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Rules #39c: "Hardwired into the Human Consciousness":
Reincarnation Scenarios

Scenarios happen because the universe is a very complex place. In the past, there were ways of being and interacting that created and balanced karma between individuals. The advancement of civilization has since ended such scenarios. Yet many remain effected by these scenarios in the present because the related past lives have not been healed.

Understanding Scenarios:
     Droit-du-Seigneur: about legalized rape.
     Opus Dei: about religious constriction.
     Peasant Effect: about the effects of oppression.
     Zero Sum Game: about the mentality of lack.
     Zero Tolerance: about "unthinking" laws.


"Droit du seigneur (French) meaning 'right of the lord' to demand sexual privileges of their underlings."

Droit-du-Seigneur was a karmic mechanism to balance rape karma between individuals.

* Historian's View: Historians have long debated whether the right (droit) of the master (seigneur) actually existed.

There are historical documents (mainly what we would call real estate deeds) which listed the owner's right to sexually molest any and all women residing on his estate. Many historians dismiss these papers as forgeries but those who experienced such sexual abuse in past lives (through spontaneous recall, regression, or channeling) know this right was all too real. Worse, there was no escape from it: usually the abusive landowner was also the local law enforcement.
* Karmic Purpose: The karmic purpose served by this now antiquated practice was to balance sexual karma between two individuals.
The human purpose served by this practice was to show the power of the master over the slave. Also, if the master's wife was barren, the offspring out of wedlock could become the owner's heir. There was also the unduly optimistic belief that the half children of masters would be more loyal to the estate. Whatever the motivation, the rapes "du seigneur" were brutal and responsible for lifelong suffering.
* Practical Limits: Even in the most ancient times, most men found the practice of legalized rape to be very distasteful.
Many never exercised their lordly right. Others found uneducated, dirty peasants not to their liking even if they were inclined to rape. Still, the few who did exercise their "droit du seigneur" left a deep and lasting imprint on their victims… so deep that such past life rape traumas were forcibly carried over to their future lives.
* Healing the Past: Except for the physical aspect (because the individual has a new body), healing from a past life rape is much like healing a present life rape.
The mental and emotional scars from past life rapes can run as deep (and perhaps even deeper) than present rape. Partly this is because there is no evidence of the rape except a memory: there is no police report to show others as "proof" of what happened. Partly this is because there is one to confront or convict for the crime.

Patient and persistent efforts to take precautions against a potential attack as well as to
feel safe in the world again can help to put such painful experiences back into the past where they belong.
For the more information on such rape scenarios, click here.

Opus Dei

"Believe in no other God than the one who insists on justice and equality for all." (George Sand)

"Opus Dei" means "works of God": remember that all religions and philosophies are the works of man.

We are given bodies, minds, and emotions... for a reason. They are powerful guides to what is and is not love. To know whether a religion or a philosophy is a loving one... just look at how they respect your sacred space.

* Root Chakra: If you are asked to give all your money and property away, if you are told who you are and are not allowed to love, if all the important decisions of life and living are taken out of your hands... this is not love.

* Sacral Chakra: If you are asked to harm your body by beating it, starving it, etc, if you are asked to harm your mind by giving blind obedience, if you are asked to harm your emotions by denying them... this is not love.

* Solar Plexus Chakra: If you are asked to put aside your needs, wants, and desires, because you are told you need to learn control, discipline, obedience, and spiritual self sacrifice to the greater group... this is not love.

* Heart Chakra: If you are expected to give your whole heart and soul to the greater group while at the same time you are told to turn your back on family, friends, and others who deeply love you... then this is not love.

* Throat Chakra: If you are expected - through words and actions - to "tow the party line" of the greater group especially when you know they are lies and that the group's practices are harming others... this is not love.

* Third Eye Chakra: If you are expected to endure physical, mental, and emotional pain because the greater group believes that when you are suffering pain, it sanctifies, glorifies, or ennobles you... this is not love.

* Crown Chakra: If the outside world would judge you to be a hostage or a prisoner - physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually - know that God does not require hostages or prisoners because... this is not love.

Click here to find out how to give loving service as a Coworker with God!

Peasant Effect

"It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope. That ripple builds others. Those ripples - crossing each other from different centers of energy - build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and injustice." (Robert F. Kennedy)

Why is it when things seems to get better... they can suddenly get horribly worse? It's the Peasant Effect!

* Dynamics of Oppression: History teaches that peasant revolts usually happen when the conditions of their lives get slightly better. It is logical to assume that the worse things are, the more motivated peasants would be to revolt. Yet, while the peasants are so caught up in the struggle to survive, they do not have the time or the energy to revolt. It is only when they can lift their heads out of the daily struggle for existence that they become truly dangerous. This is the "Peasant Effect".

