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Rules #33b: "Let Everything Be Your Signature": Being God's Soldier

Those in the military, who are frequently faced with life and death situations, come to a mature understanding of the reality of karma and reincarnation sooner than most.

Here are some of the life lessons involved:

War Karma: The purpose behind and ethics involved on the battlefield.
Wrong Order: The "Andersonville Trial" and the ethics of wrong orders.
Military Karma: When-why the wounds of war are definitely still with you.
Proximity Detector: Heightened danger detection from past lives as soldiers.
Absolute Worst: What it means to have been the absolute worst in past lives.

War Karma

"Thoughts of how killing others changed his life. How he was pushed to do it, praised and rewarded for it and yet how deeply unhappy it made him to see dead or wounded people, regardless if they were his own men, or the enemy's. Sleepless nights. Unable to concentrate during the day. Sometimes, even after battles they've won, just sitting and starring at the ground for hours on end. Being afraid to even put together coherent thoughts about having killed others that had children waiting for them to return home." (Arslan Mirza)

War what is it good for? One answer is that it teaches you more about life. Never is life so closely revealed than in the shadow of death.

* Battlefield Karma: Those in a war zone connect with their karmic partners with the precision of guided missiles. It may look like chaos but - karmically - long time enemies are always drawn together. They get another chance to treat one another in a humane manner (which they certainly did not do in the past). What each one does while driven by fear, hatred, and adrenaline either resolves their past life karma or creates more for the future until the scales are balanced between them.

* Duty vs Overkill: Those in a war zone are forced to choose how they will use deadly force. War karma is reduced for those who simply are doing their duty. Wounding an enemy to incapacitate them and, in so doing, to stay alive is a karma free act. Killing an enemy when wounding them would have served the purpose is bad karma. Overkill - inflicting torture and/or mutilating the body of the enemy - creates the worst possible karma of all.. and ensures more future tours of duty.

* Ethical Crucible: In a compressed timeframe, a soldier reveals their character by the choices they make. Others know who the soldier is by they do, by what they refuse to do, and by how they feel/react to the experience of war.

Do they show respect to innocent civilians?
Do they show mercy to the defeated enemy?
Do they try to preserve life whenever possible?
Do they take command when their leader has fallen?
Do they inspire others by showing bravery in combat?
Do they keep up with their comrades or slink back in the ranks?
Can they manage their own fear so that they do not upset others?
Do they risk their life by helping a wounded comrade off the field?
* The Midst of Death: Death is the soldier's constant companion and forces him/her to think about life: their own, the enemy's, and what it means to them. This understanding helps them to advance spiritually when they do. It forces them to confront their character and decide who they are and who they will or will not be.

Wrong Order

"When I was sixteen I won a great victory. I felt in that moment that I should live to be one hundred, now I know I shall not see thirty... A king may move a man, a father may claim a son. But remember that, even when those who move you be kings or men of power, your soul is in your keeping alone. When you stand before God you cannot say "but I was told by others to do thus" or that "virtue was not convenient at the time". This will not suffice. Remember that." (King Baldwin IV, "Kingdom of Heaven")

Were you ever ordered to make an illegal, immoral, or unethical choice? If so, what do you do?

"We who are born into the human race are elected to an extraordinary role in the scheme of things: we are endowed with reason and therefore are personally responsible for our acts... One may give over to officials in many things but not one's immortal soul... No one has authority over the soul of another." ("The Andersonville Trial" from the 1970 movie)

This raises the important question: "When should someone disobey an order that results in an illegal, immoral or unethical choice?" Karma teaches that an individual is not bound to obey such "wrong" orders as follows:

* Illegal: Although most people are not lawyers, they do have a good sense of what is illegal. One of the first things a soldier learns is that a commander who orders them to do an illegal act has no authority to do so. For if they were to follow that illegal order their superior would be the first to deny giving that order.

* Immoral: While illegal actions are clear cut, those which are immoral and unethical are more subjective. Morals are usually driven by religions and what is considered immoral in one religion is not in another one. A better way to determine what is immoral is to let your heart tell you what does and does not feel right.

* Unethical: Ethics are rules of conduct governing specific behaviors which are usually written down. When a behavior goes against what is written in the book it is clearly unethical. A better way to determine what is unethical is to let your mind tell you what does and does not feel logical and consistent with the code of conduct.

Military Karma

"God and the soldier we adore, in times of danger but not before. The danger passed and all things righted, God ignored and the soldier slighted." (Kipling)

If you have had many past lives in the military, the wounds of war are definitely still with you!

* Military Fat Syndrome: Those who have been soldiers, in past lives, have inadvertently trained their bodies to keep extra weight on. When in and around the military, a soldier's body never knows when its access to food will be cut off. It never knows when it will need to live off of stored fat. Often, in past lives, having that extra stored fat often meant the difference between life and death. So losing those final extra pounds is often impossible (because its a matter of survival).

