRST before making a request to view Soul Records. Like a top level reference library, only those who are accredited researchers, are allowed to access the Soul Records. Even then there must be a compelling reason in the context of your present life... to make a rare glimpse of Soul Records necessary.

Credits: from channeled information.



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