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Karmic Brain Healing:
     The All Natural, Safe Path to Greater
         Mental Clarity and Emotional Well Being

The difference that this brain healing tool can make in your level of energy must be FELT to be believed. To try it out, get a FREE demo by clicking here.

How the Karmic Brain Healing Tool Has Helped Me... & Can Help You:
         My Brain Healing Experience: My Fast, Safe, All Natural Results

This is My Personal Goal for a Health Product:

Along my long and painful healing journey, I have tried many health products in my personal quest to achieve vibrant health. In the Karmic Brain Healing Tool, I found what I was searching for... this product has brought my life to the next level... and it can do the same for you... This modern technology which works:

* In harmony with the self regulating, natural intelligence of the body.
* To produce results quickly, safely, and affordably.
* Vibrationally with the human energy field.
* Totally naturally: no pills, no diet, no exercise.

This is My Personal Experience with the Karmic Brain Healing Tool:

Opening Crown Chakra Awareness: Stamina in channeling... this was how I noticed the program working for me. When I began channeling, I found it to be very mentally and emotionally draining. Doing it for more than 3 hours a day was challenging... but now I can do 6 hours with ease... now that my mental-emotional muscles have been strengthened after years on the program.

Opening Third Eye Chakra Awareness: Reducing Stress Related Insomnia... When you have been on the path of war for thousands of years, it is hard to relax and easily fall asleep. Even though it is not recommended by the manufacturer, I do use the program before I go to sleep, because it calms my stress related mind spinning that was the primary cause of my chronic sleep-onset type of insomnia.

Opening Throat Chakra Awareness: Ease in social speaking... for someone who makes a living by talking on the phone, it might seem strange to have had a problem with social speaking. Yet as great as I was on the phone, I used to have trouble extending that skill in social situations... until the program healed that in me.

Opening Heart Chakra Awareness: Reducing Stress Related Dysfunctional Behaviors... When you have lived as a "stress variable" (as my family sometimes called me) for thousands of years, it is sometimes... hard to relax... hard to feel safe... hard to feel comfortable. This constant state of internal stress makes your heart race. When the program changed my stress threshold (along with other work I was doing), my chronic heart pounding gradually went away.

Opening Solar Plexus Chakra Awareness: Reducing the "Past Life Alert Monitor"... When you have been on the path of war for thousands of years, it is natural to be constantly scanning your environment for threats. This is good when you are in war, this is not so good in civilian life. The program helped me to get my "Past Life Alert Monitor" in better balance with my life today.

Opening Sacral Chakra Awareness: Increasing Stress Threshold... What most people first notice as a beneficial effect of being on the program... is that situations that used to bother you... no longer can trigger you like they used to do. You progressively reach the place where very little can knock you off your center.

Opening Root Chakra Awareness: In Balance with Abundance... When I started on the "unsteady paycheck from satisfying work" path, I was conflicted about having left behind the "steady paycheck from unsatisfying work". This conflict ran deep in me until the program worked to dissolve it out of my energy field.

"Karmic Brain Healing Tool: Deep Zen-like Meditation & Relaxation"

The difference that this brain healing tool can make in your level of energy must be FELT to be believed. To try it out, get a FREE demo by clicking here.

If you have any more questions about this brain healing tool, just Email me at

To see the information on this brain healing program, visit the manufacturer's website. What you will see there is more information on this advanced brain-karmic healing tool from the manufacturer's perspective, including testimonials from other satisfied clients as to their results after using this product.

These are the opinions of Ellen A. Mogensen, Holistic Healer, and do NOT represent the opinions of the makers of this program. Ellen's opinions come from a spiritual-energy-holistic viewpoint and not from physical-matter-mechanistic viewpoint.Only you can decide which view you agree with.



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