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Rules #29b: "Heart of my Soul": Rules of Soulmate Closeness

"Seven years would be insufficient to make some people acquainted with each other, and seven days are more than enough for others." (Jane Austen)

It is not time or proximity or disposition that determines initial closeness… it is your past life relationships with another.

"You are the Heart of My Soul!"

Here is how to know if your relationship with a Soulmate (of the romantic partner kind) is influenced by past lives:

About Soulmate Closeness: What it is like to feel the power of past life bonds.
About Forever Love: Experiencing the deepest love in countless past lives.
About Long Time Companions: When you have been everything to another.

* Bigger Picture: We are powerfully attracted to the Soulmate who is "destined" to play a big role in our lives… so that this will come to pass. Romantic Chemistry (a physical bonding process) is one of the tools used by karma to bring Soulmates together so that they can work to bring their love to higher levels.

* Instant Attraction: When you first meet someone you have known well from past lives, you know instantly that they are someone who is special to you. When you are around them, you experience a sense of familiarity and you are automatically comfortable with them. They feel like home or family to you.

* Flash of Recognition: Your attraction to your Soulmate is continuously reinforced by their mannerisms (how they smile, laugh, or speak), by their habits (what they do and have always done), and by their presence (how they feel to be around). These little flashes of recognition send constant hooks of love into your mind and heart.

* Only Love Endures: Your attraction (always mutual) happens because you experienced a deep love for past life Soulmate of yours. The deep love comes from countless lifetimes as spouses, lovers, family, friends, and enemies. When you have loved another for - literally - thousands of years that love is never lost.

* Pull of Love: You feel the pull of past life love whenever you are near your Soulmate. This pull inspires you to want to touch your Soulmate (hold hands, kiss, caress, and hug) often. When you are apart, you find yourself always thinking about your Soulmate (wondering how they are doing and wishing them well).

* Always on Your Mind: You feel the pull of past life love, especially in the beginning, because your Soulmate is always on your mind. They are the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing at night. When you are parted from them, all the fond memories of time you spent together fill your mind.

* Buried Deep in Your Heart: The pull of past life love feels like your Soulmate is buried deep in your heart. It is like you carry them around with you all the time. When you are parted from them, you feel a warm glow. At times, you even feel what they are feeling. This is how your Soulmate comes to feel like they are a part of you.

* Attention High & Low: You feel unusually happy when you are near to your Soulmate, when they are kind to you, and when they return your love. Similarly, it also causes you to feel unusually sad when you are separated from your Soulmate, when they are unkind to you (even if unintentional), and when they fail to return your love.

* True Home: Your attraction to your Soulmate is so strong because they help you to feel cherished, loved, and truly at home. Your Soulmate is your "soft place to fall": the one individual who loves you unconditionally through your tragedies and triumphs. The one person who "gets you" and gives you the freedom to grow.

* Protective Instincts: Your attraction to your Soulmate manifests most powerfully as protective instincts. The physical well being and welfare of your Soulmate is as important to you as your own… and there is little that you would not do for one another… no matter what the cost in time, energy, effort, or money.

* Twin Flame: Your "second self" and "best earthly companion" is your twin flame. Although you can know and grow more love with many other loving Soulmates, your twin flame helps you to grow in your ability to love more rapidly than any other. Each wants to be a better person and to be more worthy of their Soulmate love.

* Deeper Still: At times you will wonder why you are willing to put up with so much from your past life Soulmate. Yet, because the past life love is so strong, whatever they do or say (or fail to do or say) more love bubbles up and refills your heart. Whatever happens, you find that your love for your Soulmate is always deeper still.

Forever Love

"Ours is a forever love… there is nothing but love… it is all love." ("Robert Shatford", "The Perfect Storm")

A "Forever Love" is formed by 1,000s of years of loving at the deepest levels in countless past lives.

The question: "Since I was a child, I have felt as if I was waiting to be reunited with a past life lover… a lover I promised to wait forever for. Could that be true? If so, could I break free of this promise if that is what I want now?"

* "You and No Other": As we go through our cycles of reincarnation, we find the one and only, the other half of ourselves, our "Twin Flame", our Bashert(a).

For this person, we will do anything… including making a promise to "wait" to be reunited with our "Forever Love" no matter how long it takes. We make such agreements in our Life Contract (before we are born) because our love for our "Twin Flame" is so "deep and abiding that we cannot possibly even envision connecting with someone else.
* Blocking Other Loves: If we have agreed to "wait" for our "Forever Love", this comes at a price. All our other romantic relationships are doomed to failure.
When we get too close to anyone other than our "Forever Love", something always happens to put an end to them. Perhaps they cannot commit to us or vice versa. Perhaps the longing for our "Forever Love" keep us from allowing others to even get close. Perhaps we feel like other relationships are "false" and we hunger for the only one that can feel real: the one with our "Forever Love".
* Loneliness of Being Alone: The problem with waiting for our "Forever Love" in any given lifetime is that we may be waiting forever.
The catch is that this reunion can only take place when each person has solved a long standing karmic problem. If one or both fail to do so, they will not connect. Each will feel the pain of not having a fulfilling romantic relationship in this life… because each is a widow(er) to the other's memory... to their Forever Love.
* Free to Get Free: Just because one lover promised the other to wait… each one is free to break that promise and do what is best for them… in this lifetime.
Breaking that promise is simplicity itself. All you need to do is make the following declaration to the universe: "I now declare that I now am released from the promise I made to my 'Forever Love' to wait to be reunited with them. I choose to co-create a romantic relationship with someone else who is harmonious with who I have chosen to be in this life. So be it, it is so." Now you are free to move forward in your life now and past your Forever Love.

Long Time Companion

"My long time companion, my guide, and mine own old familiar friend: We took counsel together and walked in the house of God as friends." (Bible: Psalms 55:14)

When you have known someone for 1,000s of years in past lives, things can get complicated.

The question: "I have a relationship with someone I know I have shared many past lives with. Sometimes we fall into behavior patterns from past lives, and it is wrecking havoc with my life now! What should I do?"

The answer: "I too have someone in my life now who has been my long time companion in past lives. Our relationship is severely skewed, twisted, and bent by our past life history and presents challenges in our lives today."

* Everything to One Another: When you have been everything - romantic partners, family members, friends, and enemies - to another person, it is very easy to slip into familiar past relationship patterns with them.

Problems result when the individuals interact the way they used to do in past lives and that is inappropriate in the context of their present lives. For example, if two people were married in many lifetimes over the course of their cycles of reincarnation, they may find it natural to continue to care for one another as if they were still married.
* Memories of Us: At times, past life memories intrude into the present. A glance, a smile, a laugh, a touch, a turn of phrase are enough to revive past life memories between former loving partners.
Thoughts and feelings from the past flood their present awareness... and may cause one or both to act inappropriately. One or both may seek to recreate the past relationship at the expense of present commitments. Instead of their knowledge of the past creating good karma... it leads them into the quicksand-like mire of bad karma.
* Focus on the Present: When you have been everything to another person, the good news is you both have each others best interests at heart.
This means you would never hurt each other: so both will need to focus on honoring their present relationships and acting accordingly. This is easier said than done. Yet if you have truly loved one another in past lives, this love will give you the strength to do the right thing. For, it is always best to remember, that when you have reconnected with a long time companion, you have won the karmic lottery.

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Credits: from channeled information and lifetimes of the love of my Beloved Darling.



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