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About the Origin of Vaccines
From Historical Sources

About Edward Jenner
Fraud in Jenner's Medical Degree
Lack of Follow Up By Jenner
First Vaccinated Child
First Vaccine Damaged Child
Jenner's Child Abuse
Jenner's Other Children
First Vaccinated Patient
First Paid Spokesperson
Jenner's Assistant's Opinion
Florence Nightingale's Opinion
Jenner's Critic's Opinion
Original Vaccine Damaged
Earliest US Vaccine Mandates
First! Benign Immunity

Who is the Modern 'Father' of Vaccines?

Edward "Cow Pox" Jenner (1749-1823) is known as the Father of Vaccines because he was the pioneer of the smallpox vaccine. According to Google, "the word vaccine is derived from the Latin vacca, meaning cow. A virus that mainly affects cows (Cowpox) was used in the first scientific demonstration" of vaccines. You can get a biography of Jenner from the official site.

Was Jenner even a "medical doctor" with a degree from an accredited university?

Edward Jenner was not a medical doctor by the standards of his own time. His "medical degree [was] confered... not [by] an examination but [by] the payment of a fee of fifteen guineas to the University of St. Andrews"... and "his Fellowship in the Royal Society... by a procedure which amounted to a fraud."
(from "Vaccination a curse and a menace to personal liberty: with statistics showing its dangers and criminality" pp. 20-21) Today we would condemn such college degree/diploma mills as outright fraud.

Was Jenner a "sloppy scientist" by his own admission?

Yes, in Edward Jenner's own words: "I have vaccinated children myself... whose arms I never inspected after the operation" (from the "Life of Dr Jenner" p. 48). Would you want to have a doctor work on your child who could not be bothered to follow up on treatments he administered to see if they worked and that there were no complications, especially when they were experimental?

Who was the first child to be vaccinated?

Edward Robert Jenner (1788-1810, 21 years) was the first son of "Dr." Jenner and the first to be vaccinated. Jenner also vaccinated his other children: Catherine Fitzhardinge (Jenner) Bedford (1794 - 1833, 39 years) and Robert Fitzhardinge Jenner (1797 - 1854, 56 years). As Jenner stated (as quoted in the
"Life of Dr Jenner" p. 48): "My two eldest children were inoculated for the small-pox before I began to inoculate for the cow-pox. My youngest child was born about the time my experiments commenced, and was among the earliest I ever vaccinated."

Who was - probably - the first child to suffer vaccine damage?

Edward Robert Jenner who was the first child of "pioneer" Edward Jenner. After administering multiple doses of his vaccines to his son, young Edward
"always delicate in health, and had, moreover, in some respects, rather a defective understanding" (from the "Life of Dr Jenner" p. 141). "Defective understanding" is a polite term for mental retardation. Young Edward unfortunately died at the age of 21 from tuberculosis which Jenner, by his own words, had linked to the smallpox vaccine (see Jenner's first vaccinated patient).

How would Edward Jenner's conduct towards his children be viewed today?

If Edward Jenner were alive today, someone would call Child Protective Services and say: "This man is cutting open his child's arm and putting cow pus into it" and that would be accurate. No doubt his son would have been removed from his care.

What about Jenner's other children?

If you review
Jenner's official biography from the official site leaves critical questions unanswered. Why is there no mention of the fates of his other children: his second son Robert (1797) and his daughter Catherine (1794)? Why is only "James Phipps (below) considered a success and his son Edward's disability and early death (1788) ignored? Why did his other children fail to endorse their father?

Who was Jenner's first vaccinated patient outside of his family?

James Phipps (1788-1853). Here is what Jenner said about him (from the "Life of Dr Jenner" p. 304). "Oh! there is poor Phipps," he exclaimed, "I wish you could see him; he has been very unwell lately, and I am afraid he has got tubercles in the lungs. He was recently inoculated for small-pox, I believe for the twentieth time, and all without effect" (meaning it did not work at that time). Fortunately for Phipps he managed to recover despite (?) his vaccines.

Who was Jenner's first paid spokesperson?

James Phipps (1788-1853). Here is what the UK Science Museum says about him: "When James Phipps was married with children, Jenner gave him a free lease on a house." Here is what Jenner said about this (from the "Life of Dr Jenner" pp. 304-305). "...on his table [was] a plan of a cottage. 'Oh,' said [Jenner], 'that is for poor Phipps; you remember him: he has a miserable place to live in; I am about to give him another. He has been very ill, but is now materially better.'" Was Phipps paid for services rendered? If this happened today, this would likely be judged as a pay off.

What did James Moore, Jenner's chief assistant, believe was the true cure for smallpox?