* "Peasant Effect": This concept is best illustrated by the dynamics of shifting long term relationships. For example, when one marriage partner decides to change their pattern of interacting (especially for the better), their partner will often react in "counter-intuitive" ways that can be explained by the "Peasant Effect":

* Displaced Anger: The partner who receives the new and better treatment may become angry. They will wonder why their partner could not have changed sooner for the better, why they had to put up with so much bad treatment for so long, or why their love was not enough in the past to motivate better treatment sooner.

* Escalating Demands: The partner who receives the new and better treatment may demand even more changes for the better (some of which are bound to be unreasonable). They will question all the long standing patterns of interaction in the relationship. Everything is suddenly "up for grabs" causing lots of turmoil.

* Uncharacteristic Violence: The partner who receives the new and better treatment may suddenly reconnect with their voice. Years of silence and resignation may erupt into violent arguments that have been simmering under the surface for years. So beware of the "Peasant Effect" when seeking to heal relationships.

Zero Sum Game

"It is much easier to be more critical than to be correct." (Benjamin Disraeli)

Do you believe that to get more others have to get less? If so, you are playing the Zero Sum Game.

* Defined: The Zero Sum Game is an antiquated model of abundance. This model is based on the assumption that there is only so much to go around. Abundance is seen as a pie that is only so big. When one gets a bigger slice of pie, it is at the expense of someone else who must get a smaller slice of the pie.

* Past Strategy: In past lives, there was some merit to this thinking. In the present, there are so many resources and opportunities - that to be abundant - all one has to do is just bake more pie. These days all playing the Zero Sum Game does is to create bad karma.
* Competition vs Coopitition: The Zero Sum Game creates cut-throat competition as competitors scramble to get the last crumb of abundance. In the Zero Sum Game, competitors hurt one another - and the pie - in the process.
* Present Strategy: Baking the Big Pie means that those who are competitors can work cooperatively to advance one another's cause and grow their abundance together. Coopitition means that people help each other in the process and this joint venturing helps others. This just helps the pie of abundance to become bigger all the time.
* Conniving vs Creating: Winning at the Zero Sum Game requires conniving. One competitor wastes their life energy by conniving at how to gain an advantage over (or to bring down) their competition regardless of the cost.
In the Zero Sum Game, competitors who stop at nothing generate tons of bad karma in the process. Those who Bake the Big Pie can focus all their energies on creating even more abundance and the pie ends up being larger than either of them can imagine. Conniving is negative, wasted energy while creating is positive, focused energy.
* Criticism vs Cheerfulness: The nasty part of the Zero Sum Game is that competitors must tear one another down to build themselves up.
The more each competitor wants the same thing, the worse the things they are willing to do it get it, the worse the karma they create. Those who Bake the Big Pie cheer one another on. Like double partners in tennis, they help one another to lift their combined game. The more each baker helps to make the big pie bigger, the more cheerful each one will be. Best of all, they will be creating great karma together.

Zero Tolerance

"Hatred is not what the United States is about. We have zero tolerance for the intolerant." (Anonymous)

Do you think "Zero Tolerance" is a good or a bad thing? Here is what karma teaches.

* Zero Tolerance: This is automatic punishment for violations of a published rule/law. Zero Tolerance policies stop the authorities from changing punishments to fit individual cases. They must impose a pre-determined penalty regardless of any mitigating factors, extenuating circumstances, or an individual's past history.

* Karmic Zeroes: From the standpoint of law, "Zero Tolerance" is a giant step backward in law. In the past, if a powerful person had zero tolerance for someone they were tossed from the top a castle to their death on the pavement below.

Law evolved to protect individuals from arbitrary decisions imposed by the powerful on the powerless. The whole point of case law was for an individual's behavior to be measured against the standards of the law while taking mitigating factors, extenuating circumstances, and their past history into consideration when passing sentence.
* Uneven Justice: In modern times, Zero Tolerance is a response to the uneven administration of justice. Justice is supposed to be even: the same case, with the same circumstances, and the same infraction should merit the same punishment.
The reality can be otherwise: the justice someone receives has more to do with their attorney's skill and relationship with the judge than anything else. Tying the hands of judges in one way of ensuring that justice will be more even handed so the punishment fits the crime.
* Swift Justice: In modern times, Zero Tolerance is response to the desire for swift justice. Justice delayed really is justice denied. When the punishment quickly follows a crime, it is a more effective deterrent to crime. However, when express lane justice is wrong, it is very slow to be corrected and that is justice denied.

* Karmic Justice: Injustice is the viewpoint of a single lifetime: where an individual can be convicted of and jailed for a crime that they were innocent of committing. Yet such injustices disappear when the individual's full karmic history is known. Those who escaped the law in one life will certainly fall into its grip in a future one.

Credits: from channeled information.



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