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Rules #45b: "Living Another Life": Types of Past/Present Life Dreams

Clearing Dreams            [past]
Prophecy Dreams          [future]
Reincarnation Dreams   [past]
Scenario Dreams           [future]
Trauma Dreams             [past]

Clearing Dreams

"Clearing Dreams": dreams serving as a compact paying off of past life karma.

* Dream Example: "The dream always goes like this... I come home and instantly I know that something is wrong. I go for the knob only to find the door is already open. My breath stops as I enter my house. I can hardly believe what I am seeing. It was like a bomb had gone off. My beautiful home is a wreck. Drawers pulled out and dumped. Dishes and glasses broken. Books scattered. Tables turned over. I suddenly realize I have been robbed. I wonder, terrified, 'Are the thieves still here?' and then I wake up. It was only a dream but it all felt so real..."

* What Really Happened! This individual experienced a "Clearing Dream". This dream was sent - believe it or not - as a more harmonious way for them to learn their lessons. This person had past life "robbery" karma to work off. In other words, in a past life, they had broken into someone else's home and vandalized it.

* Why It Happened! In the universe of perfect justice, what you have done to another in past lives will be done to you in a future one - no exceptions. Karma works on the principle that what we have "sown" by our actions (causes) in the past we will "reap" by our experiences (reactions or effects) in the future.

* How It Happened! Yet HOW such past life karma is eventually repaid is very dependent on what the individual has learned from their experiences. For example, the person who felt the very deep emotions associated with having their house vandalized in the dream state... had already learned respect for the property of others. So they did not need to have the "full" experience of being physically robbed (ie. healing a broken house, filing police & insurance reports, etc). This is why their past karma was repaid through a present clearing dream.

* When It Happened: Experiencing getting your house vandalized in the dream state… is much less disruptive to your life in the future than if it had "actually" happened to you in "real life" (in other words, when you wake up, the bad experience is over). The good news is that when the karma is repaid, clearing dreams will come to an end. Remember that karma is more about teaching than punishing. If you can learn lessons less painfully in the dream state, that is the surest sign of the working of a loving and compassionate universe.

Prophecy Dreams

"Prophecy Dreams": dreams warning you of trouble whether past or present in origin.

* Dream Example: "This dream stayed with me for weeks. I was in the house with my young cousins. Suddenly, inside their house, a storm cloud came. It brought lightning bolts and thunder. I knew I HAD to get my cousins outside of the house until the storm passed. I was puzzled about the meaning of this dream until months later when my cousins' parents had a violent argument. My cousins called me up to ask if they could stay with me... and I knew that dream was telling me I must take them in! And that is exactly what I did!"

* What Really Happened! This individual experienced a "Prophecy Dream" which tells us what may happen in the future... and, more importantly, what to do about it so that the future can flow as all concerned would wish it to.

* Why It Happened! Prophecy Dreams center around others that the person knows in their life now. Usually these are loved ones (family and close friends) and the Prophecy Dreams warn of what will happen to them if current events continue on their present course. For example, the problems which resulted in the cousins' parent's violent argument had already been set in motion months earlier.

* How It Happened! Prophecy Dreams almost always give advice about what course of action to take when the prophesied event comes true. For example, the person "knew" that she "had to get her young cousins out of their house" for awhile. The goal of Prophecy Dreams is to help us all through the difficult periods in our lives... so that the highest karmic good can unfold for everyone concerned.

* When It Happened: The key feature of a Prophecy Dream is that it only makes sense in light of future events. For example, before her cousins' parents had that violent argument, she had no idea that there were any serious problems. The "storm inside the house" had accurately predicted trouble in her cousins' house and the need for her to take them in until the parents had resolved their problems.

Reincarnation Dreams

"Reincarnation Dreams": dreams about your past life that most needs healing now.

* Dream Example: "I have had this dream ever since I was a child. I am wearing a full suit of armor. I see myself getting on a big horse and riding off, I wave good-bye to my family and friends and I have the eerie feeling I will never see any of them again. Although they and I looked differently in the dream, I recognized myself as well as my parents and siblings. Then I saw myself die in war and rise out of my body. I was instantly back home and saw my family. I knew how hurt all of them would be when they found out I was killed in the war."

* What Really Happened! This individual experienced a "Reincarnation Dream". The specific detail they received in the dream state indicates that it is about a past life (especially since they re-experienced a death which is a rare event).

* Why It Happened! The more often the individual dreams about the same past life event, the more it needs healing. When the dream is recurring or comes as a nightmare which grows in intensity, the past life wants to be healed in the present.

* How It Happened! Reincarnation Dreams are known by the specific details revealed during the dreams. Some of these details are:

* Name: Getting the name of your past life personality is the key indicator of a Reincarnation Dream. Most often, you will get the first name but not the middle or last name. This is because most people think about themselves using their first name... and it helps the individual more easily connect with their past life self.

* Physicality: The individual will get details about their physical appearance in that most relevant past life. Most often, they will see their past life self as clearly as if it were a color photograph. They will see their gender, their hair and eye color, their proportions, their height, and other specific details about their body.

* Mentality: The individual will get details about their mental capacity, preferences, and education. They will know what was important to their past life self: their hopes, dreams, and desires. They will get information about their family, friends, acquaintances, and (most importantly) about their romantic partner.