From James Moore's book on "The History of Smallpox" (dedicated to Edward Jenner) 1815 (pp. 306-307): "It is therefore much to be wished, that to preclude all persons infected with the Small Pox from mixing with the public, a law should be enacted to confine them strictly to their own houses, or in hospitals appropriated by the parishes for that purpose, as long as the infection is upon them. The plan is simple, to enforce it would be easy; and the sole inconvenience would be a temporary confinement of those persons whose enlargement spreads poison through the land. By such a measure, the infection of the Small Pox, for want of subjects to act upon, would necessarily decline, and soon become extinct; and multitudes of human creatures would be annually preserved from disease, blindness and death."

What did Florence Nightingale believe was the true cure for smallpox?

"Florence Nightingale's combined experience and common sense in this domain [is] far better than nine tenths of the doctors. She says: "I was brought up both by scientific men and ignorant women to believe the small-pox... went on propagating itself... Since then I have seen with my eyes small-pox growing up in first specimens, in close rooms or over-crowded wards, where it could not by any possibility have been caught, but must have been begun... I have seen diseases begin, grow up, and pass into one another; with over-crowding, continued fever; with a little more over-crowding, typhoid; with a little more, typhus, and all in the same ward or hut." (pp. 57-58)

What did Robert Alexander Gunn, author of "Vaccination: Its Fallacies and Evils" 1882, think of Jenner?

From p. 8, "Had Jenner been a conscientious searcher after truth, he never would have asserted, six years after be commenced his investigations, that the vaccine disease for ever after secured against the infection of small-pox. Had he been a real scientist he would never have invented new theories to account for every failure in the results of his investigations, at least, till a sufficient number of years had elapsed to prove the general truth of his assertions. Had he discovered any actual scientific truth, it would have come down to us precisely as he gave it to the public in 1798."

What were the first vaccine damages?

From "Vaccination: Its Fallacies and Evils" p. 13, "Every physician of experience has met with numerous cases of cutaneous (skin) eruptions, erysipelas (rash), and syphilis, which were directly traceable to vaccination, and if these all could be collected and presented in one report, they would form a more terrible picture than the worst that has ever been drawn to portray the horrors of small-pox... [For example] I vaccinated an apparently healthy child... [and then] vaccinated another healthy child; and three weeks after [this] both children were brought to me, having decided[ly] syphilitic symptoms."

What was one of the first vaccine mandates in the U.S.?

From "Vaccination: Its Fallacies and Evils" p. 19, In 1872, " free America, this infantile [vaccine] contamination is becoming compulsory. No child is allowed to attend public school in our cities without being vaccinated, and the operation is often performed in the school room without the knowledge or the consent of the parents. Many healthy children have thus been rendered invalids (disabled) for life." This is why since the
"1850s, a number of parents and physicians challenged mandatory smallpox vaccination, and in 1905 in the case Jacobson v Massachusetts, the US Supreme Court supported the rights of states to pass laws mandating smallpox vaccine." It is reasonable to conclude that "the fact that vaccines must be mandated is a sign of the failure of their program." (Silent Epidemic - The Untold Story of Vaccines)

Who was the first to really promote the concept of Benign Immunity (better sanitation, etc)?

It was Chas M. Higgins who had this to say about Edward Jenner's "work" on vaccination:
"Horrors of Vaccination Exposed and Illustrated" (1920): "...immunity depends largely on sanitary, hygienic and constitutional conditions" (p.186) "Bubonic Plague, Epidemic Erysipelas, Typhus Fevers, Cholera, Scurvy, etc. All of these terrible diseases which were once as bad or worse than smallpox have been not only reduced more than smallpox in [1920], but most of them have practically been totally obliterated... and yet no such thing as vaccination has been used in this reduction. The other conditions which have brought about this reduction of these deadly diseases are the artificial and purely benign conditions of Sanitation, Hygiene and Isolation. Now if these safe and benign... conditions have, undeniably, brought about the reduction or obliteration of these terrible diseases without any vaccination, is it not most logical and reasonable to conclude that these same safe and benign conditions have been the chief cause in reducing smallpox also, and that the burden of proof is clearly on the pro-vaccinators to prove, if they can, the preposterous claim that vaccination is the chief cause of this great reduction of smallpox?" (pp. 193-194) "...if these benign conditions of sanitation, isolation, etc., had been generally adopted and enforced for the past century, in place of the dangerous remedy of general or compulsory vaccination, smallpox would have become extinct before this time and as much of a medical curiosity as Plague, Cholera, Typhus and Scurvy now are, which at one time slaughtered their thousands every year!" (p.199)

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