* Military Neck: Those who have been soldiers, in past lives, have "taken it in the neck" so many times that they reincarnate with neck bones lined up straight like troops (meaning there is no "cervical bump"). The neck is a natural site of attack: a single blow through the neck striking off the head ensures their enemy dies.

* Decorated with Birth-Marks: Those who have been soldiers, in past lives, usually carry their wounds with them. They have birth-marks - the sites of wounds in past lives - decorating their bodies like medals. They have birth defects where severe past life wounds were carried forward for resolution in the present life. They have pains to remind them of where they have suffered and died in the past.

* Naturally Defensive: Those who have been soldiers, in past lives, usually are overly concerned with their personal safety. They always on the lookout for trouble. They are defensive because they are expecting an attack. They do all this because these safety skills have saved their lives time and again in past lives.

* Close Combat Training: Those who have been soldiers, in past lives, usually find that their close combat training has reincarnated with them. For example, when others have tried to attack me, hands, arms, legs, and feet that have been trained for combat in many past lives come to my rescue to ward off my attackers. This knowledge has been so deeply ingrained that I am still a soldier on the inside.

Proximity Detector

"When we are afraid we ought not to occupy ourselves with endeavoring to prove that there is no danger, but in strengthening ourselves to go on in spite of the danger." (Mark Rutherford)

Do you sense danger which keeps you alert or wakes you up? It is your Proximity Detector at work.

From the Emailbag: "I cannot stop myself from waking up if I hear a loud noise outside or someone enters the room. Why is that?" The answer is: "It is your 'Proximity Detector" at work to keep you alive."

* Proximity Detector: Past lives were chock-full of dangers. Those who survived to pass their genes on to the next generation usually had the animal instinct of a "Proximity Detector" deeply embedded in their energy field.

If you have ever felt a shudder in your body and ever felt yourself automatically walking faster, this is your "Proximity Detector" at work protecting you. If you have ever woken to find some danger nearby (fire, flood, intruders, etc), this is also your "Proximity Detector" at work. It is designed to keep you safe from harm and danger.
* Detector Evolution: Past lives were full of dangers. To stay alive, people naturally developed defenses… one of them was the "Proximity Detector".
Without police to combat crime, destructiveness, violence, and mayhem went unchecked and unpunished: individuals were murdered without consequence. Without fire fighters to put out fires caused by lightning or arson, individuals often died in their asleep from smoke inhalation. With no government assistance to help with pandemics and natural disasters: individuals suffered and died from lack of assistance.
* Detector Imbalance: In "civilized" areas of the world, with the protection of police, fire fighters, and governments, there is much less need for a "Proximity Detector". Yet, those (like me) who have had an unsafe past life journey, can have problems with their past life "Proximity Detector". It can turn on when there really is no danger and that creates problems, especially with getting a good night's sleep.

* Detector Balance: So, if you have one, you need to train "Proximity Detector" to work better in our modern world. When it has done a good job, then praise it inside your mind. When it has done a bad job, then explain why - inside your mind - it's alarms were not needed. Soon enough, you both will end up living in peace.

Absolute Worst

"I am a miserable bag of dung [a worthless piece of garbage]." (Martin Luther)

Are you sure that you are the absolute worst? Before you make this judgment, consider this!

* Take My Case: Entire peoples have been wiped from the face of the Earth because of me. Whole nations, cultures, languages, and ways of life are gone forever because of me. Countless people have fallen before my sword, have suffered, and have died because of me. In many past lives, others would have said I was the absolute worst. Looking back on my own past actions in these lifetimes I would have agreed that I was, in fact, the absolute worst.

* Problem of Evil: We wonder about the problem of evil ("why do bad things happen to good people?"). Then we find out about karma ("what goes around comes around") and reincarnation ("we reap in our bodies and in our lives now what we have sown in the past"). So we look back at our past and are shocked to discover that we have been suffering at no one's hands but our own. This is one of the downsides of past life exploration... the realization of our greater totality.

* Missing Pieces: The problem is that we do not get the whole picture. We do not look at our "good" past lives which have given us all the skills and abilities that we enjoy today. We just look at our "bad" past lives which have given rise to our suffering. Worse, when we look at those "bad" past lives, we beat ourselves up. Sometimes, we beat ourselves up so badly... that we stop living our life now. We become trapped in a cycle of punishing our present self for what our past selves have done. THAT is why all past life memories are forgotten when we come into a new life. This is so that we can start over and do better with our new chance at life.

* Power of Forgiveness: Despite who I have been and what I have done in the past, God has been gracious enough to allow me to become one of the numberless messengers of His Love. God has forgiven me for the past and loves me enough in the present to trust me with the secrets of time and the knowledge of hearts. If God has that much room in His heart to love and forgive me, the absolute worst of all sinners, then He can love and forgive you or anyone else for that matter. I have never forgotten and I am certain I will never for get that I am just the messenger of God's word. The true message is that we all exist as Soul because God loves us all.

Credits: from channeled information and a tribute to the Archangel Michael.



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