* Emotionality: The individual - most importantly - will get details about what it felt like to BE their past life self. Feeling their past life self is what most connects each individual to the reality of their past life experience. Usually, it is the unresolved feelings which are seeking healing through a reconnection with that past life.
* When It Happened: Usually past lives seek healing when there is a significant anniversary (a birth-date, a historical event, a date of personal significance).
* Events: Usually there is some event from the past... that must be worked through... so that it does not interfere with the present. Only when that event is resolved, can the past life self finally rest in peace!

Scenario Dreams

"Scenario Dreams": dreams about help you "try on" the future before you live it.

* Dream Example: "I just broke off my engagement. For the last three months, I have been having dreams about what it would be like to be married to my ex-fiancée. It was like an unending series of nightmares. I kept seeing us fighting both with words and fists. Once I saw my ex-fiancée hit me in the face, draw blood, and I swear I even felt the pain of being hit hard. It seemed to me that if these dreams were hard to take... then living real life together would be impossible. Once we broke up, the nightmarish dreams suddenly stopped."

* What Really Happened! This individual experienced recurring "Scenario Dreams" which are a series of a Prophecy Dreams about a significant event about the future. These dreams can either help to create a future event or to prevent a planned one from happening. They will continue until a final resolution is reached.

* Why It Happened! Scenario Dreams allow you to "try on" the future before you "buy" into it... so that you can make a better decision karmically.

* World of Scenarios: When you are dreaming, your mind spends most of its time running scenarios. Like a think tank on overdrive, your brain is always "trying on" various scenarios for your future as you sleep. Most of the time, we do not remember these dreams. However, we see the evidence of scenario dreams at work when we "sleep on a problem" and then wake up with new and different viewpoints, alternatives, or decisions about that problem.
* How It Happened! Scenario Dreams usually come up when an individual has an important decision to make which will significantly impact their future.
* Offline Education: The most useful feature (and the least well known) of Scenario Dreams... is that you can use them to learn while you are sleeping. Just set an intention for your nightly education. This works best for "non-knowledge" subjects as in "show me how to become more loving, more compassionate, more trusting", and so on. Sleep is only unproductive down time if you let it be. So try using Scenario Dreams to improve your karma by learning about and experiencing more love and compassion while you sleep.
* When It Happened: Scenario Dreams cluster around time when decision(s) must be made. These dreams are how your guides help you to co-create the future direction of your life and your karma. They stop once the decision is made.
* Turning Points: Most often, people notice this when it comes to considering potential spouses since this is such a key karmic decision. Like the individual who broke off their engagement, they will experience what it would be like to be married to a certain person. Plus, when they try on lovemaking in the dream state, it really tends to get their attention. When a union is NOT for their karmic good, the dreams will become nightmares. They will escalate until one person decides the end their association and move onto to a different partner.

Trauma Dreams

"Trauma Dreams": dreams about violent death which usually come from your past lives.

* Dream Example: "The dream does not come often but when it does, I am truly terrified. I have always feared long staircases and in the dream I am walking up one. It is a scaffold and I am going up to be executed. I am not sure of what I did wrong other than eating when others were starving. I am so afraid and many times the intense fear just wakes me up. A few times I stuck with the dream until it ended and the blade struck the back of my neck. There was a flash of pain before everything turned black. I knew then I was dead."

* What Really Happened! This individual experienced a "Trauma Dream" where they relived a painful and violent death in a past life. A "Trauma Dream" is a form of "Reincarnation Dream" characterized by extreme emotional intensity.

* Why It Happened! Trauma Dreams are the working out of the most violent carryovers from past life deaths. Reliving them helps to release the stored trauma.

* War Dreams: War dreams are the most common kind of past life Trauma Dreams. Since war violently ripped the individual away from their life, this deep trauma stays with them and seeks healing in the present. Most often the person will have recurring dreams of their participation in war. Each time, the dreams should have progressively less impact until they no longer catch the person's attention.

* Execution Dreams: Execution dreams work are like war dreams. The individual will relive the events leading up to their death sentence in the dream state. Often this will be like a mini-series which ends with the actual execution (hanging, beheading, burning at the stake, etc). Once the person has connected with the final moment of their life, the mini-series of recurring dreams should end altogether.

* Death Struggle Dreams: "Trauma Dreams" are not always created by death in past lives. They can result from life and death struggles in past lives... where the person survived. If the death struggle has not been worked off in past lives, it will carry over to the present. The dreams will stop when the struggle is released.
* How It Happened! When these "Trauma Dreams" escalate in intensity and violence, this means the past traumatic event is seeking professional healing and resolution in the waking world. That's the time for past life healing!

* When It Happened: If your "Trauma Dreams" are bothering you, you do not have to continue to be their helpless victim.
* Healing Trauma: Healing the past life trauma depends on how you initially experienced it. Here are some examples:
- If you died in war, tell your past self (in the dream) the war is over, peace is declared, and you are alive.
- If you were
executed, tell your past self (in the dream) you have survived your execution and you are alive.
- If you were in a
death struggle, tell your past self (in the dream) your struggle is over... forever!
All it takes to succeed is having the courage to take charge of your dreams and ask for what you want now, today!

Credits: from channeled information.



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