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I am OFF injected insulin FOREVER now... and I am helping my pancreas to resume functioning!

If you are diabetic or know someone who is... this could be the most important information you could ever read on the subject.

On September 16, 2012, I suffered from a DKA... Diabetes Ketoacidosis... which manifested for me as the inability to keep anything down not even water. It took me "refunding" two six packs of water to get how sick I was. Before I lost consciousness I had the presence of mind to call 911 for emergency help.

How did this happen to you, Ellen?

Those of you who have read my biography will know that... for most of this life I have hated it. Toxic family members... a bitter divorce... a soul sucking corporate job... a series of serious health problems resulting in chronic pain... all left me hating this life. This lack of joy is the primary spiritual cause of Diabetes.

The karmic lesson...
everyone is subject to karmic law, myself included.

Yet you seem so happy in your work?

My life turned around in 1996 when - by divine intervention - I received the gift of channeling the past lives and Higher Selves of others. Yet, by then, there was 40 years of hating life under my belt. I had hoped that because I had gotten happier doing and the related work since then that I might have reversed the course of my life to avoid the rocks of Diabetes.

The karmic lesson...
there were still those life hating years to be reckoned with.

What happened to you in the hospital?

I almost died and ministers were sent to tend to me even though I was unconscious. Yet, because God wished me to continue on in life, I survived the four separate life-threatening illnesses it turned out I had... double pneumonia, septic urinary tract infection, acid reflux, and the DKA. I was quite surprised to find all this out...

The karmic lesson...
I called for help almost too late and should have done earlier.

What was their diagnosis?

The pneumonia and the urinary infection cleared up pretty quickly. Yet the acid reflux and the diabetes are still problems for me. According to standard medical practices, I was put on drugs that I was violently allergic to... and that almost did me in again. Knowing that I was very sensitive to pharmaceutical medications, I went off them and the bad reactions went away.

The karmic lesson...
If you know something is wrong, listen to your heart: do what is right for you no matter what anyone else says.

What was the problem with the acid reflux medication?

When you hate your life, acid reflux - an internalization of anger - is inevitable. The problem with the medication for acid reflux (a PPI drug) was that it gave me terrible heart pounding and non-stop diarrhea (which when it is permanent is known a C-Diff). Yet, there was a simple and (proving to be) effective cure for this condition: eat Red Delicious Apples! There is something about them which soaks up the excess stomach acid and also soothes the esophagus!

The karmic lesson...
When your body objects to a treatment, it is wrong for you.

What was the problem with the diabetes medication?

I was and am emotionally incapable of injecting myself with 120 needles a month. That was what my doctors prescribed for me: 54 units of daily insulin (Lantus) and 18 units of meal-time (3x6) insulin (Novolog)... this was a total of 72 units of insulin a day administered by 4 needles a day. I am not ashamed to admit that the broke down and cried at hearing this news. Growing up in the 70s, I had come to equate needles with drug addicts and, upon hearing this, I felt like one.

The karmic lesson...
This was my default karma challenging me to do better.

How did you cope with this sorrowful diagnosis?

I could not even bring myself to open the box of Novolog which my doctor kindly gave me for free. I knew I HAD to do something different.

Two things got me to thinking... One of the nurses who did not know what I did for a living said to me - out of the blue - that
"I know you have gotten diabetes so that you can help others cope with this condition." I knew at once this was Golden Tongued Wisdom. Then a dear friend said, "You are a healer. You need to figure out how to heal this!" Both of them proved to be right!

The karmic lesson...
This was karma asking me to improve my situation.

How did you improve your situation?

Karma teaches "There is nothing new under the sun." Before someone discovered how to manufacture insulin, there had to be another way that those in the past coped with their diabetes. So, I started doing research while I was recovering (I was so weak and tired that surfing the Internet was all I could do). I took advice from many sources to come up with my own method of treatment.

The karmic lesson...
We are given skills and abilities so that we can solve our problems... in ways that our mind and heart can accept.

How did you come up with your solution?

In my former technical career, one of the skills I developed was Data Mining.

The daily medieval type of blood-letting that is part of diabetic testing provides data about the glucose levels that change through out the day. Collect enough data and you can start to see patterns. When you understand the patterns, you can see how to change them so they go in the direction that you want them to go. In my case, to have a glucose reading near 100 at the start of the day and to have it be under 190 at the end of the day and then to reset overnight. The glucose meter does not know or care if you are on insulin... it just reports the level of your blood sugar.

The karmic lesson...
If we are willing to take action, we can improve our situation.

What does your solution involve?

No needles... only lancets so that you can test your blood sugar which is the responsible thing to do if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. The diabetes solution I have found involves eating right and eating the right supplements. Prior to being diagnosed with diabetes, my diet was already diabetic friendly... so the good news is that I did not have to change much about my diet but the bad news was I could not control my diabetes by changing what I ate or drank. Proper eating is a must for any diabetes solution - including injected insulin - to work.

The karmic lesson...
If we are willing to experiment, we can find the right solution.

What about the side effects of diabetes?

Foot Neuropathy (numbness, burning, tingling, stabbing pains in the feet) started for me. I found a solution that significantly reduced the pain in 7 days then went on to eliminate 90% of the symptoms in 30 days.

Diabetes Retinopathy (flashing lights, glare spots, circles of light) started for me. I had to endure 20 minutes of these symptoms when I woke up. I found a solution that handled this problem in 3 days... and it has not come back.

Leg Cramps (coldness, pain) started for me and kept me from sleeping. I found a solution that handled this problem in 3 days... and it has not come back.

The karmic lesson...
If we are willing to tackle our problems, we will solve them.

So tell me more about your solution?

It costs about half of what insulin does. It is based in Chinese, Ayurvedic (India), and Native American systems of alternative medicine. It does not require a doctor's prescription (although I would never, ever advise someone to stop seeing a doctor). It involves supplements most of which I get from Walmart (which is close by) and there are only a few that I need to get online (but that is easy!).

Quite frankly, my diabetes doctor was astonished by my results and even more shocked when I returned the unopened bottle of Novolog (the daily meal-time insulin) to him. BTW, Multi-betic, a vitamin designed for diabetics, is the best vitamin I have ever found and I take it everyday!

Finally, one of the issues that I had with diabetic testing is that it HAD to be done on the hands. Not so: I test on my thigh where no one can see the lancet marks. What this means is that the blood results are not current (as with the fingertips) but lag (30 minutes old on the thigh). Yet, since low blood sugar was not my problem, there was no point in destroying my hands!

The karmic lesson...
We can always find solutions to our problems that suit us.

There is hope for diabetics...

Whatever cannot be cured can be bettered... all it takes is faith and action. I hope this inspires you to find your own way to better health, wealth, and happiness.

Credits: from channeled information.



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